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He had to travel far to find the perfect lover

The plane banked as it gained elevation from the damp and wet London . Paul settled back in his first class seat with a frown etched on his face. He was irritated by a delay in take off. The fact that he had a major, in fact final fight with his girlfriend of 6 years added to the knot in his stomach. She had yet another excuse to avoid joining him on the short break to South Africa and when he confronted her about the late cancelation, she threw everything at him including a priceless Lalique vase. It was the final straw and he gave instructions to his staff to have her and her things removed by the time he got back. His lawyers would take care of the details but she had to get out of his life and fast.


Closing his eyes and waiting for the beep of the seat belt sign to indicate the start of dinner he thought back of the times with Carol. She was an aspiring model working in London waiting to break into the big time when they met in Greece . When he arrived at Athens airport, he was met by the sight of a tall blond throwing a tantrum at airline personnel about a cancelled flight. The tall blond was Carol and he took pity on her by inviting her to join him in the business class lounge and as the say in the movies, the rest was history.


A memory that will be ingrained in his erotic mind was of the dinner they had together on the first night in Athens . They went down to the club restaurant situated on the beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea . The food was superb and as the sun sunk below the horizon, fires were lit on the beach. After dinner, they took a walk that ended with them ripping their clothes of and ravaging each other’s bodies.


Carol’s body was long and tight and her shapely legs begged to be parted. Her breasts were young, perky and fitted her body perfectly. Carol loved sucking cock and said so in one of the first conversations they had. She proved it that night when going down on him. It started by her teasing the tip with her tongue, every now and then using her teeth to keep him aware of were his dick was. At one point, she put ice cubes in her mouth and the feeling of the cold hard cubes on his engorged member made him gasp for air. She was a master of perfect timing and just when he thought he was going to cum she started to work on his shaft. Her lips formed a vacuum and it felt as if the very life was being sucked out of him. Her finger nails were on is balls and the combination of her soft mouth and sharp nails pushed him over the edge. Carol spat his cum out on the white sand and wiping her mouth said that she couldn’t afford these calories after she had dinner as well. The rest of the evening was a blur but he remember she wanted to be fucked in her tight bum hole and preferred cumming when she sat on top of him. Carol was insatiable and if it weren’t for the police coming along and asking them to move on they would have been there until sunrise.


The obsession with calories lead to bulimia and several stints in hospital to try to shake the disease. A year after they met in Greece , Carol made the cover of French vogue and Paul became an accessory in her busy life. He was busy, she was busy and they drifted apart and never settled the issues that came up. It was only when she was arrested for possession of cocaine in New York that Paul sat back and took stock of their relationship. The charges were dropped and when Paul confronted her about her habit, Carol threw yet another tantrum. The difference was this time Paul walked away without a word.


The trip to Cape Town came up because of a business venture that Paul was looking into. A friend that he met at Oxford years ago had parents that were Wine farmers in South Africa . Tony’s father died in a car accident a year ago and he was keen for Paul to invest in the wine making operation that he inherited. Apart form the business it was also a great time to get away from the London winter and Paul didn’t think twice to book the seats.


His thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the flight attendant asking him what he would like to drink. Sipping his glass of wine Paul started looking around the cabin. One couple in particular caught his attention. The girl looked like a younger Carol and the man she was sitting next to was whispering in her ear. She blushed and giggled looking around to see if anybody had heard what he had said. She had a short skirt and tight top on and her companions hand was on her thigh. When his hand wandered to high, she would push his hand away but without any real conviction. His erection was visible through his trousers. Before long her hand wandered down to tease his already large erection. He responded by slipping a hand under her top and rubbing her nipples. They were hard as pebbles and she shuddered every time he pulled at them. The couple was unaware of the rest of the plane and only had eyes for each other. Paul smiled and wondered how long it would be before they looked for some privacy in the plane’s bathrooms.


After dinner the light were dimmed. Paul fell asleep but woke up a while later to hear a giggle and a rustle of blankets from across the aisle. The Carol look alike and her man were giggling as she wriggled out of her skirt. The faint cabin light was enough to reveal that she didn’t have any panties on. Carefully she swung a leg over her partner’s lap and reaching down guided his erection into her pussy. The rest of the plane was asleep and Paul sat quietly, smiling at what was happening. Slowly she started ridding her man and his hands slipped under her top again. Throwing her head back, she increased the tempo and a soft groan escaped her lips. Her partner slipped one hand down and started rubbing her clit. The response was loud enough to wake the plane but nothing was going to stop them at that stage and she rode him and his hand even harder. They came simultaneously a couple of seconds later and Paul had to admire their self-control for not making a hell of a racket. The Carol look alike rolled of her partner and after slipping back into her skirt, strolled back to the bathrooms. Passing Paul, she looked down and winked at him with a knowing smile.


