Mr Archer - Ch 1

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Michael has a surprise visitor after class
Michael was nervous. Today was the first proper workshop he had done with his year one drama group at the local University. In fact he had spent most of the last few weeks feeling nervous. It was a strong group of characters, despite the fact that they were all just starting out on this, their freshman term of college. And although they didn’t exactly intimidate him, Michael still felt he needed to be prepared each time they all met.

And of course it was hard not to notice a couple of the girls. They seemed to know the effect they provoked in him every class, despite his best efforts to disguise it. They seemed so confident in the way they teased the boys, flirting with them with no signs of being serious. But whether they were or not was slightly lost to Michael, as if the coded looks were not meant to include him. It was all so odd, viewing normal student courtship rituals from this standpoint. He felt out of place, between two worlds.

Michael wasn’t a student anymore. He didn’t belong to their world now he taught them for a living. But the world of staff meetings, course reviews and planning was so new to him that he felt like he was an imposter, that at any moment he might be found out and told to leave. Yet at the same time he knew that he was good at this, good at teaching. The students, for all their jostling for position and status within their year group, had actually begun to listen to him. He had slowly won their respect during the recent first few weeks of term.

Michael was still only 27, hardly different in age to one or two of the more mature students. He had left University fed up with being institutionalized and gone abroad almost straight away, using his English skills to teach as he travelled. After a few months he had got a permanent position in a school in Thailand teaching English to kids from rich local families. And he had found the lifestyle of a young expat – working and playing hard – a wonderful escape from school, from England and from his family’s expectations.

But after nearly two years of this rather disconnected existence, it had all come to a very sudden end. Michael had had to make a quick exit from his life in Thailand, leaving everything behind. When he thought of it now, it seemed obvious that it would end like it did. And bluntly, he was lucky to be alive.

He had begun an intense affair with the mother of one of his class. It had started simply and without fuss when he had been asked to give the boy extra tuition. He had offered without thinking of the cultural issues to go to the parents’ home after school. The extra money was good and anyway he liked the kid. The husband was something in local politics and always out at local rallies and meetings. It meant that he seldom met him on his visits. The mother was younger than her husband and was clearly taken with the way Michael related to her boy. Very slowly at first an unlikely, quiet friendship had begun between Michael and the boy’s mother. And that friendship had lead to sex. And from there to the almost inevitable rumours, discovery and subsequent need for swift flight.

When the husband heard neighbour’s gossip that the young English teacher was collecting a very intimate payment for teaching his son, Michael was in serious trouble. A Thai colleague at the school sat Michael down and laid it out for him. Given the politician’s connections in the area, and the disgrace Michael had brought to a local man of such standing, Michael would be dead and his body found in a gutter if he didn’t get on a plane within 24 hours. It was that simple.

So Michael had arrived back in the UK with no plan, only a little money and a backpack full of t-shirts and shorts. Clutching at the first idea that came to mind he decided to enroll in Teacher Training and then applied for his current job, junior lecturer in English and Drama at the University.

It felt like the first few weeks of term had been a bit of a blur but here he was, running his first drama workshop. And it was going pretty well. By the end of it the students seemed to be buzzing, realizing some of them [for perhaps the first time] what they were capable of doing on stage. One of the girls, Juliette, had been particularly good. She was already on her way to becoming one of the stars of the year. Beautiful with dark long hair, she had a way of cocking her head, as if to dare the world to contradict her. After a quiet start she had slowly gathered around her a group of the best-looking, most confident girls. But she seemed unaware that she had even done this. She didn’t appear to manipulate the group, people were just drawn to her. With such a position of influence she could easily have been disruptive in the classes. But instead she was attentive and worked hard. Michael found it difficult not to pick her out too often, and had to make an effort at times not to drift into a situation where he was effectively tutoring her one on one, forgetting everyone else in the room.

During today’s workshop he had a rare chance to admire the tight curves of Juliette’s figure on stage; her firm breasts, her slim legs and perfectly shaped arse. They were all clearly defined in the black leggings and t-shirt she casually wore. He eyes kept drifting to the triangular space between the tops of her thighs. He shook his head and tried to regain his concentration. He looked at his watch.

