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Model Perfect

I get my first shoot with a model
In college I had studied hard but my dream was to be a photographer. My mom and dad had not been very supportive and encouraged me to become a teacher. So I studied business and became a teacher. So with a degree in business education and the desire to be a photographer, I got a job and started my family. After my girls got out of diapers I told Sherry, my wife, that I wanted to try and be a photographer. Sherry encouraged me and soon I was taking pictures semi-professionally. I still worked at the school and I became the yearbook sponsor when the old sponsor retired.

I did a few spreads on the side for magazines. I would travel during the summer and take pictures and then Sherry would do a write up and we would send it to a magazine. We had about five of these articles published over the course of two years which gave us the money to plan more trips.

After our oldest Nora turned 16, I told Sherry that I wanted to do model shoots. Once again Sherry told me to go after my dreams and so I sent out word over a data base I had found that I wanted to hire a model for a photo shoot. I got several responses and so in a few weeks I had set up an appointment to meet one of the models.

We met at a café downtown and I got to know the model. Her name was Jill and she was up for just about anything. I asked her if she had ever modeled before and she said only a few times, mostly for a boyfriend.

“What about swimwear?” I asked.

“Yes, that would be fine. I haven’t really done it before but I would try it,” Jill answered.

“What about lingerie?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“What about nudes?” I wasn’t planning on shooting nudes but I did want a good portfolio and thought if she was up for it we could work it out for another time.

“I don’t know? I mean I‘m not really shy about showing my body but that would be a big step.”

“It would,” I agreed, “but I need to expand my model portfolio and it is something I would like to add. Tastefully done of course, nothing like hardcore porn, but more like Playboy, if that would be all right with you?”

“Can I think about it and get back with you?” She asked.

“That would be fine.” We moved on and talked of other things as we finished our coffee and then we shook hands and left.

A few days later I received a call from Jill and she told me she would like to do the shoot. I told her to bring some dresses, casual wear, street clothes, swimwear and lingerie and that she would have to do her own makeup and hair this time because my wife and kids would be gone for the day. She agreed and said goodbye.

The day of the shoot Jill showed up and we began with the formal and casual wear and did those shoots around town in several parks and scenic areas. After that we headed to my house and shot the swimwear out back of my house in and around the pool (from my wife's finances not my own). Jill was a little more adventurous then I thought she would be from our meeting before hand, showing off some skin with a hand bra and some other provocative items lying around the pool.

I was getting very comfortable with Jill and a lot turned on. I found it harder and harder to hide my hard on from her.

“Gee, Mr. McDonald, is that a lens in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” Jill asked as we were taking a break.

I laughed and said, “A little of both, and please call me J. Jay.”

“OK.” She laughed too and as she walked passed me she grabbed my dick and growled in my ear. I couldn’t believe what a tease she was becoming and I wondered why.

I told her I wanted to go inside and do the lingerie and so I followed her inside to finish up a pleasant day of model shooting. I had been showing her our sets as we wrapped up each and she changed her clothes. The nice thing about a digital camera is the instant accessibility of the photos with a laptop. She and I both thought that the shoot was going well and I wanted this last part with the lingerie to look sultry and stunning.

She changed into a bra and panty set for the first part and as I showed her the swimwear she was thrilled with the results. I was too and as she rubbed her body against mine, my wood returned.

I told her to get on the bed and do what came natural. She was a natural model and I never had to direct her very much, look this way, pout your lips and maybe a few other small things but nothing major. This was no exception. Her body was a magnificent hourglass shape 34C-24-36 and the way she moved on that bed told me that the pictures her boyfriend took were the kind that you hid in a dresser drawer or safety deposit box.

I was enthralled with her movement and before I knew what was happening her bra was lying on the bed and those beautiful tits were on display.

“I thought you weren’t sure about nude shots,” I said as I dropped the camera to my side.

“I changed my mind,” she said in a breathy deep voice.

I wasn’t going to quibble over details and so I continued to shoot. Soon her panties where laying beside the bra and the only thing she had on was her red stilettos. I kept right on shooting as I felt my engorged cock strain against my pants. The smell of her sex was turning me on even more as I knew her pussy was getting wetter by the moment.

