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More than a Lodger…Part 2

Tom is seduced by Laura in the bathroom and that night fucks her with her husband.
More than a Lodger…Part 2

I awoke the following morning to the sounds of fucking. Laura and Jerry were obviously at it in their bedroom, which was next to mine. I hadn’t heard them at all for the first four days, so I guessed they must have been making an effort to be quiet. But now, Laura was telling Jerry exactly where to put his big cock. I decided to just get out of bed and head to the bathroom to get ready for work.

The bathroom had a wonderful shower unit over the bath. It was a colonial style shower head, broad at the top and positioned directly over the bath. The warm water flowed straight down over me, and it felt wonderful. It also felt wonderful holding my cock in my hand and thinking of Laura’s breasts. The ones that I had my hands on the night before, the same ones that were attached to the woman I fucked from behind, and the same woman that was now fucking her husband. I squirted some shower gel onto my hands and started to wash my face and hair.

I jumped suddenly as I felt a hand on my cock. I don’t know why, but I never actually locked the door, I never thought I needed to after the sounds I heard. I quickly splashed water onto my face to clear the suds and looked down at Laura smiling up at me and stroking my cock.

“Pass the gel?” she asked. I did as I was told and passed her the shower gel. Laura squirted a good proportion onto her hands and started to rub my cock again.

“Where’s Jerry?” I asked,

“He’s in the en-suite shower,” she replied, “I said I was using this one. Nice to see you had the same idea…” she said as she winked at me.

Laura climbed over the bath and into the shower with me. She was holding and stroking my cock all the time.

“It‘s nice to feel such a lovely cock,” she said, “I didn‘t get a chance last night…”

“No…everything was a bit urgent,” I replied.

She giggled and let out a small laugh, “You could say that…” she replied as she bit her lip and looked up into my eyes. She then closed her eyes, looked upwards into the shower head and let her whole body get wet as she slowly stroked my cock. I lifted my hands to her breasts once again. I then squeezed the shower gel onto my hands and started to massage it into her breasts. Her breasts felt so wonderful and silky and it was so erotic to be showering with her.

Laura just kept pumping my cock with her head facing upwards into the on-coming water. She was shaking her head from side to side as she wanked my hard-on. I wanted to cum right there and then, I wanted to squirt my spunk all over her belly and tits, and I wanted her to feel my juices on her skin.

Laura looked at me and started to pump faster on my cock. She must have realised what I needed. “Let me know when you're gonna squirt,” she said to me, without letting up her motion on my cock at all.

I looked back at her and we just stared into each other's eyes. I was fondling her breasts and nipples as she was pumping my cock with increased urgency.

“I‘m gonna cum now…” I said. “Fuck, yes…I‘m gonna cum.”

With that Laura dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth, and then, more than half way down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down keeping up the motion as her hands landed on my arse. She started to pull me towards her as she bobbed her head forwards. She didn’t have to keep the motion up for too long.

As I felt my spunk rise, I started to thrust my cock into her mouth. Laura kept herself still and placed her hands on my hips, keeping me at a distance that allowed enough of my cock to thrust into her mouth without making her gag. Then the first spurts hit her throat and the rest followed. I was thrusting uncontrollably into her mouth as my spunk flooded her mouth. Laura swallowed as fast as she could. She certainly didn’t miss any, and everything I had to give went straight down her throat.

Laura stood up eventually and I turned to switch the water off. She leant in and kissed me on the lips. I could taste my own spunk as we kissed passionately. It was Laura that broke off the kiss.

“Do you know…” she smiled, “that‘s the second load of spunk I‘ve swallowed this morning and it‘s not even eight yet!” she exclaimed. I smiled back at her and thought how erotic that sentence actually was. I knew exactly who was first.

Laura got out of the bath first. She wrapped a towel around her and then wrapped her hair in a smaller one.

“Laura…I‘m off now!” shouted Jerry from outside the bathroom. To my amazement Laura just opened the door wide and walked out to meet Jerry, it was fortunate that the bath, nor I, could not be seen from the opened doorway. I stood extremely still, not even attempting to breath.

