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Mountain Top

Tags: sex, oral, outdoor
First person perspective of making love on top of mountain with a scenic view
You and I are at a mountain lake, its fall, the leaves are changing color, and the air is cool and crisp but not too cold. The leaves are brilliant colors of yellow, orange and red… The lake is calm and like a mirror reflecting all the colors. We decide to hike to the top of a mountain at the lake shore to get bird’s eye view of the surrounding area and the beauty of the season.

The hike is not difficult but not easy either. It takes a good hour or so of hiking. You are in jeans, t-shirt, and sweatshirt. I am in jean shorts, t-shirt, and a flannel shirt thrown over top. I am carrying a pack back with me.

At the top of the mountain there is a clearing on the cliff edge, so that it is easy to look out over the lake and surrounding forest. The landscape is an artist’s palette of color, mixing and flowing across the hills and mountains. You are amazed at the view as I stand behind you with my arms wrapped around you.

After a few minutes, I whisper into you ear, “I have a surprise for you,” and you turn and say, “Really?”

I then go to my back pack and proceed to pull out items for a picnic lunch on top of the mountain. A blanket, food, wine. You are so surprised, and watch in anticipation as I lay everything out.

Once I have it ready, you come over and kiss me and say, “What a wonderful surprise!!”

We sit and enjoy the picnic, looking out over the lake and the fall foliage, enjoying the perfection of the moment. You are looking all around soaking it in, while I am just watching you, watching you enjoying the moment. After eating… We sit side by side, my arm behind you, your head on my shoulder as sit and drink wine while watching the birds flying over the lake. I can smell your hair and your perfume. It feels good next to each other, the additional warmth of the other person to fit off the slight chill in the air.

As we sit there, out of the blue I say, “You are the most beautiful person I know, and your radiance outshines anything I have seen today.”

You turn your head to look at me and say, “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Then I lean down to kiss you deeply. My arms wrap around you and pull you tight to me. As we are kissing, I feel your lips parting slightly, and I feel the tip of your tongue against my lips. I open my lips, our tongues touching, causing excitement in the both of us. Our mouths open fully, and our deep kissing quickly turns to full passionate kissing.

The sun is bright above us, and hearing the solitude of the forest about us on the top of the mountain is intoxicating; the leaves rustling, the birds flying above us calling out; the smell of the woods, the color of the brilliant blue sky and bright leaves above and all around us.

It only takes a few minutes of your passionate kissing to soon have us both highly excited. My hands running under your sweatshirt, feeling your body through your t-shirt, your firm breasts, your firm belly. You run your hands over my chest and belly also. We run our hands over the others face and through their hair.

I gently push you back onto the blanket laying you down, as I lean over top of you, while we continue to kiss. And I run my hand down your shoulder, over your breast down your belly to your waist, then over to your hip, and down over your butt and down your leg. You run your hand over my chest and arm... To my hip and around to my butt. Squeezing it and pulling my hips towards you. I run my hand up the top of your thigh over the front of your jeans, running my hand down between your legs, feeling the hotness of your pussy. You in return run your hand around to feel my hard cock through my shorts. Rubbing it up and down, feeling the full size and hardness of it.

I sit up to look at how beautiful you are laying on the blanket… Hair flowing, sparkle in your green eyes, smile of happiness on your lips. I run my hands under your sweatshirt taking it off of you. I look down over your body, enjoying seeing you lying in the jeans a t-shirt, both tight against your amazing body. I run my hands over you belly again, running it slightly into your jeans, watching you tighten your muscles at the touch of me. Your nipples are hard and showing through your shirt, as I run my hands to your breasts and over them. I take off my flannel shirt and then lean down to kiss you again, then I put my hand on the side of your head, running your hair through my fingers, as I start kissing your neck and nibbling on your ear. You pull my shirt out of my shorts, reaching under it to feel my chest and belly, causing me to shiver at your touch on my bare skin.

I run my hand again down your arm, feeling the goose bumps on your skin, not from the coolness of the air, but rather from the anticipation and excitement of the moment. Our lips lock again in a passionate kiss, our tongues dancing, tasting each others passion. I reach down and unbuckle your belt and undo the button of your jeans, and pull the zipper down. I slowly reach my hand into your jeans, feeling your panties under your t-shirt. I pull at your shirt, pulling it out of your jeans, running my hand under your shirt above your panties. We both moan with the pleasure of feeling my hand against your soft supple skin.

