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More than Sneaking a Peek

Zain finally gets more than a sneaky peek with Katie. (Part 2 of Sneak a Peak)
After watching Katie walk away, seeing her ass sway so seductively, Zain stepped back inside and shut the door. His mind boggled with all the thoughts racing around in his head.

This morning, Katie was just his friend. The friend who he thought about naked, bouncing up and down on his hard cock, her eyes closed and head thrown back in pleasure. But he never thought it would get that far, he thought her nakedness, her tight pussy, her gorgeous tits would just remain in his thoughts forever.

He didn't know what to do, he was excited beyond belief. Just the thought of what Katie has just said made his cock spring up, ready to fuck her. He went and sat on the sofa, switched on some TV to try and take his mind off it all - he didn't believe this was happening.

Not long into the TV show however, his phone buzzed.

"Hi Zain. My parents are out later on if you fancy coming over? I would love to see you. x." 

He re-read the text again and again. His cock was hard again. He fumbled with the keys.

"Hi Katie, yeah that would be great. What time? x."

He stared at the TV waiting for a reply. It was after 1 now, he better eat something. He went into the kitchen to make dinner but he couldn't. He heard his phone buzz and raced back to his phone.

"Erm, actually they have left already if you want to come over now? Hope you are ready for me x." 

Zain flicked the TV off and shot to the door. He was out in seconds, and over the road within a minute.

He knocked on the door. Usually he would just walk in, but it was different today. He heard footsteps and the door began to open. The sight that greeted him was like something out of a dream.

Katie stood there in a white babydoll, see through, so her pert nipples and blonde bush were clearly visible. Katie turned around and walked towards the stairs. Zain followed, mesmerized. The frills around the bottom of the babydoll accentuated Katie's pert arse and as she walked up the stairs Zain had a fantastic view of her tight pussy.

She opened her bedroom door, the blinds were shut and the room was dim. Katie had lit some candles and it was driving Zain wild knowing that she wanted this too. She turned around to face him.

He looked into her gorgeous eyes and she whispered, "I want you so much Zain. Kiss me."

Within seconds, their lips were intertwined, his hands in her hair, her hands up his top, feeling his toned torso. Their tongues thrashed about in each others mouth, moans escaping Katie's lips. Zain's hands were now on Katie's waist. She placed her hand on his and pushed it down towards her aching pussy.

She opened her eyes, giggled and said "Feel what you have done to me."

Zain slipped his hand under her babydoll and felt her juices, dripping from her tight hole. He moaned and pushed her towards the bed. She lay down, legs parted as Zain kissed her passionately. Katie moaned again as he moved his head lower, pulling her babydoll aside and sucking on her hard nipple. He licked and sucked her nipple, rubbing the other one between his fingers. Then he moved to sucking and licking the other one.

"Take this off." 

Katie grinned and ripped the babydoll off.

"If I'm getting naked, so are you!" 

She kissed him hard on the lips and grabbed his T-Shirt, pulling it over his head.

"And these," She smiled, unbuttoning his jeans.

Zain stood up as Katie pulled his jeans and boxers down, his hard cock springing out of his boxers.

"Yum," Katie said, and grabbed his manhood, opening her mouth.

Katie guided Zain's cock into her hungry mouth, hearing him gasp as her tongue flicked over his head. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft and grabbed his arse, pushing his cock as deep into her mouth as it would go. She put one hand at the base of his shaft and used her tongue and lips to pleasure his head while pumping his manhood with her hand.

Zain pulled away and Katie frowned.

"I want to taste you," He said a cheeky grin spreading across his lips. Katie lay back on the bed, her legs parted. Zain knelt in front of her, took one look at her juicy pussy and buried his face into it.

He ran his tongue from Katie's dripping wet hole to her clit, hard with pleasure. His tongue flicked over her clit making her body flinch and tremble, gasps, moans, tiny screams were escaping Katie's mouth as Zain worked expertly on her cunt.

He gently sucked on her clit, using his finger to tease her wetness. He pushed a finger inside. Fuck how he loved how wet she was, how his finger just glided in so easily. He pushed two fingers inside, Katie's moans signalling that she was enjoying this. His tongue still playing with her hard bud, his fingers pumped in and out of her wet cunt, faster and faster.

Katie's breathing changed, her whole body was trembling, her moans got louder.

"Faster.." she gasped 

"I'm ...I'm..." Zain knew she was coming, he could feel her pussy spasming around his fingers, he carried on, pumping, licking. Katie's pussy tightened around his two fingers and she squirted; it went onto his face and chin all over his lips.

Zain licked his lips and moved onto the bed, kissing Katie. She straddled him, his cock ready to enter her pussy. She rubbed his head over her wet lips and enjoyed watching his face as he experienced her juices on his cock. She guided him into her hole and she pushed herself down upon him. His brow furrowed as she bounced up and down on him, he grabbed her waist, he put his hands in her hair, pulling her in for a kiss. They kissed while they fucked, Katie bouncing faster and faster, come gushing from her orgasming pussy.

"I'm so close," Zain stuttered, as his cock thrust in and out of Katie, her cum dripping all over his balls and down his ass crack.

She leant forward and kissed him passionately keeping the pace, riding him hard. His body started to tense, he thrust harder, and then he gasped. "Oh fuck, fuck," he said, his breathing heavy.

He lay there, his arms around Katie. She was still on top of him and his cock was still inside her. They lay there for a while, just being together, thinking about what had just happened. Katie moved off Zain, and lay next to him;

"Zain, no one has made me come like that before. I've made myself squirt, but no one has ever done it for me and made me orgasm like you just did. You are... Amazing," She breathed.

Zain smiled and kissed her forehead.

"You are amazing too Katie. Wow."

They lay there together for a while, Zain didn't know how long.

They heard the lock click downstairs and voiced travelling up the stairs.

"My parents must be back," Katie smiled.

She straddled Zain and kissed him passionately, his hands wandering all over her naked body. Then they broke apart, and gathered their clothes.

Once dressed, Zain followed Katie downstairs murmered "Hi" to her parents, and stepped through the open door.

"Bye then," he said to Katie

She looked into his face and said "Bye Zain. I love you."

"Love you too," Zain smiled. Then he turned and walked back over the road.

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