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Ms Priss and the pick up

Shy, faithful and modest, I am seduced into a one night stand with a hot stranger.
I never go out to bars. My friends asked me to meet them at the local watering hole and I said yes. I had been lonely and bored. I sat at the bar and ordered a Tom Collins while I waited. I was dressed conservatively in the skirt and modest cardigan I had worn to work. I crossed my legs and swung my high heeled pump nervously. I barely noticed a man sit down next to me. I drew shapes with my finger in the condensation from my glass and pretended to be relaxed. Where was everybody?

The man next to me made a comment about the news story playing on the TV over the bar. I turned and looked into deep set hazel eyes and a warm smile. He was wearing serious looking glasses and an un-tucked button down with casual jeans.

We began to talk and I noticed that he was rather tall, with broad shoulders and long limbs. He was sexy, in a cute but kind of nerdy way. I felt pretty safe. I was a married woman with 2 grown children in college. I had no intention of cheating on my husband. We talked and laughed and he touched my arm or my shoulder a few times. I relaxed and began to feel a little sexy, less like a mature woman in her early 40s. I still believed that I was engaging in an innocent flirtation, I loved my husband very much. However, as the night wore on and my friends never showed, I let go of my very prim inhibitions a bit.

Eventually I felt his hand on my knee. I pretended not to notice and focused on his other hand holding his drink. He had large, well shaped hands with long fingers. I began to feel my leg get hot. He moved his hand up under my skirt and higher up on my thigh. Against my will my breath grew ragged and my pussy began to swell. I could feel my mouth begin to water as I became aroused. I licked my lips nervously as he began to stroke my mound over my pantyhose.

I was at the point of no return. I had not felt a man's hands on me in a few months. Things had been hectic at my house, my husband I were working different shifts. When we did share a bed we were exhausted and went right to sleep. I played with my dark hair, cut in a short but professional style. I licked my lips again and waited for the man to make the next move as I pushed my pussy against his hand. I made up my mind, I would fuck this man if he asked.

I could barely stand the anticipation. But, my vow. I could not ask him to fuck me. Although inside I was begging him. I wanted to rip my panty hose down and bend over the bar and offer my wet pussy to him without protest. I maintained eye contact with him, silently pleading with him to take me somewhere where we could tear each others clothes off. I bit my lip as the rhythm of his strokes made my pussy wetter and hotter.

He removed his hand and I felt like crying. He then helped me from the barstool and helped me put my coat on. He led me to his car and placed me in the passenger seat. He got in the car and turned to me, taking my face in his hands and kissing me passionately on the lips. My mouth opened to slip my tongue in his. I stroked his tongue with mine, he tasted slightly of whiskey. He smelled like Drakar Noir and shampoo.

I sighed into his mouth and hungrily sucked his tongue. My hand crept to the bulge in his pants. I gently kneaded his crotch. Just as I began to unzip his jeans he turned on the ignition. He put the car in drive and we began to drive. I glanced at him from time to time and tried not to think of my husband and my prim and proper life. I was what people considered a classy and professional woman. Modest and calm. My friends would be shocked to see me with my hands in the crotch of a man I did not know. I pushed the thoughts from my mind.

Before I knew it we had stopped and he helped me out of his car. He walked me up a sidewalk to the front door of a house. He told me he was married but his wife was gone for the night. He opened the door. Once inside he fell on me like a starved man. His hands were everywhere. We frantically pulled each others clothes off. Naked, I fell to my knees and pulled his boxers down. His cock was about 10 inches long. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. I grasped his cock and kissed the tip and licked the drop of cum on the tip. It was delicious.

I began to lick his cock like it was a lollipop. I swirled my tongue around the tip while I stroked his shaft in my hands. I felt my pussy lips swell and moisture drip down my thigh. I don't think my pussy had every been so wet. My pussy throbbed to the rhythm of his heartbeat in his cock. My 36 D breasts ached to have his hands on them. He threaded his hands through my short hair and pulled my mouth down onto his cock. I began to suck him and pull his cock into my throat, every so often I gagged, but I kept the pace and gently cupped his balls in my other hand. I was still sucking him when he pulled my mouth off of him and gently pushed me on my back on the floor.

