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Moon light charm

Tags: camping, lake, teen
Samantha and Joseph go to a summer camp.
Why do My parents always make me come here? Samantha asked, leaning back against the bus chair, lifting her legs so her feet nestled against her butt. Samantha had been going to Camp Moon Light since she was thirteen, she was seventeen now, and a Senior in high school. Her hair was naturally a reddish brown rust like color, but she had dyed it black so her eyes could pop more. Her eyes were greenish blue, and sometimes with the mix of the two they were grey. Samantha wore a black tank top, and short red shorts. Her legs were covered with stripped red and black socks that reached the middle of her thighs, she wore black flats to match.

People loved her, and she knew it. She wasn't a cheerleader like the other girls in her school who made the boy's drool over her, in fact she was the exact opposite. She was into sports, soccer, baseball, hockey you name it she loved it. But the sport she was into now, was wrestling. She was tough like any other boy. And they loved it. she was so open to people, she would talk about anything with them, and one of the most popular topics she heard of around boy's was sex. Once she stared in on it, they would watch her as she moved to pinning someone down.

The bus came to the last stop to pick up a group of guy's she set her legs down and looked over the heads of the blond cheerleaders. Joseph walked onto the bus, his jet black long hair hugging his face in soft waves, his eyes so green, the grass could never match. She blushed when he looked at her and he smiled back in reply, taking the seat she had offered him.

"Long time no see Sam." He said in that deep sexy voice.

"I'll say..." she smiled and blushed getting closer to her window as the bus started again.

"So you plan on taking wrestling again next year?" He asked eying her carefully.

She laughed and winked at him. "Why? Too scared I'll beat you again?" she teased.

"Nah... Its just fun having you there..." He smiled and winked at her before turning to talk to one of his football friends, leaving her red in the face.

They got to the camp around noon, Samantha was assigned a cabin with a girl named Rebecca and her brother, Along with Joseph. When Samantha noticed Joseph she smiled shyly, pulling her clothes out and setting them in her drawers.

She was cornered when she had a fist full of underwear in her hands. Joseph had taken her hand, his smile turned seductive and her cheeks flushed.

"Thought you could use some help..." He said smiling more.

She smiled and opened the drawer and threw the under wear in it, all but one made it in, and it was one that she liked the most, it was a peach pale color, almost matched her skin perfectly, it was laced up at the sides and a small orange bow was in the middle. Joseph smiled and threw it towards his clothes.

"Something to remember you by..." He said smiling as his lips met hers.

The kiss didn't last long, but it lasted long enough for her to realize she had work to do, Joseph and Samantha were always together, they would talk and flirt, but they never went out. People said they'd make a perfect couple, but it was only now that Sam realized, she wanted him for herself.

When dinner was done and it was almost one in the morning, Samantha was dressed, she wore a tight shirt the showed off her cleavage, and he wore a short skirt with black fishnets. She walked slowly and quietly to Joseph's bed, once there she sat over him, and as soon as she did she knew he was awake. She had dressed in the dark, stripping of every inch of clothing before putting on the ones she wore now. She smiled and reached down to him.

"Follow me..." she said in a whisper as she pulled him up, he was also dressed and he was holding her hands.

The sneakily walked into the group of trees near by, as soon as they were out of sight Joseph pushed her against a tree, feeling up her curves. His lips sunk into hers and their tongues danced in her mouth, she made a soft moan and bite his tongue. She smiled and bit her lip in response as his cold hands found her breasts. she shiver, her nipple erect and hard. He pinched her left breast with on hand and massaged the other with his free hand. She moaned softly biting her lips as his moved down her neck.

Joseph pushed his harden member to her already drenched pussy. He smiled kissing her neck and shoulders before licking her nipples.

When she felt his tongue around her nipple she wanted more. Slowly and teasingly he sucked her breasts making sure they both had even time before he lifted her up, putting her legs around his waist. He smiled and tore open her shirt, releasing her D sized breasts. she bit her lip as he sucked on her nipples more, her moans still very soft. He smiled and lifted her up more so her legs wrapped around his head. Her moan's instantly got louder as he rubbed her pussy through her underwear with his tongue.

"Oh.... damn it Joseph..." She moaned louder as he teased her with his tongue. He set her back to her feet and pushed her against the ground, rubbing her swollen pussy hough her under wear. He looked at her hungrily.

"Should I take a taste?" he asked staring at her as she rubbed her breasts together.

She moaned in reply and pushed her pussy closer to him. He smiled slowly taking her fishnets off, kissing her legs as he did, then he slide her underwear off, sniffing and licking her wetness from it. He smiled seductively again and slowly rubbed her clit as he kissed her shaven perfect pussy. His tongue finally land in her pussy and she moaned with him. He loved how she tasted, it was so sweet, like peaches. He licked up and down in her wet pussy, licking up her juices and sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy hole. He sucked on her clit and she moaned loud, encouraging him to eat her more.

"This pussy is so good Sam... you should taste."

He pulled him to her and she licked around his lips then sucked her own juices from his mouth. she smiled and moaned. "mmmm... I am good..." she licked her lips and pushed him down, taking off his shirt and pants.

His cock stuck out erect, she smiled ad kissed his shaft then barely licked the tip of his head. She smiled as she sat on him pinning him down as she stroked his cock from behind. He moaned and smiled at her. She smiled back then she took her hand off his cock and took her breasts in her hands, making sure he watched as she sucked and bit on each before rubbing her clit with he fingers. He moaned even more not once taking his eyes off her. She smiled as she let her spit drip from her lips, making it act like cum as it slide down her body. He moaned even louder.

"Dammit Sam..." he said taking her by the hips and in on motion pinning her to the ground kissing her lips.

She moaned under his kisses and pulled his hair so she could catch her breath, but she couldn't in time as he pushed her back down and kissed her more sliding two fingers deep in her pussy. she gasped and moaned loud, feeling his finger deep in her. he moaned with her and pulled his fingers out letting her taste as she suck his fingers.

"Your so tight baby..." He said as he pulled her up.

She got to her knees and wrapped her lips around his cock, She moaned realizing how big he was, she slowly sucked him down, she pulled out and looked at him her eyes wide and pleading. she smiled and formed her hair into a pony tail, then forced her head to take his cock deep. He moaned loudly and grunted a she came back up.

"Oh damn... Joseph... your so big..." She bit her lip and without having him to force her this time she took him in deep, wrapping her tongue around his shaft as she massaged his balls. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock and when she finally stopped she took in a large gulp of air her heart racing. She smiled and bet down to kiss her.

His strong arms wrapped around her and he laid her down, slowly placing his head in first then inching his way in. She moaned and he leaned down to kiss her.

He whispered in her ear softly. "Breath baby... I'm going to tear you open." She giggled and bit her lip taking in a deep breath. When she did Joseph slammed all the way in he and she screamed. She smiled and bit her lip as her chest heaved up and down.

Joesph slowly went in and out of her and every time She'd moaned as she felt him get harder. She smiled at him as he stared in her eyes. She started to match him as he pounded in her, and she moaned more. He went faster and deeper and she smiled moaning his name.

Her lips pressed wit his hard as they kept fucking, he went faster and harder every time her moans got louder, and soon she had to lift her self up slightly so she wouldn't move. She rubbed her clit as he fucked her as hard and as fast as she could.

"Damn Sam I'm going to cum!!!" He screamed as his cock pulsated.

She bite her lips and screamed his name as their cum filled her pussy. They were out of breath and he collapsed next to her. He took her hand and kissed it sweetly.

"You're all mine now..." she said and she smiled kissing him

"I was always yours."

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