Through the camera lens I noticed that she began motioning me with her finger to come to her. I continued to shoot her picture as she did this; moving closer and closer to her. The pictures were going to be hot and sexy, making my portfolio the envy of hundreds of other photographers. When I got close enough to reach her she grabbed the camera from me and put it by the bedside.

“What are you doing?” I asked, as she stood to face me.

“Thanking you for a wonderful day.”

She undid my belt and then unzipped my pants. She pulled down my boxer briefs too, which brought her squatting in front of me with her head even with my rock hard cock.

“Yummy that looks good. Can I have a taste?” She didn’t wait for my response as her mouth closed over the head of my cock. Her tongue felt like magic as she worked back and forth across and around the tip. Her left hand grabbed the shaft of my cock while her right cupped my balls and began to message them.

“Oh my god,” I said as she continued to work my dick with her expert ministrations.

“Thank you,” she said as she let my dick pop out of her mouth. She reinserted my shaft in her mouth and slowly worked deeper down the length. My knees started to buckle from the intensity of her blow job and she moved me so I could sit down on the bed. Once I was on the bed I leaned back to give her fuller access to my dick and she did not disappoint. My breathing became shallower as the little minx deep throated my cock.

I gasped out that I was going to cum and she stopped deep throating me but kept her mouth securely locked on my cock. I shot several ropes of cum deep in her throat and I watched as she swallowed it all and then licked up what was left off my tip. When she was done she looked up at me and smiled. I leaned over and smiled back as I lifted her to her feet.

“Now it’s my turn,” I said as I threw her on the bed and spread her legs to gain access to her pussy. I could tell that she was not a virgin and though she had a well used pussy yet it was still a pretty one. She kept it clean with a small brown landing strip that matched her locks. I dove in using all my considerable skill with my tongue and fingers.

She enjoyed the attention and I wondered if anyone had returned an oral favor to her. I asked her and she said no. So I did my best to make this a most enjoyable experience. I worked on her clit slowly sucking and biting her as I worked one and then two fingers in and out of her pussy. I was getting her close to orgasm but she wasn’t there yet so I slid my third finger in. Her breathing became shallow as her excitement built but she still wasn’t getting off. Finally I took my pinky and began probing her ass hole. That was all it took and she began to shake so hard I thought she would take my hand off.

My member was back at full staff now and I stood up and dragged her too me. Her pussy was extremely wet from my returned favor and so my cock slid right in without any problems. Jill shuddered with the impact and soon her pussy was clenching and unclenching my cock as I fucked her hard.

“Harder, J. Jay…harder,” she grunted between gasping breaths as the rhythm of our grinding left her with very little breath. I lifted her left leg so that her red stiletto was in my face and straddled her other leg so I could thrust deeper. She soon screamed, “Oh my, fucking god,” as a second orgasm ripped through her body.

“Please stop. I can’t.”

“You can, trust me.”

I flipped her over and set her on her knees as I climbed on the bed with her. I hadn’t cum yet and I needed to before we could finish. So with deep even strokes I began fucking her doggy style as she began to pant like a dog wanting water. She was soon riding another high and I was almost there with her. Finally she came again and I could feel her squirt her girl cum all over my dick. That was my sign and I pulled out and flipped her over. While masturbating my cock I straddled her and soon let my cum fly all over her beautiful breasts. She lay panting on the bed but soon began licking the fingers that had scooped up my cum from her chest.

I grabbed my pants and camera off the floor as I down loaded the pictures on the laptop. She cleaned up and changed and then joined me by the laptop.

“Those are awesome,” she said as she looked down at the screen.

“They are good. I will get you copies of everything for your own portfolio.”


“Have you ever worked with a partner?” I asked.


“Would you consider it, if I found you a partner?”

“It would depend on the partner,” she said. “Who would it be?”

“I have the perfect person,” I replied, as visions of Sherry and this hot little number danced in my head.

Until next time.

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