My hand roams freely around your lower abdomen, over you waist and hips; pulling your shirt more and more out. Then I slowly work my way up your body, feeling every inch of it with my hand, exploring you, enjoying every new square inch of it as I touch it. Until finally, I reach the underside of your breasts, touching your bra. I run my hand over the bra, feeling your breast, your nipple hard inside it, over the top of the breast across your chest just below your neck running my fingers under your bra strap. I run my hand down with the fingers under your bra, and just barely touching your bare nipple, causing you to moan some more.

Your hands are at my shorts, unbuckling the belt and unbuttoning and unzipping them. It takes you some time; your hands are shaking from me touching you, and with such anticipation. Once you have it all undone, you reach in, and immediately find my hard cock, grabbing it through my shorts, stroking it.

I reach around your back, as you roll slightly towards me, to unhook your bra. My fingers fumbling at it, just like yours, wanting to feel your bare breasts with my hands, I am rushing at it, but eventually, I get it unhooked. You lay back, and I run my hands back over your breasts, pushing the bra aside.

Finally, I can’t take it any longer. I sit up and grab at your shirt, pulling it up. You sit up and allow me to take it off, your bra falling off your shoulders and you let it fall off your arm. Then you grab my shirt, I raise my arms, and let you take it off of me. You then pull at my shorts, and I stand up, allowing you to slide my shorts down off of my hips and over my legs. I am wearing black sports boxers. You kneel in front of me, looking up at me, running your hands up and down my legs and hips and belly and chest. You kiss my belly and legs, and then slowly start to lower my shorts. You take my cock in your mouth even before you have my shorts completely off, sucking it slightly as you take them off the rest of the way. Letting them drop to the ground.

You then take my cock in your hand and turn your other hand over my thighs and balls and belly as you start to lick and suck my cock. I am so aroused by you and the surroundings. The touch of your hands, the warmth and wetness of your mouth on my cock, the slight chill of the air. I watch as you lick and nibble me, watching my cock go in and out of your mouth, hearing your sounds of pleasure as you play with and eat my cock.

I reach down and run my hands through your hair, feeling the silky smoothness of it, feeling the vibrations of your moaning on my hardness. I can feel the pre-cum dripping out of my cock as you suck and lick it. You like the taste of it, knowing that it is only a matter of time before I cum. You massage and hold my shaved balls. Then you put both hands on my hips, and with my cock in your mouth, start to move it in and out of your mouth, my hands on your head.

I can feel my cum starting to build inside me. I start to move my hips, your mouth still wrapped around me. I feel your saliva dripping down my shaft, down over my balls; I feel your hands on my hips, pushing me back slightly to keep me from going to deep in your mouth. My cock head is swelling inside your mouth, you sense it, and can feel my muscles tightening, getting ready to contract and cum.

You grab my cock again with one hand, and my balls with the other, and the added stimulus, I start to cum. I let out a loud moan with the first contraction, shooting hot cum in your mouth. It catches you slightly by surprise. You pull my cock out of your mouth, and keep stroking it, your other hand massaging my balls feeling my contractions with every shoot of cum. You point my cock, towards your chest, my cum all over your neck, and chest and breasts. You milk my cock of every last drop of cum.

You rub my cum over your breasts and chest some, just to drive my crazy!

I lean down and kiss you deeply. And put my hands on your shoulders, gently pushing you back to lie down. You spread your legs as I lay down on top you of. Your breasts pressed against my chest, your nipples hard from having my cum on them and the feeling of the breeze on them. I then sit back and admire your perfect body, running my hands over your breasts and soft skin of your abdomen. When I reach your jeans, I run my hands around the inside of the waist to your hips and begin to gently pull at them. You lift your hips to allow me to slide them off of your hips and perfect ass, revealing your lacy white panties. I slide them down over your long lithe legs, admiring every inch of them as they are exposed, taking off your shoes and socks; I slide your jeans off.

I lift your feet in the air, to be able to kiss and lick both of your calves at the same time, then I put your feet on my shoulders. I run my hands over you legs, long and lean, looking into your eyes, at your breasts, and down to your panties, admiring the view of it looking down along your legs. Teasing view of it, the outline of your lips, a spot that could be your clit, maybe the hint of a wet spot where you pussy has been getting wetter and wetter with every passing kiss, every touch. I can’t stand it any longer; I reach down and run my hands over the outside of your thighs, over your hips, reaching the top of your panties. I pull your panties along your legs to remove them, which since they are on my shoulders I am pulling up. You lift them as I get your panties near and instead of putting them back, put them on the ground, knees bent, so that your wet sexy wonderful pussy is fully exposed to me.

