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More than a Lodger…Part 10

Laura's bus ride home is more than she bargained for...she needed release badly.
More than a Lodger…Part 10

It was five thirty in the evening and Tom was just leaving work. It was the same time of day that Tom always left work. He strutted to the nearest bus stop to catch the number twenty to where he was now living.

Tom saw the bus arrive and it was full, he contemplated not getting on and waiting for a later one. But he did. He paid his fare and moved along the bus as much as he could squeezing past as many people as he could to get to the pole in the centre so he could hang on for grim death.

Such was the driving ability of the bus drivers he had to rely on.

Tom had not made eye contact or saw anyone he knew as he boarded the bus.

Tom however, was spied by Laura. It was a much later bus than she normally caught, simply because of the overtime she had to put in lately. Laura was surprised that Tom had boarded the same bus, and even more surprised that he hadn’t noticed her.

She watched him as he made his way to the centre and fuller part of the bus. Laura started to follow behind him.

It wasn’t a long bus journey, about forty minutes, and Tom hoped that half the people would get off in the next two or three stops so he could get a seat or at least some air.

The bus lurched from side to side, as the driver more or less threw it around the bends, Tom became aware of a breast pushing into his elbow. He cautiously looked around at the woman next to him as she turned the other way to grasp one of the upright poles.

Tom was sure it was Laura and he looked a little puzzled as to why she had not said hello. Then the bus stopped to let off passengers, Tom once again tried to get Laura’s attention but she refused to look at him.

Then he felt a hand on his arse, the woman next to him still looking the other way.

Tom looked around slowly to make sure it was who he thought it was feeling his arse. Finally, Tom got it.

He allowed his arse to be squeezed as Laura looked away to the people on the side of the road outside.

At the next stop a person left the bus which left a gap directly behind Laura. Tom stepped into it. The bus filled with more people, surely it was at maximum capacity now, thought Tom.

It was Tom this time that extended his arm to touch Laura’s arse as the bus once again pulled away. He placed his hand on her left cheek and let it run up and down her arse and around the curve. His whole body was more or less pushed into her back so there was little room for manoeuvre, but the light dress that she was wearing allowed him to slide his hand between the cheeks of her arse. He was a little disappointed at the fact she was wearing knickers. Tom felt Laura push backwards at the hand probing her backside.

Laura turned to face Tom. She finally made eye contact but she sternly stared into his eyes and then looked away again at the passengers some distance away.

Tom’s hand pressed into her body and touched her upper thigh. He moved it around to cup her mound and the bus lurched forward. Tom let himself fall into Laura’s body deliberately and used the motion to push his hand onto her pussy and extend his fingers along her crack.

Laura was getting visibly turned on by the naughty attention she was receiving. Her nipples had hardened under her tight fitting blouse and they were now poking through the material. Her mouth fell a little open as she breathed out in tune to his stroking of her pussy.

The bus stopped, people got out and people got in. It was just as cramped. Tom was forced to change position as people jostled for position. He found his left hand grabbing at the stabiliser above his head as he lifted his right hand to try and turn. The bus started off abruptly.

Tom‘s hand landed firmly on her right breast as he fell into Laura as the bus lurched forward. The firm flesh of her breast acting as a car’s air bag as it brought him to rest safely. He allowed himself a quick squeeze as he looked her straight in the eye.

“I‘m so sorry,” he started to explain, “the bus caught me by surprise. So sorry,” he continued, playing the game.

Laura looked at him and then his hand as he removed it from her now heaving breasts. She said nothing but allowed herself a wry smile. Then she looked away.

Tom turned slightly and let his hand fall back to his side as he continued to fondle Laura’s pussy. Though there was not much he could do under the circumstances. He was surprised when Laura let out a short sharp gasp.

Her eyes opened wide, her mouth fell open and then she smiled at Tom. She was trying her best to look around her without moving her head from Tom’s direction.

Then Tom felt her press into his hand more firmly. He saw Laura bite her lip as he pressed his fingers into her pussy with a little more force.

