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“One of these days I’m really gonna give it to him!”

“Stephen you’re such a jack-ass,” I yelled as my head came back above the water. Stephen, my best friend’s brother had just pushed me in the pool clothes and all.

He stood above me at the edge of the pool and said, “Well Leigh, you’re a bitch.” Then he walked off.

Stephen behaves like a 13 year old trapped in a hot, 19 year olds body. I’ve caught myself a time or two checking out his form. He has always had the looks but never the maturity to go with them. I’ve know Stephen my whole life because his sister Megan is my best friend. He’s only two years younger than us and I remember how he would follow us around, torturing us with no mercy; overall he was a good kid though.

Megan walked up behind Stephen and slapped him in the back of the head. “Stop being a jerk…” She told him, walking over to help pull me out of the pool. “…And leave my friends alone,” she added.

“Thanks Meg,” I said as I grabbed a towel from the pool side chair. I protested, punching my open hand with my fist, “One of these days I’m really gonna give it to him!”

“Ha, the little brat deserves it.” She laughed as she gathered her books. Megan was a full time college student. We usually spent our Friday nights together, but this semester she was taking extra classes to graduate early.

“Leigh, are you sure you’ll be alright here?” she asked.

“Yeah, I will be fine,” I replied. Megan was leaving for school and would be gone a few hours; I guess she felt bad about leaving me. I waved goodbye to her as she went out the door.

My parents went out of town almost every weekend, so I spent all my weekends with Megan. This weekend was a little different. Aside from Megan being at school, her parents were out of town with mine; this left Stephen and I alone. We’ve been alone plenty of times before and it gave me no concern. Stephen and I actually got along better when no one was around. I guess we just had an understanding.

I headed in the house to Megan’s room and pushed the door closed with my foot. I looked down to grab my bag and I noticed it was turned over, my close strewn around. I picked it up and started digging through my stuff for my shorts and t-shirt. I found everything I needed but my pink underwear. On my knees I pawed around under the bed for the missing panties and looked around the floor. I couldn’t find them and grabbed a different pair instead; I figured I had forgotten to pack them.

I stood in front of the full length mirror and stripped my wet clothes. I admired my body, gently rubbing my pale skin from breasts to hips. For a moment I stood with my hands on my hips posing a little; I even leaned my head back slightly to allow my dirty blonde hair to rub the tops of my round ass cheeks. I thought my perky C cup tits with light pink buds were nice, and my hips had just the right amount of “plump”. I rubbed my hand over the small blonde patch of hair on my mound and hummed. My attention was abruptly diverted to a loud creaking noise behind me.

I tried to cover myself as I spun around, just catching the bedroom door as it moved slightly. “Hello,” I said loudly as I walked towards the door. “Is anyone there? Stephen is that you?” I called out. I began to feel a little freaked out, so I threw on my clothes on quickly and headed into the living room.

“Um Leigh, did you call me?” Stephen asked like he was nervous, staring down at the floor playing with the drawstrings on his shorts.

“Yeah I did,” I said. “But it was nothing,” I added wondering why he was so fidgety.

“Um, well, um, do you want to watch some TV with me?” he asked. Stephen was acting as if we’d never been alone before and I realized he had been spying on me.

I smiled at him and ran to the couch to grab the remote before he could. Stephen jumped on the couch next to me and tried to wrestle the remote from my hands. I brought the remote to my chest trying to protect it and when he tried to grab it he got a handful of boob instead. Stephen jumped up and looked at me.

“Leigh, um, I’m sorry,” he said with sincerity in his voice. “I would never…”

I cut him off and patted his leg. “Hey, don’t worry about it,” I told him in a comforting tone. “I know you were watching me in the bedroom,” I added; I was actually turned on by the thought of him watching me.

Stephen’s eyes got wide and he said, “No, I didn’t know you were in there!” He looked at my face realizing that I wasn’t buying his story. He sighed and admitted he had been peeping. “I can’t help it, you’re very sexy,” he said shyly.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked.

“A few months,” he said, sliding back away from me; I am sure he thought I was going to slug him.

I laughed to myself and looked at Stephen. I let the idea of teasing him dance around my head. Like I said Stephen is sexy, just immature. I knew for a fact that he was having sex and I had heard good things about his performances; I didn’t make a habit of discussing these details, but news does travel. I reached over and grabbed Stephens’s hand, placing it on my upper thigh; I wanted to see him squirm.

Stephen stuttered as he said, “WH-What are you doing?”

I fluttered my eyes and told him, “Giving you what you want.”

