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Passionate sex in a perfect Meditteranean setting
The Captain

I look down from the bridge of the Golden Princess. You are making your way onto the sun deck; the lucky winner of a phone in competition. The prize - a weekend on board this super-yacht, and 10,000 spending money.

We are anchored off the Cote D'Azur, gently undulating on the crystal blue sea. Today is the best day of the season so far, without a cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze blowing in off the med. The time is just before lunch, and the sun is at its hottest.

You put your things down on the table by the sun lounger, just as a keen male crew member rushes out with some iced water. He asks if you would like a drink, and I hear you ask for our special cocktail. As he walks off, you follow him with your sun glasses dropped. I smile.

As you lie back on the deckchair and relax, I discretely let my eyes feast on you. You are wearing a tight white t-shirt and black bikini bottom. This is the part of the job I like; always getting a steady flow of happy competition winners. However, this time the winner is un-accompanied. Your husband is on a business trip, and your friend would be joining you tomorrow.

The crew member brings your cocktail, and as you take a sip I can see you visibly relax as the delicious mix glides down your throat. He saunters off, and you stretch out once more on the sun lounger.

After a few minutes, you sit up, and look around as if to take in the view, but seem to be discretely checking there are no onlookers. Very slowly and gingerly you take off your t shirt. Your breasts are perfectly pear shaped, with pert nipples accentuating their form, with very sensual white tan lines. I suddenly feel like a voyeur, and avert my gaze back to the dials and instruments in front of me. But have you seen me ... could you see me?

I look down again to look in awe at you, and by this time my mind is working overtime fantasizing about fucking you.

You reach for the bottle of suntan lotion, and very slowly squeeze a steady trickle in between your breasts, as you start to rub it slowly, they begin to glisten. My cock begins to surge and thicken inside my white shorts and I can feel my pulse quicken and breathing get shallow.

You carry on rubbing lotion into your face, neck and shoulders, and down to your legs. I think of a plan.

As the crew member carries a tray of seafood, meats and salad out to you, I swipe it off him and place it on the table next to you.

' Sorry Madame, would you like some Lunch?' I say, with a slight embarrassed tone in my voice. In your embarrassment, you pull your shirt across yourself loosely. As you look at the food on the tray and choose some of the dishes, we begin to chat. It is very easy chatting to you, and as the t-shirt falls away you seem very at ease with yourself.

You ask me to join you, which I eagerly accept, and sit on the chair next to yours.

We talk about the UK, our favourite places, partners, wanting to get away; all the usual stuff by which time we have finished our meal.

You ask me to stay, but I say that I have to get back to the bridge, to which you reply, 'we haven't got much time then.'

I move over to your deckchair and sit beside you. I find the warmth of your body and poise of your breasts so arousing. We kiss passionately, and like lovers we begin to caress each other; that wonderful intoxication of exploring a new body.

You start to unbutton my shirt, as my hand cups your breast and run your nipple through my fingers. I can't resist moving my head down to suck your other nipple. I feel the other one stiffen between my fingers.

The pace of our love making intensifies, as your bikini bottom and my uniform falls to the deck.

I throw back the head of the deck chair so it is totally flat, and we roll down onto it, your legs wide open. I position myself above you waiting for that intense moment of filling you.

I take you swiftly, sinking my glistening shaft all the way up to my balls. You feel them fall against you, and gasp as my length fills you. I moan as I enter you; feeling your silky contours and the delicious warmth and tightness.

I start to pump in slow deliberate strokes, almost withdrawing upon each thrust. The feeling is overwhelming and I feel your legs wrap around me tightly.

I build up speed as my animal instinct takes over from the passionate. I sense yours too, as I fuck you deep and hard. We kiss hard too, our mouths fusing together.

The Winner

I certainly wasn't expecting to have the cock of the skipper buried deep inside me as part of my competition win, but I wasn't going to complain. If this was an extra, then I was going to take it with both hands, and pussy.

And although my passion was keeping up with yours as we fucked hard, I couldn't help being a little disappointed that I hadn't had the chance to feel your cock in my hand. I had been denied the chance to feel how hard and smooth it might be, and also been denied the feel of it in my mouth. But maybe there might be other chances over the weekend to take things a little slower and turn it into a lovemaking session.

But for now I'm revelling in the feeling of the weight of your body on mine and the feeling of you gripped between my thighs.
I grip the cheeks of your bum, and gently run my finger down the crack trying to reach down and underneath to your balls so I can run my nails across them. You seem to like that.

I'm not sure how long I can last before I cum, and I want us to cum together, so I ask you to slow down a little. We get into a nice, slow rhythm, back and forth, back and forth, each thrust going deeper than the last.

Then as you pull all the way out, I realise you have other ideas. You flip me over asking me to kneel up, which is how you enter me for the second time.

Oh God this is so awesome, and I can feel your balls hitting my pussy. You reach around to caress my clit; rubbing and tweaking, until I squirm.

I can feel the sensation starting in my breasts, going through my tummy, and straight into my pussy. I tense up my pussy muscles squeezing your cock, willing you to cum. I have to tell you that I can't wait, and I have to cum; that I am too far gone to stop myself. You speed up pushing harder and faster, and with every thrust I hear you gasp and groan.

'Fuck me yes, yes, yes, don't stop, keep going' I screamed 'Goddddddd yesssssss now!'

I feel the hot wet rush inside me as you cum. Before you shudder, then we are both still, collapsing back down onto the deck chair.

As we lie there in the sun, I wonder if we have had an audience? 

I am so glad I entered that competition.

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