Laura also felt the hand on her arse that was pushing her into Tom’s hand. Their actions had not gone totally unnoticed and the person standing behind her had taken a brazen opportunity and started to feel her up. Obviously, if she turned around he would deny all knowledge of it and blame it on the bus, but Laura had no intention of turning around. She welcomed it, as his hand provided the force to let Tom’s hand excite her more than it was already doing.

Then the bus stopped and hands were removed.

People left the bus and yet more got on. Today was one of those days. There was no let up. Tom moved aside for an older lady to sit in one of the chairs next to him.

The bus started up again and immediately a hand started fondling her bum again. This time it was Tom that was staring at the owner of the hand as it fondled Laura’s arse. He looked at Laura and motioned with his eyes to the right. She smiled back at him and nodded slowly as if to say “I know!”

Tom looked at the owner again and then replaced his hand on Laura’s pussy. Laura was loving the mixed attention of gentle caresses and urgent probing but there was little Tom or anyone else could do.

Laura and Tom were approaching their stop. A few more minutes and the fondling would have to stop. Laura decided to move to get off the bus and at the same time catch a glance of the hopefully handsome chap that was fondling her arse. Though she thought, she admitted to herself, it would be more likely to be a pervert rather than someone hunky chap. It was neither. Laura looked into the eyes of a woman with long brown hair removing her hand from Laura’s arse.

Tom allowed himself a big grin as he witnessed the shock on Laura’s face.

The bus stopped and Laura and Tom motioned for the door. On her way out Laura grabbed the woman’s arse and gave it a quick squeeze as they departed the bus. While walking from the bus, Laura looked back onto the smile of the woman still onboard.

“Fuck that was horny!” she said as she turned to Tom.

“Yes, fucking horny,” he replied, “especially when I saw who was fondling your arse!”

Laura smiled. They walked the few hundred yards to the house giggling and laughing as they entered it.

“Do me a favour Tom,” said Laura as she opened the door to walk through it, “put the kettle on, I‘m going to change quickly.”

Tom nodded as he closed the door behind him and watched as Laura headed off upstairs.

It was only a few minutes later. Tom had put the kettle on, taken two mugs off the shelf and filled one with coffee and dropped a tea bag into the other. He put sugar in his coffee and poured the milk in.

He heard Laura enter the room and he looked around.

“That was quic…” he was about to say and stopped mid-sentence. His mouth dropped open.

Laura entered the room naked. She smiled at Tom, walked to the corner of the table in front of him, slipped her bum onto it and placed both her legs on the chair.

“Lick me,” she said, “I really need a good licking,” she said with pleading eyes as she fingered her pussy right in front of him.

Tom turned towards her. She looked absolutely gorgeous and her breasts were divine as they hung from her body. Laura placed a hand behind her to prop herself up on the table and fingered her pussy with the other. Laura grinned in Tom’s direction.

How could he not do as she asked, he thought.

Tom knelt on the floor in front of a most wonderful and fragrant pussy. Laura pulled her hand away as Tom’s face got closer and finally placed it behind his head as he approached her pussy.

Laura was looking down at Tom all the time, anticipating the touch of tongue on velvet pussy with each passing moment. It was taking far too long. Each microsecond was taking ages. She wanted to feel the touch , and she wanted it right there and then.

Tom was adamant that Laura had to be patient. He approached her slowly, taking in the exquisite aroma, the silky smoothness of her slightly open and wet pussy lips. He felt the hand come down on the back of his head gently as Laura urged him towards her pussy.

Tom kissed her pussy. Then her thigh, then her other thigh. Then he looked into her eyes.

Laura watched him kiss her, ‘he’s teasing me,’ she thought. She smiled at him and watched as he extended his tongue to flick at her pussy and draw it across her folds in a loving and sensuous way. She felt the jolt of his sudden touch shoot through her whole body, she felt his tongue slip over her wet pussy and briefly touch her clit. Then she felt it again. This time it was longer. His tongue caressed her pussy lips and finally flicked at her clit.

Laura was looking down at her lover with wide eyes and lascivious grin. She was breathing heavily, her breasts were pounding on her chest as she gulped in lungfuls of air.

