My Best Friend's Brother

By juicygirl27

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A visit to a friend's house turned in to something more.
Summer vacation had finally arrived and I was glad to visit my best friend Melanie. We grew up only two blocks away, so when we visit our parents when we get home from college, we mainly hang out with each other.

One day over break Melanie invited me over to hang out with her and her older brother, Jake, who was also home from college. Him being only two years older, we would hang out with him a lot.

"Who wants to go in the pool?" Melanie asked.

"I do!" I squealed in excitement since they had the most amazing in-ground pool ever.

"Wow, you sure sound excited, Riley," Jake teased.

The three of us jumped in the pool. I have never really noticed how ripped Jake was. He was 6 feet of practically all muscle, and by the look on his face, I could tell he noticed my 32C boobs on my petite 5'2" frame. We splashed each other a lot, and at one point he grabbed me from behind and "accidentally" squeezed my boobs.

"I have to go call Andrew, be right back!" Melanie called, running inside to call her boyfriend.

Jake and I decided to get out of the pool anyway, and I rolled my body as I walked out of the pool to catch Jake's attention. This practically had him drooling as my round, apple shaped ass was inches from his face.

Soon we all went inside and it was getting late. Melanie asked if I wanted to spend the night since her parents wouldn't be home until the morning. I said yes and borrowed a pair of shorts and a tank top from Melanie to sleep in.

At around 1 a.m, I saw Melanie was asleep. Thinking back to earlier, I remembered Jake's ripped body. While doing so I slipped my hand under my shorts, rubbing my fingers over my panties. I soon felt my panties get wet and slipped my hand inside of them, feeling my wet pussy lips. Soon, I slipped two fingers inside and rubbed my hard clit. I worked my fingers around my clit, adding another finger in every two minutes or so. I began to squirm and bit my lips so I wouldn't make any noise. I had a small orgasm, quiet enough not to wake up Melanie who was asleep next to me.

I had a feeling that that orgasm was not enough, and I needed something more to stop my craving. I needed the actual thing I craved.

I snuck out of Melanie's room and knocked on Jake's door.

"Come in," Jake said from inside the room. "Oh, Riley, what's up?"

"Melanie's asleep and I'm bored... I was wondering if I could hang out with you for a little while before I go to sleep," I said.

"Sure," he said, and patted a spot on the bed for me to sit.

He was watching a horror film. Trying to get his attention, I snuggled up next to him and said, "I'm scared."

"I can turn this off if you want," he said. I nodded and he shut off the television. As an excuse to take off my tank top I said "It's really hot in here." and took off my top, reveiling my lace bra. I caught him staring at my breasts, his boxers beginning to raise slightly.

"It is pretty hot in here," he said, and with that, he took off his shirt. We were both teasing each other at this point.

"Well maybe, the hot thing in here is you," he whispered in to my ear, and then began sucking on my neck. I gave out a light moan and he moved his mouth up to my lips. We began tonguing each other, and he began to roam his hands around my body. First, he grabbed onto my breasts, and slipped his hands behind my back, unhooking my bra.

He stoped kissing me for a minute and whispered a small "wow", mesmerized by my breasts. I grabbed the back of his neck and was tonguing him even harder than before. He squeezed my nipples, making them erect. He then moved his mouth down to my left nipple and sucked on it while playing with the right one. I moaned with pleasure.

Soon, he moved his hand down to my shorts, and slid them off, leaving me only in my panties. He then rubbed his hand along my thigh, then slid his fingers along my panties, soaked with my juices. "Someone's been naughty," he whispered in a seductive voice right in my ear, making more juices flow.

He then slid his hand into my panties, making me gasp as his cold fingers touched the lips of my cunt. He moved down to the edge of the bed and slid down my panties. I began to feel something wet and squirmy inside my pussy and figured it was his tongue. He flicked my clit with his tongue, and began swirling it around. I tugged at his hair the entire time, pulling when I felt extreme pleasure. It soon became too much to bear and I pulled at the sheets of the bed and arched my back, reaching orgasm. I came and he slurped up all of my juices.

Afterward, I slid down his boxers, his hard 8 inch cock sprung to attention. I looked up at to his eyes and began sucking his cock. He let out light moans of pleasure, and soon he came in mouth. I made sure to swallow every drop.

He then picked me up and pushed me flat on the bed. His muscles we're throbbing and it was just an even bigger turn on. Slowly, he pushed his cock inside of me, moving it in inch by inch until he was balls deep. "You ready?" he whispered.

"Just fuck me," I said, and that he did. He thrust in and out of me, his arm muscles rippling holding himself up over me. I've never moaned so loud in my life, and managed my second orgasm.

Seconds away from my second orgasm, Melanie walked in the room.

"Everything ok in her- OH MY GOD!" she said, and slammed the door.

Jake stopped for a moment. "Should I keep going?" he asked.

"Fuck me senseless," I said, without a care in the world. He grabbed my back and made me stare into his eyes as I climaxed for my third orgasm of the night, and soon I felt his hot juices inside of me, luckily I was on the pill.

We lay in each other's arms, gasping for air. Melanie walked in again.

"Thanks for emotionally scarring me, I really appreciate it. Just one question... Are you two a couple now?"

I looked up at Jake who smiled and grabbed my hand. A perfect night indeed.