I heard Laura kiss Jerry goodbye and just shook my head, was this woman tempting fate by kissing him with my spunk on her lips, I thought.

“Nice shower?” asked Jerry.

“Excellent shower…” she replied, “the rent is certainly dropping…must be down to three hundred by now,” she said and kissed Jerry for a second time.

I just remained still and silent while the realisation of what she said slowly sank in.

Jerry finally left the house for work which left me time to leave the bathroom. Laura was on the landing and hadn’t moved at all. She looked at me and smiled. She grabbed my cock again and started to stroke it.

“I would love to fuck this cock right now,” she said, “but I have to get ready for work. I do hope it will be pumped up for me tonight. I really want to fuck it hard.”

“You’re something else aren’t you!” I exclaimed smiling back at her.

Laura nodded, smiled, bit her lip and headed for her bedroom. I did the same and we both headed off to work.

I couldn’t think of anything else at work, other than the wonderful blowjob I had received that morning, and Laura’s words to Jerry, plus the fact that I was going to get seriously fucked when I got back home. So was my rent actually dropping as long as I fucked her? Did Jerry know all along what was happening? In about ten seconds of thinking I had formulated a hundred and one questions about Laura and Jerry and everything else. I did not have to wait long for the answers to my questions.

Jerry was already in the kitchen making the evening meal when I arrived home at about six in the evening. I struck up some polite conversation with him.

“I‘m making enough for the three of us,” said Jerry, “Laura and I would like you to join us tonight.”

“Great…” I replied. “Sounds good.”

“Sounds more than good,” said Laura as she entered the kitchen.

I turned around to look at her. My jaw dropped open as I saw a sexy woman dressed in a wench’s outfit consisting of white and black see through lingerie, black fishnet holdup stockings, and very high heels.

I looked at Jerry, he smiled at me and then at Laura. Laura came over to me, hooked a leg around my waist. She had an evil grin on her face. I was breathing rather heavily not really knowing what she was going to do or say.

“Is that cock ready for me?” she blurted out in front of Jerry.

"You know?” I directed my question at Jerry. Jerry nodded, “Since the beginning when she first seduced you…young man. In fact it was since you came to look at the room…”

I looked at Laura.

“Yes,” she said, “if you remember we wanted someone that was the right person, and not just anyone. That right person is someone that would fuck us and fuck with us,” she explained.

Laura went on to explain that they were in fact swingers. It would have been impossible for them to take on a lodger that would not join in with that lifestyle simply because of the parties that they hold once in a while. It would not have been convenient to have an ordinary person living in the house. They also explained that they were taking a chance with me. They thought I would be game but were a little unsure.

“So what made you accept me then?” I asked intrigued.

“Well,” she replied, “I had caught you watching my breasts while I escorted you around the house and Jerry later told me in the kitchen that he thought you had a bit of a hard-on when we reached the top of the stairs…remember I was in front of you and dressed in a rather revealing skirt.”

I nodded as I remembered her lovely legs and gorgeous breasts.

“So we took a chance that I could seduce you!” she grinned. “It seemed to have worked.”

Laura was by know stroking my cock underneath my jeans as she talked.

“I reckoned that if I could seduce you under the pretense of Jerry not knowing then it would be a small step to get you to join in with our fun!” she grinned again.

“I‘m OK with it Tom,” said Jerry, “we encourage each other all the time. It would be great if you joined us.”

This was a new one for me, I was looking from Jerry to Laura and back again.

Laura pulled me towards Jerry and as we got closer. She kissed me and then Jerry. It was surreal to be kissed by someone’s wife in front of her husband.

“I could do with another helping of double spunk,” she matter of factly said, “just like this morning.”

I looked at Jerry surprised. I don’t know why I looked surprised but I was. It was as if I was suddenly caught out.

“You knew about that as well I guess.”

“Yep, she made it quite clear that she had just sucked you off,” he replied, “the thing is she just loves it.”

