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My best friend's brother fucked me hard

I squirted over my best friends brother.
I'm Jess and I'm 18. I'm just at the end of my last year at college and my best friend, Beth, and I are making the most of our time before we go our separate ways to college!

I have long, wavy, brown hair and I about 5'2. I would say I'm thin as I do a lot of sports. Beach volleyball, Swimming and athletics. So yeah, I'm pretty toned.

I recently split from my boyfriend of three years and I'm going through a rough patch. I don't like talking to boys much and I find it hard to strike up a conversation with them. Except with Brad. Brad is Beth's older brother, he's nineteen, nearly twenty and he is so good looking! He is a boxer and a runner so he is perfectly toned and his body is gorgeous; tanned from the Californian sun and defined, ever so detailed; brown hair and beautiful green eyes. I guess I've had a crush on him for like, ever.

He's always so nice to me, he always smiles at me, offers me a drink or food, hugs me when I'm at their place or when I leave. We text now and again but only when he's asking if I'm with Beth.

As I got to Beth's, I knocked on the door and Brad answered. 

"Oh hey, Jess!" he said.

"Y'alright Brad, Beth in?"

"No. Did she not tell you? She's had to rush to New York with my mum and dad to see my cousin in hospital. I'm house sitting," he said.

"Oh, great! Dad's just dropped me off and isn't picking me up till tomorrow! I was meant to be sleeping over!" I said.

"You can still stay. If you want that is. I was going to go out but I don't mind getting something to eat and then watching a film," he suggested, with a smile on his face.

"Sure, sounds good! If that's not a problem?" I wondered.

"Noo, it sounds much better than the night I had planned."

I smiled, and stepped inside dragging my two bags full of my pajamas and clothes for the next day. I always brought slutty pajamas to Beth's. Only because I knew Brad would be there! 

Brad got on his phone and rang his mate telling him that he couldn't make it tonight, he said he had made other plans he had forgot about and that he couldn't get out of them. When he got off the phone, he turned to me and smiled. He had such a beautiful smile.

"So where do you want to go to eat then?" he asked.

"Oh I don't mind. Anywhere," I said.

"How's KFC?" he offered.

"It's a bit expensive and I've only brought five," I replied.

"Yeah, well, you're not paying." He smiled and winked. Then he walked over and grabbed his coat next to me and kissed me on the cheek. I could feel myself blushing bright red with embarrassment. 

We headed out to his car and drove to KFC. It was normal conversation in the car. Flirting of course. I couldn't stop laughing. He was so cute and funny and every now and then he would turn to me and smile.

We got to KFC, and we ordered a bargain bucket and sat on a table in the corner and ate. The flirting carried on and so did the laughing. We hardly broke eye contact the whole time. It was amazing! His bright green eyes fixed on me.

After an hour, we broke eye contact and he looked at his watch. "Shit, it's ten o'clock!" he said worried.

It hadn't been an hour, it had been almost three. Whoa!

We got up and started walking out the shop and to the car. As we had just got out of the shop, Brad held my hand. A shiver of excitement ran through my whole body and I felt weak at the knees with happiness. He looked at me and smiled. Probably checking if I was okay with him holding my hand. OF COURSE I WAS!

He opened my door for me and let me sit on the sit then went round the other side and got in. We drove home with no awkwardness. When we got home, he opened my door for me and held my hand to the house again. We got in and he told me to put my pajamas on and that he would put the film on. I did so, quite excited for him to see me in my revealing pajamas. I went upstairs in Beth's room and changed. 

I freshened up, touching up on my hair and makeup a bit too, and walked downstairs. I was wearing, a short silk nightie that went just below my bum cheeks.

Brad was in the living room so I walked in and said, "Ready!"

He looked up and his face went blank.

"What?" I asked, worried.

"Noth.. Nothing! You look beautiful, Jess. I mean I've always had a crush on you but I didn't know you were this gorgeous," he said.

I blushed and looked at the floor smiling. He walked towards me slowly and lifted my chin up, looked into my eyes and then kissed me. There were fireworks, I promise. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up. My legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and he was holding me up by his hands under my bum. We moved upstairs to his bedroom, still kissing, and he placed me in his bed and slowly climbed on top of me.

He began to move his hand up my body and felt my breasts. I could feel myself getting wetter. He kissed my neck and moved down and started kissing my breasts. Sucking on my erect nipples. I let out a moan and put my hands on his head. I guess we weren't watching the film anymore! 

He lifted my nightie up and pulled my thong down and began rubbing my clit as he sucked my nipples and breast. I was so horny and so I pushed his head down to my soaking wet pussy! He teased at first by just kissing my clit, sending individual twitches up my body but then without warning he stuck his three fingers up my hole and started vigorously licking and sucking my clit!

"Oh, Ohhhh yes! Brad! Fuckk! Right there! Eat my pussy! Make me cum!!" I screamed.

He knew I was nearly there and so he stuck another finger in and picked up the speed! Before long, my hips bucked, my legs wrapped tightly around his neck almost suffocating him, my back arched, I pushed his head further into my wet pussy and I let out a loud moan. I came and he carried on licking it up. I had never orgasmed like that before!

When I got my breath back, I brought him back up, rolled him over so I was on top and I kissed him, tasting my juices. I could feel him removing him pants and so I went down and went straight in, sucking his cock and massaging him balls with me hand. I licked the top of his dick whilst sucking it moving my head up and down so his cock was going in and out of my mouth. I was dripping wet so I started rubbing my clit with my spare hand. All of a sudden he stopped me and whispered, "Ride me, baby."

I didn't question him and I crawled up his body seductively and sat slowly on his cock until I could feel it deep inside of me. Then I started bouncing on his dick whilst my D cup boobs were bouncing. He held my hips slamming my down on his cock so hard so I could feel him deep. I was about to climax. Two more slams down and I felt a rush of pleasure take over. I threw my head back, got up of his cock and squirted everywhere. This was enough for him and he came all over his stomach so I could lick it all up along with my juices!

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