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Mother or Daughter; The Choice

The choice is who gets the finish
I swore I could hear her heart beating in her chest as I kissed the skin between her breasts. Charlotte was a beauty. A real prize find for any man lucky enough to take her to her bed. With long sweeping blond hair, almost exotic eyes and an athletic figure endowed with plump breasts and long curves the nineteen year old was like a siren tempting me with her erotic aura.

She lay on her back, her eyelids closed as she blocked out all other sensory input in order to enjoy every erotic moment. Holding myself over her curvy naked body I lowered myself down to the left and in one quick movement I licked the very tip of her nipple causing her to quiver in delight. I did it again before I placed my mouth around the nipple and sucked it firmly with my lips. She gasped loudly throwing her head back into her pillow before it fell to the right.

By now I was getting even more excited. I could feel my semi-hard cock firming up as it slapped against her smooth bald pussy that itself was beginning to soak with excitement and anticipation. I grinded my hips against her squashing my dick into her slit feeling it throb on top of her clit. Each movement resulted in her gasping again and again as her body responded to me. For me it was empowering.. A thin layer of sweat was already forming across her brow where her forehead met her sultry blond hair as her temperature rose.

I leaned down again and kissed her silky lips. Her tongue broke free from her mouth and invaded my own before doing battle with my tongue. She threw her hands around the back of my neck before locking them together almost hanging off me. My cock was now soaked by her pussy and as the two of us continued to sway with one another I felt myself slip inside her with relative ease.

"Oh God!" she cried out in ecstasy as she felt her pussy consume the entire length of my manhood.

Her pussy was tight and firm and seemed to grip my cock. I pulled out of her up until my tip rested at the entrance to her gloryhole which closed behind it. Then with renewed excitement I thrust inside her again. Her eyes burst open as she fought to control the erotic energy surging through her. I held myself inside her and could feel her pussy beginning to spasm on my throbbing dick that held steady inside her. Feeling her pussy trying to clamp down on my dick only served to heighten my already highly aroused state.

I pulled back out and broke her grip around the back of my neck. I clambered up onto my knees looking at her athletic figure as I took my dick in my right hand and rubbed the fluid stained tip against her clit. Her hands reached up and grabbed hold of the gold colored bars of the metal cage-like headrest of the bed which she gripped so tight her knuckles briefly turned white. As I rubbed the tip of my cock over the firm flesh of her clit I looked over at the older woman sitting on the large wicker basket chair beside the bed.

Charlotte's mother, Dawne, sat wearing a pink cotton dressing gown lined with white frills around the edges. It was untied and open to display her breasts and pussy in all their more mature glory. She was every bit the older persona of Charlotte. Her breasts were not as firm as her teenage daughter's yet they were still a delicious feast upon the eye. Her body was plumper but she was hardly chubby and her features mirrored that of her daughter's but in a more rounded fashion.

In Dawne's right hand was a glass of red wine which she sipped occasionally as she watched me with her daughter while her spare hand rubbed over her mousy bland pubic hair, She didn't touch her pussy exactly preferring to tickle it by playing with her curly pubes as she watched me pushing my dick against her daughter's clit. Having Charlotte's mother watch me have my way with her was overwhelming in it's excitement. It was wrong in a way for no mother should ever see her daughter with a man in bed but despite all this Dawne took pleasure in watching. So too did Charlotte who was glancing over to see if her mother was still looking at them.

I took Charlotte's right leg and raised it in the air resting her ankle on my left shoulder before I pushed my phallus back inside her tight pussy. She let out yet another stiffled gasp followed by a whimper of joy that was spurred on as I thrust slow yet firmly in and out of her. I reached forward with my right hand and cupped her beautiful left breast placing my thumb on her hard nipple, rubbing and twisting it to which she responded with thrilled approval.

I looked back at Dawne again and saw her put down the glass of wine on the dresser. Knowing she had my attention even though I was busy taking control of her daughter Dawne began to rub her breasts; partly for her own enjoyment and partly for me. She lifted up her breasts and squeezed them before rubbing her hands over her nipples. Her chest was rising and falling as she filled with near breathless excitement.

