My buddy banged my wife while i watched on helplessly

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My buddy ties me up and fucks my wife right in front of me.

Dave now wanted Sarah badly. He Dave and I had been best friends since our days back in college. We had what I call a very competitive friendship. We were extremely competitive on everything we did from playing sports to getting girls. The big problem was that Dave would just about beat me in almost everything. He had a physical presence that I couldn’t match. This helps him greatly with playing sports and with the girls. I just could never equal him in anything.

It had been a few years after we graduate from college when I met my current wife Sarah. Dave and I both attended a party one night when I met her. She was the most gorgeous girl I had ever had saw. Sarah was 22 years old and was three years younger than me. I knew that night I had to somehow get her phone number.

There was one problem though, Dave also had spotted her. It was now a battle as the competitiveness in both of us kicked in. That whole night we both tried to get Sarah’s attention. It looked like both of us were about to strike out when Sarah handed me a piece of paper. On it was her phone number as she smiled as she left that night. I was so excited that night. I didn’t know if I was most excited about getting her number or the thought that I had finally had beaten Dave in something.

Sarah and I began to date shortly after that. Dave had been always jealous of the fact that he couldn’t convince Sarah to go out with him that night. I could see in his eyes how badly he had wanted her.

A few years later Sarah and I got married. Dave was my best man as he said to me that night, “Damn, I wish I would have gotten her.”

It now had been several years later and Dave and I continued to be best friends. Dave had gotten married a few years back, but that lasted only a year. Even though I had a family Dave and I still hung out a lot together. I would invite him over a few times a month to either play pool or to watch some kind of sporting event. We were still very competitive with each other.

Dave always had the hot’s for Sarah even though she was a mom of two. Sarah looked as good today as the night I had met her. She worked out continuously and had been involved with yoga for the past two years. She was very limber and loved sex very much. I knew if Dave ever had the chance to fuck Sarah he would jump at it in a heartbeat. I had always fantasized about him fucking Sarah in the past, but that was just nothing more than a fantasy.

It was about 6 months ago when Dave stayed the night at my place. He had a few too many beers so I told him to just sleep it off at our place. The next morning Dave showered and then left very quickly. Later that day I said to Sarah, “Boy, Dave sure did leave in a hurry this morning.”

Sarah quickly responded back, “I need to tell you something. I accidently walked in on Dave as he had come out of the shower this morning. I didn’t know he was in there.”

Sarah thought I would be mad but I just said, “It is no big deal.”

I began to wonder that night how much Sarah had saw of Dave. I knew from our days of working out together that Dave’s cock was way bigger and thicker than mine. It was just another thing had me beat on. I quickly went into the shower and began to fantasize the thought of Sarah seeing Dave’s naked body coming out of the shower. It only took about a minute of me stroking my cock when it exploded. I had a strong orgasm as my knees buckled and cum covered the shower floor.

The next few days I found myself stroking on my cock any chance I had. The thought of Dave fucking Sarah with his big cock had me cumming again and again. I originally thought this would all die down in a week or two but I was wrong. If anything the thought of watching Dave fuck Sarah had me going even more.

It was a short time later and my fantasies began to evolve into something even greater. I thought about Dave fucking Sarah right before my eyes. I had cum even harder as I stroked on my 6 inch cock.

Things started to get even more serious a month later. The thought of Dave actually fucking Sarah had grown way past just a fantasy. I now was starting to want the real thing. The next month was pure torture for me as I couldn’t get the thought of Dave fucking Sarah out of my mind. It had grown to levels that I would never expect to happen.

I then had the ultimate fantasy that pushed me over the edge. I began to fantasize about Dave tying me to a chair, while duck taping my mouth shut while he fucked Sarah right in front of me.

I was now tormented about this latest fantasy. I couldn’t take it any longer as I had to tell Dave about how I had felt. I knew he would love it as it certainly would bring out the cockiness in him, but I had to do it.

It was a couple days later when Dave had come over to drink a few beers and shoot a game of pool. We had played a few games of pool when I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to confess how I felt about seeing him with Sarah. I told him everything except the part of being bound to a chair. I didn’t know if I could go through with that part of it because it would just make Dave that much cockier.

Dave took it the exact way I had thought. He was more than excited about fucking Sarah as he told me how Sarah had saw him coming out of the shower the night he stayed over. He said, “Sarah had stood there for a good minute checking out my big cock. She really wanted it right there and then.”

