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My best friend's girlfriend Chapter one

A story of love and betrayal
My hands slowly danced around her naked body, first caressing her beautiful, gentle face, then running through her soft mousy brown hair and down over her naked breasts; flicking softly over her light pink, slightly erect nipples, across her flat belly towards the prize that lay in wait.

Finally I had the girl of my dreams and as I reached her swollen clitoris she began softly moaning my name, "Tom, oh, Tom....TOM!"

I jumped, startled from my daydream and realized immediately it had not been real. Letting out a low groan of frustration I replied, "Sorry, Kath, I'm just really tired is all."

"No worries, Tom," she said with a smile. "Go back to your block and get some sleep, we will carry on with this tomorrow, thanks for your help."

With a weak smile and quick utterance of good night I left her room awkwardly attempting to hide the boner I had received from my dream. Katherine Alice Williams, the object of my desires for four years now, was one of my best friends and she and I had been working on a project for our History degree for a couple of weeks.

It was a brilliant excuse to spend more time with her, plus she was pretty damn clever. There was however a slight problem; Katherine was in a relationship. There was an even bigger problem; it was with my best friend, Cory.

I loved Cory like a brother but my love for Katherine was deep-rooted and made even worse by the fact that we ended up at the same university doing the same course, whilst Cory was on the other side of the country with a full-time job.

My predicament was not made easier by the fact that Katherine seemed to be showing signs that she liked me back, or was that just wishful thinking on my part? To be honest I was exhausted by the whole situation and as my head hit the pillow I was sent tumbling back into my blissful dream.

The next morning I was feeling fresh after a good night's sleep and looking at the clock decided I would have enough time to nip into the shower before my morning lecture. So I undressed and was about to step in when I heard a knock at the door.

Quickly putting a towel around my waist I walked to the door, opened it and peered round to be greeted with the beaming face of the most beautiful girl alive (in my eyes). "Oh.. h.. hey," I stuttered whilst stealing a quick glance up and down her curvy frame. She was wearing a bright red, strapless top and a short denim skirt. I could also notice two slight points where her nipples would be, telling me she wasn't wearing a bra. My breath caught in my mouth as I was about to tell her to wait one moment.

"Can I come in then?" she said with a chirp.

"Y.. yeah sure. I was just about to have a shower so I will be a couple of minutes," I replied as I opened the door to let her in. Grabbing my clothes I hurried into the bathroom and flicked the shower on. Whilst I stood there waiting for the shower to heat up I cursed myself for talking and, I'm sure, looking like a fool. It was no big deal. Not like she hadn't seen my bare chest before.

I mentally steadied myself as I stepped into the hot spray of the shower. As I stood there washing out the shampoo from my hair I thought I heard the click of the bathroom door opening but when I looked around I could see nothing unusual through the translucent shower curtain.

I proceeded to wash myself down when I heard the noise again. This time I half stepped out of the shower only to find the door firmly closed shut. Strange, I thought to myself, surely it wasn't Kath? With wishful thoughts running through my mind I hurriedly dried myself and put my underwear and jeans on before boldly stepping out of the bathroom.

Katherine smiled up at me. She looked slightly sheepish and my heart began to race until I realized she was on the phone in deep conversation with Cory.

Well that settled it then; it couldn't have been her. I was just being moronic again. I quickly finished dressing, grabbed my bag and nodded to Kath. "Okay I've got to go now, babe. Me and Tom are heading into uni." And with that we headed off to our lecture.

After a less than enthralling day in the lecture hall, and a slightly boring walk back due to the fact that Kath finished an hour earlier than me on Fridays, I headed back to my room to freshen up before I went round to Katherine's to work on the project.

When I eventually headed over to Katherine's room and knocked on the door I regretted it immediately. I heard sobs coming from inside the room and then some shouting, "Okay, WHATEVER, I've got to go, Tom's here...Oh shut up, Cory! You haven't got a clue!"

A couple more sobs followed then a few soft footsteps and the click of the door opening. I stood there feeling slightly awkward but also my heart ached to see Katherine with puffy red eyes, tears on her cheeks and looking wholly dejected.

"I can come back later if you'd like?" was all I managed to think of. Yeah great one, Tom, real compassionate, I immediately cursed myself.

"N... No... Can y.. you stay p.. please?" And before I knew it she flung herself at me and began crying into my shoulder.

"Heyy, it's okay, Kath, I'm here" I began stroking her soft hair. "Everything's okay, I'm here to talk to about stuff."

Her crying began to subside and she stepped back and invited me in, closing the door behind me. I felt butterflies begin to creep up in my stomach. I had been in Kath's room many times before but not in these kind of circumstances.

I quickly went and sat down at the end of the bed (my usual seat) and trying to lighten the atmosphere said, "Shall we get cracking with this essay then?"

She let out a groan and straight away I felt like punching myself. What did I JUST say? I'm here to talk.. just brilliant Tom! "I.. I mean that is unless you want to talk about.. about you know.. what's going on with you and Cory?"

"That's okay, I don't want to talk about that now," she whispered. (Slightly seductively? Surely not.)

"Oh.. erm so what do you want to do?" Panic was begin to register in my voice. She was basically upon me now, moving her face closer to mine.

"I think you know, Tom. You've been so kind to me and you always understand."

"I... I... er.."

"Don't worry, Tom, I know how you feel about me. I feel exactly the same about you. I... I think I might be in love with you." Her breath was now hot and sweet on my face

"But..." but it was too late. My feelings for this girl were just too strong. I succumbed to her seduction and closed my eyes. The most amazing kiss ensued. Her lips fought fervently with mine as amazing sensations shot through my body. As the kiss began to intensify, her hands slipped under my top and began to lift it up and over my shoulders.

Her tongue slipped in and around my mouth, searching hungrily for mine as my hands moved from her face down to her hips to pull her tightly against me. I could feel her getting more and more breathless as she attempted to rip the belt from my jeans. My hands fumbled underneath her top to her bra strap which I coolly unclasped. This was it. Could I go through with this? I had finally got the girl of my desires exactly how I wanted her. But could I take the ultimate plunge?

To be continued

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