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Mr. Jordan (Chapter II)

As promised, he had sent my parents away
It had been a few days since Mr.Jordan’s welcomed visit, and, as promised, he had sent my parents away on a business trip for the week. They had left a few hours ago, and I was eagerly awaiting his arrival after he finished work.

I sat on my bed, which had a great view over our front yard and our street, so I could see when he pulled up. I had on a half-top that was the colour of the setting sun, revealing my flat stomach, and shorts that barely covered my ass. My black hair was tied up in a messy bun, and my blue eyes were highlighted with a touch of eyeliner. I had chosen a black lace panties and bra set, something sexy and young.

My pussy was wet already with anticipation. I imagined him thrusting into me, filling me up until I begged for mercy, but giving me more anyway... feeling his fingers as the massage my breasts, pinching and twisting my tits until they go raw. Then, suddenly, feeling his hot seed explode inside of me as his cock buries itself deeply within my cunt.

My fingers had found their way to my pussy, and rubbed it through my shorts. I wanted to save the good stuff for him, but I was so tempted to masturbate right there and then, bringing myself to an orgasm while thinking about his cock and my pussy sliding and grinding against one another. How he would make me feel and-

I was broken from my daydream as his silver Porsche pulled up in our driveway. He got out of the car as I turned away from the window and raced downstairs to greet him at the door. Just as he was about to knock, I opened the door and rushed him inside, cautious of our neighbours seeing him.

No sooner than when the door slammed closed behind him, had he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight to him. He kissed my neck a few times before trailing little kisses up my jawline and eventually to my eager lips.

My mouth opened instantly, my tongue welcoming his. As his tongue invaded my mouth, I detected the taste of mint, which sent my senses crazy. I love mint. His tongue explored my mouth, demanding dominance. I gladly gave it to him.

“As promised,” he pulled away to whisper, “no parents. No rules.”

I groaned as he picked me up like a rag doll and tossed me over his shoulder. He ascended the stairs and entered my room. He sat me on the bed before walking over to the window to close the red curtains.

Although it was still the afternoon and the sun was shining bright, the closed curtains shut out the light, leaving only red shadows dancing across my room. The sight gave me shivers.

Slowly, as if he wanted to cause me agony, he slipped off my shorts, pushing me onto my back in the process. He slid my shorts off of my bare feet and discarded them on the floor behind him.

He licked his tongue from my toes up to my panty line, making sure he sucked and nipped every inch of exposed skin he could find, causing me to moan and gasp.

His face level to my dripping pussy, he reached up and violently tore my top open. My straining breasts were released in all their FF glory, pushing against my bra. This pure, animalistic act of tearing my top off had hardened my nipples and soaked my panties. I shrugged the tattered remains of my orange top onto the floor before relaxing back, clad only in my black lacy underwear.

He roughly pulled himself upwards so his head was level with my breasts. I could feel his warm, minty breath against my tits and groaned. He pinned down my hands with his, and, with his teeth, ripped my bra open from the front.

I moaned as my firm tits stood proudly on top of my body, their hard nubs at their peaks. He gently blew across my breasts, causing shock to stem through me.

He reached out with his tongue and sucked on the underneath part of my voluptuous breasts. He nibbled, sucked and prodded with his mouth, until he decided it was time to travel north.

The second his mouth made contact with my nipple, I moaned and closed my eyes. He rolled the bud between his teeth, flicking it with his tongue. After he had paid sufficient attention to the nipple, he moved on to the next one, giving me the same reaction.

After he was satisfied that my breasts had been pleasured enough, he wiggled his way down so that, once again, his face was in line with my pulsating pussy.

He hooked his fingers around the waistbands of my black panties, his eagerness rolling off of him like heat. However, he controlled himself.

Inch by inch, he lowered my panties, the cold air flushing against my bald pussy lips. He discarded my undies on the floor next to my shorts.

He pressed his nose into my cunt and sniffed. He let out a low, guttural moan when my scent entered his nose, pushing himself further against me. He continued to smell me for a few seconds, before sneaking his tongue into my wet folds.

I gasped as his wet muscle poked and prodded my slit, licking from my clit down to my pussy, back to my clit again. I let out small "Oh's" and "Ah's" each time he came into contact with either of them.

His tongue pushed up against my hole and entered it. He plunged it in and out, reaching his tongue as far as it would go. I was in heaven.

Before I could enjoy the feeling for too long, however, he pulled his face away. His chin was covered in my love juice, and smelt like strawberries. Somehow, while he was pleasuring me, he had fully stripped.

I looked down and my stomach plummeted.

In front of me, in all its glory, was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It looked to be at least twelve inches, and five inches thick. It was going to be inside me.

Pre-cum dripped from its circumcised head, its bulbous shape mouth-watering.

He rubbed the under part of his long shaft against my dripping pussy, lubricating himself for his big entrance.

He pressed against my cunt, his head stretching my opening. He pushed, and his head was sucked inside me, emitting a gasp from me. His hands still held me down.

He rocked back and forth, slowly but surely pushing deeper. I could feel each movement inside my pussy, its tightness stretching to accommodate his brutal length.

Suddenly, just when he had established speed and rhythm, he plunged balls-deep into my cunt.

I screamed, not doubtful and not caring that my neighbours heard, and shuddered against him.

He had reached a depth that no cock had achieved in my before. His cock was pushing up against my cervix- not exactly a pleasant feeling. But I liked it anyway.

He didn’t let me catch my breath before he started fucking me hard. He gripped my shoulders hard as he started to fuck, pounding away at my pussy.

“So tight,” he grunted, “so fucking tight.”

He pinned my hands above my neck, holding them with one hand while the other groped my breasts. He bounced them around before he slapped them.

“Ah!” I yelped as the sting resonated. It hurt, but still felt good.

My orgasm started to build as he kept slapping away at my treasured orbs. He bit a nipple and I cried out. He bit again.

His hand travelled to my clit and he pinched it tight. It was swollen against his rough hands. He slapped my clit and I moaned.

“I’m gonna cum, Sir!” I whispered.

“Good,” he pounded away, “cum all over my cock, baby…feel my seed inside you,”

My eyes rolled back as my orgasm triggered, wave after wave after wave of pure ecstasy pounded through my veins, my skin, and my body. I screamed his name as he came inside me, his hot seed spilling into my womb, prolonging my orgasm. He shot load after load of his hot cum into my cunt.

All I could hear was my heartbeat pounding loudly in my ears. Our moans were distant to my ears and were sensual.

He grinded one last time as he collapsed, his cock still inside me.

I played with his hair as I closed my eyes, listening to our breathing. I trailed soft kisses across his forehead, sucking on his skin.

“Baby?” he moaned.


“I fucking love your cunt. It’s mine,” he cupped my pussy, “I own this cunt.”

I moaned at his words. “Yes,” I whispered, “your cunt.”

He slid a finger inside.

“But I want more.”

“More?” I opened my eyes.

“Your ass. I will have it. Now.”
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