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My Beautiful Insurance Agent

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the best way to buy insurance
My Beautiful Insurance Agent

Yesterday I had to get an assessment for my auto insurance since I’d just purchased a “rather new” automobile. My insurance agent works out of her office so I set an appointment for 11am. I’d just showered from finishing a spinning class, and did it ever kick my ass! I’m getting ready for the upcoming biking season and like to be in somewhat decent shape before the near-daily riding that consumes me in the warm seasons. To be honest, my legs were a bit shaky; I’d pushed quite hard in the morning class.

I entered her office that was located in her home. After a relaxed greeting, she asked how I was. I replied that I was a bit tired, that the spinning class had left my legs a bit weak. She laughed, saying she understood. She loves to run and after distances of 8 miles or greater, suffers from the same malady. I somewhat jokingly mentioned that I could use a good massage. With that, she replied that she would be happy to oblige. What the hell, I thought, and replied,

“That’s the best offer I’ve had all week!” With that she asked me to sit down and remove my shoes. At first I thought she was only joking but she then said,

“Well? Are you going to remove those shoes or not?” So remove them I did, and she began to massage my feet – which were aching a bit. I then mentioned that my calves and thighs were also aching, and she replied,

“Then you better take off those jeans and let me work on them.” Now I wasn’t not sure what the hell to expect. So I asked,

“Where is your significant other? Might he not be a bit upset to walk in and find you massaging the legs of one of your clients?” Her reply was,

“He’s in Dallas at a conference and won’t be back for 4 more days.” With that, my jeans were off, and thrown across the nearby chair before she finished the sentence!

“Nice boxers you got there,” she said as she gave a bit of a throaty laugh. And with that she told me to sit on the couch and to relax. As I sat back her skirt rose a bit, revealing her absolutely beautifully shaped legs.

“It’s obvious that you run,” I said, taking in perhaps the most beautiful site I’d seen in months. My voice must’ve cracked a bit with lust, because again she asked with her own throatiness,

“You like?” She then moved to massage my thighs – having spent time on my calves earlier. My response to her ‘You like? comment was to say that they were beautiful and that I’d like a bit more of a view. She didn’t reply immediately but instead smiled and said that her significant other also takes spinning classes and that some days he aches in the area between his ‘balls and ass’, as she put it. With that my little chubby began to turn into significant wood. My response?

“Well, that area seems a bit sore…” I choked out. She then began to unbutton her skirt saying,

“This is too tight to properly take care of your aches and pains. So if you want me to properly assist you, you’d better remove those Bugs Bunny boxers.” Hell, I don’t know if my face was red from her BB comment or the fact that my wood was so fucking obvious.

But those legs! They were fantastic, with her standing there in her thong and no pussy hair on the sides. Yeah, I was turned on! Damn! Was this really happening? She was the most gorgeous woman I’d seen in weeks (and was I gonna get lucky or what?)

She slipped her fingers under the waist band of my Bugs Bunnys, and slowly slid them down my legs. With that The General then snapped to attention. She pushed me back onto the couch and began to massage the area behind my balls, gently lifting them out of the way. Her other hand then slowly stroked my cock, and with her action it grew to a length I didn’t think possible. She then said that perhaps my balls needed a bit of ‘moisture’ and with that took them into her mouth! Shit! I nearly blew my load right there! I was in heaven! A deep moan escaped my lips. I heard a throaty laugh as she then took my cock into her mouth, and didn’t stop until she had me half way down her throat. Talk about heaven! She picked up the pace, making my hips jerk as she kept swallowing my cock. Gotta admit, I was getting close – very close.

I yelled, “Fuck! I’m going to cum!”

With that she said, “No, you’re not!” and stopped mouthing me and stood, removing her thong.

There in front of me was the most beautiful pussy I’d ever seen! Clean shaven except for a tiny strip above her now-dripping slit, glistening from her own moisture, unbelievably beautiful! I couldn’t stop myself. I pulled her close, opened her legs and with her still standing, buried my face into her super wet pussy. I couldn’t get enough! Her smell; her taste; her total wetness. I had to lick and suck every drop from her pussy that I could! Fuck! She had the most amazing pussy I’d ever had! I gently pushed her back onto the couch and began in earnest to lick her slit, and then moved to her clit. I had two fingers buried in her dripping pussy, massaging her G-spot. Soon her hips were bucking and she was gasping. Within a minute she shouted,

“I’m gonna cum!” I couldn’t stop! I had to have more of her fabulous pussy! I continued to drink her juices as she kept cumming and cumming. I slowed a bit, giving her time to (kind of) catch her breath. But I then again picked up the pace; my tongue was all over her; my fingers were buried in her pussy, massaging the magic area. Again, with her legs around my neck she shouted,

“O shit I’m cumming again!” After this I couldn’t help it. I stood and without fanfare buried my cock into her – it was perhaps the best-feeling pussy I’ve ever fucked. God, she was so fucking hot! So wet! She was fucking me with wild abandon, her pussy grasping my throbbing cock…. Fuck! I was gonna explode!

I must apologize here. I should’ve taken more time, but to be honest this woman had me so fucking hot that I literally was out of control! I pounded into her pussy so hard and fast that in some way I’m not sure I can even remember it all.

Me pounding, grunting and moaning; her moaning and again screaming,

“I’m gonna cum again!” I do remember with that I blew my load into her hot, wet dripping pussy. I couldn’t stop cumming either. Hell, I nearly passed out.

I slowly sank to the couch beside her. We were gasping for air; who stole all of the fucking oxygen? As I sat there with my eyes closed, I felt a hand begin to slowly stroke my semi-soft cock. Oh shit, here we go again. As I reached for her, kissing her, reaching for her so-tight perfect ass, and pulling her on top of me, the phone rang. With that, she looked at me with pool-deep brown eyes and said,

“I gotta take this. That ring is set from corporate office.”

I silently stood, with my cock still at the ready. But she motioned me out… so I slowly got dressed as she talked actuarial bullshit into the piece of plastic. As I began to leave I saw a note pad on her desk. I picked up a pen and wrote, ‘I need a quote on my home insurance. How about noon tomorrow?’ She looked at me, tweeked her nipples, slipped a finger into her still wet pussy and nodded YES! vigorously.

Wonder what she’s going to serve for lunch?

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