Cape Town airport is nestled between the wine lands to the north and the bulk of Table Mountain to the south. It rates as one of the most spectacular arrivals in any country and it took Paul a while to get over the all the sights. The Carol look alike didn’t look in his direction at all this morning and she quickly disappeared into the waiting masses after clearing customs. Tony was waiting outside as promised and throwing his bags in the back of the Range rover, Paul grabbed his sunglasses and opened the passenger door. Somebody was already there, she had long, tanned legs that disappeared in shorts, was wearing a men’s shirt over a tight vest, and had hair tied back in a ponytail. This was not what Paul was seeing; he was caught up in her smile. The most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Perfect teeth, white as pearls, lips that looked as if they had never needed lip gloss and a dimple that played just off the corner of her mouth.


“Let me introduce you to my sister”, Tony interrupted the moment. “Gloria, this is Paul”. “Paul this is Gloria”. “I never knew you had a sister” Paul responded. “You never asked and knowing you for long enough I wasn’t going to tell you” Tony said smiling as he jumped in behind the steering wheel. “Paul it’s a pleasure to meet you” Gloria said as Paul extended his hand to greet her. Her hand was cool and the long fingers gracefully folded into his large hands. He noticed the absence of a wedding ring.


The drive out to the farm was filled with catching-up stories and lots of laughter. Paul quickly learned that Gloria had recently returned from Sydney to come and help Tony run the wine making business. Paul also learned that the stunning looks complimented the sharp mind and he had to keep his wits about him to keep up with the quick responses and witty comments flowing from the passenger seat. He couldn’t help but notice the graceful neck with the ponytail brushing over it as she talked.


Arriving at the old Cape-Dutch homestead, Paul was again at a loss for words. The 200-year-old house was beautifully restored. Ancient camphor-oak trees lined the magnificent gardens that were Gloria’s pride and joy. The vineyards stretched right up into the lower reaches of the mountains that formed the one boundary of the farm and when Paul turned around, he could see the glimmer of the sun on the Indian Ocean down at the bottom of the valley. After unpacking his bag and a quick shower, Paul joined his hosts for lunch. Lunch was an informal but sumptuous affair served in the garden under the trees. At one point Paul related the story of the couple on the plane and caught Gloria looking at him with a glint in her eyes before asking. “So tell me Paul, do you like to make love in strange places?” By this stage, he was getting used to her sense of humour and replied, “O yes, the bigger the risk of being caught the better”. Laughing they switched to discussing the farm and the reason for Paul’s visit but both they were both aware of the new tension between them.


After lunch Paul and Tony took a drive around the farm while Gloria went down to the village to pick up some stuff that she had forgot the day before. As Tony described the finer workings of a Wine farm, Paul found his mind wandering back to Gloria and it was only when Tony repeated a question that he realised how intrigued he was with her. The Range rover came to a stop at the top of the farm and as they jumped out and looked down the valley Tony said, “Paul, I know that you are still hurting from the Carol experience but I need you to take it slow, Gloria has been through a rough time as well”. “One of the reasons she came back from Sydney was because she walked out of a marriage of 10 years”. “Her ex was a violent drunk and it was only when I went over there and saw what he did to her that I realised how bad it was”


Paul took a moment to gather his thoughts and replied, “Tony, you know me well but I have changed a lot in the last couple of years.” “I am glad you told me and I promise that a romance is the last thing on my mind at this stage.” With that, they got back in the Range rover and rumbled down the track to the main house. The rest of the afternoon was spent going over the details of the farm and wine making operation and little time was spent thinking about anything else. It was only when Gloria knocked on the door to announce that all work and no play makes for very dull company that they realised were the time had gone. Gloria was dressed in riding clothes and crop in the hand asked the boys if they were going to join her. Paul was keen to stretch his legs and immediately said yes. Tony begged off with some excuse but gave Paul a look that said,” You promised”


The stables were situated behind the cellars and the horses were already saddled by the time they got there. “I picked a very friendly one for you as I wasn’t sure how much riding you have done recently,” Gloria said as she swung her leg over her horse and settled into the saddle. She was naturally graceful on a horse and as Paul carefully settled into his saddle, he remembered that he hasn’t been on a horse in 10 years. “I hope that it would be like riding a bike and you never forgot”. As they pulled out of the stable area, Paul looked at Gloria. She was wearing a pair snug riding pants that emphasized the shape of her tight bum. The same men’s shirt as the morning was tied in a knot in the front and it accentuated her narrow waist and firm breasts. The ride through the vineyards was fast and Paul had to hold tight as the route took them down the valley towards a dam. Gloria was already standing on the ground tying her horse to a tree when Paul got there. She was smiling and a bit of her that escaped from the ponytail was flopping in her eyes.


Sitting down on the grass next to the dam Gloria said, “Paul, I presume my brother has already told you about my divorce?” Paul was taken by surprise and had to think quickly before answering. He got the impression that this girl was not easily fooled and that honesty was probably the best way to go. “Yes we had a chat and he said that you had a rough time” Over the next hour Gloria proceeded to tell him about her life and they were both amazed at how comfortable they were with each other, Things that were never said or told to others flowed as if they knew each other for ever. It was only when the sun dipped into the ocean in the distance that they got up and untied the horses. The ride back to the stables was at a slow pace as if the horses sensed that something had changed between the two riders.  


