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Mona, a past lover

A chance meeting at a quick stop mart leads to a love affair...
One of my first stories written, this is a true story.... one of many fine memories...

My encounter with Mona...

I first met Mona in August, a few years ago... when I was riding a beat as a police officer. I was working 3rd shift, from 10:30 pm till 6:30 am. One evening around 1:00 am I was making my rounds and pulled into one of my all night 7/11 Stores.

As I walked in and said hello to the clerk I saw her standing with her back to me. She was playing a video game against the window, opposite end from the check out. I would occasionally play that video game as well, when things were slow. I made it a habit of stopping in my `all night stores' at least 2 times, sometimes 3 times per shift when possible. I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked back to watch her play Pac Man.
"Mind if I watch you play?" I asked.

"No, I don't mind" she replied, smiling at me.

She was a pretty woman , about 28 years, 5'4", small to medium build, well proportioned, 36C breasts, dark shoulder length hair, with pretty brown eyes. I watched her play, neither of us speaking much so she could concentrate on the game. After her game was finished, we began talking, exchanging names, just being friendly. We talked for about 45 minutes, until I received a radio call and had to leave.

"I hope I see you again" I said to her.

"I hope we meet again too" she replied.

We left at the same time, me getting into my police car and she got into her navy blue Volkswagen beetle.

A few nights later, I was in the store talking with the clerk when I saw her drive in. I went back to the video game and began playing when she walked in, got a coke and came back to where I was.

We began talking, continuing our conversation from a few nights before. She was married, not very happily she said, and when she couldn't sleep she'd come up to the store to get a coke and play arcade games to relax. Our conversation really got personal, like we were old friends and we felt very comfortable with each other. I had been in the store for a few minutes when I received another radio call and had to leave. I told her I'd see her later and left. Before I arrived at my destination I was cancelled on the run, so I pulled into a shopping center parking lot about ½ a block from the quick mart.

I was sitting there only a few minutes with my lights out, when I saw her Volkswagen drive by, leaving the store. As I sat there, apparently she saw my car sitting in the dark and she turned into the parking lot and drove over to where I was. Rolling the window down, we sat there and talked some more. She revealed to me that her home life wasn't that good, her hubby didn't treat her very well, so she stayed away from the house as much as possible. She had two boys at home, and her husband was a good provider, so she didn't want to leave him. He would criticize her in front of others, and didn't show any interest in her sexually. She wasn't running around on him, she was afraid of the diseases that were out there, and didn't want to catch anything.

I agreed with her, it was a dangerous world out there. We felt so comfortable with each other, we shared much personal information about ourselves. I told her my sex life wasn't that good either, my wife and I had separated, didn't know if we were going to get back together or not, but she didn't have much interest in sex either.

"I've never ridden in a police car before" she suddenly said to me. "Could I have a ride?"

"Well, it's against policy, but it's nighttime, nothing going on, so sure… come around and get in. I'll take you for a ride. If we see another cop you'll need to slouch down in the seat though."

We drove north, and I took her through a couple subdivisions on my beat. "Turn here" she suddenly said.

I complied with her request, and she said "Slow down. That's my house right there. Don't ever come by to just visit though, unless you receive a call. I don't want him to suspect anything. He doesn't want me to have any friends."

I made a mental note of her address and we continued to drive. We drove into an industrial area, and I pulled into a trucking company lot, back between the parked trailers and parked. Unless you knew we were there, you wouldn't see the car.

We resumed our conversation and I reached over and began stroking her hair. After a few minutes, she said, "Will you make love to me?"

Surprised by the directness of the question, I answered her and said "I've been wanting to do that from the moment we met, a few days ago."

We kissed for the first time, a slow, passionate kiss . Our lips gently brushing against each other, her tongue gently probed between my lips, searching, tasting, savoring every moment. I returned her kisses, probing the recesses of her mouth, tasting her. I moved my hand from her shoulder, down to her blouse and began unbuttoning it.

As I opened her blouse, I could see the lace bra she was wearing, a very sexy bra. "I wore this just for you, hoping we could be somewhere together" she said.

I continued unbuttoning until her blouse was completely open, then I moved my hands up her tummy to her breasts. She had beautiful breasts, milky skin with dark nipples, now standing erect through the thin material of her bra. She leaned forward so I could unhook her, releasing her breasts from their confinement. I took first one nipple then the next into my mouth, licking and sucking them gently. She moaned with pleasure, placing her hands behind my head pulling me into her.

While I was sucking her tits I moved my hands down and unzipped her pants. She raised her hips making it easy for me to pull her pants off. I removed her slacks and panties at the same time, with one motion. Her pussy was now available to me. She had neatly trimmed pubic hair, formed in the shape of a heart.

"Is this for me as well?" I asked.

"Yes it is" she replied. "I trimmed and shaped it today, hoping we'd meet tonight. It makes me feel sexy
to have a trimmed and shaped pussy."

