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Mistaken Identity - Part Three

Mistaken Identity - Part Three

Dinner and fireworks for two, please.
The sky was tinged in oranges, pinks and purples as the last rays of the sun gave way to the inky black of night. Jake checked his reflection one last time in the small mirror over his wash stand, running a hand over his freshly shaved chin and smoothing unruffled hair. He'd washed and changed after the work day, the button up dress shirt a novelty in the wilds of the west. The trousers were still just trousers, if perhaps a bit less rugged than his usual fare.

Jake stepped out of the small alcove that held his washstand and his eyes strayed to the large four poster bed taking up center stage in his bedroom. His mind played an endless loop of images with Ryan as the focus. Ryan naked in the center of his bed. Ryan with her legs spread wide. Ryan on all fours. Ryan riding him. Ryan.

He closed his eyes momentarily, feeling the tightening bulge in his pants. Jake wanted to be gentle with her. He wanted her first time to be, for lack of a better word, perfect. That would mean keeping himself in check, no matter how much he wanted to let his animal out.

The bell pull announced Ryan's arrival. With one last glance at the room, Jake walked to the front door and opened it. His jaw dropped as he took in the woman who waited on the other side. It was Ryan, but not the Ryan he knew. This Ryan was all female. She wore a dress the color of spring grass, its bodice hugging her curves in a delectable manner. The tops of her lovely breasts were allowed to show, the small cleavage doing strange things to Jake's heartbeat. Below the bodice, the skirt fell in smooth, gentle waves down to her ankles, making Jake wonder what she wore underneath.

Clearing his throat and returning his eyes to hers, Jake gestured for her to come in. She gripped her hands together in front of her, the fidgeting a sign of her apprehension. The light scent of lilac wafted into Jake's nose as she walked past him. Closing the door behind her, Jake moved ahead and led her to the sitting room. Turning, he did another once over, only noticing the hot blush on her cheeks when he got to her face.

“Can I just say... damn,” he said softly as he looked into her eyes. The blush intensified and Ryan looked away.

“It was Letti's idea. I just wanted to wear my normal clothes but she wouldn't hear it,” Ryan looked back up at him, a shy smile curving her lips. “You really like it?”

Jake stood transfixed for a moment, completely bemused by the woman before him. He walked to her, took her face gently between his palms and kissed her supple lips.

Pulling away, he said, “You're beautiful. In anything you wear, really. Or don't wear.” Grinning mischievously, he kissed her again, only this time he meant to seduce. His tongue darted out to trace the outline of her lips before he pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and sucked. Ryan's high pitched little mewl pulled at him, her hands coming to flatten against his wide, hard chest. Jake kissed her for another few moments before pulling away, his breathing a bit unsteady. He took her hand and led her out of the sitting room, to a dining room that had been set up for supper.

“Are you hungry? I had Mamie make some dinner for us. She's excellent with her pot roast and her apple pie is world class.” Jake looked back at Ryan, who's face had gone serious.

“Does she know about... me?” she asked, a slight tremor in her voice.

Jake took both her hands and looked straight in her eyes. “No, Ryan. No one knows. As far as she's concerned, I'm having dinner with a friend from town.”

Relaxing once again, Ryan pressed a hand to her stomach. “Sorry, Jake. It's just that this is really important to me.”

“I know. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone,” Jake replied. He guided her to a place setting and pulled out the chair for her. “Come on now, let's have some food. It'll make you feel better.”

Ryan sat and surveyed the table in front of her. “I suppose it will. I am hungry.” She looked up at Jake as she said this. He stifled a growl and moved away, the temptation to lean in and devour her lips nearly too strong to resist.

Their dinner was full of questions and conversation. Jake found Ryan's intellect to be stimulating and engaging. Her smile was glorious, and her laugh made his insides go a little jelly like. The wine they were enjoying helped to loosen her up, relax into the simple enjoyment of a good meal and interesting conversation. Ryan polished off a decent helping of Mamie's pot roast and two servings of apple pie, impressing Jake with her appetite. He shouldn't have been surprised, though, considering just how hard she worked during the day.

After dinner, they moved into the sitting room, where an upright piano took up one wall. Ryan commented on its beauty, its clean lines and rich mahogany finish making it a truly gorgeous instrument.

“Do you play?” asked Jake.

Ryan laughed her throaty, sultry laugh. “Not on your life. There was never time for music while I was growing up.”

Jake took her hand and walked to the piano, opening its lid and sitting her down on the bench before it. He leaned in behind her, took her hands and placed them on the ivory keys in proper position, letting his fingers lay over hers on the keys.

“This is C major scale,” he said, as his fingers pressed hers into the keys. The soft scent of lilacs tickled his nose as he moved her through the scale. He repeated the scale a few more times with her, then let her fingers take over. He placed his hands on her shoulders as she worked through the simple scale slowly, thumbs drawing small circles over the material of her dress.

