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Mistaken at the Halloween Office Party

Jade gets mistaken for the bosses wife.
It was October 31. Halloween again. I had to decide on what my costume would be for the annual office party. I didn't want to dress up and go this year, but it was mandatory. My boss Brent Rose was an ass. He ruled the office with an iron fist or so it would seem. I knew if I didn't show up I would most likely get a lecture about setting an example to the other employees. I stopped procrastinating and walked the two short blocks to the local costume shop. I hoped they had something I could wear. I looked over the nearly empty rack, and seen a beautiful Victorian style dress. It was all lace and ruffles and as green as emeralds.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. I could wear the dress again at the charity benefit for the children's hospital next month. It was going to be a costume party in the era of Victorian Times. I looked at the price tag. $150.00 for a costume for one night? Are they kidding? I placed the dress back on the rack, and went back to looking through the others. My eyes kept moving back to that dress. Screw it! I would buy the damn thing, and see if I could use it as a tax write off for the hospital benefit. And if not, I knew what I would be for Halloween next year. I paid the kid working the cash register, took the dress in its own garment bag from his hand, and left.

The smell of leaves hit me as soon as I walked out the door. I walked the short two blocks to my house watching as the kids raked the colorful red,orange, and yellow leaves into piles. They would jump into them, throwing them into to the air and at each other. Then they would rake the leaves up again, and continue to have fun. I smiled remembering my childhood days where I had done the same thing with my brothers and sisters.

I walked into the house and hurried into my room to get dressed for the party that would be starting in two hours. Maybe next year I would take a vacation around this time. Then I would not be subjected to having to dress up and feel like idiot. But then I wouldn't be able to take the time off in December to see my family.

I got into the shower and quickly washed. I let my fingers lightly glaze over my pussy. I moaned. It had been three years since I had any a boyfriend. I was just too busy and didn't have time for the craziness that went with having one.I looked at my waterproof watch and saw that I wouldn't have time to masturbate. Oh well, I could wait until after the party to get myself off.

I finished in the shower, and looked in the mirror. My blond hair was curly and I just pinned the sides up. I grabbed my white boy shorts and white bra and pulled them on. I decided against putting any make up on. The mask that came with the dress would just hide it anyways. So what was the use? I pulled some pantyhose out of the brand new package I had gotten a few weeks ago and began to pull them on. I looked down at my leg and saw the hole that had started. Well I guess I was just going to have naked legs. I got the shoes that came with the dress and put them on. They didn't feel too bad. They looked like little ballerina shoes, but with out the ties that went up your leg. I pulled the dress over my head and let the skirt fall to the floor. I was ready to go after one last look in the mirror.

I grabbed my car keys, my purse, mask and out the door I went. It didn't take long to get to the office in my little car. I pulled into my parking spot and saw a few other couples getting out of their cars. I put my mask on and walked into the party behind what looked like a witch and a ghost. The party was in full swing.

I looked over at the refreshment stand and couldn't believe it. Someone was wearing my costume. It almost looked like we were reflections in a mirror.

I felt someone's elbow go into my rib, and looked to my left. Before I could say anything, they apologized.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Rose. I didn't mean to elbow you. It's very crowded in here isn't it?" The guy in the devil costume said to me.

"That's fine, but its Jade not Mrs. Rose." I said laughing as I realized it was
Bob from accounting.

"Oh ,sorry Jade. I guess you and Mrs. Rose had similar ideas for the costume party." Bob said smiling behind his red flame mask.

"I guess so." I said. "Would you excuse me?I think I am going to go and get some air."

"Sure." Bob said stepping away from me. I walked towards Brent's office. I stepped around people having conversations, and smiled as they called me Mrs. Rose. It was harder to explain that I was not Mrs. Rose and that I was Jade. We had just worn the same costume, and it didn't help that we looked so much alike. I decided I would go and tell Brent that I wasn't feeling good and just go home. I just didn't feel like being at a party dressed up and being called someone else the whole night.

I walked into his office and saw him standing behind his desk looking out
into the star filled night. He was wearing a similar costume as it was another
Victorian style outfit. But his was a navy blue. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He actually wasn't that bad to look at. Other girls in the office thought he was sexy even. I could see where they thought that.

"Shut the door and lock it." Brent said turning around. He had taken his mask off and there was a gleam in his eye.

