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A woman exits the bathroom to put on some music

You exit the bathroom, having just bathed. As you head into the lounge, making your way towards the stereo, I exit the kitchen behind you, carrying two glasses of wine. As you make your selection, I place the glasses on the coffee table. You press play.

I kiss your neck softly. You gasp, and put your hand to your damp hair. As I kiss your neck and then shoulders, you reach round and feel my jean-clad arse. You turn your head further, and as we kiss softly, your towel drops to the floor, exposing your warm heaving breasts.

I gently pass my hand from your left shoulder down to your left breast, cupping it before moving on to your firm erect nipple. I squeeze. My right hand does the same, as we continue to kiss. You stop kissing me and look down at my hands as they slowly move down your body. As they reach your warm mound and inner thighs, one of your hands has found its way into my jeans.

Just as I begin to gently stroke your clit, whilst stroking one of your arse cheeks, you discover my hard, throbbing cock inside my jeans. I jolt a little as you squeeze the head, and my hand slips down to your wet tunnel. Automatically, my middle finger slides in. I begin fingering you slowly as you stroke my cock. As the music plays on, our breathing and motion increases.

I stop and turn you around, lowering onto the comfy chair next to the stereo. I remove my shirt and kneel down. I lean foward and passionately kiss your neck, before moving down to your breasts, cupping each one in turn and kissing and licking your hard nipples. I place my hands on your hips and move my tongue down your stomach.

As I reach the top of your mound, I skip down to your inner thighs, which I lick and kiss. As I can feel you urging me up, I put my hands under your arse, and move my tongue up to your clit. I begin licking and kissing it whilst sqeezing your arse cheeks. I move down and thrust my coiled tongue inside you. I repeat and repeat the thrust of my tongue, before opening it out to fully taste the inner walls of your tunnel. I can feel you quivering, and pull out.

I stand up to remove my jeans. You lean foward, grab my throbbing cock and take it in your mouth, sucking hard. You stop to lick its head and go down to my balls, and thrust it back in your mouth again. I am fit to burst. I push your head back.

I kneel down again, grab your thighs and pull you forward. We look hard at each other as I enter you. You grab my arms as I thrust into you again and again, until we both explode against each other. Now both sweating and panting, I lean forward and we kiss passionately, but softly. You grab my arse cheeks to keep my still hard cock inside you warm vibrating tunnel.

And, I don't want to go anywhere....



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