My best friend's brother

By hiddendesiree

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"Hurry up! How long does it take to get a couple of things together?!" Amy shouted up the stairs.

I'd only been upstairs for about 15 minutes before her complaining began. "Will you keep your hair on? I can't find my shorts!" I shouted back down. I could have taken any old shorts but I needed my comfy shorts. I couldn't sleep without them.

"Well hurry up! Scott'll be home in half an hour and if we don't get there first, we can kiss goodbye to the TV for the night."

Scott was Amy's drop-dead gorgeous brother. God's gift to women. He stands at 6" 6, six pack, blonde hair which always looked perfect and not to mention the massive bulge in his pants. Not that I'd looked. Brother's were totally off limits. I suppose I should describe Amy. Amy is a tiny 4" 10. She looks like a little doll. She has long brunette hair which I have always been jealous of because it nearly reaches her waist. She has green eyes which were the colour of a freshly cut field. She is attractive, funny and likable. Explains why all the boys in school want to get into her pants.

Now me. My name is Chloe. I'm 5"4 with blonde hair that goes past my shoulders and blue eyes that look like the sea. I have 34C breasts which I am quite proud of. Why shouldn't I be? None of the boys I meet seem mature enough. Except Scott. He's 22 years old and has an amazing body. He's been going to the gym twice a week since his dad took him when he was 16 and all that work has paid off.

Interrupting my day dream was another shout from Amy. Finally I found my shorts, stuffed them in my bag and set off downstairs.

"About fucking time," said Amy as we started half walking, half running to her house. It was about a 15 minute walk but we made it in 10. It was about 9:00PM and Amy started yawning.

"What's wrong with you? I'm normally the one yawning first," I said as we plonked down on her sofa.

"Busy day. That's all," she said. She was fast asleep when Scott came in the door. He looked at me.

"Mind if I watch the footie highlights?" he asked me.

"Knock yourself out," I said. He reached over me to grab the controller. All I had to do was reach out a finger and touch his amazing chest. He caught me looking but acted as if nothing was unusual. I'm a known football fan and I would've happily watched it but my gaze kept being drawn to Scott. I'm sure he caught me looking a couple of times.

"Why don't you come over here? It won't hurt your eyes as much," Scott said. True, this sofa was right next to the TV and I was starting to get a headache. He shuffled over to make some space and I sat down next to him with my feet tucked beside me. I kept sneaking looks at his amazing body. We made eye contact and said nothing. I saw a look of desire pass through his eyes. He slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, starting out slow but getting rougher. I kissed him back until a guilty thought ran through my mind. I broke away from the kiss and he responded by trailing kisses down my neck.

"I can't do this to're her brother....she'd hate me," I whispered breathlessly. He brought his lips back up to my ear.

"She doesn't have to know," he whispered seductively. With that he went back to kissing me roughly as we ground against each other. The bulge in his pants was growing with each grind.

"," we both heard Amy say. We stopped and looked up. Amy was still asleep but her sleep talking brought us back to reality of what we were doing and where we were doing it.

"We can't stay here," Scott said with a grin on his face. He picked me up and practically ran to his room. He gently put me on his bed while he climbed on top of me. I unzipped his jeans and he pulled them off while I pulled my top and my shorts off and threw them aside. He pulled his boxers down and for the first time I got to see his dick in all its glory. It was 8 inches and cut.

I sat up and leaned towards his dick, took the head in my mouth and sucked. He moaned. I'd given blow jobs before, not that I'm a skank but I'd always been praised for my blow job skills. I slowly licked up and down his member as I gently caressed his balls. I pushed my tongue into the little slit and sucked on the head hard. He pulled me back.

"Keep going like that and I'll cum before I get to go in your pussy," he said. With that he pushed me back down on the bed and removed my pants. Lucky I shaved in the shower this morning. He parted my lips, took my clit in his mouth and sucked. Hard. I swear I almost came since I was so turned on. He expertly lapped up my juices and dove his tongue into my slit a couple of times. My first orgasm hit me like a train and I pushed his head harder into my pussy. Poor guy could barely breathe. My orgasm subsided and he found my mouth and pushed his tongue in. The taste of my own juices drove me wild.

"Please put your dick in me. Please...please...please." I moaned. He took a hold of his dick firmly and slowly pushed it into my pussy.

"Damn girl. You're tight as fuck." He moaned as he bottomed out into my pussy. He thrust so hard the headboard started slamming into the wall and the bed squeaked. Soon I could feel my second orgasm approaching. I could hear Scott's moans getting louder and louder so I guessed he was close.

"I'm fucking cumming.....I'm cumming...I'm c-c-cumming!" I screamed as my second orgasm rocked through me. Scott started breathing heavier and his thrusts got quicker. He thrust all the way in and stayed there as I felt his cum splash my walls. He moaned as more and more cum pooled in my pussy. When he'd finally run out he collapsed on top of me before rolling off. He cuddled close to me.

"We should do this more often," he whispered in my ear breathlessly. He started kissing me softly.

That is how I broke the friend code. I fucked my best friend's totally gorgeous brother. Little did I know that this was the first time of many....