I found myself nodding again.

“OK - you got me hooked at the moment…” I said agreeing to join them in their wonderful adventure.

After the meal was served we moved to the lounge. Laura stripped off her wanton maid’s outfit, she left her stockings and shoes on and sat on the sofa, in the middle. It was obvious where she wanted us to sit. As we approached the sofa, Jerry started to undress. In fact he stripped right off before he sat down next to Laura.

Laura smiled at me and started to stroke Jerry’s cock as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. I started to undress. Laura kissed Jerry as she wanked his cock slowly. Then as I was about to be fully undressed, she stopped and turned towards me.

“Sit here,” she said, indicating the seat on her left. I had decided to be bold about this adventure. It was pointless not being myself and letting her do all the work, and it was pointless being afraid of the fact that Jerry was sitting right next to Laura.

As I sat down, I crossed one of my legs underneath me and started to fondle her breast as I leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. She reached out with her left hand and started to stroke my cock. As we broke off the kiss I looked at Laura and saw that she was stroking both cocks in unison. I loved the way she looked from one cock to the other as if to ensure they both got the same tightness of grip and they were stroked at the same pace.

I was happy fondling Laura’s breasts. It was Jerry that started to finger her pussy and stroke her clit. As soon as he did that Laura was gasping with pleasure. She was smiling all the time that she wanked our cocks. Jerry eventually stood up to move. You could see Laura was disappointed at having to let go, but she soon cheered up when Jerry slid down between her legs and started to lick her pussy.

I watched as he expertly licked her lips from top to bottom concentrating on her clit when he reached the top. Laura was arching her back and wanking my cock in unison as he licked her. Eventually I had to move as well. Laura’s mouth was far too inviting to miss the chance of stuffing my cock down her throat. I got up and stood on the sofa and presented my lovely cock to her lips. She just loved it as she sucked it in. Laura was in heaven as she was thrusting her pussy into Jerry’s mouth and sucking on my cock.

Laura was making grunting sounds on my cock and I guessed she was having her first orgasm of the evening. Well, I presumed it was her first anyway.

“Oh fuck yes…lick it!” she cried as she released my cock from her mouth momentarily. I thrust it back in as quickly as I could as her orgasm exploded. She was heaving her body up to meet Jerry’s mouth and grunting as much as she could with her mouthful of cock.

Laura eventually released my cock for good and looked up at me.

“Down here Tom,” she said, “sit down here…”

I saw her look at Jerry and she lifted up two fingers to him. I didn’t know what she was telling him at the time, I was just happy to sit down with my cock standing proud upon my stomach.

Laura was off the sofa in a flash to make room for me and then she straddled me.

“I want this cock, Tom,” she said, “I want it so fucking deep…”

With that Laura grabbed my cock and aimed it straight at her cunt. She brought her knees up further and then she slipped down onto it. My cock sank into her cunt in one easy go. She was very wet and frictionless through all the hard work of Jerry’s mouth and tongue.

Laura wiggled her arse while my cock was buried all the way into her. She then lifted herself off and dropped herself back down. It was a wonderful fuck and I could see Jerry smiling at me from over her shoulder. I started to raise my bum off the sofa to meet her thrusts coming down.

Suddenly Laura let out a cry, “fuck…yes…fuck…” each word was drawn out and I watched her face as her second orgasm ripped through her. I really get off when I see a woman having an orgasm, especially one, where its my cock providing the pleasure. Laura was gasping hard as she came, she eventually slowed down, a little too rapidly for me, then she just rocked her pussy back and fro on my cock. The feeling was wonderful but she had stopped my orgasm dead in its tracks.

Laura looked at me. “Are you ready for round two, Tom?” she said smiling. I nodded rapidly looking forward to another fuck.

“It‘s going to be a little different OK!” she exclaimed. I just nodded, I just wanted to get fucked.