Dinner was served in the main dinning room and Tony had invited a couple of the neighbours to join them. The food was superb and the wines from the vineyard made for a perfect combination. Gloria was seated next to Paul and when he felt her hand on his leg during desert, he reached down and took her hand in his. The conversation ranged over a wide array of topics but inevitably returned to the farms, wine making and the local community. All of this happened with Gloria’s hand firmly in Paul’s and her leg nestled against his.


After the last guests had left, Tony and Paul took their coffee outside and looking up at the stars Tony asked. “So Paul what do you think?”   “Of the stars? They are the wrong way round here in the south” he joked knowing were Tony was headed. Paul had made up his mind during the ride back after his conversation with Gloria and had to admit that it was the quickest decision he had made in his life. This is what he wanted, the sun, people, Vineyards and life here in the southern tip of Africa . He knew it was going to be tough to give up his life in London but that all seemed so far away and almost irrelevant now that he had found that, which has been missing the last couple of years. Tony saw the look in Paul’s eyes and they had a silent toast, both smiling.


The farm became quiet and it was only the occasional barking of a dog down the valley that broke the peaceful silence. Paul was getting out of the shower when he heard a faint knock on the door. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he opened the door to find Gloria standing there. She was barefoot and a long t-shirt almost covered her white panties. “I had to come and find out what you decided,” she said. “I really believe that you will be happy here and it’s a really great investment, the people are really nice and Cape Town isn’t so far away,” She rambled on. Paul had had enough time to collect his thoughts but his response surprised even himself. He lent forward and taking her by the hand drew her into the room. She was in his arms and their lips on each other before the door closed.


Their bodies were made for each other and the way she fitted into his arms seemed just perfect. His rapidly growing erection made the towel drop and Gloria’s hands were quick to reach down. Her T-shirt came of in one flowing movement and her breasts bounced free. They were firm and the puckered nipples were hard on his chest. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue and teeth he made her groan loudly. “O my god that feels so good”


Her body was as firm as it looked with clothes on. Her bum was hard as granite under his fingers. He gently massaged and probed, exploring her legs and back. Slipping her panties over her hips, she stepped out of them. He traced a finger down her bum crack and he could feel her shiver against him. She was wet on his leg pushing into her groin and started rubbing herself against him. The juices flowing from her made his leg smooth and her pussy was warm as she rubbed her clit on his muscular thigh. Her hands on his cock were gentle and started to stroke his erection. Long fingers circled him and one hand moved down to his balls gently massaging and teasing him. He felt her lean into him and as he fell back on the bed, she knelt down between his legs. She guided his erection into her mouth lips around his shaft. She sucked him deep into her mouth and just when he thought she was going to swallow him she pulled away and started sucking and nibbling at his balls. She sped things up when it was right and slowed it down when she sensed he was close to cumming. Her hands, tongue and lips formed a perfect partnership and when he couldn’t hold back anymore she swallowed his cum greedily.


It took a couple of minutes to recover and before Paul could say a word, Gloria had turned to him. “I don’t want you to say anything, I want this, I need this and I have been longing for this for a very long time” His response was to kiss her on the lips and work his way down. Her nipples were still hard and his mouth sucked on them until she pushed his head down. Her stomach was flat and ran down into her sopping pussy. She had a neat Bermuda strip glistening in the light from the bedside table. Her pussy lips were plump and swollen. Paul slowly spread the lips exposing her clit. It was large and begging for his tongue. He blew a breath of cold of air on her clit before sucking it gently into his mouth. The combination of cold air and hot mouth made her jump and she grabbed his head pushing her crotch into his face. She couldn’t keep still and he had to hold her hips from bucking around. She was protesting under his tongue but begged him to keep going. He varied the tempo enough to keep her from cumming. Increasing the pressure, he slowly circled her clit for a while before changing to a flicking and stroking motion. The variation was driving her wild and she dug her nails into his back. Paul could feel her tense up underneath his mouth and he slipped two fingers into her pussy. The sudden intrusion was enough to send Gloria into a rolling orgasm.



All the action had rejuvenated Paul’s erection and noticing this Gloria pushed him on his back again. It was her turn to work her way down from his lips and she spent enough attention on his nipples to harden his erection fully. Straddling him, she threw her head back and with a sigh slipped him up in her cunt. She was tight inside and his size made her winch before her pussy swallowed him completely. She slowly started riding him and the image of her tight arse on the horse earlier in the day made Paul smile. Moving her hips forward and backwards, she rubbed her clit against his pubic bone. His penis was slipping in and out making a soft wet sound. She arched her back and supporting herself on his legs, she pushed her clit into him. Paul reached down and rubbed her. His fingers were wet and her clit slipped over them making her groan every time. He could feel her pussy tightening and his own cock responded by starting to jerk. His balls were tight against his penis and when he felt her orgasm washing over her het let go and came up inside her. Their second orgasms were even bigger than the first and when they collapsed next to each other, their wet bodies slipped together easily.


Paul woke up the next morning with his cock erect and in Gloria’s mouth. All he could do was to smile and lean back against the pillows. Life was perfect and as he looked out of the window, he could see the sunrise over his new life.


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