He began kissing me and cupped both breasts in his hands. He kissed down my neck, his breath tickling me and making me feel hot and needy. He pulled my right nipple into his lips with a smacking sound. He gently bit down on my nipple while gently pinching my left nipple. My pussy got wetter. I thought I would come right then and there. I felt like a needy whore and I didn't care. I wanted his hands, mouth, cock all of it, on me and in me. He began to stroke my pussy lips. He gently tickled my swollen wet lips, the light covering of my manicured cunt created a hot friction.

I could feel my pussy get wetter and my labia swell to near bursting. I spread my legs wide like a slut. I blindly reached for his big beautiful cock. He evaded me and kissed and sucked his way down to my pussy. As soon as his breath hit my soft pussy lips I moaned loudly. I began to beg him to lick my pussy. "Please lick my pussy, it's so hot and wet for you! Oh God eat my cunt!" I thrust my pussy into his face. He placed his hands under the checks of my generous ass and slipped his tongue into my hole. I wasn't thinking anymore. I was just a whore, I needed to come. Only he could make me come. I had never acted like such a slut.

His tongue began to lick up and down my wet slit. His lips fastened around my hot clit. I came before I knew I was coming, my body shuddering and bucking without will. I pushed his wet face away from my cunt. I got up on my knees and spread my pussy apart. "Please fuck me with your monster cock! Make me come again. Fuck me and fill my nasty pussy up with your hot cum!" I was like a stranger. I didn't recognize the moans and filthy words coming out of my mouth.

He knelt behind my and lined his gorgeous cock up with my dripping hole. He rammed his long fat cock into my pussy in one plunge. He began fucking me wildly. He hung onto my voluptuous hips and pounded my pussy like a madman. He buried his face in my neck, kissing and sucking the back of my neck and ear. My back arched of it's own accord. I pushed me ass hard into him taking all 10 inches without complaint. I barely noticed the sound of his stomach hitting my big ass or his balls slamming against my wet slit. I grabbed my own titties and began pinching my nipples like a porn star.

He flipped me over and wrapped my legs around his waist as he began fucking me while kissing me, we sucked each others tongues and panted and talked dirty to each other. He told me how delicious and wet my pussy was, how hot and beautiful my ass was. He demanded to know if I liked it. I couldn't answer, I barely had breath left in me. He abruptly stopped pumping his enormous cock in my greedy pussy. He began to withdraw. I whimpered and squeezed my legs around him even tighter.

He again asked me, "Do you like this big cock in you?"

I whispered, "Yes."

He stroked in and out of me slowly and said, "Beg me to fuck you, tell me how much you love my cock fucking your sweet pussy."

I ground my pussy on him, dug my finger nails in his back, bucking my hips up grinding my cunt onto his prick. He forced my hands over my head, trapping them. He again thrust into me, stroking in and out, hard and slow. I whimpered and moaned, my pussy throbbing, every cell inside me was screaming for him to fuck me. I wanted to get down on my knees and worship his big gorgeous cock.

My pussy was dripping and aching to be fucked hard. He whispered to me, forcing me beg and plead for him to fuck me like the whore I was, to fill me up with his hot cum. He made me say it louder. When I thought I could stand no more of his teasing and taunting, he started fucking me harder. He flipped me onto my stomach and shoved his cock back into my sloppy cunt. He fucked me while he shoved his fingers in my mouth, muffling my screaming, moaning, slutty mouth.

I rose my big ass off of the floor and offered him my hot cunt, forcing him to bury his cock in me up to his balls. I felt him stiffen and bite into the soft spot between my neck and shoulder. I came with him as his boiling hot cum filled my pussy. He collapsed on my back and drew a ragged breath. He kissed the back of my neck and gathered me to him, sweaty and satisfied we gradually began to breathe normally.

We smiled at each other as he pulled the short dark haired wig off of my blonde head. My husband kissed me deeply and asked if he could pick up a curly haired red head next week. I smiled and said yes, but only if he handcuffed, blindfolded her, ate her hot cunt and fucked her tight ass on camera.

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