“Tom, slide down the sofa a little, “ she said. I slid as best I could without my cock plopping out of her juicy cunt. She leaned in closer to me with her breasts just short of my mouth and head. I pushed my cock into her and I could feel my cock almost coming out as she pushed her arse backwards over it. Then it was all the way in again. Laura stopped in this position for a few seconds.

Then I could feel it.

I could feel Jerry’s cock pressing against mine. Laura’s eyes were closed. She was breathing rapidly and concentrating on the intrusion. I could feel more cock alongside mine and then Laura opened her eyes.

“Which hole?” I asked her.

“Pussy, you…arse, Jerry,” she smiled at me as she pushed her arse backwards. I could now feel quite a lot of cock rubbing against mine as Jerry fucked his cock into her arse. “I just fucking love it like this!”, she said.

“Fucking awesome,” I replied.

“Is this you‘re first time Tom?” asked Laura.

“You fucking bet!” I exclaimed.

“Well it certainly won‘t be your last that‘s for sure…I so love being double fucked,” she said matter of factly.

“Now I am going to stay still…you and Jerry are going to fuck me. When Jerry takes his out I want you to push yours in, and vice versa…believe me Tom, it‘s fucking wild when it happens right…When I can‘t take it much more and I start to shudder…you and Jerry can fuck me anyway you want to…just go for it.”

I was glad that Laura had taken the time to provide me with an explanation, I had never done anything like this in my life before. Let’s face it how many guys my age had!

“Come on then guys…its DP time!” she exclaimed.

I pushed my cock in first, as it came out I could feel Jerry’s cock go in. As I felt his retract, I pushed mine in. This was easy, I thought. I just needed to concentrate. We did this for a while all the time causing Laura to sigh with pleasure.

“A little faster now, Tom,” said Jerry. I upped the pace of my thrusting and Jerry kept pace with me all the while. I looked over Laura’s shoulder and took my instructions from Jerry, who nodded at me to up the pace a little more.

Before too long both our cocks were pumping into Laura at a phenomenal but controlled rate. She was grunting and screaming obscenities into the room. Laura was cumming hard. Jerry and I kept up the pace, but it was a telling experience on my cock. The rubbing from her pussy and the rubbing from Jerry’s cock was having double the effect. I was going to cum and cum hard as well.

Laura suddenly shouted that she was cumming. It was associated with a hell of a lot of “fucks” and “fuck me’s” and then she started to shudder on top of me. She was physically shaking as her orgasm or was that two orgasms ripped through her at the same time.

I could take it no longer and had to break the rhythm. I needed to spurt into this gorgeous cunt and I pumped my arse as hard as I could. Laura was cumming on top of me, I heard Jerry grunting as he pumped her arse, but I had forgotten about the rhythm. Fuck the rhythm, I thought.

I pumped into Laura’s cunt and cried out that I was cumming. Jerry did the same a few seconds later than me. Laura was still shuddering on top of us. I had no idea what was happening to her or how many orgasms she had experienced. I just kept fucking her until my spunk jetted from my cock into her cunt.

Jerry’s spunk was flooding her arse seconds later as he too shouted he was cumming.

It took all of us a while to calm down after the fuck frenzy. Jerry eventually pulled his cock from Laura’s arse and wiped it on a towel that just happened to be handy. Laura slipped from my cock and slid down to the side of me kissing me on the lips as she did so.

“Fucking wonderful!” was all she said.

“I guess your rent is down to less than half now Tom,” said Jerry laughing.

“Only less than half?” I questioned. “What do I have to do get it to zero?” I asked.

Laura just smiled at me. She never did answered that one. That evening we stumbled up to bed exhausted. I slipped into my own bed at about twelve midnight. I was partly amazed and partly gob smacked at the sex I was getting just from wanting somewhere to stay. I couldn’t actually believe these two people that I had met a week ago had this big secret, yet I loved it and I loved being in this house.

I pondered for a while about what I would have to do to get to zero rent. I was more than impressed that the money I had set aside for this room was dropping and dropping fast. They were an amazing couple. My hundred and one questions had been answered that evening, but it also created two hundred and two other ones that remained unanswered.

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