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“I know this is going to sound crazy but….”
I was rudely awoken by the sounds of heavy petting and sloppy kisses. I rolled over quickly to see Megan and Sam, drunk and making out right next to me.

“Oh my God guys.” I said, flinging the covers off of me.

Megan flipped the table lamp on and said laughing, “Leigh, I’m sorry.” She covered her mouth to stifle her giggles. “We thought you were on the couch.”

I had never seen her that drunk before, so I couldn’t help but laugh too. “Got you some liquid courage huh Meg?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Uh-huh.” She said grabbing Sam’s collar for another kiss.

“She wants me, she can’t help it.” Sam said before kissing her on the lips.

I looked at the two of them trying to go at it and I must say it was arousing. I rubbed the back of neck feeling a little awkward staring and a thought came to my mind.

“Um, Meg, Where are your parents?” I asked, wondering how she got Sam to her bedroom without notice.

It took her a second to break her kiss and answer. “Oh they grabbed a room at the Hilton.” She said. “Guess they still wanted to party.”

I figured it was time to leave the room. “You two have fun. I’ll be in the living room.” Megan didn’t even answer, she just mumbled and sort of waved; I grabbed a pillow and a blanket and headed into the hallway.

Before going to the sofa, I took a few steps down the narrow hall and peeped into Stephen’s room. As usual he was naked, sprawled out on his bed; I thought to myself how sexy he looked. I was actually surprised that he wasn’t awake looking for me. I let myself believe that the awesome blow-job I gave him wore him out. I fought my nerve to walk in his room and walked towards the living room.

As I lay on the sofa I could hear the very loud sounds of sex. Megan was getting it for the first time and sounded like she was enjoying it. Her moans of pleasure encouraged me to slip my hand into my panties and tease my clit; my best friend was loosing her virginity and I somehow wanted to be a part of it. I grabbed my tit and rolled my nipple between my fingers.

“Oh Sam, yes!” I heard Megan scream. “I think I’m coming.”

The sounds of Megan having her first orgasm flooded my pussy. I slid my hand lower and stuffed my two middle fingers inside. I rocked my hips, rubbing my clit against my palm.

“Oh, Oh, G-God!” Megan yelled.

My pussy clenched around my fingers and I came hard. I pinched my nipple tightly as my body twitched from my pleasure. I rubbed my hands through my folds and then brought them to my mouth; I have always enjoyed my sweet taste.


At about eight a.m. I was awoken by Megan yelling. “Stephen! Have you no decency?”

“What. I was covering her up!” Stephen spit back.

“What’s going on?” I asked, realizing that my shirt was pulled over my breasts from the night before. I sat up quickly and pulled it down. “Sorry guys, it’s nothing to fight about.” I said trying to reassure Megan.

“Yeah, well I am sick of his perversions.” Megan protested. “He’s always bugging you Leigh.”

Stephen threw his hands in the air walking off and said, “Whatever.”

“Meg he’s not bothering me, really.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

She put her hands on her hips and asked, “Oh so you guys like each other now?”

I really didn’t know what to say; mine and Stephen’s relationship couldn’t go unnoticed forever. “Stephen and I have an understanding.” I said. “He’s really not all that bad.”

Megan sat next to me on the sofa. “Leigh, I’m sorry. It’s just….” She paused mid-sentence and took a breath. “..When I woke up Sam was gone.”

I instantly realized her frustration and tried to comfort her. “It’s ok honey, I understand.”

Megan threw her arms around me for a comforting hug. I patted her back as we both heard the front door open.

“Sam!” Megan said. “Where did you go?” she got up and met him at the door.

“I got breakfast darling.” He told her, showing her the bags in his hand; I believe at that moment Sam had won Megan’s heart.

Sam and Megan went into the kitchen and I cleaned up my makeshift bed. I walked down the hall and Stephen caught me as he left the bath room. He grabbed my neck and pulled me to him for a quick kiss. Goose bumps covered my skin when his lips touched mine.

“Eight p.m. baby, at your house.” He whispered in my ear. “I’ve got another surprise.”

I shook my head and said, “Ok.” After yesterday I didn’t know what else to expect. I was very excited to find out though.

I found my way to the kitchen after grabbing my things to let Megan know I was leaving.

“Bye Meg” I said giving her a hug. “I’m gonna let you and Sam have some time alone.”

“Awe honey.” She said. “You don’t have to do that, Stay please.”

I felt bad about ditching Megan for her brother, but that fact didn’t change my mind. “I need some alone time, but thanks anyway.” I told her.

Megan made a sad face and said, “Ok honey, call me later.”

“I will.” I said and then headed out.


I had a few hours to kill before I met Stephen, so I decided to go by the salon and get some necessary things taken care of; I wanted to be perfect for whatever he had planned. I walked through the door and I was greeted by my favorite gal Gemma.

“Oh Le-Le you here.” She said in her accent. Gemma was a tiny, sweet and hilarious Asian chick. I absolutely adored her.

“Hi Gemma.” I said waving at her from the front of the store.

The shop wasn’t very big, but there were a few customers getting random things done. “You need pussy wax today?” she asked; embarrassing me completely.

I put my hand on my chest almost dying in laughter. “Yes Gemma, I do.”

I followed Gemma to the back of the store and went into a private room with her. I dropped my pants as usual and laid on the table.

