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Mr. Hightower and Cydney go all the way

Tags: sex, kissing, oral, cum
Mr. Hightower makes Cydney his woman
"Thank you baby," Cydney said as she used more paper towels. "How did you let out that much cum? I'm not complaining but that was amazing to see."

I had no real answer for her because I didn't know how it had happened either. "Your blowjob was so good, how could I not?" I helped Cydney stand up and put her dress back on. After Cydney went to the mirror to make sure she looked presentable again, I pulled her towards me, and we kissed.

"Oh Jason, we should head out, I bet there's a line to get in here." There wasn't. I made sure of that before we entered.

We exited the bathroom and returned to our table to receive the check. "It's a shame dinner is over, I had such a nice time."

"The night is still young Mr.Hightower, and I am not done with you and that big cock just yet."

"Lead the way, Cydney."

We left the restaurant and I followed Cydney back to her place in my car. We arrived shortly to a nice, quaint townhouse. "The rent is cheap, and the neighbors are friendly," she said as she led me in. As soon as she locked the door, we were all over each other. I grabbed Cydney, picked her up and put her against the wall.

"Jason! I want you so bad. Take me." I kissed Cydney all over her neck, as her moans echoed through the house.

I put Cydney down and we had a race to see who could get naked first. She won, but I wasn't mad about it. After I took all my clothes off, Cydney led me to her bedroom. She closed the door and told me to lay on the bed.

"Mmm Mr.Hightower, how do you want me?"

"Sitting on my face, you sexy little slut." Cydney did as she was told and I began licking her pussy furiously. I spanked her hard and she started moving her hips back and forth. Cydney grabbed my cock while she rode my face and I thought I'd cum right there and then.

"Jason..oh Jason, I don't want you to stop but if you don't fuck me now I'll die."

"You have my cock in your hand baby, you know what to do." Without saying another word, Cydney got up, and slowly inserted my penis inside her wet pussy. She was super tight but it felt fantastic.

"Finally." She moaned as she started getting use to having my nine inch cock inside of her. Cydney put her hands on my chest and began to ride me slowly.

"I can't believe this is happening Cydney, this is the best night ever."

She leaned down and kissed me deeply. "It's just getting started, stud."

Cydney started going faster and I knew that was my cue to make some moves of my own. I started playing with her clit and that made Cydney go absolutely crazy. "God I love when you touch me! Don't you dare stop."

"Wouldn't dream of it, now show me how good you can really ride my cock!" As her moans got louder and her hips moved faster, Cydney got extremely wet. I thought I would slip out.

I leaned up and put my arms around Cydeny. We kissed again and I knew that with each kiss, I would fall for her more and more. I pulled my cock out of Cydney and told her to get on her hands and knees. Once again she did as I said and soon my dick disappeared inside her soaking wet pussy.

"Oh god Jason, I feel like I'm going to cum. Make me cum from your hard cock. Do it baby!" I took Cydney's arms and held them behind her back, and pounded her really hard so she would orgasm like she had never done before. I wanted her to remember how good she got fucked tonight.

Soon after that, she yelled my name and started breathing heavy. "Jason, I just came. I came all over your beautiful cock. My mind is going blank baby you are a fantastic lover." She got on her back and pulled me down for a kiss. "Now hurry up and cum inside me."

Before I knew it I was doing something I had only dreamed of these past few months. I was cumming inside a beautiful woman, and she was screaming out in pleasure. I pulled out and Cydney cuddle up next to me, cum dripping from her pussy and satisfied with what had just occurred.

"What an end to a great night, huh? You rocked my world Cydney. Thank you thank you thank you." I looked down to see Cydney, eyes closed and fast asleep with a huge smile across her face. I chuckled and laid with her. I knew I would have to leave soon but I couldn't. I didn't want to leave her ever.

After ten minutes I got up the strength to move again and started putting my clothes back on. Right before I left her bedroom, I gave Cydney a kiss on the cheek. "I love you," I said as I walked to the door.

"I love you too." I heard her softly whisper. 

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