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More Than a Movie Night

When Tiff leaves her boyfriend with her friend, things get freaky!
Dawn stared across the quiet room of her small apartment gazing at the clock that read 2:35. She was wondering what type of plans she could come up with for tonight. She knew her friends were probably going out with their boyfriends, so she was wanting to get into something more troublesome without staying home for the 2nd Friday in a row. She then picked up her cell phone and called a few of her old friends, but they were busy as well.

A few hours had passed and she then got a random phone call from her friend Tiff. Dawn and Tiff had been close friends since middle school, but for some reason they never talked as much as they once did. Tiff asked Dawn if she could bring her new boyfriend, Ray over and introduce the two. Dawn had no problem with that, since she probably wasn't going to be doing anything anyways. So the plan was for Dawn, Tiff, and Tiff's boyfriend, Ray to hang out, be introduced, and watch movies at Dawn's apartment.

For some reason Dawn wanted to dress up a bit since she hasn't seen Tiff in a while plus she was meeting Tiff's new boyfriend. This should be fun,  she thought. Dawn cared tremendously about what people thought of her. She thought first impressions were everything.


"What to wear..." Dawn murmured. She then reached in the back of her closet for her low cut black top to match her black laced thong and bra. She also grabbed her holy jeans to top the edgy look off. After Dawn applied a small amount of make up she walked through her apartment wondering when Tiff was going to arrive. As Dawn was waiting she felt a nervous feeling strike the pits of her stomach. She hardly ever got nervous, she just had a feeling something might possibly go differently than expected tonight.
Dawn raced to the door as she heard Tiff knocking.

"Hey girl, I haven't seen you in forever. I've missed your crazy ass." Tiff yelled loudly.

"I know, it's been a lifetime it seems."replied Dawn.

Tiff then introduced Dawn to her boyfriend, Ray. Dawn's eyes scanned slowly up and down Ray's body, adoring his muscular arms, dark complexion, and his sexy taste in fashion. She had seen a lot of Tiff's ex boyfriends and they were no where near as good looking as Ray. He was the older, wiser, and more experienced type of man that any woman would want in bed- or so, it looked that way.

"Well hello there and welcome to my place. Don't forget to make yourself at home hun." Dawn said.

Ray smiled at Dawn giving her a wink and saying "Pretty nice place you got. Thanks for having us" in his deep voice. Tiff ran over to the entertainment center where the movies were laying.

"What kind of movies did you order?" Tiff yelled.

"I got a few comedies, but I wasn't sure what you guys wanted to watch." Dawn yelled back in reply to Tiff.

Tiff and Ray gathered around the entertainment center going through the movies wondering what to watch. As Tiff was looking through the pile of movies, Ray was busy analyzing Dawn's body. He couldn't stop staring at her ass. He noticed her body was completely different than any other girl he had ever met or been with. Her body was amazing. Her ass and tits poked out just perfectly. Ray thought damn she's thick, I would love to grab a handful of that ass. He knew Tiff wasn't paying any attention, she hardly payed attention to him and he knew they wouldn't last anyways. Dawn was pouring everyone drinks when she noticed Ray gazing at her lower body. She felt his eyes all over her body. Dawn then pretended to drop something just so Ray would have the joy of seeing her bent over. Ray then got excited when he seen the sight of Dawn's black lace thong. She's fucking' sexy, Ray thought.

"This looks like a good one" Tiff yelled then slid the DVD into the DVD player.

They all situated their selves on Dawn's "L" shaped couch. Dawn sit at one end while Tiff and Ray sat at the other end, not that far from each other, but just close enough to quickly glance over at one another without making it obvious. During the movie Ray kept checking Dawn out. He placed his full lips on the rim of the cold glass and took a sip of his coke while looking at Dawn. He would first look at Tiff, just to make sure she didn't think anything was going on.

Tiff's phone rings.

"I'm sorry guys, give me a second, it's my Mom."

She went outside due to the loudness of the movie, leaving Dawn and Ray alone inside.

"So where's your boyfriend?" Ray asked Dawn.

"He's not really a boyfriend, he doesn't treat me like a girlfriend, so why should I claim him as a boyfriend?" Dawn said.

"Oh I see, so you need a real man." Ray replied.

Dawn then knew he was maybe, flirting with her? "Yeah, but all the good men are taken." She flirtedly whispered back.

Tiff pushed through the door yelling over the movie.

"Oh my gosh! My Mom and her friends had a small wreck about 30 minutes down the road and I need to pick them up. They're fine, they just need a ride. Will you guys be okay here by yourselves because there's not enough room in my car?"

Dawn looked up at her knowing she was in a hurry saying, "Yeah, just make sure they are okay and be sure to call me if you need something. Ray and I will finish watching these movies until you get back."

Tiff then grabbed her phone, keys, and coat rushing out the door yelling, "Thank you so much girl."

Dawn nodded her head and smiled. Dawn and Rays focus then turned to the movie.

He looked at Dawn and said, "You know Tiff cheats on me. We are not going to work out."

"Um, I don't really know what she does, but I totally understand." Dawn nervously said.

Dawn knew Tiff had a history of cheating on almost all of her partners, but didn't bother to say anything to Ray about it.

"I caught you checking me out." Ray said, with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, I love your taste in clothes. I love those jeans, they look good on you. Oh and you were checking me out too." Dawn replied.

"Yeah your ass looks good in them jeans. It pokes out so perfectly. Any man would be lucky to have that." Ray murmured.

Dawn then blushed and laughed as to taking what he said as a joke.