“You get fuzzy girl.” Gemma laughed. “You want shape?”

I laughed and an idea came to mind. “Can you do a letter?” I asked.

“Sure Sure. Which letter?” She asked.

“I want the letter S please.” I said. I wanted to give Stephen a surprise too.

Gemma skillfully applied wax to my pubes; a bikini wax, in my opinion, is one of the most painful things and I couldn’t help whimpering when she snatched the hair away. It only took her a few minutes to give me a perfect S. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but think of Stephen’s mouth on my lips.

“You like?” Gemma asked.

“Yes I do. Thank you” I told her with excitement.

It took me a couple of hours at the salon before I made it home. I had decided to go all out and get a Mani/Pedi; I wanted to be perfect for Stephen.

I still had some time before Stephen would arrive so I headed straight to the couch for a nap. It was about seven p.m. when I woke up, so I headed upstairs for a shower. As I walked through my bed room door I noticed a small box on my bed; I was a little frightened that someone had been in my room. I picked the box up and saw Stephens hand writing. The note on the box said: WEAR THIS TONIGHT. I opened the box to find a silky, blue camisole and boy shorts panties with pale yellow lace. I hopped into the shower to freshen up so I could get them on.

I stared at myself in the mirror admiring how pretty the blue looked against my fair skin.

“You look sexy.” I heard from behind me.

I jumped and turned around to see Stephen. “Thank-you.” I said, smiling.

“I know this is going to sound crazy but….” Stephen paused for a moment. “I think I am falling for you.”

A felt a tingle all over my body; my feelings for him had also become stronger over the last few weeks.

“Stephen, It….” I began to say.

“I know we can’t.” He said cutting me off.

“No Stephen.” I said. “It’s time we tell Megan.”

Stephen looked at me funny and said, “Really.”

I looked at him with a big smile; without realizing, I was falling in love with him and I didn’t want to hide it anymore. “Yes. “ I said.

Stephen rushed to me and grabbed my face in his hands. He kissed my lips with such passion. We made our way to my bed still kissing one another. Stephen laid me on my back and started at my toes. He kissed the tops of my feet then made a trail up my leg and thigh.

He looked up at me and said, “I don’t ever want to forget this night.”

I bit my lip as Stephen slipped his hands into my waistband and pulled my boy shorts off. I cocked my head back and moaned as I felt his warm breath against my twat. He lightly traced the outline of my lips and slipped his tongue passed them to find my clit; I could feel my juices escape as he parted my lips.

“Oh.” I moaned, grabbing his hair in my head. “That feels amazing.”

Stephen pressed his tongue farther between my folds savoring each spot. “You taste so good baby.” He told me.

I spread my legs and moved my hips to press my mound closer to his face; I wanted to feel his warm breath farther inside of me.

“Finger me baby.” I said as I watched him eat my pussy.

Without hesitation I felt two fingers slip inside of me. I moaned as his large fingers stretched my twat. “Oh God Stephen.”

“Yeah baby.” He said looking up at me. “You like that?”

I looked in his eyes as he rubbed my walls. “Oh yes.” I said.

“I’m gonna’ make you cum on my hand.” Stephen said seductively.

He stuffed his fingers in deep. His tongue swept gently across my clit; he was teasing me and I loved it. I felt a twinge in my tummy and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came.

“I’m gonna’ cum.” I moaned out as I pushed his head against my pussy.

I felt a finger at my ass hole and he slipped it in fast; I was so wet there was no resistance.

“Oh-Oh-Yeah-h-h.” I screamed, holding his face against my twat. My orgasm burst into waves all over my body and I felt my warm cum as it covered my pussy.

“That’s a girl, all over my hand.” Stephen said with a grin and then licked his fingers. “Want to taste?” He asked.

I shook my head yes still trying to calm my twitching body. I slowly licked his fingers and enjoyed my mess.

“Mmmmm.” I uttered.

I watched Stephen as he undressed and laid on top of me. “I Love you.” He whispered into my ear as he pressed his cock against my opening.

“I Love you too.” I whispered back. I felt the most amazing sensation come over my body. The combination of his cock and those words pleased me to the core.

I wrapped my legs around Stephen and held him tightly as we made love. His cock felt like velvet when it caressed my twat; his bare chest grazing my nipples as he pressed in. I moved with him as he rocked back and forth to feel his groin rub my clit. I couldn’t help myself a second orgasm was building in my belly.

“I’m gonna’ cum again.” I moaned.

“I want you to, baby.” He said. “Cum on my cock.”

Stephen pushed a little harder and I could feel his cock deep with in me.

“Faster, Yeah, Oh.” I yelled.

Stephen moved faster, plunging his cock as far as it could go; I could hear the sounds of his skin slapping my clit. “Cum baby, yeah.” He encouraged.

I squeezed my legs around him and ground my clit against him as I came. “Oh God, I’m cuming.” I screamed as I dug my nails in his shoulders. I was experiencing the most mind blowing orgasm.

Stephen gripped the blanket beneath me and gave a few more thrusts. “Oh-My-Yes-Yes.” He yelled as he filled my pussy with every ounce of his semen.

Stephen collapsed next to me in the bed. “That was awesome.” He said trough his stifled breath.

I took in a few deep breaths trying to calm the remnants of my orgasm. “Oh yes it was.” I exclaimed.


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