“Right everyone! For those of you in my tutorial group I will see you on Wednesday. For the rest of you, don’t forget that this afternoon I will be in my office available to you if you want to drop by and need any help with the assignment from last week. That’s it, see you all on Thursday and thank you for your hard work today”.

The students began to leave quickly, gathering their things and pouring out of the small college theatre. Leaving Michael to his thoughts about Juliette and what he would like to do with her if he ever got the chance. He sighed to himself and turned out the lights.

On and off the same thoughts of Juliette occupied him for the rest of the morning. Michael’s schedule was pretty full but even in meetings he found his thoughts drifting back to a fantasy of Juliette and the shape of her supple body. He imagined seeing her naked, her perfect tits, slim stomach and curving hips for the first time. He knew she would live up to every fantasy he might have.

After a busy morning and a noisy lunch in the student cafeteria, it was a relief to be back in his office. Michael shared his normally with a colleague but they had quickly worked out a routine that meant one afternoon a week he had the room to himself. Today he could run his student meetings without interruption or audience and in exchange he now worked in the library an afternoon a week so that his colleague could do the same.

Each week so far there had been a steady flow of students, bending his ear about their fears, about aspects of their new life at university, about the work and how best they should manage this unsupervised. It was all very different from the school environment most of them had just left. Michael quite enjoyed the process but today the flow was pretty slow. Most students were over the first few anxious weeks and had begun to settle in. Apart from one or two requests for an extension on their assignments, Michael found himself able to get on with some planning for the second half of term. He was even beginning to wonder if he could make a break for it early, when he heard the door knock again and called for whomever it was to come in.

It was Juliette. Still looking great but now with her hair loosely tied up and wearing a different top and jacket. It was almost a shock to see the focus of his fantasies again so soon and outside of the formality of the morning’s class. Michael wondered idly if she had changed her clothes after some sports session but immediately tried to get rid of the thought of her naked in the shower, that popped fully-formed into his head.

“Oh hi there Juliette, how can I help?” Michael said as she closed the door behind her. “Take a seat?”

“Um, I wondered if you could go through the, err…the new assignment you gave us Mr Archer”. She seemed less sure of herself than she had been on stage that morning. The naturally confident girl Michael was used to in class seemed a little different. Her manner was softer, and although the change was subtle, it made her presence in his office more intimate. It instantly felt erotic to Michael, creating a charge in the room between the two of them. Trying to be professional still, Michael was now painfully aware of her closeness in the room.

Michael rose from his desk to cover his embarrassment. “Well, I have some copies of the sheets here if you want another look. He reached across his desk to grab a clipped set of pages and perched himself on the front corner, nearest to Juliette, laying them out for her to look at.

She seemed to pause for a moment, looking at him. Then, instead of picking the briefing report up, she put her bag down and leant over the desk to take a closer look. As she read the top page and then flipped to the second, she rested her elbows on the desk in front of him. Her back naturally arched, leaving her beautiful arse almost hovering in the air. Michael could see her clothes pulled away from her waist, revealing the back of her midriff. He couldn’t breathe. It took all his concentration not to reach out and touch her now exposed soft skin.

After a timeless minute when neither of them moved, Juliette looked up, hooking her hair behind her ear. She must have read something in Michael’s face, his eyes darting back to hers from where he had been staring. He felt himself blush.

Juliette stood up. She didn’t look shocked or upset, as he was terrified she might. Instead she stood right in front of him, her eyes slightly lowered. “Mr Archer, were you just staring at my arse? Are you allowed to do that?” She was very close to him now.

Michael paused, not knowing what to say “I’m sorry, I think I was. Um, you have a beautiful…”

“A beautiful what Mr Archer… sir?” She looked smiling straight at him, her eyes huge, her head tilted.

“A beautiful er…bum” said Michael, caught completely

Juliette smiled and half turned, “Do you mean this?” she said, pointing her arse at him. “Would you like to touch it? You can if you want. I won’t tell you know…” and with that she bent over his desk further, “It could really do with being touched actually.”

Michael’s hand had reached out before his brain could stop him. He molded his palm onto each of her curved buttocks, finally touching what he had admired all these weeks. Juliette murmured her approval. “Oh yes, that’s right Mr Archer, Sir”

This made him braver, and he began to slide his fingers down between her buttocks and between her thighs. The fabric of her leggings was stretched tightly over her warm crotch, the contact with his hand making his cock throb.

