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My Best Friends Brother 2

It's better the secong time around
A knock on the door sounded as I slipped on my silk lingerie. I knew it was Tony since he had sent me a text message earlier about coming by.

I knew he was thinking about the first time we had sex together, hell even I couldn’t stop. I even had dreams about it every night. Reliving every detail, the way his cock fit into my pussy and how he fucked me so hard, I woke up and my panties would be soaked with cum. Nothing could take my mind from it. Every time I see him I always get wet quickly.

I open the door to see Tony leaning against the side of it. He smiles at me and I nearly jump out of my skin with happiness.

“Hey, can I come in?” he asks in his deep voice causing me to smile.

“Sure.” I open the door wider so that he can walk past me. He heads straight towards my room and sits down on the bed. I sit down next to him then he pulls me on top of him.

I start to kiss his neck softly as his hands explore my body. I rub his chest and feel his hard muscles and I feel myself getting excited.

“You looking really sexy in that lingerie.” He says against my face. I kiss his lips and sit up to respond to him.

I laugh, “I know I picked it out just for you baby.” I roll my tongue over his left ear.

I feel his penis get hard and rub against the outside of my panties. I think about how big it is and I start to get wetter.

Tony starts to undo the buttons on my top, he throws it to the ground and then he reaches into my panties. He slides two fingers into my wet hole and he twirls them around inside me.

“Oh yeah,” I moan as he slides another finger in. He starts to caress my boobs with his free hand. First he squeezes them softly then he does it harder. I felt myself about to explode all over the place.

“Baby, I’m about to cum.” I moan louder.

“Yes, cum for daddy.” He says.

Cum shoots out of my pussy and soaks the front of his jeans. Tony laughs as he sees how much cum had came out I fall back on the bed, tired.

“Even more of a reason to take them off.” He tosses them to the floor and sits up straight. “You can do me now.”

His cock stood straight up and I instantly wanted to jump on it and ride it all night long. Instead I roll on my stomach and feel on his penis. Veins pulsed all around it making it even bigger. I spit on it so that it could get wet.

I lick the head in a circular motion and he moans loudly. I start to put the entire cock in my mouth it reaches the back of my throat and gag a little. I could taste some of his cum leaking into my mouth and I swallow it wanting more.

Tony grabs my face, “You ready for my cum?” I nod eagerly and put his hard cock back into my mouth.

Instantly warm cum fills my mouth and it my cheeks expand with the wide load. I drink it fast and some drips out my mouth and I lick it with my tongue. Tony touches my face, “Turn around.” I do as he says quickly.

He starts touching my plump ass and he smacks it a few times. I raise my ass higher in the air. He opens my legs wider and pokes around trying to find my pussy. As he shoves it in I moan loudly the feel of his warm cock felt so good inside I wanted to scream even more.

“Oh shit.” I say as his cock grows bigger inside me. Tony pumps harder and harder into my throbbing pussy and stretches it out even wider. The pain felt good and I never wanted it to end. Tony smiled in pleasure as he came deep inside me.

We kiss intensely for awhile and then he pulls out and sits next to me.

“Are you leaving soon?”I ask hopefully he doesn’t.

He laughs, “I don’t think I ever want to leave.” He touches my stomach softly then my pussy. I start to rub his stiff cock.

I laugh, "I'm guessing you want to so this again?"

"Hell yeah." He climbs on top of me.

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