My cock instantly had swell up in my pants as Dave went on about how he wanted Sarah. That night after he left I again fantasize about what Dave had said about Sarah. I didn’t know if Dave was telling the truth or not, but it just added to my fantasy. I came harder that night then anytime if my whole life. I now knew I was ready to make this all one big reality.

I then mentioned my fantasy to Sarah the next day. I could tell almost instantly that Dave was telling the truth. She seemed very interested in fucking him as I asked her how much of Dave she saw that day. She played it down but I knew from that point on that Sarah really did want Dave’s big cock.

It was a week later and I invited Dave over for dinner. Sarah not only made a spectacular meal that night, but she looked just as spectacular. She wore no panties and had on just a pair of black yoga pants that clung extremely tight against her gorgeous ass. She also wore a tight workout top with no bra as her beautiful hard nipples pushed hard right through it. I noticed Dave watching her very intently as we ate dinner. At one point she bent over right in front of him as she reached for something. Dave’s eyes were glued right on her beautiful butt as it was only about a foot from his face. She pulled no punches that night as she wanted Dave to see her in a totally different light.

After dinner Dave and I headed down into the lower level while Sarah put the kids to bed. I then handed Dave a piece of rope along with some duct tape and said, “I want you to tie me up to this pole and duct tape my mouth shut.”

Dave’s eyes got really big as he wasn’t about to get in the way of my fantasy. I immediately sat down on a chair as Dave quickly tied my hands behind my back and secured them to the metal pole. He then grabbed a piece of the duct tape and secured tightly across my mouth. I was now helpless as I couldn’t move or say a word. Dave then began to rant on how he was going to fuck Sarah right before my eyes. He said to me, “I had been waiting 10 years to fuck Sarah. I am going to fuck her several times so hard she won’t be able to walk. It is going to be fun to fuck her right before your eyes.”

My cock now throbbed hard inside my pants as we both waited for Sarah to come downstairs. A few minutes later I heard the door open as Sarah started down the steps. She got a huge surprise as she saw me tied up with my mouth duct tape shut. Dave then told her, “This is his ultimate fantasy to be tied up and watch his beautiful wife be fucked right in front of himself.”

Sarah didn’t care anymore as all she wanted now was for Dave to fuck her. Dave embraced her as they stood only a few feet from where I sat. Sarah’s butt was positioned right at my face as Dave began to caress the outside of her tight yoga pants with his hands. He played it up as the competitiveness in him began to come out.

A minute later Dave removed Sarah’s top. His hands caress each of her beautiful tits as Sarah ripped Dave’s shirt from his body. A few minutes later Dave had Sarah reached down and grabbed each of her ankles with her hands. Her gorgeous ass was only about a foot from my face as Dave began to peel her tight yoga pants down over her perfectly shaped ass. I began to squirm in my chair as Dave looked right at my face as my wife’s beautiful ass appeared before me. His hands quickly replace her yoga pants as he began to massage her lovely ass with them.

The night just had started and I already wanted to cum extremely badly. I was totally helpless as Dave pushed Sarah down in front of him. She opened his pants and slid them down as his boxers were the only thing between his big cock and her lovely mouth. She then grabbed each side of his boxers and slid them down as his big hard cock popped out right in front of her face.

She reached up with her hand and wrapped it around the circumference of his cock as she began to slowly stroke on it. Dave looked down toward me as he had a very cocky look on his face. A few seconds later Sarah took Dave’s cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips tightly around his big cock and began to suck hard on it. Dave loved every second of it as Sarah made his cock throbbed inside her warm mouth.

He then brought her up to her feet and led her over to the pool table. He lifted Sarah up onto the table as her butt hung over the side of it. Dave then pushed his face down in between Sarah’s legs. He began to lick and suck Sarah’s very hot pussy. His tongue teased her for several minutes not letting her cum. She was so hot now she pleaded with Dave to fuck her with his big cock.

“Please! Please fuck me Dave! I want that big cock inside me now!” Sarah cried out.

Dave now positioned the head of his huge cock against Sarah’s swollen pussy. He teased her again as he ran the head of it up and down her swollen lips of her pussy. Her body trembled hard on the pool table as did my body as I sat tied up on the chair.

A few seconds later I heard Sarah cry out loudly, “Oh’ god Dave!”

Dave had pushed the head of his big cock in between the lips of Sarah’s pussy. He slowly began to fuck Sarah as she lay with her eyes closed on top of the pool table. I squirmed on my chair as I watched my best buddy start to fuck my wife.