Juliette stood and turned. She looked suddenly serious. She reached out and pressed the growing erection in his trousers. “And what are you going to do with this?”

Michael felt like he was light headed, dreaming. He gathered Juliette into his arms, drawing her to him and kissed her fiercely as she opened her mouth to him. Then he broke away to lock the door. When he came back to her she was already taking her top off, revealing those perfect tits.

Without another word he undid his trousers and she knelt straight down in front of him. Looking up briefly to smile, she slid his cock between her beautiful lips. Then she swirled her mouth around his cock head, wetting it before releasing it again and sinking her head lower between his legs. She kissed his balls and slowly and deliberately she brought her warm tongue up up the underside of his shaft, back to the head of his cock and once again swallowed him into her wet mouth.

After only a few minutes, Michael knew he had to stop her or he would come in this girl’s mouth. He nudged her gently. His cock popped out of her mouth as she looked up at him with a questioning look. It was so hard to stop this gorgeous girl expertly sucking him but he didn’t want this to end. Michael helped her to her feet and for a moment just looked at her, taking her in, as she waited to see what he would do. Then with one quick movement he pulled the waistband of her leggings down, stripping her completely of her last clothes, determined to fuck her right now.

He helped Juliette sit back on his desk, clearing the forgotten papers out of the way. Then Michael put his hands on her knees and gently but firmly pulled her legs apart. He bend down to kiss first one and then both her inner thighs, slowly moving towards her exposed pussy, pausing to breathe in her deep scent.

Juliette groaned softly and pushed her opening sex towards his mouth, pulling him into her with her fingers buried in his hair. Michael slid his tongue across her pussy lips, tasting her and then gradually centered on her clit. In response, Juliette firmly gripped the back of his head as he found her swollen bud, his face now buried in her wet sex.

After what felt like only a short while, she began to come hard, breathing in short muffled gasps. She growled in the back of her throat as if trying to stop herself from screaming out loud. Her hips began to spasm and she pushed against his face hard, gripping his head between her thighs.

Michael wanted to feel her pussy around his cock. As soon as her orgasm began to subside and her grip began to loosen, he stood up, pulling her hips towards him and opening her legs further. Holding his hard cock he placed his swollen cockhead against her pussy lips and gently rubbed it around her open entrance.

“Fuck me Mr Archer” Juliette breathed as she leaned back on the desk. Michael slowly slid his cock inside her until it was fully buried inside her sweet, tight pussy. She felt every bit as wonderful as he had expected. It was a powerful head rush.

He began to slide his fat cock in and out of her, measuring his strokes to fit the speed of her responses. As she pushed against his thrusts, her breasts bounced with each of their already hard movements. As they increased their pace together, he reached out to take first one and then the other nipple between his teeth, swirling his tongue around each so that the pressure he exerted was on the very edge of pain. Juliette moaned, increasing her thrusts back onto his cock. She was meeting him until they were fucking frantically on the desktop, all caution or build up forgotten in deep, pleasurable fucking.

Michael knew he was close and felt like he should stop himself from coming inside her. But she seemed to anticipate his very thought and breathed in his ear “Its ok, I want to feel you come inside me”. This was too much for Michael, he couldn’t hold back any more. He exploded inside her pussy, his cock rammed all the way inside her.

As they both began to relax, they looked at each other and grinned. The whole thing had probably only taken a few minutes but it had been incredibly intense. Suddenly they were back in normal reality and the absurd side to this scenario seemed to steal over both of them at the same moment. Their clothes were all over the floor, papers strewn across the desk. Student and Staff member still joined in lust, literally. The room stank of sex. The noise they had made. This had been loud and possibly public. Shit.

Michael quickly withdrew and, feeling increasingly embarrassed about their nakedness, he helped Juliette as they both got dressed quickly. With a mumbled comment he couldn’t catch she grabbed her jacket and bag and practically fled the room, leaving Micheal to tidy himself up and the room around him. It was not really until he was safely out of the building and on his short journey home that Michael felt he could relax. Then he laughed out loud.