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Monday Morning

Memories of an intense evening lead to more on a pleasant morning.
He was up before her, slipping out of bed and quietly preparing for the office. He took a shower, shaved and got dressed. He started the standard pot of coffee, and slid a bagel into the toaster. His mind was a bit fuzzy, he regretted the unplanned glass of wine from last night. It had ended up turning into a full bottle that he shared with his wife.

He replayed the events of the prior evening through his mind, the spontaneous laughter, the wine, the closeness of his wife and the wonderful sensuality. He made his way around the kitchen with the practiced efficiency of a standard Monday morning.

But this morning was different. A subtle grin was etched on his face while walking through the standard routine. The night before had been intense, and took him back to the early times of their relationship. He paused as the first golden rays of sunlight spilled through the window. Leaning against the counter with a distant look upon his face, the pleasures of the night before tumbled through his mind.

She came out of her dream world, falling back into reality as she stretched her limbs and squinted her eyes at the brightness of the light, before once again closing her eyes. She could hear him preparing breakfast and trying to be quiet in the nearby kitchen of their cozy home. She took a moment to wrap her mind around the newness of the pleasant morning. Snuggling the covers in tight to herself, the light filtered in through the window to warm their nest. Her eyelids pressed shut. The bed felt too big for just her. It always did when she was alone. The emptiness was made all the more obvious as she listened to him getting ready to leave for the office.

She blinked her eyes opened again, staring at the pattern of beams in the ceiling above her. The smell and memory of him from the passionate night they’d shared was still lingering. The scent of sex was still there, mingling with the smell of him. The room was still redolent with the scent in odd contrast to the pleasant beginning of the day. Lazily, memories of the night before drifted across her mind, and that was enough for her hands to begin their instinctive wander of her body. Grazing the slight swell of her abdomen and meandering down her body they found the warmth between her thighs. She lightly caressed the length of her slit through her panties enjoying the sensation as her body awoke from its slumber.

The wine and shared conversation had been a prelude to the passion and closeness they had experienced. The silk scarf he had used as a blindfold still lay discarded on the hardwood floor next to the bed. She recounted the heightened sensations of his hands, tongue and lips upon her body while she lay in the darkness of the blindfold over her eyes. She closed her eyes again and among the tangle of the sheets, she relived the moment. Her own hands exploring and mimicking what his had done.

When she had not been able to take his teasing anymore, he had sucked and licked her into a chain of incredible orgasms, finishing her off by fucking her from behind. She remembered the feel of him inside her. The thought of it caused her sex to spasm and tighten. Her entire body craved him again.

She heard the refrigerator close, and the smell of fresh brewed coffee mixed into the room, diluting the aromas of the previous night. She rolled out of bed, emerging from the covers to expose her lovely feminine form, slightly disheveled and barely clothed in a camisole and panties.

A ping sounded, alerting that his bagel was ready. He finished preparing his breakfast when the delicate hand embraced him from behind. Her silky soft lips were against the back of his neck. Her sweet breath warmed his ear. His eyes flashed as his focus came back to the present, surprised to see her awake this early. He turned. She looked into his eyes with her beautiful long blonde hair back lit by the streaming rays through the windows.

“I woke up early to kiss you once more. You’re going have to deal with it.” Her voice purred, an exquisite purr, soft and sultry.

He swallowed and cleared his throat, the bagel dropping out of his hand now forgotten.

“Umm.” A deep breathe. “Last night was...” He didn’t finish the statement pulling her around and lifting her onto the cold granite counter. She looked beautiful with her large sleepy blue eyes and messy blonde hair. The sensation of the cool surface shot an uncontrollable shiver through her body. He moved closer, their bodies piecing together. As she felt the warmth of his body, her senses were heightened by the contrasting temperatures. She formed words in her mouth, but her voice just trailed off into an “mmmm”.

His hands were on her knees, he slid them agonizingly slow up her inner thighs resting at the crease between her legs and hips. She inhaled deeply, holding her breath before exhaling through pursed lips. His hands, now at her rear found her already moist panties, pulling them down and away, bunching them around her knees momentarily before sliding them past her pointed feet. Silently the panties floated to the tile as he tossed them aside.

The passion with which he stripped her caused her brain to swim in a pool of building lust, as electric needles raced through her spine. With lidded eyes her lashes fluttered, as she felt one of his hands come up to gently press against her mouth. He traced her lips with his finger. Before he finished, she brought her lips to his, teasing him with her tongue.

Savoring the texture of her skin against his lips and his tongue, his mouth went from her lips to her neck. She shivered again uncontrollably this time with pure delight. Her head rocked back exposing her neck. Her legs parted more as her hips started to grind against his body as she sat on the counter looking at him. She pulled him closer, and wanted the concealed bulge within his pants to press firmly against her most sensitive spots. Her whole body worked to grind herself against him slowly back and forth. He gently stopped her soft needing presses knowing just what she wanted. He wasn't willing to let her have it yet.

His hands slid past her hips down to her thighs. He guided her knees to her chest. She fixed her gaze upon his eyes again, moistening her lips with her tongue. Without breaking the gaze, she slipped her lacy camisole up over her head. The discarded garment landed on the kitchen floor next her lacy panties. She arched back onto the counter island with her hands above her head playing with her tangled hair. She felt exposed to him naked on the kitchen island, her knees hanging bent in the air. Golden light and shadows danced on her skin.

She was exposed but wonderfully safe, knowing the sight of her body was pleasing her man. He smiled as their eyes were fixed on each other again. She couldn't look away from those eyes. Blinking felt like a forbidden act. Surveying her soft curves, he noticed the glistening wetness of her slit between her legs in the morning glow. To see her in this aroused state pleased him greatly.

He softly kissed the curve under her breast. A low moan purred deep in her throat. His lips moved down and followed her center pausing just above her navel. Simultaneously, she felt her skin tingle and prickle at the touch of his cleanly shaven face already hinting at the rough stubble she’d learned to crave and adore. She inhaled deeply her whole body tensing as he paused taking time to delight in her creamy soft skin. Continuing down he repeated another leisurely kiss this time on the flesh below her navel. She had always loved when her hubs kissed that tender and sensitive spot, and couldn’t help but smile and giggle as her hands curled within the thick hair at the back of his head.

 She knew where he was going. Anticipation built in the core of her body as he traced a circle around her navel with a fingertip deliberately slow. Slow circles spiraling outward each larger than the first. She inhaled deeply with each consecutive and closer pass to her pulsing clit. He stopped his finger at the top of her tidy mound and lingered for a moment. One more almost painfully slow circle traced with a pace that put her on the edge. She wanted him to move to where she ached to be touched. All of her body begging in frustration.

 She moaned as she tried to process every sensory detail of the moment. The sunlight that was catching his dark eyelashes, the aromatic smell of coffee permeating in the air, the touch of his hand, the thunderous beat of her heart, the pulse of her clit and the warm trickle of a drop flowing from her pussy to her ass. He sensed her need moving between her legs as she lay perched on the counter top.

She hooked a finger in the waist of his pants, easing her fingers between the fabric and skin to find the button.

“You are going to be late for work…Are you sure we have time?” She teased with a whisper.

More sunlight continued to filter into the room as his pants dropped around his ankles.
A soft moan escaped from her lips as he guided himself to her, his wide head spreading her open.

“Very late…” he agreed.

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