Sarah’s moans began to grow just a short time later. She had grabbed a pool ball in each of her hands as Dave had her on the verge of cumming. He began to fuck her harder now as he said to her, “Do you want to cum all over my big cock?”

“Yes! I want to cum all over your big cock!” Sarah cried out.

A few seconds later Sarah let out a loud scream as she began to orgasm for the first time of the night. Her body shook hard on the pool table as Dave rammed his big cock hard into her. I wanted to cum so badly now but there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.

Dave then climbed up on the pool table and lay on his back. He had Sarah climb on top of his massive cock as she force her pussy down on to it. She rode hard on Dave’s cock as she let out several loud moans along the way as she fuck him.

It was just a few minutes later when Dave pulled Sarah’s face down to his. He began to kiss Sarah hard on the lips as his hands clutched her beautiful ass. He then rammed his hard cock up into her pussy for a good few minutes as Sarah again screamed out into another powerful orgasm.

I watched on as Dave made Sarah get on fours on top of the pool table. Their faces were pointed right at me as Dave began to pound his big cock back into Sarah from behind. Sarah immediately cried out, “Oh’ god! Oh’ god!”

Dave then played it up in front of me as he said to her, “Do you like my big cock inside you? Tell me how much you love it!”

Sarah was so overwhelmed she couldn’t say a word. Dave then grabbed each of her wrists and pulled her body tightly back against his. The sound of their pounding flesh could now be heard throughout the basement as Sarah screamed out. Her tits now bounced hard back and forth as Dave continued to pound his cock deep into her. She felt the power of his big cock as she again cried out into another huge orgasm.

My cock wanted to explode now inside my pants. I couldn’t believe the amount of adrenalin that shot through my body. Dave quickly pulled his throbbing cock out of Sarah’s pussy. He brought Sarah over toward me and made her get on knees down in front of me. I watched on as Dave slammed his cock into Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah began to suck hard on Dave’s cock as he was getting close to cumming. He looked directly at me as I sat helplessly on the chair. He moaned out toward me, “I am going to cum all over Sarah’s beautiful face!”

He pulled the head of his cock out of Sarah’s mouth and told her to keep her mouth open. He held the back of her head with one hand while he began to stroke hard on his cock with the other. A few seconds later Dave moaned out as cum began to fly from his cock. Several shots of cum landed all over Sarah’s beautiful face including her mouth. Dave had shot almost half his load into Sarah’s open mouth as I watched on from only a foot away. His cum then oozed out of Sarah’s mouth and down onto the floor.

I was so turned on now I couldn’t take it as I squirmed hard on the chair. Dave smiled right at me knowing I couldn’t do anything about it. He was playing this out for that it was worth.

It had been about twenty minutes later when Dave decided he wanted to fuck Sarah again. He grabbed the couch from the corner of the room and moved it directly in front of me. He then moved Sarah’s body over the back of the couch as her face was pointed directly at mine.

I watch from only a few feet away as Dave moved in behind her ass. He rammed his big cock back inside her as he again began to fuck her very hard over the back of the couch. Sarah cried out with every thrust of Dave’s big cock. Her tits jerked back and forth as Dave pounded her pussy with his he cock from behind. This went on for several minutes until Sarah could take no more. She began to scream out into another powerful orgasm right in front of me. Her body trembled hard as if a shot of electricity had shot right through it.

Dave knowing how limber Sarah’s body really was now had her lay her head and neck down on the floor. He positioned the rest of her body up against the couch as her legs dangled outward over top of her face. Dave then straddled himself over top of her pussy and lowered his huge cock down to it. He then pushed his big cock into Sarah’s pussy and began to fuck her in a very unorthodox way. Sarah loved it as she immediately cried out in pleasure.

It had been a few minutes later and Dave was still fucking Sarah hard this way. Her beautiful body stood only a few feet from me as my cock throbbed with total excitement. Sarah now cried out as she began to cum very hard again. Her body shook and trembled extremely hard for a good minute as Dave pushed his cock deep into her.

Dave now sat on the couch and pulled Sarah on top of himself. I watched on Sarah moved herself quickly up and down on Dave’s big shaft. He fucked her for several minutes this way as Sarah moaned out continuously. Dave then decided to change positions one more time.

