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My Best Friend's Dad

A sleepover at my best friend's house turns naughty
I had always had a crush on my best friend's dad. I was quite confident to have sex with any other guy I met, but somehow, when it came to Bill, I was extremely shy and became tongue tied. Often, when I went to her house I became wet as soon as I saw him and had to excuse myself to the bathroom to relieve myself. Imagining riding him kept me awake at night.

One night she invited me to sleep over at her house. I gladly agreed, hoping to see her gorgeous father in nothing but his boxers. I realized that I didn't have much of a chance with him. He was 50 and I was 17. I had often slept with older men, but he seemed very loyal to his wife. When I was deciding what to wear to sleep in, I still grabbed a tiny little nightie that was nearly completely transparent and barely covered my ass. I packed some equally sexy clothes to change into in the morning.
Arriving at her house, I rang the doorbell and was so excited when her dad answered. I watched him looking me up and down. I wasn't wearing a bra under my nightie, and he could probably see my 36C boobs and my nipples hard. I watched his groin for tell tale signs, and I hoped I wasn't imagining it when it bulged.

'Hi Mr Evans,' I said cheerfully.

'Hello Becky,' he replied. 'but please, I've asked you before, call me Bill.'

I giggled as I walked in and he closed the door behind me.

'Where's Mrs. Evans?' I asked

'Sandra has gone on a business trip,' he said and I thought I saw him wink.

I couldn't believe my luck, but I still saw no way to seduce him.

I ran upstairs into Lisa's bedroom, giving her a big hug hello. We almost immediately descended into giggles, for no real reason. We watched a couple of soppy romantic movies, that just made me think about Bill in the next room, getting me very wet. By the time we went to bed, having devoured two pizzas, I was desperate to pleasure myself. I waited until Lisa's breathing had steadied, then pulled down my panties and started rubbing my clit. I was even wetter than I had thought. I dipped my hands in and pulled my fingers up to my mouth, licking them slowly, loving the taste of myself. I quickly got to work, sticking three fingers quietly into my pussy. 

'Mmmmmm...' I moaned, rubbing my fingers around, faster and faster.

'Oh gosh, oh my god!' I kept going faster, loving the feel. But it wasn't enough, I kept imagining Bill and my fingers alone couldn't get me to cum. I reached into my overnight bag and pulled out a wide eight inch dildo. I was about to stick in my pussy, when I heard a moan from the doorway.

'Oh Becky.'

I looked up and gasped, Bill was standing right there, his hard dick in his hand, masturbating. I couldn't believe it. I met his eyes and smiled, knowing that I could seduce him easily now.

I pointed at his huge dick, which was even bigger than I had imagined. 

'Let me finish that for you.'

He smiled at me, with my dildo still in hand. He couldn't speak. He simply nodded and motioned for us to go to his room. I stood up and followed, bringing my wet panties and dildo with.

He went and sat on the edge of his bed, moaning softly as he pulled me closer, pushing my head towards his erect cock. I complied, licking it at first, elated that my fantasies were going to come true. I then put my lips over it, sucking the tip, then moving further and further down, but even though I deep throated it, I couldn't reach the end, that's how big it was. I stood up and started rubbing my fingers up and down his dick, while he reached under my nightie and massaged my boobs softly, then pinching my nipples.

I went slowly so that he wouldn't cum just yet, then knelt and started sucking again. It was too much for me, I stuck my dildo into my pussy, rubbing it around, judging when Bill was going to cum, and working the dildo so that I finished at the same time.

'Oh my fuck,' I groaned, biting down on his dick, as I experienced one of the best orgasms of my life. At the same time he came into my waiting mouth. I swallowed his cum, having always loved the taste.

At first he couldn't speak, then he ran his hands through my hair and said, 'A swallower. Sandra doesn't swallow.'

I smiled saying, 'If you can get hard again, my asshole is waiting.'

I knew that I could often get men hard a second time by allowing them to explore my body. He grinned, lifting up my nightie. Suddenly we heard a noise from Lisa's room. Quickly, I grabbed my panties and dildo and ran into the bathroom, while Bill grabbed his pants and jumped under the covers. As I sat on the toilet lid, I heard a knock on the door.

'Are you nearly done in there?' It was Lisa.

'Yes!' I called out, slipping on my panties and moaning, as if climaxing.

I opened the door, holding the dildo in my hand. It was still covered in cum from my orgasm just minutes ago. I grinned sheepishly at Lisa as she glanced down at the object. She was my best friend, so she knew that I loved pleasuring myself, and I was pretty sure she did too. She just giggled.

'Oh Becky,' she said giggling some more.

She stepped into the bathroom behind me and I slipped into my sleeping bag, sighing.

I couldn't wait to go all the way with Bill.

Part two to come

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