Morning of Longing

By LuvsHotMoms

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How I feel and what I think of as I long for my wife while she is away.
Every morning I wake up and I wish you were next to me in bed. The soft light coming in through the window blinds and drapes is always so relaxing in the early morning, whether it be after I drop the kids off at swimming or an early, lazy Sunday morning . I think how I love the scent of your hair as I spoon with you on such a morning. How I love to feel your body relax under my finger tips when I gently tickle your arms and back.

I love the way you slowly curl your neck up like a demand to have your neck massaged; sometimes I love answering your demands. I love how you let me move your nighty to slide my hands under to tickle your back. Pretty much every morning that I now wake in our bed I think how I would love to have my hands explore all of you like I do on these lazy mornings.

I love how your skin feels on these mornings; your skin is so soft and warm after a wonderful night’s sleep. I am usually a little intoxicated by your body by this time. How I love letting my hands touch every part of you. I love teasing you as I tickle your legs and your thighs. Usually by this time I’ve heard the sighs and little moans that escape you just from the simple pleasure you gain from the touch of my hand. This only encourages me to continue. As I hook the waistband of your underwear with my fingers, I love how you lift your hips as a gesture of permission for me to carry on. I love it as I continue to spoon with you that I am perfectly placed at the cleft of your behind as I return to massaging your shoulders. I cant help but thrust a little. I am sure you can feel how hard I am and I am led to believe you love the feel of me as I gently rub up against your ass.This is the time I love to let my hands and fingers explore you a little more. I love finding out how wet you are for me by this time. My hands explore you from your neck down to the inside of your thighs. I can feel how ready you are for me. I can feel how warm you are as I slide inside you. I love the feeling of you pushing back against me, encouraging me to fill you as best as I can. You know me, I do not like to disappoint.

While I am deep inside you, it is obvious you want more. First I start by increasing my pace. I start to fuck you just a little harder, just the way you like it. You can hear my body slapping against yours. I feel you push back against at every stroke. I know you like it, I feel your pussy getting wetter and wetter with every stroke. I kiss the back of your neck an I hear you say "Oh Yes!" as you feel me deep inside you.

I can't keep that pace up too long, I do not want to come yet. My pace slows as my hands search to squeeze your tits, play with your nipples a little and rub your clit as I continue at a more subdued pace. As my hands move to your ass I hear that little laugh that tells me exactly what you want. You feel my hand move across your back and down to tease your ass and rub it a little. I rub that beautiful ass of yours and you love the feeling of having my cock inside you as a well lubricated finger gently pushes against your puckered ass. You let out a little whimper as my thumb now slowly works in all the while you feel nice, slow and long strokes of my cock inside you. As I slowly entice you towards the inevitable pleasure; you want more.

I spread a generous amount of lube over your ass and pull my cock out of you. I rub myself up and down your butt, teasing some more. You feel me sliding in between your cheeks and love the sensation of my throbbing hard cock between your cheeks yet you feel that perhaps this is enough teasing. You turn to me and whisper to me "fuck me, I want to feel your cock inside of my ass". I think what a dirty girl, but who am I to deny my wife. I position my cock at your ass and apply just a little pressure. You feel me enter you slowly as your body relaxes. Little by little I enter you. We take our time as your ass stretches to accept me. You reach behind to pull your cheeks apart to help me enter you, all the while the tightness combined with the dirtiness of it all has me close to the edge.

I lay still as I attempt to regain my composure. You, however have other ideas. As your ass now accepts my full length, you start to move your body to fuck my cock as I continue to regain my composure. It seems you have taken on the mission to make me come. While I would love to come deep inside you, I would much rather do so at the same time as you. You start to feel me meet your every thrust with my own, so you now wrapped one leg over me and guide my hand to your pussy. All I can feel is the incredible wetness we have created together.

I find your clit and it is extremely hard and engorged, it is always so when I am fucking your anus. While you claim that anal sex is for me, we both now that you love the feeling of my hard cock deep inside your ass. Nothing gets your clit as hard, nor your pussy as wet as having me explore deep in your ass. It does not take much effort to get you working towards orgasm. I not only use my fingers to rub your clit, but I insert a couple fingers inside your pussy.

How does it feel to have that sensation of fullness as I double penetrate you on my own? I return to rubbing your clit. I use long, soft strokes up and down in concert with my thrusts. I can start to feel your body showing the signs of orgasm as it approaches. Your breathing quickens, your pace of thrust does so as well. As you let out a low, soft moan I feel your ass spasm against my cock and I can no longer help myself as I release my self deep inside you just as you release a deep moan that signals that you come, not to mention the pool you leave in my hand.

Unfortunately this is all for not. I open my eyes to see my cock in my hands, cum all over my stomach and the realization that your hundreds of miles away. Needless to say I cannot wait to see you next.