Jake's hands strayed to her slender neck, fingers caressing the soft skin there. He caught Ryan's hitching breath, her fingers faltering momentarily on the keys. Wrapping his hands around her throat, Jake let his fingers spread down over her clavicle, thumbs teasing the nape of her neck. Looking down, he could see her chest rising and falling faster as her fingers missed key after key.

Leaning down, Jake whispered in her ear, “You need to concentrate, Ryan. I can teach you to play, if you want me to.”

Ryan's fingers left the keys abruptly, her head turning to mesh her wide eyed stare with his. Her eyes fell to his lips and Jake could almost feel the heat of that searing look.

Ryan took a quick breath and said, “I think I'd rather you teach me something else first.” Watery green eyes looked into his again, before she leaned forward and pressed a tremulous kiss to his mouth.

Jake wallowed in the sweet, sensual heat of that gentle kiss, his lips yielding to Ryan's tentative advance. Their lips meshed and parted, tongues coming together lightly at first. The slip and slide of wet flesh was intoxicating. Jake's hand cupped the nape of her neck, holding on securely through the heating kiss. His other hand strayed over the exposed flesh of her chest, fingers trailing and tickling along the collar of her dress. A digit slipped daringly into the crease of her cleavage, drawing a soft moan from Ryan.

When they parted, Jake's heart was beating much too fast. Pulling away, he urged Ryan to stand from the stool. Looking straight into her half closed eyes, he swept her into his arms and carried her into his bedroom. He set her down by the side of the bed, resisting the urge to pounce on her like his beast would have preferred. Instead, he stood back, hands at his sides, body taut and aching.

He said, “It's your turn now, Ryan. Undress me.”

Ryan's indrawn breath was surprise and arousal. Jake stood very still as she ran her innocent eyes over his frame. Finally, her hands came up to the first button of his shirt, undoing it with fumbling fingers. As it slowly fell open, Jake watched Ryan's eyes darken to near emerald, a sultry smile curling her lips. At the waist of his trousers, she looked up at him momentarily, the lust in her gaze making his erection throb. Her hands tugged at the shirt, pulling it out all around before she undid the last button and slowly pulled the sides open.

Jake breathed deeply as the shirt fell off his shoulders, bracing for the first touch of her fingers on his naked skin. She trailed firebrands over his shoulders, down his arms, over his quickly rising chest and down his tense abs, the skin breaking out in goosebumps in her wake. He shut his eyes tightly, a soft exhaled moan drawn out of him as her hands pressed firmly to the flesh of his torso. Short nails trailed back up his abdomen to his chest, teasing his flat nipples into sensitive tiny points. Jake gasped as he felt the flat of Ryan's tongue press firmly against him, twirling around his little male nubs. He curled his hands into fists and clenched his jaw as she suckled and nibbled on him, his breathing ragged.

“Does that feel good?” Ryan asked, her breath flowing teasingly over his moist flesh. Jake looked down at her, expecting to see a wicked, teasing expression. Instead, he found a serious face, lips swollen from use, curious eyes open and inquisitive. He realized her question was sincere.

On a rough, strangled groan, Jake said, “Yes, Ryan. That feels good.”

He watched her smile return, then she took his breath away again, wrapping her arms around to his back and returning to her torturous assault, fingers trailing along his spine. It was Jake's turn to tremble as Ryan kissed and laved her way down his belly to the waist of his trousers. When she knelt before him and placed her hands on the buckle of his belt, Jake thought he would come in his pants. The vision was so erotic: Ryan fully dressed, her fingers slowly undoing his belt, his trousers, then pulling the fabric apart and sliding his clothing down his thighs.

His hard length pressed against the cotton cloth of his undergarment, making the single button nearly burst. Ryan had stilled, her eyes having gone wide, transfixed on the shape of his arousal. She raised her hand to the thick bulge, looking up at him just before her hand made contact.

“Can I...” her question trailed off as her cheeks went crimson.

Jake gave her a short, quick nod, steeling himself for the touch. He watched as her hand came closer. His eyes rolled back into his head as she drew a finger up his length, then his head fell back when she gripped him gently through the cloth. He was helpless to stop the slight thrust of his hips, the light, teasing pressure of her hand sending bolts of sensation through his entire body.

Ryan was enthralled. Her hands came to wrap around him, an appreciative purr in her throat as she enjoyed free reign over his pulsing rod. Jake gasped and moaned, every muscle in his body straining for her touch. Mercifully, her hands undid the ties of his underpants, then slid that last piece of clothing down his thighs. His eager cock sprung back up, the tip moist and weeping his excitement. Jake watched as Ryan leaned forward, her hand coming to wrap around the base of his shaft. She held him steady as she extended her tongue and tasted him.

