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Mr Right

Next time, he says, I’ll take my time and fuck you right.
I walked in the club and spot him instantly. Tall light brown brotha with eyes like brown sugar. He checks me out a lil bit as I saunter past him to the bar. I hear my song so I must get on the dance floor. I shake my ass as Rhianna calls to a rude boy and throw him a few looks over my shoulder.

He takes the hint and meets me on the floor ready for it. We dance, we touch, we flirt. He grabs my hand and pulls me out the door to the side of the club. We kiss and I feel his dick long and strong harden against my belly.

He looks down at me and says, "Can I have you?"

"Hell yeah," I say.

He picks me up in his arms and rips my panties from my ass, bearing me to the chill of the late night, then he impales me on his thick and juicy cock to the hilt. I scream out and he covers my mouth with his to muffle the sound.

When he feels I am accustomed to his size and girth he starts a slow and steady pace driving me crazy with lust. I hold on for dear life as he increases the pace. His moans and groans take me higher and just when the pleasure gets unbearable, I shatter in his arms like broken glass.

When I come back to my senses he's kissing my face asking me if I'm okay.

"Hell yes I am," I tell him and he smiles at me as he puts me down.

"Next time," he says, "I’ll take my time and fuck you right." Then he hands me a card, a key and gives me a gentle kiss. "Until next time," he says, then gets in a car not too far away and drives off.

I stand there in my stupor and realize I never told him my name. I read the card and it says The right man for you. Call me. I definitely will.

I pace back and forth in my apartment holding that card wondering if its too soon to call, if this is for real, or am I falling into someone's idea of a hilarious joke. I think about the sex and decide that it was good enough to be a fool this once and dial the number.

"Hello," a smooth deep voice comes through the phone and sends chills straight to my pussy.

I say, "Hello," and ask to speak to the right man for me.

He tells me, "You got him."

At this point I’m not sure what to say but he saves me by asking can he take me out to wine and dine me tonight before fucking my brains out. I know it seems disrespectful but that shit turns me on something fierce and I tell him to pick me up at eight. He says he will see me soon then asks me my name. I tell him and he tells me his. We talk a bit more and then hang up to get ready for the date.


We went to a nice Italian restaurant and sat at a booth in a quaint little corner. When dessert came he slid over right next to me and fed me strawberries. As he was feeding me with one hand the other one was running up my thigh under my skirt.

He was surprised to find I wasn’t wearing panties but pleased. The wine was going to my head and his fingers were taking me on a tantalizing trip to climax as he whispered in my ear how he was gonna bury his face between my legs and slide his long dick deep in my wet cunt.

Just as I was about to cum he snatched his fingers from between my legs and stuck them in my mouth. The taste of my pussy juice mixed with the strawberry and inflamed my senses.

I was so hot when he kissed me I came.

He paid the bill while I recovered then we retired to his car to go back to his place.

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