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my after school snack

a fantasy about seeing a very very sexy gardner

Dear diary: yesterday keeps replaying in my head “Oh... Ohhhh yes fuck my tight teen pussy fuck it hard” was all I could say as I watched the muscular gardener plunge into my hot, wet hole. He was hammering me so hard I could feel it in my stomach. My panties are beginning to get wet even as I write this. Damn he was so fucking hot, I can cum just saying his name alone…Justin... oh fuck I want him again.

It all started when I got home yesterday. I saw him in our backyard he startled me at first then I remembered mom telling me about the gardener coming over later. I saw him before he say me. From the side of the house all I could he was his well shaped athletic body. His rock hard evenly tanned six pack abs heading straight down forming a v shape leading down to that big cock that filled me yesterday. While I was still a beginner in taking cock I was an expert at flirting and sucking cock. I always get what I want and I knew I wanted him no matter what it took.

I quickly but quietly ran upstairs to change my clothes and freshen up. I changed into a pair of short shorts and a purple tank top with the word diva across my chest. I grabbed an ice pop out of the freezer and snatched my notebook off the table making sure to slam the door on my way out. He jumped up and greeted me with a smile turning off the weed whacker and removing the glove on his left hand. My eyes glued to his body scanning it slowly I had forgotten that I wasn’t watching him from a distance but just inches from his delicate sexy flesh. His chest hairless and glistening with sweat yet he smelled fresh, I made my way up to his lips which were wet from the water he had just finished drinking. I slowly made my way up to those deep hazel pools in his eyes, licking my lips self-consciously and crossing my legs as I felt the walls of my pussy becoming tight. I don’t know why but I tortured myself sneaking a quick look at his cock which was neatly tucked in his plaid shorts. I thought to myself he must be big because even without being hard there was a bulge in his shorts. He cleared his throat, with a slight giggle.

“Hey I’m Justin did your mom tell you I was coming?”

I shook my head not being able to speak just yet.

“Hellooo can u speak” he said with a chuckle.

“Sorry I was having a moment I’m Jess and yea my mom did tell you were coming”

“It’s ok happens to all of us”

The words came out before I could stop them

“Can I feel your body I….I mean”

“Sure go ahead I like my work being admired”

I slowly rubbed every individual crease and section slowly and gently, biting down on my lip. I let my hand lazily brush across his cock letting him know my intentions. He shivered closed his eyes shortly took a deep breath and said he should get back to work. This sent a chill down my spine knowing that he wanted to indulge and let me stroke his cock but he tried to resist. I giggled.

I went to go lie down on the porch placing my note book on the smooth wood. I pulled my shirt down before lying on my stomach revealing my perky slightly tanned boobs. I watched him walk to the grass in front of our porch trying not to make eye contact. This turned me on so much. I knew he had to face me in order to cut the grass, now was the time. I slowly unwrapped to paper from around my ice-pop licking it from the bottom all the way up to the rounded tip letting it sit in my mouth until the juice ran down the side. I continued this process until the ice-pop was a small circle on the stick. I tilted my head back and stuck the stick in my mouth until it disappeared, then I slowly pulled it out leaving nothing but a bare stick, still he tried to focus on his work I was both extremely turned on and slightly annoyed. It was about another 15 minutes before he went to the back to continue the backyard. I followed him. I sat there following his every move with my eyes blowing kisses and licking my lips when our eyes met.

He sat down in a lawn chair lazily spreading his legs and wiping beads of sweat from his smooth forehead. This was my chance I was determined to get what I wanted. I slowly crawled over to him on all fours until I was at his feet sitting less than a foot away from his cock. I boldly put my hand on his cock grabbing it and squeezing softly could feel the already noticeable bulge beginning to grow under my hand. He only tried to resist me because it was the right thing to do but before he could finished his forced attempt to stop me I slowly licked his lips and we shared a fruity kiss, due to the ice-pop I had earlier.

He was hesitant at first not wanting to touch me or kiss me, but that quickly passed. We kissed slowly at first then he began gradually pushing his tongue down my throat tickling the back of my tongue. As I allowed him to message the inside of my mouth I quickly pushed my small hand down his pants rubbing my index finger across the top of his boxers. I tried to take my time but he pushed my hand into his pants and began to play with my nipples and kiss my neck. While I couldn’t quite see his cock yet I knew it was big and freshly shaven. I played with his balls slowly circling them then moved up to the head of his cock swiping my finger back and forth across its sensitive head causing it to twitch. My hands quickly became moist with his pre-cum. We slowly inched backwards until he was sitting back in the lawn chair never on loosening him grip around my waist pushing my throbbing pussy against his twitching cock. Damn it felt good I couldn’t control it I felt my underwear absorbing the fresh cum. As soon as he collapsed into the chair onto the ground I fell to my knees, and began pulling off his shorts. When I took his shorts down all that was left was his tight boxer briefs holding his hard cock and a small damp circle. I couldn’t help it I bit my lip and savagely ripped off his boxers, his cock greeting me with a slap on the chin and then an adorable twitch. I took his cock in my hand squeezing and stroking slowly, as he dropped his head back letting out a small moan. I stared at his cock a while before taking it in, just thinking to myself how happy I was.

I slowly gave the tip of his cock one quick lick, and then watched his reaction. He shivered quickly causing his cock to twitch, mmmm I loved it. I took him into my mouth making small circles around his head while moving up and down. I tried to fit all of him down my throat causing me to gag a little but it was worth it. I quickened my pace sucking hard and fast he began to moan and thrust into the back of my throat. After about 15 mins of that he quickly stood me up ripping off my shorts and wasted no time by now we were on the freshly cut grass. He held his cock tightly sliding it across my still sensitive clit almost causing me to cum. Hr then entered me slowly as I groaned and arched my back the pain was incredible. He then pushed as much of himself in as he could fit, pushing in hard and deep as I rubbed his sexy body. Before long all I could see was his wonderful body towering over me, thrusting deep into me breathing hard and pushing fast causing me to jolt up and down onto the grass. I began to breath fast not completing any breath I took .I was going to cum. I ooooed and aaaaed squeezing my nipples and grinding hard against the grass. Then it happened the walls of my pussy became extremely tight so tight he had to slow his pace down I closed my eyes and bit down on my lip screaming… Oh... Ohhhh yes fuck my tight teen pussy fuck it hard. Damn I can feel my pussy tighting right now. Uuugghh well I have to go now mom is calling.

P.S: mom says he did an amazing job on the house and will be coming over to fix the hole in my ceiling mmm I can’t wait.

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