I smile a large, loving smile seeing you lying naked in front of me. I run my hands over your knees down our thighs, my head following them. I lick and kiss your thighs as I work my way down towards your pussy, I can see the wetness of it, and can smell the heavenly sent of you.

I kiss and lick all around it, the spot where you legs meet it, all across your shaven pubes. You sigh in pleasure and quiver with the anticipation of my tongue and lips on you. It doesn’t take long for you to experience my warm strong tongue and lips on your pussy. I can’t hold back any longer, and spread your legs apart further, and lick your pussy from bottom to top. Your pussy tastes wonderful, your clit is hard, your lips swollen. You shudder hard feeling my tongue against your pussy. You put an arm across your belly to help control the muscle contractions as I start to kiss, lick and nibble your clit. Your other hand grabbing at the blanket, trying to control yourself as I stick my tongue as deep as I can inside you. Your breathing is quick already; you are so wet and worked up from sucking me.

My hands are on your inner thighs, touching and massaging them as I lick your pussy. You reach down with the hand not holding onto the blanket to grab my head. You grind your hips against my face and tongue. Your pussy getting my chin all wet, you can feel your juices and my saliva running down your pussy, over your ass, soaking the blanket. Your moans are loud on top of the mountain. All you see is the clear blue sky above you, you look down to watch as my head is between your legs, my tongue playing with your hard clit. It causes you to get even closer to cumming. You feel the muscles in your legs and your abdomen tightening, preparing for the release of your orgasm.

I can feel you getting close to cumming. I stick two fingers into your pussy, and you give out a small cry of pleasure. I move them to find your sweet spot. Your pussy is tight around them.

You tell me in a breathy voice, “I am going to cum, don’t stop!”

I keep licking and sucking your pussy, and finger it. You move your hips to help yourself cum, I can feel your pussy getting tighter, your grip on the blanket is tight, your hips are up off the ground, and then the first muscle contraction, the first release of a powerful orgasm ripples through your body. You moan loudly, your legs squeeze against my head as I keep at your pussy. Your body shudders, you writhe in ecstasy, wave after wave of contractions rack your pussy and your whole body. After what seems like minutes, your orgasm is almost done.

Your clit is sensitive, you push my head away, saying, “Stop, STOP!” between laughs as I playful lick your clit and make your body quiver.

I stop and laugh, wipe off my chin and you pull me down on top of you, and we kiss deeply.

As I am on top you kissing, you feel my hard cock against you. Your breasts pressed against mine, and you can feel the pre-cum on your belly as I slowly grind myself against you. The hardness of my cock against your shaved pubes, and feeling your wet lips pressed against my groin and balls. Our tongues are dancing in each others mouth. Despite having such an intense orgasm, you want to feel me inside, to fill you with my cock.

You spread your legs a little more and press your hips down, causing my cock to slide down your belly, the tip if it tracing out a path to your pussy. I lift my hips to help out, until the tip is rubbing up and down your wet pussy, over your hard clit and swollen lips. I feel your hard nipples pressed against my bare chest, the hotness of your loins against mine, our lips clenched in a deep kiss. You run your hands down my back, and keep one hand on my ass, feeling and rubbing it, while your other hand reaches down between us, and takes hold of my cock, and starts to guide into you. You feel my hard cock head against your pussy, and you slowly start to ease it into you. Despite cumming and being dripping wet, you are still tight and you feel my cock start to go inside and open you.

You spread your legs even wider, as you slowly move your hips to work the tip of my cock into your pussy. You feel your hard clit against the palm of your hand as it is wrapped around the shaft. We both can feel that the head is almost fully in, almost getting to the widest part. We stop kissing and look deeply into each others eyes as you remove your hand from my cock, and I start to slowly work myself into. Then slowly pull out so just the very tip is at the opening. I slowly thrust, you gasp in pleasure, and I moan in pleasure as we feel the whole head slide into you. I just hold myself there, allowing us the pleasure of feeling each other. After a few seconds, you start to rotate your hips, while I hold myself still, feeling the wetness and hotness of your pussy on my hard cock.