I bent down and savored the smell of her womanhood. I inserted my fingers into her pussy, and immediately they were wet with her juices. She moaned with pleasure as I finger fucked her. I began licking her tummy and moved down with my tongue to her love slit, where I began to fuck her with my tongue.

Her juices were flowing and I was lapping them up as quickly as I could.

"I want you inside me now" she said. "Please, fill me up."

I eagerly complied, removing my belt and sliding my pants down and off. My cock was rock hard, and she reached out and grabbed it with her small hands. She pulled on my cock, guiding me to her honey pot, helping me insert my manhood into her hot pussy. Her pussy was very tight and I had to take my time inserting my cock into her. The heat of her pussy and the tightness of it was more than I could stand… my cum rushing up my shaft and into her honeypot immediately.

She could feel my hot cum entering her and she moaned with pleasure.

"I'm sorry for cumming so quickly you're just so tight and hot I couldn't help myself. I usually last longer than that" I said, apologetically.

"That's all right" she said. "I just needed to be filled with your sperm. This isn't the last time we will make love.

"No, it isn't" I said to her.

I could feel my cock starting to come to life again, still inside of her. I began to stroke in and out again and she moaned with pleasure. This time I lasted for about 25 minutes, stroking in and out slowly, then increasing the pace, then slowing down again. Her hips gyrated around my cock, the muscles in her pussy milking me. When I felt I was going to cum again I stopped moving for a few moments.

"I want to prolong this as long as possible" I said to her. "I want to feel you cum, I want your pussy juices to soak my cock."

I began to pump again, and she moaned deeply. I squeezed her ass as I stroked, rubbing the crack of her ass with my finger. My other hand moved to her front and began massaging her clit as we fucked. I could hear her moan turn into a low growl, then she screamed with delight as she began to cum. She reached 3 orgasms in a row, one immediately after the other as our bodies moved to the symphony of love.

I could feel my cum boil, again entering the race and speedily climb my shaft, spurting into her hot pussy. After we both completed, we lay on the seat, me on top of her, enjoying the moment and talking softly.

Suddenly it was 6:00 am and time to be going. We dressed as we talked, making plans to meet again. We never went on a date per such… it was always on nights I was working when we would get together. We didn't fuck every night, but almost every night we were together we would try to find some quiet time. And usually we did fuck. She wasn't into oral sex, so she never gave me a blow job… but she was one of the finest fucks I ever had. She preferred missionary but we occasionally would doggie style.

One evening we were parked in about the same place as the first time and we were outside the car sitting on the trunk. She grabbed my cock through my pants and said, "I want you…. I want you now and I want you here."

She then stripped off her shirt and bra, and slid her pants down, revealing to me she wasn't wearing any panties. She then turned and leaned over the trunk of the car spreading her legs opening her pussy to me. I didn't hesitate to drop my pants, my erect cock springing free.

I moved to her, placed my hands on her hips as she grabbed my cock and guided me into her love hole. Her pussy was still very tight, but I entered her easily now as her honey hole was used to me. We began stroking feverishly, wanting to cum as soon as possible. As we fucked my finger massaged her clit, causing her more and more pleasure. Since we had been seeing each other over the past several months, she came very quickly when I entered her, and usually reached at least 2 more climaxes before we finished fucking. Tonight was no different.

She came almost as soon as my cock was fully inserted into her. As we moved in unison, fucking each other she came 4 more times that night. She was really aroused! After I came the first time, I pulled my cock out of her and turned her, sitting her on the car. I knelt down and began eating her pussy, tasting cum mixed with her love juices as it dripped out of her. I was lapping it up hungrily, savoring her taste.

She came again as I ate her, releasing more of her juices onto my tongue and face. I pushed her back onto the car, lifting her legs into the air and spreading them, giving me unlimited access to her. She loved it when I did that, probing my tongue as deep into her hole as I could go. Unfortunately as with other nights, it soon became time to go.

One night I was assigned to station duty and she came to visit me there. My supervisor had left and gone out on the road, and when we were talking she asked where the ladies room was. I showed her and went back to my desk. I heard her calling to me, so I went back to see what she needed. Standing in the door of the ladies room, she had removed all of her clothing and showed me a shaved pussy! I didn't hesitate to move quickly to her, picking her up and sitting her on the counter with her legs spread. She opened my pants allowing them to drop to my ankles, and I quickly entered her. We fucked as hard as we could both of us wanting to cum before anyone came in.

She reached 2 orgasms before I finally came about 10 minutes later. As we straightened ourselves up I heard the door open. Someone was coming in. I told her to stay in the ladies room until I came back for her.

One of the other cops had come in to use the bathroom and had almost caught us! He finished his business and I brought her out. She stayed at the desk talking with me for about an hour before she had to leave.

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