He now had a grand idea as he had Sarah move onto all fours as her head rested on my lap. I watched on as Dave smiled at me as he began to fuck Sarah from behind. My cock was throbbing hard now as I felt Sarah’s head and hands moved about my lap as my buddy fuck her hard from behind. He had fucked her for a good five minutes when Sarah began let out a muzzle cry. She was on the verge of cumming again as Dave increased the tempo. A few seconds later Sarah screamed out into my lap as she began to orgasm. Her orgasm was so powerful that her head rubbed hard against my crouch area. I was now very close to cumming in my pants when Dave all of a sudden yanked his cock out of Sarah’s pussy. He moaned out loudly as he began to cum all over Sarah’s back and ass.

I watched as his cum shot up all over Sarah’s back. This pushed me over the edge as I began moaned out into the duct tape. I couldn’t take it any longer as I started to cum right there inside my pants. Dave had gotten the last laugh as he knew he had made me cum. I felt so embarrassed but I was still very turned on as Dave still wasn’t yet done with Sarah.

The two of them left in the lower level and headed upstairs. I heard the shower go on as the water drain down the pipe that I was secured to. I knew Dave was getting his kicks showering alone with Sarah while I sat tied up in the basement.

It was almost an hour later when Dave and my wife Sarah returned. Sarah just had a robe on while Dave was still naked. There was no telling what the two of them did in the shower though Sarah had a very content look on her face.

Dave now sat on the couch right in front of me. He said, “I bet you like to see me fuck Sarah again!”

Sarah got down on her knees and began to suck on Dave’s big cock. It only took a few minutes and Sarah brought Dave’s cock back to attention. She went at his cock like I had never seen before. The sound of her slurping on it filled the whole lower level.

It had been a good 10 minutes when Dave stood up off the couch. He was ready to fuck Sarah again as he moved her to the arm of the couch. He had her put her hands on the arm of it as she spread her legs wide apart. Dave then had come in behind her as he grabbed one of Sarah’s legs and held it high into the air. Sarah had no problem as she lifted her leg high into the air. Now with one leg in the air and the other one mounted to the floor Dave rammed his big cock into her.

I easily could see Dave’s cock going in and out of my wife’s pussy as he made sure I saw everything. Sarah in the meantime began to cry out as Dave punished her with his cock. He fucked her hard for several minutes until Sarah screamed out into another powerful orgasm. Her body had become lymph as Dave let go of her leg.

He now laid Sarah on her back on the couch. He climbed on top of her and began to fuck her hard again. Her cries could be heard throughout the basement as her arms were wrapped tightly around his body. He fucked her like this for a good 10 minutes when he changed things up again. He grabbed Sarah’s legs and pulled her legs back toward her head. Her knees were now pinned tightly into the cushion of the couch. Her pussy stood high in the air as Dave reposition his body on hers. Sarah was very hot now as she felt up each of her tits with her hands.

Dave now plowed his big cock back into Sarah’s pussy as Sarah immediately cried out, “Oh’ god! Oh’ god! It is so good Dave!”

Dave began to pound his cock very deep inside Sarah’s pussy. I watched on as Sarah took every inch of Dave’s huge cock. She cried out, “Fuck me Dave! Fuck me!”

He fucked her very hard for the next several minutes as Sarah continued to cry out, “Harder! Harder!”

A few seconds later Sarah screamed out into the most powerful orgasm of the night. Her screams were so loud they radiated throughout the whole house. I had never seen her body tremble so hard as her orgasm went on and on for a good couple of minutes.

Dave now began to moan out himself. He was close to cumming as he now laid his body flat on top of Sarah’s. Sarah was still recovering from her very powerful orgasm when Dave announced, “I am going to cum inside you!”

Dave’s body tightened up a few seconds later as he gave Sarah several hard thrust with his cock. They both moaned out as my buddy Dave began to cum inside my wife’s pussy right in front of me. I was very turned on now as Dave cuddle with Sarah for several minutes.

It was a short time later when Sarah noticed my cock was still very hard inside my pants. She walked over toward me and pulled the duct tape off my mouth. She said, “Do you want to cum?”

She began to rub the outside of my pants as my cock was ready to erupt again. It was a few minutes later and now Sarah had my cock out of my pants. She teased me for a few minutes as she ran her hand gently up and down the shaft of my cock while Dave watched from the couch. I began to cry out, “Please Sarah let me cum!”

A few seconds later I began to explode as cum shot up all over my shirt and pants. It was a night that none of us would ever forget. I knew it would only be a question of time before the three of us get together again.