I stood up in front of him and slowly began to take my clothes off, dancing a little as I did. I watched the expressions on his face and they were priceless. Stephen was in total shock to see me standing naked in front of him. I put my foot on his chest and pushed him back on the couch. When I lifted my leg I fully exposed my pussy for his viewing. I grabbed his hand and ran his fingers through my lips.

“You like that Stephen?” I asked in a dirty tone. “Do you like this pussy?” I asked more aggressively; I was enjoying every second of teasing him. He didn’t say a word he just stared and let me use his fingers. I brought my foot down along his chest, letting it rub against his bulge before placing it on the floor.

“You have a beautiful pussy, I want to fuck it,” Stephen said in an uncertain tone.

“You do, really?” I teased. He shook his head yes and I looked at him like the bitch I am, winked and said, “Oh well.”

“What!” He yelled as I made my way back towards the bedroom, still naked. He was pissed, throwing his arms up saying, “You have got to be kidding me Leigh.”

I was so happy to have finally annoyed him like he annoys me. I wasn’t expecting his next move. I could hear his steps behind me in the hall. He grabbed my wrist and turned me towards him. He put his hand against my collar bone and pushed me against the wall; not in an aggressive way, but a wanting way. I looked at Stephen in a new way; he was taking control, like a man. He pushed his body against mine, looking at me face to face.

“You want this. I can see it in your eyes,” he told me. Amazingly he was right his take charge attitude turned me on instantaneously. I could feel my pussy get wet.

I brought myself to reality for a moment. “We can’t do this Stephen,” I told him.

“Why, because of my sister?” he asked.

“Yes, she would be angry, I know it.” I told him with a little shame in my voice.

He kissed my lips forcing his tongue passed my lips and swirled it with mine. Stephens tongue was smooth and velvety as it rubbed my cheeks and tongue. He broke away from the kiss and whispered in my ear “What Megan doesn’t know wont hurt her.” I sighed a little bit feeling bad about what I had already decided to do.

The hallway where Stephen and I were was very narrow. He dropped his shorts and lifted one of my legs around his ass. My mind began to swarm as he kissed my neck and ear. I could feel his cock throb against my thigh.

“Do you feel that big cock baby?” he asked me in dirty voice, as he lowered himself slightly to suck on my erect nipples.

I grabbed the back of his neck rubbing through his dark hair. “Yeah, I feel it. I want it,” I whispered to him; Stephen had a fairly large cock, I had seen it accidentally once.

Stephen grabbed my ass in his hands and pulled me up the wall. I propped my feet on the opposite wall and wedged myself within the hallway. I could feel Stephen release one of my cheeks to take his cock in hand. He rubbed his head through my wet folds and teased me as I teased him before.

Stephen taunted me, “Tell me you want it Leigh. Beg for it.” He lightly pressed his head against my wanting hole.

I moaned out, “Fuck me Stephen. Give me that big cock.” The dirty talk was really making me hot and I couldn’t help but grab my tits while he looked upon me. When he pushed his head against my hole I relaxed my legs and allowed my pussy to slide over his cock. The position we were in allowed me to feel his head as it hit my bottom.

“Unh.” Stephen hummed as he felt my pussy glide over his length for the first time. He replaced his hand on my ass and leaned in to bite my neck. I held on to the back of his neck while we both moved to please each other. I was completely light headed from this event; I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was fucking my best friend’s brother in her hallway and enjoying every second of it.

“Oh your cock feels so good Stephen,” I moaned out to him. “Oh my God, do my pussy right!” I added dragging my nails across his back. I could feel his fingers dig into my ass as he moved a little faster.

“Ohhh.” He sucked through his teeth. “Your pussy is so tight and wet.” He moaned out, leaning his head back in pleasure. Stephen moved faster in the tiny hallway. His bare tummy slapped my clit with each thrust; I could feel my orgasm build in my tummy.

“Fuck my pussy Stephen,” I yelled grabbing his shoulders tightly. I could hear my juices slosh as his cock plunged me hard and fast. Stephen breathed hard as he rammed me.

“Fuck, I’m gonna’ cum!” he yelled out.

“Oh God, Fuck me!” I screamed out using my leverage on the wall to help force my cunt over his rod.

“Unh, Unh, Unh!” Stephen hummed as he slapped his body against my clit for the last time. My pussy clenched his cock tightly and held him there as my climax exploded. His cock twitched as it spewed warm cum all over my insides. My legs became week and I had to drop them to the floor; Stephen and I leaned against the wall for a moment; his seed escaping down my thigh.

“That was amazing,” I told him still trying to catch my breath.

Through his stifled breath he said “You too!”


To this day Stephen and I still maintain a “secret” relationship.

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