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Mom's two best friends

My mom loved her work she enjoyed turning people from fat ugly slobs to beautiful sculpted bodies.  She owned her own gym and spa with two of her life long friends from college, Stephanie, and Ashley.  Since I was a kid I had fantasized about them over and over in ever way shape form and fashion.  My mom had called me up while I was at college and said that her and the girls as she called them had been invited to a convention in Las Vegas and had an extra ticket if I wanted to go.   When I found out Stephanie and Ashley where going to be there I said sure and meet up with them at the airport the next week. 


We arrived in the Las Vegas about 2pm on Thursday a day before the convention of course these old college buddies wanted to show me how it was done so off to the bars and casinos we went.  Mom was not much of a drinker so after a few hours of this she was ready to go back to the room and crash lucky me.  Stephanie and Ashley where still raring to go and getting drunker by the minute I was loving it, these women where great. 


Eight o’clock rolled and round they both where just gone so I offered to escort them to their rooms we got up to the elevator and Ashley said I am not ready to call it a evening yet and asked if we wanted to go to her room and play some drinking games of course I said yes.  On the way up Ashley and Stephanie where falling all over each other, rubbing each other, talking about who had the bigger tits and the tightest ass.  That is when Stephanie said lets settle this lets ask Mike I perked up and played dumb I’m sorry what was the question Stephanie grabbed a hold of my hand and put it on her ass and took my other one and put it on Ashley’s and said which one of us has the tightest ass, I replied ladies both of your asses are tighter than any of the girls I hang out with in college.  I looked down and I had about a 3\4 of the way hard boner.  Ashley looked at it and said just like a young pup gets hard when the wind blows.  Stephanie turned and said leave him along, I mean alone and Ashley quickly started to laugh as she realized Stephanie had said along.  I’ll have to agree that is quit the package you have their Mike.  Stephanie and Ashley always where very forward and spoke their mind.  Stephanie said I can’t hold it in any longer I have to know how big are you Mike?  I just looked at her and said I have no idea I have never measured.  At this point we where standing outside the door and Ashley spoke up and said that settles it I know what we have to do, I said what are you talking about and she opened the door shut it behind her and took my hands and put one on her tit and the other on Stephanie’s and asked who has the more firms tits Mike?  I instantly felt my dick start to grow still only half to three quarters hard which I guess Stephanie noticed because she then said were not getting it all the way hard lets pull them out and see what happens.  Stephanie and Ashley then both pulled out their perfect, tan, large titties.  I became so hard I could have cut glass Stephanie looked down and said there we go get the tape were going to have fun.  Ashley pulled a small tape measure out of her purse that was attached to her key ring and said now lets see how long this monster is. 


I got extremely nervous and started to lose my hard on Stephanie grabbed a hold of it and started to rub it from beginning to end I about lost my nut just from her touch was this really happening, am I dreaming.  Ashley said keep that thing hard while I measure.  She started to measure and the tape read 101/2.  Stephanie shouted holy shit that’s huge Mike.


Then Ashley said I bet an old pro like you couldn’t put that whole thing in her mouth.  Stephanie said I haven’t found one yet I couldn’t reach the bottom of.  Ashley said there is no fucking way you could put all that in your mouth.  Stephanie then replied watch this she stuck her mouth around it and went as far down on my dick as any one ever has I started to hold the back of her head and thrust it into her mouth caught up in the moment then I heard her gagging and choking and pulled out and said I am so sorry are you ok?  Ashley shouted I told you so no way could you go to the end of that man log.  Then she said but I can’t resist and pulled down her skirt and let it hit the floor bent over the bed and pulled my leg over to her looked over her shoulder and said fuck me you long dicked son bitch.  She did not want any foreplay or anything just wanted me to stick it in and fuck her from behind.  I took my dick in my hand started to rub her ass and pussy with the head to stimulate her and said I’m already wet just stick that big dick in me so I slid the head of it in and started a slow and steady pumping action she looked at me and said I didn’t come here to make love I came here to be fucked now fuck me like you want me.  I then began to thrust deep inside her in and out with ever pump I felt my self getting ready to climax I told her I had to stop that I was going to come and she looked back over her shoulder and said fill me full I’m no little college that has to worry about getting pregnant.  As I was slowly fucking her to control the effects of my load I felt Stephanie put her hands on my ass cheeks and spread me apart while she ran her tongue up and down the crack of my ass



To be continued
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