She allowed Tom to lick her lovingly for a while, each flick of his tongue along her pussy pushed her one more step closer. His tongue finally made it into her cunt and then retracted just as quickly to lick up to the top and around her clit.

Laura was watching his every move. The feelings he aroused in her were wonderful, but Laura had made her own mind up of how she was going to cum. She needed his tongue in her permanently and she needed to let him know. She looked on Tom in a sorry sort of way. Sorry for the way she was about to make him bring her off, but she needed it, now.

Tom felt Laura’s hand clamp down on the back of his head firmly.

“Push your tongue in my cunt and fuck me with it!” she exclaimed as she pulled Tom’s face into her cunt.

Tom’s face was instantly transported into her pussy. His tongue shot forward and penetrated her cunt in one easy go.

“Yeah that‘s it, fucking tongue me…” ordered Laura. Tom’s face was glued to her groin, there was no let up , he thought, until Laura had cum.

Tom licked furiously and tried to extend his tongue as far inside her cunt as he could.

“Yes, fucking lick it you gorgeous fucker!”

Laura’s words were formed from the basic language of need and want. They were sexual and explicit. She was urging him on with the most debased language she knew. A language that she knew, turned men into hungry sexual animals.

“Come on, fucking get your tongue in there and make me cum!” she urged once more. Laura’s actions became more and more urgent. She started to thrust her pussy up onto Tom’s face as she pulled his head in towards it with her free hand. All the time she was propped up on the table with her other hand watching the tongue fucking she was getting.

“You…beautiful…little…fucker…” Laura’s words were deliberate, each one accentuated as she fell back on the table, her eyes closed, her mouth fell open and both of her hands clamped onto Tom’s head and pulled him into her cunt.

If Laura could have got his whole face up her, she would have.

“I‘m fucking cumming, you gorgeous little fucker…” she shouted into the room.

“Oh! Yes…that‘s it you beauty!” she cried, “oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck YES!”

Laura’s last words were accompanied with loud grunts. Her arse was thrusting into Tom’s face. Her grasp was intense. Both of her hands were pulling his face into her pussy with all her might. Her legs were flailing around above her and her body was arching itself in response to the convulsing pulses echoing though her body as her orgasm ripped its way from her pussy to her head and back again.

Tom’s tongue was frantically flicking inside her cunt. His head was clamped firmly and there was no way he could move his head. He was running out of air, he couldn’t take much more of this. Then Tom felt Laura’s hand relax slightly. A flow of relief sped through him and Tom took the opportunity to pull back far enough to catch a big breath. After a few gulps of much needed air, Tom started to lick Laura’s pussy once again. This time he concentrated on her outer lips and finally her clit.

“Oooo you wonderful fucker…” she groaned into the already smut filled room as her body pulsed from her orgasm.

Laura’s orgasm was immediately replaced with the next one.

Tom flicked and played his tongue over Laura’s clit. He pushed her legs backwards as his face occupied the space between her thighs.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck…” cried Laura as her hand once again wrapped around the back of Tom’s head. This time he was ready for her and lifted his head slightly, just enough to clamp his mouth around her clit and suck it deeply into his mouth.

“Jeez…you little fucker…don’t stop, just don’t fucking stop,” Laura filled the air with obscenities. The emotions running through her were wild, her stomach was heaving up and down as she moved her arse. Then it hit her.

Laura’s hands flew to her tits, she grabbed her nipples and pulled hard on them as her second orgasm tore her body apart.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…” she panted as she finally exploded for the second time. Her hands shot for Tom’s head once more. This time to push him away as the sensitivity of her orgasm reached the ultimate high.

Laura was left panting and completely out of breath.

Tom rose from his pleasure giving position to look down on the prostrate body on the dining room table. He watched as Laura’s breasts heaved as she gulped in lungful’s of air, her legs wide apart with her hand resting gently on her pussy. Her eyes very much closed and her mouth open.

Tom leaned in towards her, kissed her gently on the forehead.

“Tea?” he asked.

Laura smiled, opened her eyes and nodded.

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