Fuck, Ryan...” Jake groaned, his hand coming to rest on the back of her head.

She looked up at him as her tongue circled the stiff, reddened helmet of his cock. Jake watched as she savored his pre-cum, then her eyelids drifted shut and she drew him into her molten mouth. His fingers curled in her short hair, the urge to thrust nearly overtaking him. He shook badly as she worked her mouth over his length, taking him as far as the back of her throat. Jake could feel her tongue swirling over him as her pretty lips sucked and her hand pumped. He was trying to hold back his climax, but the sensation was building too quickly. With a short growl, he pulled himself out of her mouth, panting and grasping for control.

Startled, Ryan released him and asked, “Did I hurt you?”

The question made Jake laugh raggedly. “No, darlin'. It was feeling too good. Any more of that and this'll all be over before it even starts.” He reached his hands down and took hers, drawing her up. “Come back up here. Let me kiss you again.”

Ryan rose and Jake took her lips in a reckless kiss. He poured all of his desire into the melding of lips and tongues. She moaned into his mouth, her body pressing and molding to his as his hands wrapped around her back and held her close. Jake felt her hands dive into his hair, fingernails digging deliciously into his scalp. Her body writhed, pressing in an age old rhythm to his erection. He ground himself against her, aching to feel her skin to skin.

Releasing her lips, Jake turned her around and swiftly undid the dress ties. It was a simple design with only a few crosses in back. The dress became loose, and Jake drew the skirt up to her waist, then further, urging her to raise her arms so he could remove it. Tossing it aside, he worked impatiently on the stays of her camisole and petticoat. It occurred to him that he liked her much better in men's clothing. There were fewer layers to remove.

Drawing the camisole up and over her head, Jake let it fall to the floor and his hands came to wrap around the heavy mounds of her breasts. Ryan sighed, pressing herself bodily against him as he slid his hands down to the petticoat. Taking a quick nip of her neck, he tucked his thumbs into the loosened waist and drew it down her hips, letting it pool like a cloud at her feet. Stepping back from her, he swiftly finished removing his own clothing, boots and all. His mouth went dry when he witnessed Ryan bend over and similarly remove her shoes. Her heart shaped bottom was pointed straight at his face, pretty, flushed, slick nether lips peeking through her pubic hair. Reaching for her, Jake gripped her hip as his other hand slid two fingers along those moist lips. She arched her back, pressing into his hand and looking at him pleadingly from her bent over position.

He could take her like this. Bend her over the bed and simply press himself into her tight, hot channel. Sliding his fingers through her copious dew, he imagined sinking into her, feeling her tighten around him, milk him. He held both her hips and pressed his length to her core, coating his entire cock in her nectar as he ground against her. Ryan reached out and held onto the bedspread, her back arching her pretty ass against him, moaning her need. Jake wanted inside her. Now.

Pulling away, he drew her up. Turning to the bed, he laid down, then pulled Ryan to him until she was kneeling beside him. She was breathing fast, her wide eyes on his throbbing, wet length. Jake pulled her onto him, his hands guiding her to straddle him. His mouth found a sweet nipple and he suckled and licked, his hand diving to stimulate Ryan's stiff little clit gently. She gasped, rocking herself against his hand, her own hands bracing on his chest.

She was so very wet. Jake slicked two fingers in her juices and gently probed her entrance. Ryan moaned, her rocking stopping for a moment as his fingers pressed further. His fingers dove to his first knuckles, then withdrew, starting a slow thrusting rhythm. She began rocking her hips again, her moans turning into whimpers.

Jake breathed against her damp skin. “Does that feel good, darlin'?”

“Yes. Oh... ” Ryan shuddered through her response. “I want more, Jake. Please, more.”

Jake growled against her breast and reclaimed her nipple, biting it lightly as his fingers pressed deeper. She was so hot, and her tightness was nearly more than he could stand. He was in to his second knuckles, and curled his fingers against her tight wall, finding the small, rough spot. Jake pumped his fingers into her core, stimulating her clit with his thumb while placing firm pressure on her inside. Ryan gasped and moaned loudly, her hips increasing speed, fingernails curling into Jake's chest.

“Oh... Oh, fuck, Jake. I'm gonna... oh yes, like that. Mmm, yes. Yes!”

Ryan bucked over him, her convulsing pussy milking Jake's fingers as she came. He felt her juices flood his hand and drew his fingers out, focusing on her little clit as he positioned the tip of his ready cock at her sopping wet core. With a whispered apology, Jake pressed himself slowly but firmly into her, his hands coming to her hips to pull her down onto his impaling shaft.

