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Monday Morning

Gotta love Mondays

I hate Mondays. They are the worse day of the week by far. It is the first day back to work and I sooooo don’t want to be there. I am tired from the weekend and I have to get up way to early to suit me. I am a night owl and always will be.

As I get closer to work I start trying to come up with ideas for our Monday morning meeting. I have none as usual. Why anyone thinks Monday morning is a good time for a meeting I will never know.

When I get to work I notice a new car in the parking lot. I wonder who it is. When I go inside. My boss tells me,

“ Annie come here I want you to me your new co-worker , Richard.”

“Pleased to meet you Richard.” I say as we shake hands.

“ Likewise Annie’ he replies.

And boy is it a pleasure to meet this man. He is the hottest man I had ever seen. He was tall a little over 6 feet was my guess. Muscular without overdoing it. With piercing green eyes, and short brown hair.

As we shake hands I feel a spark between us. It was lust at first sight for me. I didn’t want to let go of his hand. He just smiled at me and slowly let go of my hand. As I walked towards my office I couldn’t help but look back at him as I opened my office door. I caught him staring at my ass. When he saw me catch him looking he just winked at me.

Michelle, my co-worker comes in my office. She sits at my desk as we talk about our weekend. She is the same age as me mid 30’s. We have just recently discovered that we are both going through the same thing. We just can’t stop thinking about sex. We have heard it is just our age and that we are hitting our sexual peak right now. So every chance we get we are talking about sex. It is hard to work when every other second you are consumed with thoughts of fucking the next hot guy who comes your way.

“ Is the new guy Richard hot or what?” Michelle asks me.

“ He is beyond fine.” I tell her.

“ I saw him watching you Annie, I think he feels the same way.” she tells me.

“ I would love to get him in my office and have my way with him.” I tell her.

“ Not if I get him in my office first.” she laughingly tells me.

At 8:00 we head into the conference room for our meeting. Richard sits across from me. As I try and listen to my boss I keep looking at Richard and imagining him naked. Wondering what he would be like in bed. He catches me looking at him and smiles as if he knows what I am thinking.

The boss starts going over our game plan for the week, and I turn my attention back towards work as best as I can. He calls on me to put my two cents in and I bullshit my way through it as best as I can. When I glance over at Richard I catch him staring at me just like I was at him. I can feel the sexual tension building between us. I wonder if anyone else does. As the meeting comes to an end we are asked if there were any volunteers to help get Richard accustomed to our way of working.

“ I would be more than happy to show him the ropes.” I quickly respond.

“ I am sure you would be.’ I hear Michelle whisper to me as she laughs.

Richard grins wickedly at this. And I can feel a slight blush forming on my cheeks. I lead him into my office and we start going over the computer program that we use. He leans over me so he can see the screen better or so he tells me. I can feel his body heat against me. He leans towards me ear and whispers,

“ You smell absolutely wonderful I wonder what you would taste like?”

Hearing him whisper that to me makes me want to turn around and grab him and kiss him. Then rip his clothes and have my way with him.

“ I was just thinking the same thing about you.” I tease back to him.

I lean my head back towards him wanting more than anything to kiss him when my office door opens. Richard leans back away from me as my co-worker Michelle walks in. When she sees us so close together she smiles knowingly. She sits across my desk and proceeds to chat it up with Richard and I . I know she is doing this just to mess with me. After a few minutes Richard excuses himself to go get something to drink in the break room.

“Alright Annie what’s going on. Anything of interest happen yet?” she asks me.

“ No not yet and if you are still in here we he gets back I am going to shoot you. No get the fuck out.” I tell her laughing.

“ Alright, alright, good luck. Oh and when your done with him send him to my office.” she says.

“ Damn we are acting like such guys anymore.” I tell her. As she walks out laughing.

Richard walks back in and I can’t help but look him up and down. I know he can see lust written all over my face. I manage to tear my gaze away from his body and look up into his face and see the same look in his eyes.

“Does your office door lock?” he asks me.

“Yes it does, but why would you ever ask that?” I tease him.

“ Because of the look in your eyes. I can tell you want me as much as I want you. And unless you want people to walk in your office while I fuck you we had better lock the door.” he tells me.

I start breathing harder at his words. I can already imagine him fucking me on my desk.

“ By all means lock the door then.” I inform him breathlessly.

“Although I do know one other person who would love to be in here with us.” I tease him.

“Michelle right? I saw her watching me.” he asks me.

“ Yes.” I said.

“Well maybe tomorrow, right now I want you all to myself.” he replies.

He comes around my desk. Then leans down and kisses me fully on the mouth. I feel his tongue slip between my lips. As his hands grab my breasts. He rubs then gently through my shirt. My hands caress his chest. Then I start undoing the buttons. I want to feel his skin under my hands.

I pull his shirt out of his pants and push it out of my way. I start kissing his stomach as my hands rub his chest. I can see his cock starting to harden. With my hand I start stroking his erection through his pants. Before long he starts undoing his pants.

“ I want you so much.” he tells me as his cock comes out of his pants.

I take his cock in my hand and start stroking it up and down. I lick his balls taking them in my mouth, sucking them and tasting him.. I hear him moan above me as I take him in my mouth.

“ God that feels good. I have been thinking about you doing that all morning.” he says.

I continue to suck him as his hands move behind my head. He grabs my hair as he forces his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth. Before long he pulls me away from his hard cock..

“ I don’t want to cum until I am deep inside your pussy.” He tells me.

Just hearing that makes me wet. I moan at the thought of him inside me. I stand up to kiss him as his hands start taking my shirt off. I undo my bra as he grabs my breasts in his hands. He leans down and starts licking my nipple while his other hand is circling my right nipple. It feels wonderful In moments they are both hard.

His hand reaches down between my legs and starts rubbing my pussy. I moan into his mouth as he pushes his fingers against my pussy lips. Rubbing my ever hardening clit.

“ Take off the rest off your clothes.” he tells me.

I eagerly comply with his wishes. I undo my pants and quickly remove my panties. As he stands there looking at me and stroking his cock. When I get undressed he clears off my desk with a sweep of his arms and sets me down on the edge of my desk.

We start kissing again as he gently pulls my nipples in his hands. His kisses work there way down my body. Lingering over my breasts as he takes each one in turn in his mouth and sucks on them. Then he continues towards my, by this time very wet pussy. I lean back on my desk as I feel his fingers enter me. His tongue is licking my clit in slow circles. I arch my hips in initiation. He works his fingers in me faster and faster.

“ Oh god that feels good. ” I cry out to him softly

He doesn’t stop if anything he starts fingering me faster. With his mouth he is sucking my clit as his tongue repeatedly hits my clit. I feel my orgasm rising up in me. All I want to do is cry out my release but I know I have to be quiet.

“ oh god, oh yes, don’t stop.” I moan softly as my orgasm overwhelms me.

Moments later his hard cock slipping inside my dripping pussy. He is slowly pushing it in and out of me. It feels wonderful. He takes my legs and puts them up on his shoulders and he continues with his steady rhythm.

“ Fuck me harder” I tell him.

He stars pounding his cock in my harder and faster. I can feel another orgasm building. As he fucks me as hard as he can.

“Oh GOD!” he cries.

I feel his cum shooting deep inside my pussy as another orgasm hits me. Leaving me feeling completely satisfied.

“So do you still want to share me with Michelle?” he jokingly asks me as we quickly get dressed.

“ Oh yes, we love share." I tell him.

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