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My Algebra Tutor

This is a true story about the day my college tutor fucked me.......
It was late January, the day after my 19th birthday. The temperature outside was freezing, around 28 degrees. As I smoked my cigarette outside Wallace Hall. I looked up and saw this tall gorgeous man, about 6'3 walking towards me. As he walked by me towards the entry doors I smiled and said hi.

I didn’t give him another thought until I saw him come back out, this time he asked for a cigarette. I handed him one, and lit another for me. I was so cold but I was determined to talk to this hunky man. He started talking to me, and asked my name and what classes I was taking. Somewhere in the conversation I learned his name was Dallas. He was a 25 year old Business Major from Florida. After about 10 minutes, I told him I had to go to my Poly-Sci class, and I would see him around campus.

After my class I realized that I had to meet with my Algebra tutor at 5pm. By this time it was getting dark and colder. I hated Math and anything that had to do with it. I walked up to the fourth floor of the Library and looked round, it was dead and empty. But, hell at least it was warm. I walked towards the back where the English Literature was located. I looked over and there was my tutor, who happened to be Dallas. "Oh, fuck!" I thought to myself, "I will never pass my exam now!" I walked over to him, trying to keep my cool, Dallas looked up and said

"Um Hi, are you the one I’m tutoring?"

"Yeah" was all I managed to say.

I sat down and noticed that he was extremely muscular. I felt my thong getting damp. "Mother fucker! I can’t be horny now!" I thought to myself. I tried to block everything sexual out of my mind, and get this session over with. Dallas started rubbing his neck; I asked him what was wrong.

"My neck has been hurting since I left the gym." he replied.

"Would you mind if I rubbed it for you?" What the hell why did I ask that!!??

He looked at me with such sweet eyes and asked "Would you?"

At that moment I realized what beautiful blue eyes he had. I stood up and rubbed his neck and shoulders. He didn’t feel tense at all, which made me wonder if he lied about it. After a few minutes he said it felt better and I sat back down. We continued with the tutoring, but after a couple of minutes I felt his hand slide up my thigh. I tried to stay calm and act like I didn’t feel anything, but that all dissolved when he felt the moisture through my jeans.

Dallas picked me up and placed me on the table in front of him. I leaned down and kissed his lips, they were so soft and sexy. He unbuttoned my pink lacy top and laid it on the table. He started kissing my neck, I felt like I was in Heaven. He pulled my tank top above my breasts and started licking and sucking on them gently. Never have I felt anything like this, I could feel my jeans getting soaked from my juices.

He pulled my jeans off and rubbed my clit through my cotton thong, I laid back on the table and enjoyed what was happening. He kissed me with such passion, that I felt like cumming. He kissed my thighs and worked his way to my pussy, he pulled my thong off and started licking my clit, and I felt like I would explode. I felt his tongue pushing into my wet cunt hole, as a moan escaped my lips. Dallas stood up and pulled down his sweatpants to expose a beautiful and thick 8 inch long dick.

I wanted it so bad; he pulled me closer to the edge of the table and slowly entered my pussy. Instantly my pussy walls wrapped around his hard dick.

"Jesus, your fucking tight" he said.

He pumped harder and faster, hitting bottom with every thrust. I felt myself getting closer to cumming. I wrapped my legs around his waist and screamed, "Fuck me Dallas, I’m cumming!" I felt my juices running down his dick and onto the table.

I thought he was going to pull out, but to my surprise he continued to fuck my wet swollen cunt. I felt my walls tighten around his thick cock. I knew I was cumming again. I screamed and grabbed his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin. “Fuck yes" I moaned and another stream of my pussy juice ran down his dick.

He pulled his dick out and had me get on the floor, "Suck my cock baby." he said in a low sensual tone. I sucked his dick, licking my own cum, enjoying the taste of my pussy. He grabbed my hair and started moaning, forcing his cock into my mouth. My first time deep throating and I didn’t gag. I loved the feeling of him fucking my throat. Dallas looked down at me and said "I’m going to cum baby, I’m cumming."

I felt his warm creamy liquid in my throat. I swallowed every bit of it. This put a pleasing smile on his face. He helped me back up, and I put my clothes back on. I gathered my books and put my jacket on. Dallas held my hand as we walked down the stairs and out into the cold air.

"Meet me here at 1pm tomorrow." he said in a soft caressing voice,
As I walked towards my car, I knew that wasn’t the end to Dallas, or our on campus fucking.

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