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Morning Bliss

I had just finished shaving when I heard the knock at the door.   Hmmm, she’s early.   I pulled my pajama bottoms back on and answered the door.   Carrie walked past me with an impish smile on her face.   She was wearing a thin yellow cotton dress and I could clearly see her nipples and areolas, the cloth was so thin.   I looked her up and down, noting that she looked completely naked.   The short dress buttoned down the front but the top and bottom two buttons were open.   Her shoulder length blond hair was stylishly done up, with wisps of hair hanging before her eyes.

I walked over and turned on the CD player.   I had already placed ‘I Was Warned’ by The Robert Cray Band in the player per her request.


Carrie walked over to the picture window where the early morning sun was shining through.   I could see every delightful curve of her body as the light passed through her dress, the intensity of the light hardly diminished.

She began to move in time to the music.   Her hips swayed slowly back and forth as she moved.   So sensuous, so languid were her movements that my manhood began to grow as I watched.


She was putting herself on display and I relished every aspect of her beauty.   From her shapely calves to her perfect thighs, I did not think I had ever seen nicer legs.   Her perfectly proportioned ass had turned many a head in my presence.

She placed her hands above her head and clasped them together, her knees slightly bent as her hips swayed to the music.   She had her back to me, but she turned to look over her right shoulder to look into my eyes.   This placed her right breast in full silhouette, revealing a fully erect nipple at the tip of her firm C cup breast.   Her hips continued to sway back and forth in an exaggerated movement as she turned and looked at me again over her left shoulder.   The left breast was displayed perfectly in the light.   She knew I could see every part of her body clearly and it excited her.


She turned to face me where I sat, my arms draped across the back of the sofa on each side, my legs stretched out straight and crossed at the ankles.   She continued her slow dance as her eyes moved from my face to my chest, and then to the bulge in my P.J.s.


The song was almost over as she slowly began to unbutton her dress, one button, some more swaying of her hips, then another button, teasing me, tantalizing me.   She turned her back to me again as she opened the final button.   She danced closer to me as the final strains of the song ended, then turned and sat on my lap.   She leaned forward and kissed me softly.   She slowly rubbed her nipples back and forth across my chest.


I reached up and slid her dress off and tossed it over the back of the sofa.   Carrie was pressing her heat against my bulge and moving her hips back and forth, almost as if the music were still playing.   Her moisture quickly soaked through my thin pajamas and I could feel the wetness all along my shaft.   I didn’t want to waste any more of her juices, so I lifted her up and sat her beside me.   I leaned over and kissed her lips while squeezing and pinching the hard nipple on one of her breasts.


My left hand moved to her womanhood and I slid two fingers inside her, coating them with her juices.   I brought them up to my face, savoring her aroma, then tasting her sweetness.   When I pulled one finger out she grabbed my hand and stuck the other finger in her mouth, sucking it clean, then immediately kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth so that we could share the treat.


It was now time for the main attraction.   I got on the floor between her legs, and placing a hand under each knee, lifted them up to her sides.   I held them there as I kissed and licked each thigh, working my way slowly down to her mound.   There was a drop of moisture at the bottom of the loose folds on each side of her pussy, and I licked them up.   I pulled first one lip, and then the other, deep into my mouth, sucking in the juice and swallowing.

I had my eyes closed, focused on seeing with my tongue and my ears.   She was moaning, and I could tell from the sound that she was turning her head from right to left as the sound came to first one ear and then the other.  

I slid my tongue between her lips, stretching it in as far as it would go and running the tip across her G spot, bringing her to her first small orgasm.


Still avoiding her clit, I sucked both lips into my mouth while stretching my tongue in between and caressing her inner sanctum.   Her moans continued and her hips began to move against my face.   She placed her hands behind my head, pulling me into her and driving my tongue in as far as it would go.   She held me there while she began to thrust her hips forward.   I lifted my tongue to the roof of her pussy again and her thrusting caused my tongue to slide back and forth against her G-spot, again bringing on an orgasm.


Now I shifted my attention to her clit, flicking my tongue quickly across it then moving away.   Her reaction was immediate as she said ‘Oh God, do that again’.   Her breathing was fast and deep, her moaning loud and her hips continuously thrusting into my face.    Again, I ran my tongue across her clit then moved away.  

“Oh Got, stop teasing me,” she said, her voice almost frantic.


I moved back to her clit and focused on it, running my tongue back and forth.   Carrie went wild.

“Yes, right there, stay right there.   Oohhhhh Godddd, oh God, oh Gawwddd,” she screamed as her orgasms followed one after another.

I pulled back from her clit momentarily, giving her time to come down a little from her orgasmic high.

I slid a finger into her sopping pussy and got it coated in her juices, and then slid it gently into her ass hole.   I reached up and found the wall that separated her ass from her pussy.   I began to stroke her as I moved my tongue back to her clit.   The affect was again immediate.

“Oh my God what are you doing to me?” she cried.   “Oh shit ,” she screamed, her body shaking as if in an earthquake.  

I kept up my ministrations and she kept cumming.

Now I opened my eyes and looked at her face.   Her mouth was wide open, her eyes were clinched tightly shut, her head back and her body arched, and her moaning a constant scream.

I kept working my routine until finally she cried.

“Stop, please stop, I can’t take any more.”   She looked at me, a pleading look on her face.   I removed my finger from her ass and began to lick and kiss all around her pussy.   She ran her fingers through my hair, a beatific smile on her face.


She pushed me up on my knees and pulled my pajama bottoms down, then pulled me back to her.   She placed a hand on each cheek of my ass and pulled me into her.   She guided my manhood into her slippery well and began to thrust her hips as she pulled my ass toward her.    I let her choose the rhythm and pace and then began to join her.   I had my hands on the back of the sofa on each side of her head and we stared into each other’s eyes as we fucked.


She began to moan and I knew it would not be long for her.   She arched her back, thrusting her breasts and hard nipples upward and toward me.   I lowered myself so that her nipples came into contact with my chest, and leaned forward to kiss her lips.   One kiss, eyes open and staring into mine, then she turned her head to the side as her orgasm overtook her and her moans reached orgasmic levels.


I took advantage of the proffered neck and leaned down further to nuzzle and kiss her soft skin.   I was fully controlling the action now as I fucked her hard and fast.   She had another orgasm as I began to feel myself getting close.   She felt it also and began to clinch her pussy lips around my cock.   I was holding on to the back of the sofa now for leverage as I raced to the finish.  


As I exploded inside her she reached another loud climax.   She turned her head toward me and I leaned forward to kiss her lips as our mutual orgasms began to ebb.  

Afterwards I straightened up, pulled up my pajamas and sat beside her.


“When you said you wanted to come over for breakfast,” I said, “I didn’t realize you were bringing dessert.

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