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My brother's mate

The night i got my brother's best mate into bed ;)
It was last summer when my brothers mate Will came to stay with us whilst our parents were away on holiday. He is your typical good looking lad; tall, deep blue eyes and dark spikey hair that begs to have fingers running through it. Being 20, the same age as my brother Jamie, he was only 3 years older than me, yet this still felt like a lifetime of an age difference as they both treated me as though I was ten years younger, very over protective. I think this is what attracted me to him even more, so this was my week to show Will how grown up I can really be... After all, I was 17 at the time and definitely no virgin! With long blonde hair, DD boobs and a slim figure, I never had trouble finding someone to please me; but second best just wouldn't do that week... My brother had a girlfriend, and every Wednesday night he would stay round hers, so naturally this week was no different; my perfect opportunity. "Will... Jamie is out tonight and I know you probably dont plan on staying around here without him, but I was planning on getting a pizza in and watching a film if you wanted to join me? Hate having this house all to myself, think I watch too many horrors!" ... "Sounds good to me Tash, someone has to keep an eye on you still eh?" He said with a wink. Brilliant! I thought, now all I had to do was work my magic somehow.

7 o'clock soon came and with a final "goodbye guys," Jamie was out for the night. I had only just got out of the shower and still dripping wet, wrapped a towel around me and went downstairs into the living room where Will was sat watching tv, "Wont be long Will, just need to quickly get ready then we can watch that film, you wanna order a pizza now? I'll just share whatever you choose, I've heard you have good taste- best prove me right! ... Oh and have you seen my hairbrush?" As he looked up at me he did a double take, now I knew I was looking good. "Wow Tash! Not sure your brother would want you walking around half naked in front of me, cant say I mind too much haha ... and errrm no sorry cant say I have seen it.." He was unable to take his gorgeous eyes off of me, we always had a bit of banter between us but I could tell he was really trying not to look as keen as we both knew he was. "OK well I'll be back down in a bit, make sure that pizzas waiting!" I turned around to head back upstairs, slightly lifting my towel to give him a better view of my ass, just incase he was looking, which I knew full well he was. 

After drying my hair and putting some makeup on, I started going through my drawer for one of my sexy corset and suspender underwear sets, when I came across my best friend.. Mr Rabbit. It then hit me how turned on I actually was, thinking about seducing Will all day, and after putting my underwear on I thought I would treat myself to a quick orgasm before returning downstairs, afterall the pizza still wasn't here yet. I started to play with my nipples and gently run the vibrator over my covered pussy, whilst fantasizing even more about making love to Will. It wasn't long before I could feel my panties getting very, very damp so I pulled them to one side and started to push the dildo inside me over and over and over again until I could feel my orgasm building up, desperate to keep quiet. "...Tash did you not hear me? Pizzas here" Will said as he opened my bedroom door... "Oh my god I'm so sorry!... Err I didn't mean to... I mean il go wait downstairs!" He panicked but remained frozen, eyes fixed on my freshly shaven pussy. I could even see a bulge start to grow inside his tracksuit bottoms, now I knew I had my chance. Acting just as shocked, I jumped up, knocking my dildo to the floor, and threw my dressing gown around me and walked over to him. "Well that was embarrassing! Thanks for knocking Will.." I said in a jokey way with a smile to make him feel more comfortable. "Actually.. how about you join me? I wasn't quite finished and I would feel better about this situation if I see you in just as much of a compromising position, I can tell you liked what you saw.." 

"I.. But.. Err.."He was lost for words so I gave him a daring look as I made my way back towards the bed, taking off my dressing gown, and sat with my knees in the air, sucking on two of my fingers. I carried on as I had before he came in, only this time with no help from my toy. I had never been so turned on, sat on my bed masturbating in front of my brothers mate. Will now had a full blown hard on and I could see the outline of his chunky 8 inch cock... I took my fingers out from inside my pussy and lifted them back up to my mouth, moaning as I sucked on my juices. He couldn't take much more of this and pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and boxers, letting his cock stand free, taking it with his hand he started vigorously tossing himself off, so in turn I too upped my pace. It wasn't long before I reached my orgasm and this then sent him over the edge, I pulled him closer to me just at the right moment and pump after pump of cum landed in my waiting mouth. I licked his cock clean and looked back up at him with a grin. 

"Fuck me Tash, that was amazing, no girl has ever masturbated in front of me before... Jamie cant find out about this, he would kill me, your his baby sister." ... "Of course Jamie wont find out, I wont tell if you wont? Although, this is still not entirely fair, I cleaned up your cum, yet I still have mine waiting to be taken care of, can you give me a good clean out please Will?" He didn't need telling twice, I could tell he wanted to touch my pussy from the moment he walked in, and with that he pushed me further onto the bed and dove between my legs. His tongue was wild, much better than any other boys I had been with, he gently pulled on my clit with his teeth then drilled his tongue deep inside me, lapping up all my juices. "Mmm yeah Will don't stop, eat my pussy!" He went back to sucking on my clit and then put two of his fingers inside me, finger fucking me until I came again. 

By this point he was hard again so I shuffled around to get into the 69 position and ran my tongue piercing along the head of his cock. I needed this cock inside me soon, so I gave him head until he was desperate to fuck. "Your a naughty little girl Tash, I bet you know how to fuck like a pro.. wanna give me a ride?" I jumped on top of him and slowly slid myself onto his throbbing cock. "Hows that for you Will?" ... "Mmm your pussy is so tight, even better than I had imagined" I fucked him like this for about ten minutes before he flipped me over and started pounding me from behind whilst rubbing my tits. "Tash I'm gonna cum..!" He pulled out and I turned back around, his hot cum went all over my big boobs.

"So.. wheres that pizza then?" I said as we both cleaned up and headed back downstairs...

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