"But...." I started to say when he cut me off.

"Never mind, I'll do it myself." He said walking to the door and doing just that. He looked at me and smiled and walked us to his desk.

I opened my mouth to tell him I was Jade and I was going home when he placed something into my mouth gaging me. He turned me around and pushed me against his desk. I tried to wiggle away from him but his hard voice stopped me.

"Stay still or I'll be doing more to you then what I did before."He said

Now what in the hell did that mean I wondered? He pulled my skirt up and over my head and slapped my ass. I felt his hands slip into my boy shorts and part my pussy lips. He took his finger and thrust it into me. I was soaked. I couldn't believe I was in my bosses office letting him finger me at a party that his wife was just on the other side of a locked door. I moaned as he added another finger.

"Ahh. So my little Lady likes that, does she?" He replied. "Damn Honey your so tight tonight. I don't remember you being this tight last night. But hey I got to say I can't wait to get my prick inside your hot little hole."I struggled against him again and quickly stopped as I felt the sting of his hand against my ass.

"Now didn't I say to be still?" He chuckled. His hand left my pussy and
grabbed and pulled my boy shorts down. I heard his pants fall to the grown
and felt his hands pull me against him roughly. I felt his dick press into my pussy and moaned as he pushed himself inside me.

"God, your so tight Honey and so wet." Brent said thrusting into me hard. He grabbed my waist and began to move inside me hard and fast. I grabbed the edge of his desk and pushed myself on to his dick. He took a handful of my hair and pulled it back. I screamed into the gag, but it came out as a muffled moan. He took his right hand and placed it inside my dress to my breast and began to play with my nipple as he was fucking me hard. It felt so good. I couldn't believe how good Brent fucked. I felt a shiver down my spine as I began to cum all over his cock. He grunted as he felt my liquid run onto his dick and balls. I had cum faster then ever before. Brent took his hand off my breast and grabbed my waist again.

"God I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I'm about to cum inside you Baby!" Brent grunted thrusting into me harder then before. He moaned as he tensed up and began to shoot himself inside me.

He pulled out of me and slapped my ass. He pulled my boy shorts back up and lowered my dress then he leaned down and pulled his pants on.

"Wow! We have to do this again. Your right. Sex in a place where just anyone can walk in is exciting. I never felt you cum that much Baby." He said. I pushed myself off the desk and took the gag out of my mouth. The gag was his mask for his costume. I took off my masked and looked at him.

"Jade? What the fuck!! Where the hell is my wife?" Brent asked outraged. What we had just done began to sink inside his head. "Oh my God! What have I done?" He dropped to his knees on the brown carpet. I leaned over him and patted his arm awkwardly.

"Brent nothing happened. If anyone asks, just tell them I came into tell you I wasn't feeling good and you were making sure I was ok. No one needs to know anything." I said feeling guilty. He smiled at me and got up from his knees. He placed his arm around my waist.

"I do have to say one thing though. You were perfect. So tight and hot." He leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. The kiss was broken before I could do anything. He unlocked the door and pushed it open. He guided me towards the party.

"I'm so sorry your sick Jade. I hope you start to feel better. Why don't you take the next week off and get some rest?" Brent said loudly so anyone could over hear.

He walked me to the outside door and watched as I got into my car and drove away.

I got home and parked the car in the drive-way and unlocked my house and went inside to my room. I took off the dress and stepped into the shower and thought about what happened. After my shower I went to my room and fell fast asleep.

I woke up the next morning to the doorbell ringing. I pulled a robe on over my naked body and made sure everything thing was covered. I opened the door to a delivery guy holding a huge vase of flowers.

"Sign here, Miss." He said holding out his clipboard and pen. I signed the sheet and gave it back to him and he gave me the vase of beautiful flowers. "Have a great day."

"Thanks" I said closing the door and looking at the flowers. I put them down on the hallway table and looked for the card. Who could have sent them? I opened the card and began to read.

Thanks again for being so level headed last night.
Please accept these flowers as a token of my appreciation.
We will talk more when you come back from your vacation, but until then enjoy
the flowers, and if you would like a repeat of last night leave your door
unlock tonight at 6.

'Oh my God' I thought. What was I going to do? I placed the card next to the flowers, and walked to my room. First things first, I should clean my house before company arrived later tonight. Besides we weren't going to hurt anyone. Were we?
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