He felt her stretching around him, gripping him in a velvet steel glove that was still in the throes of orgasm. The tightness and heat overloaded his control for a moment and he growled loudly, pressing himself deeply into her. Ryan screamed, and Jake held her to him as the moment of pain took her.

Jake breathed shallowly as he said, “Just stay here for a moment. Let the pain pass.”

His hand came up and brushed over Ryan's cheek. His other hand trailed to her still erect clit, drawing slow, delicate circles around the bit of flesh. Ryan moaned, her entire body shuddering as his fingers played. He teased and fingered until her hips ground against him, raised up, and pressed back down onto his cock. Jake bit his lip as the sensation of tight, hot pussy wrapped around his cock assaulted him again. Gripping both her hips again, he raised her up, feeling himself sliding out of her tightness, then brought her back down.

He stifled a moan and asked between gritted teeth, “Is that better sweetheart?”

Ryan answered with a throaty “mm-hmm” as she took her cue from Jake and began her own slow, careful rhythm. Her hips raised and lowered, ground forwards and back, and the entire time she mewled and purred through her exploration. Jake's jaw ached from clenching, his fingers digging into Ryan's hips as he let her set the pace. After what seemed like an eternity of teasing thrusts, Ryan moaned deeply, splayed her legs wide and took Jake deep. Her hips didn't stop there. She pulled back and repeated the motion, milking his cock with increasing fervor.

Jake reveled in the pleasure, his hips joining Ryan in the ever increasing speed of her thrusts. His brow was furrowed in concentration as he tried to avoid reaching his peak too soon, sensing Ryan was close to a second volley of clenching. Her body writhed like a snake over him, sweat blooming over her taut muscles as she pleasured herself on his cock. Jake growled and pressed deep, his thumb once again finding her little nib and working it in tandem. A few more rocking thrusts was all it took and Ryan screamed her climax again, hips working in a blur. Jake's eyes squeezed shut as her pussy clenched tightly around him again and again, urging his spear to give up its prize.

Rising up, Jake wrapped his arms around her torso, his hands coming up to grip her shoulders. With easy leverage, he pulled her down and reversed their positions, laying her out, legs spread wide, his erection still embedded deep within her. Settling himself on his knees, Jake held those writhing hips and watched himself slide most of the way out of her dripping hole. Ryan gasped, her hands going to pinch her nipples as her glazed eyes took in the sight of Jake.

A low, drawn out groan accompanied Jake's reentry, his cock filling her to the brim. She cried out, her hips pressing against him as he bottomed out. Strong hands wrapped around his wrists and she proceeded to grind herself against his cock. Drunken words fell from her lips.

“Oh, that feels so good, Jake. I want it deeper. Harder. Please, Jake. Fuck me, Jake.”

Her moaned pleas did him in. On a growl, Jake pulled out and shoved himself inside her, making her scream.

“Like that, Ryan?”

She bit her lip and mewled, “Yes. Just like that. Please, more!”

Jake pulled out again and thrust hard, once, twice. Then he threw caution and control to the wind, giving himself up to the animal within. He gripped her hips and fucked Ryan's willing, dripping, clenching hole for all he was worth. She was sobbing her pleasure, holding on to the bed as he pounded and ravaged her. Teeth clenched and growling loudly, Jake felt himself rising quickly.

“Ryan! Come for me, Ryan! Fuck, baby, now!”

He felt her tighten, heard her reach her peak in her cries as he flew over the edge. It felt like free fall, as he emptied his seed deep inside her. Jake thrust and came for what seemed like an eternity, the waves of pleasure rocking his entire being. He finally stopped his thrusts, buried deeply in her.

Jake released Ryan's hips, leaning his hands on the bed for support. He panted and shook, the aftermath of that wild ride coursing hotly through his veins. Ryan lay quietly breathing, her eyes thin green slits and her lips curved in a satiated smile. Jake smiled weakly in return.


The first rays of the sun pierced through the gossamer curtains, falling over Jake's closed eyes. He squeezed them shut tighter, turning and reaching for Ryan. Pulling her close, he nuzzled the back of her neck, moaning softly when she pressed her bottom into his half hard cock. They'd spent the night indulging in each other's bodies, finally succumbing to exhaustion in the wee hours of the morning.

Jake nibbled and licked at Ryan's neck, his hands wandering to cup and fondle her breasts. A thought suddenly occurred to him, and he propped himself up on his elbow to look down at her.

“How'd you end up with a name like Ryan?”

She smiled, giggling adorably. “It's my last name.”

Jake made a 'hmm' sound in understanding, then frowned and asked, “So what's your first name?”

“Amber,” she said, a soft blush coloring her cheeks.

Jake smiled widely and kissed her delicious lips. “Well, Amber, it's very very nice to meet you.”

They laughed together, sinking into each other's arms with a lusty kiss that foretold of things to come.

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