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Mr. No name

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I was running late for my first class as I hopped over the last 4 stairs rushing out the door. My day had already started off bad with a call from my ex' s new girl friend. She was on the phone saying to leave her man alone while he was in the kitchen fixing me breakfast. If only she knew he was everybody's man. That's why he's not mine. I just needed him to come over every so often and bang me out and last night was my night. He wasn't the best in bed but he did the trick. She could keep him, I didn't want him just some of his cock. I was so glad he left when he got her messages after he finally turned his phone on.

As I was coming out my apartment building I caught sight of the bus pulling away from the bus stop. I stomped my foot on the ground and threw my hands up in disgust at my bad morning. I started to walk because I knew another bus would not be coming at least for a half hour. After about walking a block and a silver blue Impala caught my attention pulling up in front of me. As I walked past I could hear a voice call out from the car.

"Excuse me, Miss". The strangers voice said. I kept walking like I didn't hear him. Behind me I could hear the car door shut. I figured he got the point and was headed to his destination. I was caught totally off guard when he ran up from behind me and stopped directly in front of me.

" Can I help you?" I asked. He smiled, in a as a matter of fact you can type of way. " I should be the one asking if I could help you" he stated smoothly. "Listen," he continued, "I was watching you walk down this street and you looked lonely. Like you needed some one. I wanted to offer my services to you."

"Your services?" I said with a screw face. "What kind of services?" I asked.

"Well why don't you come over to this diner with me and I can explain it to you over a cup of coffee?" He said.

"I'm sorry, I'm already late for a class and I don't really have the time to waste." I said looking him in the eye.

That's when I seen it. Umm...oh.. its hard to explain. It was everything I needed. He was very sexy. His caramel complexion glistened with oil. I could see the shape of his tones chest under his wife beater. Oh he was it. I wanted him. I needed to feel him. I didn't know why or how I could instantly get turned on by him but I was. I needed to fuck him and soon because my pussy began to throb at the thought of what me and him could do.

"Well sweetie I can take you where ever you need to go." he stated snapping me out my fantasy of him. "You sure can" I said under my breath.

"Ok well lets get in my car and you lead the way." He pointed in the direction of his Impala. We walked over and he open my door and I stepped in and opened his door. He got in and we pulled off.

"So where are we going" he asked " To your place" I said eyeing him real sexy like. " I like the sound of that!" he said with a wide grin

We drove a few blocks and made a few turns and we ended up infront of a shabby looking apartment building. The windows had bars on them and there were some ruff looking men standing in front of the building. I almost turned around and peeled out of there but my pussy wouldn't let me. We walked in to the apartment and I could hear the bums behind me trying to whistle. Ugh..

He brought me up to an apartment that was on the second floor. When we entered his apartment I was amazed at the difference in environment change. His house was laid. It was on once again it was on!!.

I sat down on his micro suede couch and got comfortable by taking off my sandals and motioning for him to come to me. He walked over to me and got on his knees between my legs. He placed his hands on my thighs and massaged them softly.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer to him. I ran my finger through his wavy hair. He moved his hands up to my waist, touching me every inch of the way. I lifted my head to look at him and that's when our lips met. He kissed me deeply with his tongue dodging in and out of my mouth. He worked his way to my neck kissing me hard and ruff. I loved it. He found my spot on my neck and bit me. I moaned and that's when things really got wild. He pulled my shirt off and layed me back on the couch. He kissed me my up stomach, up around my breast, to my nipples. He paid special attention to my nipples. He flicked his tongue over them like he was giving them a spanking for being naughty.

He licked a trail down to my belly button and dipped in making tiny circles with his tongue. He unbuttoned my jeans and I lifted my ass so he could take them off with my panties. He opened my legs and kissed up my thigh to my pussy. He french kissed my hard clit like he missed it. He ate me like a hungry beast and made me cum, moaning and shaking violently. He liked all my juices up and then licked his lips.

He stood up and I could see a huge erection pointing to my face. I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to his feet along with his boxers. I was face to face with this monster dick, I couldn't stop my mouth from watering. I grabbed his cock and placed it in my mouth. The warmth out my mouth almost made him weak in his knees. He put his hand on the back of my head and guided my head on and off his cock. I suck hard him and wild until I felt him stiffen up even more almost ready to cum. I pulled his dick out my mouth and jerked it til he exploded all over my chest. I moaned in pleasure as I put his dick back in my mouth trying to get it back up. It was only a matter of moments before he was rock hard again.

He pushed my head away and stood me up. We smiled at each other and shared another passionate kiss. God this man was acting like he was my man or something. I needed him to be. We hadn't even fucked yet and I knew that man could work magic.

He turned me around and I bent over the couch entering me from behind. He fill my pussy to the brim. He pounded my ass from the back, getting into every corner of me pussy. It felt so good. Our moans were like us singing a duet. He fucked me hard making me come every couple minutes. He fucked me so good I squirted, which was something that I never experienced. He felt so right in me.

He reached around and played with my clit. My moans got loader as did his. I could tell he was getting close nutting. I pulled away from him letting him fall out of me. I put some spit on my hand and rubbed it on his stone cock. The I inserted it in my ass. He went crazy, moaning and fucking me wild. I came hard as ever and he started fucking me rapidly.

My body shook hard as my pussy got wetter and wetter. He pulled his cock out my ass and rammed it back in my pussy pounding it hard. I felt this pleasurable warm sensation run down my spine and through my body as I came again.

Everything in the room just seemed to disappear as he fucked me into a emotional world of multiple orgasms. All of a sudden I felt him clench my hips and jam all of his cock deep inside of me. I yelped as the his dick hit the bottom of my stomach. I could tell he was cumming. He fucked me fast and deep draining his cock of every bit of cum.

I turned to face him as we collapsed on the couch. We shared another deep kiss as he reached around and played with my clit again. He rubbed it hard and fast. He let his fingers travel to my hole and moistened his fingers with his own cum. He brought his 2 fingers back up to my clit and continued to rub my clit hard until he felt me jerk as I came again. I pushed his hand away. I was tired of cumming, but he grabbed my wrist and knelt between my legs. I tried to push him away with my other hand but he grabbed that on too and held my hands to the side. I struggled to break free but he buried his face deep in my pussy and I could no longer resist He ate me until I came 3 more time in his mouth. He sucked my clit gently and made tiny circles around it. He fucked me with his tongue and even traveled to my asshole. He released my arm after he lubricated my butthole with his spit to ease his thumb in there. I lost control of my thoughts as I opened my legs wider so he could get it better. I relaxed every part of me as I prepared myself to bust. My moans were loud but grew louder when I felt the familiar warmth enter my body. I grabbed his head and pushed him deeper into my pussy riding his mouth until I came all over his face.

I fell back breathing hard and sweating. He got up and I saw his dick was rock hard again.

"No, please no more. Please." I pleaded with him.

He rubbed the head of his dick and just replied "Suck it." putting his cock in my face.


I took the head of his dick in my mouth and ran my teeth along it as I pulled it back out. I heard a small gasp escape from him. I then took all of him in to the back of my throat. I gagged a little but I was fine. I worked my throat muscles around his dick head and I could hear him moan a little. I looked up at him only to be met with his hands to my head shoving his dick down my throat. He fucked my mouth fast until I felt him swell up in my mouth. I pulled him out of my mouth and jerked him until he came all over my breast. I rubbed it in my tits and licked my lips at him. He pulled me up to him by my arms. I sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Then it dawned on me and I felt so stupid. I didn't even bother to get his name...

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