Finally, I can’t stand it any more, and I start to pull out again, and slowly work my cock fully into you. Each slow thrust brings a little more inside you. I take my time, enjoying the feeling every little extra bit of me going inside you. It takes a few minutes of slowly easing me into you to get all of my cock deep inside your pussy. You enjoy the feeling of my cock slowly filling you up as much, if not more than me. Feeling the hard tip, slowly going deeper and deeper inside you. Feeling the muscles of my body pressed against you, hearing my sounds of pleasure, and making your own sounds of complete satisfaction of finally feeling me inside you.

Once I am fully inside again, I stop just to enjoy the feeling, the closeness to each other; the passion for each other. Our eyes still on each other, and I lean down to kiss you again, our lips hungry for each other, our tongues searching. And I start to make love to you on the top of the mountain, the blue sky above us, the autumn colors all around us. The coolness of the air starkly reminds each other of how much we love each other, feeling each others warmth of their body on each other. Keeping us warm and the passion flowing.

We both enjoy feeling our bodies pressed together, feeling each other as we make love. My cock sliding in and out of you effortless, your pussy wet and wanting more. You run your hands up and down my back, up through my hair as we kiss, down over my ass as it moves up and down, and you grab it, and push it down, pressing my cock deep inside you. You continue to do that, setting the pace of our love making. You lift my hips once in a while, just about pulling me out, and then sometimes slowly pushing me back inside you, enjoying feeling the entire length of me go inside. Other times, you push me quickly back inside, enjoying the feeling of it run quickly deep inside you pussy.

You start to feel your orgasm building. I can feel your body start to tighten, your pussy squeezing my cock as I thrust inside you. Your nipples are hard and your moans are louder and more frequent. We stop kissing as you wrap your legs around my body. They pull me even deeper inside you, feeling my balls against your lips and ass as I am inside you. I start to kiss your neck and shoulder. Listening as you moan and whisper softly in my ear, telling me how much you love me and how I complete you. I whisper that I love you, and that you make me happier than anyone else. You run your fingers up my back, using your nails gently, and I respond with a long moan of pleasure. I feel your hard clit pressed against my shaved cock, your perfume driving me insane with pleasure, our soft moans in my ear as you get ever close to cumming.

The sound and feeling of you getting closer and enjoying me make love to you are getting me closer and closer to reaching my own climax. You can feel my cock getting larger inside you pussy, filling you completely. The sound of our love-making is loud, the sound of wetness, of my cock going in and out of you, our kissing and moaning. It’s all about us in the serene atmosphere. Your legs wrapped around me, your hands on my back. I reach down with my hands, under you ass, to lift you up a little more. Kissing each other's necks, and shoulders and ears in passion, knowing that it is only moments until climax.

The feel of your ass in my hands, your breast pressed against me, the feel of your hot breath on my body and in my ear, the hotness and wetness of your pussy around my cock, begins to push me over the edge.

I whisper in your ear, "I am about to cum," and you say, "So am I …"

Our love making gets faster, my body tenses, you feel me getting ready to cum, so close to filling you up. I feel your pussy getting tighter around me. Finally, I can’t withhold any longer, the feelings of our love making and for each other get to the point that I can not hold my orgasm any longer. You feel my cock deep inside you, and you sense I am about to start cumming. You start to grind your hips hard against me, and rubbing your clit against my body.

Then, with one more thrust, you feel the first of my cum inside you pussy, my groan of pleasure, loud in the silence of the mountain. The feeling of my hot cum inside triggers your own orgasm, surprising you.

You moan loudly "I am cumming too."

You grind your pussy around my cock. Feeling alternating waves of hot cum being shot deeply inside you pussy and your own waves of orgasm. Our orgasms feeding off of each other, as we continue to fuck each other. Wave after wave crashes over our bodies as our orgasms continue on and on, until they start to finally subside, our bodies physically exhausted.

You unwrap your legs from me, and we rest. We kiss and look at each other and say, "I love you," to each other, and kiss some more.

Enjoying the feeling of complete satisfaction and fulfilment after our love making, the feeling of me being inside you after our orgasms. Finally, I roll off of you and you rest your head on my shoulder as we snuggle, looking up at the blue sky, watching the birds fly above us after our passionate wonderful love making.

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