"Will you show me your bedroom, I mean bathroom?" Ray asked.

"Haha, you are too funny. Yes, I'll show you my bathroom." Dawn said.

Dawn then raised up off the couch revealing some cleavage. Ray could not seem to pull his eyes away from her breasts. He wanted her, bad! Ray followed Dawn down the hall to her bathroom, glancing at some pictures on the wall of her younger childhood and her family.

"Here ya go. You need anything else?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, you." Ray said sharply.

"Haha, well why would you need me?" Dawn asked.

"Because you know you want me, no one looks at anyone like that for no reason, now get in here and bend the fuck over." Ray demanded.

"Mmm, are you sure you can handle me? I mean Tiff could come in any time." Dawn replied.

"I don't care if she does or not, I want you and I want you now!" Ray said, pulling her in and shutting the door.

"Haha okay, I'm in here now what do you want me to do?" Dawn asked.

She felt herself getting nervous, not because of him, but knowing that Tiff would be back. She wanted him so bad though, but she didn't want him to know that, even though he already did. Ray then pushed Dawn up against the bathroom door holding her hands up above her head tightly. Dawn let out a little laugh mixed with a moan.

"Damn, you like it rough huh?" Dawn said, jokingly.

"Damn right I do, now are you gonna take it like a good girl!" Ray whispered in his sexy deep voice.

"Maybe, how bad do you want it?" Dawn asked teasingly.

"You will give it up to me. You will be mine for tonight." Ray commanded. Dawn's black thong was being soaked with her juices. She hasn't had sex in a while and she wanted him to seduce her real good. Ray then kissed her neck, moving up to her ears whispering

"Damn you're so fucking sexy, you're gonna get this dick!"

"Promise?" Dawn asked smiling. Ray began to kiss and suck on Dawn's ear moving down to her breasts. He slid her shirt off revealing her black bra. Dawn began to get more nervous, she pulled away and reached for the door knob, wanting to leave because she knew Tiff could walk through at any time. Ray then pulled her back yelling,

"You ain't going no where. I already told you, you are MINE for tonight. Now get over here and take this dick." Dawn then did as he said. Ray ripped her bra off throwing it on the bathroom floor. He cupped her soft breasts. Dawn's nipples were erect due to the way Ray was touching them. He slid his long fingers over her nipples taking one of them in his mouth sucking and nibbling on the bud while moaning. She bit her lip, inviting him to do whatever he wanted. She knew if she tried to leave it would only take longer. Dawn unzipped Ray's jeans pulling them down, then she tugged his boxers down. Ray smiled and smacked Dawn's ass telling her

"Now bend the fuck over." Dawn bent over her sink with her head down. She knew this was wrong, but it felt so right. Ray unbuttoned Dawn's jeans and gave them a quick jerk to pull them off revealing her black lace thong. He ripped them off right after. He was in a hurry to have her, to be in her. Ray smacked Dawns ass hard this time leaving red hand prints on her right ass cheek. This made her even more wet. She had never been spanked. Her juices were now trickling out of her aching cunt, running down her leg.

"Mmm, someone likes that" Ray said. Dawn laughed and poked her ass out inviting Ray in to fucking her. Ray kissed Dawn's back while reaching around rubbing her clit. Dawn moaned loudly. She loved what he was doing to her body. He loved the way her body felt, so soft. Her pussy was soaked, drenching Ray's fingers. He then placed his fingers in his mouth sucking off the juices while placing his hard, vein popping cock in the wetness of her cunt. He rubbed his cock over her clit, making her beg for it. She gradually moaned, rocking her body back into him.

He finally shoved his thick cock into her tight, dripping cunt. Dawn could feel her own pussy stretching due to the fact of not being with anyone in a while. She looked up and into the mirror. She seen him gazing at her ass while he thrusted into her. He grabbed her ass, squeezing hard. He placed his hands around her waist and began to thrust harder. They were both moaning together now. They were both aching to cum. Dawn felt the walls of her vagina stretching with every stroke of Ray's cock.

Dawn spreaded her legs to allow better penetration for his cock. He grabbed her hair, pulling it while he fucked her hard. Now she was being thrown into the sink with every thrust he gave. Ray's long and wide cock was hurting Dawn, but she didn't care. She enjoyed it!

"Damn girl, you feel so good! You like that, don't you?" Ray asked.

"Mmm, ahh yeah. Fuck me harder. Beat it up and make me hurt." Dawn demanded.

At that, he did as she said, pounding the breathe out of her, beating her cunt with his hard cock, and pulling her hair even harder now.

"I want to fucking tear you apart!" Ray screamed.

Dawn threw her head back looking into the mirror and staring into his dark brown eyes. Her legs began to tremble and her knees began to get weak. He knew she was cumming so he was fucking her as hard as he possibly could at this point. She was getting wetter as her pink pussy was gripped on to his cock. He was cumming himself. Dawn began to scream and moan out,

"Ahh, fuck! I'm cumming!" Ray smacked her ass hard one last time and they both moaned together, releasing their cum all over each other without a care in the world. Ray then pulled Dawn back shoving his fingers in her pussy and then back into his mouth.

"You taste so fucking good." Ray said. Dawn laughed and said "I know". They put their clothes on in a hurry. Ray watched Dawn get dressed adoring her beauty in hopes to have her soon since he half way despised Tiff anyways.

"Don't speak of this to anyone or you will get spanked harder next time!" Ray demanded.

"Oh don't worry, it'll be our little secret." Dawn replied.

They both returned to the couch leaving off where they left in the movie, both smiling at each other and fully relieved.

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