Charlotte meanwhile had entirely surrendered herself to me. Spurred on by Dawne's display my thrusts got harder and more aggressive to the point where my pelvis was almost thumping against her pussy. Suddenly her pussy began spasming again clamping on my cock and her back arched forwards as her eyes rolled in delight. She continued to rise until suddenly she let out a powerful moan before falling back onto the mattress revelling in her climax.

I had become so distracted by Charlotte's orgasm that I failed to notice Dawne had risen to her feet and removed her dressing gown to reveal her full and sexual figure. I spied her walking over to me as I pulled myself out of her daughter's pussy before throwing my legs over the side of the bed. Sitting upright I watched Dawne quickly fall to her knees and put her head between my legs; her face aimed squarely for my throbbing cock which still glistened with fluids from her daughter's pussy. It didn't matter to Dawne who threw her mouth over my manhood and began sucking it like it was the sweetest lollipop.

As Dawne worked on me with her mouth I looked back over my shoulder at Charlotte who was still enjoying the after-effects of her orgasm. I reached over and put my right hand between her legs, rubbing her thigh deliberately close to her pussy but without actually touching it. Still satisfied from her climax she enjoyed the teasing especially when she opened her eyes and watched her mother's head slowly bobbing up and down between my legs. Dawne was good at blow jobs. She put her lips firmly around the circumference of my dick squeezing as she traveled up and down my shaft before softening them as she went over my sensitive tip. The fact that just a minute ago my dick was inside her daughter's pussy drove me insane with lust.

I could feel my shaft starting to fill and as much as I wanted to cum in Dawne's mouth I also wanted to fuck her. I lifted her head up off my dick and she rose to her feet. She was about to turn her back to me and lower herself down on top of me but I had other ideas. She had sucked my cock and I wanted to return the favor. With her pussy almost at my face height I leaned forward and reached out with my tongue for her clit. I lapped up her excited fluids that layered her clit and she rested her hands on my head as she enjoyed every second of it.

From this position it was not easy to work on her pussy and my tongue soon ached from it. I sat upright and clambered backwards up the bed before stopping beside Charlotte who now watched with interest as her mother got on all fours and climbed up the bed with me, her breasts hanging low from her chest. I lifted my right arm up and Charlotte tucked herself underneath with her face resting on my chest while her mother sat on top of my groin. Charlotte looked down my chest and watched as her mother lowered her pussy down on to my dick. Dawne's weight rested on me as her pussy grew accustomed to my size before she vigorously began rising and falling.

My eyes started to do summersaults. As the erotic energy in the room built up once more Dawne got into her stride while Charlotte kissed and bit my chest. I could see Charlotte watching her mother with interest especially when I put my left hand down to rub Dawne's clit while she rode me. This slowed Dawne down and I was glad for it. I knew I was incredibly close to bursting in Dawne's pussy but I didn't want this to end. It was my greatest fantasy come true.

Dawne was getting slower and slower. Her body was shuddering and I knew she was reaching her climax. I pushed down on her clit even harder and she gave out a loud moan of intense passion. I felt the whole orgasm reverberate on my dick and she soon fell on top of me forcing Charlotte to move over. I rolled Dawne onto her back beside her daughter and got back up on my knees in front of them. I now had a choice; the mother or the daughter? Whoever I fucked next would probably get my full load.

It was nothing against Dawne but I chose to have her daughter.

I knelt infront of Charlotte and pulled her closer to me before I savagely thrust my dick back inside her. Her tight pussy seemed to fight me invading her again and I loved it. I thumped hard against her again, my balls slapping hard on the bottom of her sopping wet slit as I reached the end of my length. As I worked on fucking her I saw Dawne roll over on to her side and drape her arm over her daughter. The two of them put their foreheads together tenderly as I fucked Charlotte. My cock was getting ready to burst as I watched them cuddle.

Suddenly Dawne kissed Charlotte on the lips. Their tongues interlocked with one another in a sexy display.

That finished me. My cock erupted inside Charlotte lining her pussy with my hot cum. I throbbed inside her as my head spun wildly before I collapsed on top of them.

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