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My Cajun Lover

A first date turns into great sex!!!
This true event follows right after my story “My First Threesome.”

That last great summer semester of college messing around with Sean and Roger was over and I had received my degree followed by several job interviews all over southern Louisiana. Before long, I secured a slot in a management training program with a chain retail clothing store which catered to women from teens to thirty.

I spent one week at a regional training program and then couldn’t believe my luck when they sent me to New Orleans to work as a manager-in-training at the best mall in the city.

It just so happened that Rhonda, one of my three best friends and sorority sister, had received her first post graduate job near there and we were able to find a apartment to share in a typical apartment complex that offered pool and tennis facilities. Rhonda and I were the two in our foursome of friends that were not engaged yet. Rhonda had always been the wild promiscuous one while at that time I was considered the most conservative.

Working at the store was really great for me. I was able to revamp my wardrobe with a lot more sexy clothes including lots of short skirts and better yet, I could wear those trendy fashions to work. Management actually preferred it that way, in fact I think they had an unwritten policy of hiring young attractive females to manage and work in those stores. Within just a few weeks my manager was transferred and I became the store manager and got a pay raise!

I soon discovered this great little bar that was attached to a restaurant at one of the mall entrances. Sometimes I would stop by there after work and have a margarita before going home or even for one just before work.

Most of the time this really cute bartender was working there. He name was Jules and he was a Cajun from over toward Lafayette, Louisiana. Jules was very average height with an athletic physique and a fantastic tight butt! He had, dark brown sexy eyes, black wavy hair that barely topped his ears and wore a very short always trimmed goatee and had some sideburns. Jules talked with a light Cajun accent and sounded so sexy when he spoke Cajun French. He had several tattoos on his muscular arms but he always was dressed really nice in slacks and expensive looking button up shirts.

I would always sit in a stool at the bar which was never very busy and Jules and I would talk a lot. He was quite flirty and always told me how nice I looked. I quickly learned that Jules was about five years older than me and he had played college baseball at Louisiana Tech before serving one term with the US Marines in Iraq.

One evening he came by my store to see me and asked if I’d like to go to some bars with him after I got off work. I accepted his offer and told him to pick me up in an hour when the store closed.

I was glad I had worn a sexy very short bloused skirt that day because I felt it really showed of my legs and I really wanted to look sexy for him.

Jules was there right on time to get me. We went to a sports bar and had a couple of drinks and then to a nice little quaint jazz bar in the French Quarter. I was having a fabulous time with him. At every chance I nonchalantly let him get a good glimpse of my legs. After awhile he offered to take me home but of course my car was at the mall. So I asked him to take me to my car and follow me to my apartment.

When we got to my place my roommate, Rhonda, was there and I introduced her to Jules. Rhonda, being ever so intuitive, found a reason to go out and left Jules and I alone at the apartment.

Before that wonderful threesome with Sean and Roger months before, I would have barely allowed a guy to kiss me on a first date, but now after my real sexual awakening I was actually hoping he’d spend the night making love to me.

It wasn’t long before we were kissing passionately on the sofa. And Jules was a great kisser. I was hoping he’d fondle my breasts or put his hand in my panties but he hadn’t tried that yet.

After probably thirty minutes of passionately making out Jules soon said that he didn’t want to push things before I was ready and said he should “make it a night” and see me again soon.

I then gave him a real passionate kiss and told him I’d prefer that he stay.

He said, “Only if it is what you really want.”

I said, “It is absolutely what I want.”
Then I got up and walked to the door to my bedroom stopped looked at him and smiled sexy and asked, “Well?” J

Julus got off the sofa and came to me and we kissed passionately in my doorway. Then he picked me up in his arms, pushed the door closed behind him with his foot and carried me to the bed. I don’t think our lips and tongues parted from one another as we pulled, unbuttoned and tugged at each others clothes until I was just down to my panties. (I was glad I wore a sexy lace thong that day).

Jules slowly took my panties off as his eyes caressed my naked body with such wanton sensual lust. Jules then proceeded to give me the best oral sex I’d ever had by far. He teased my clit with his tongue over and over and had me extremely wet. Then he used his fingers inside me and quickly brought me to an orgasm. I shouted that I was cumming loud enough for the neighbors to hear through the walls.

I could not wait to taste and lick his cock. Jules was very well endowed. I licked and sucked him as passionately as I knew how and softly rubbed his balls and licked them too. It seemed like I had sucked him a very long time when he stopped me saying he didn’t want to cum yet.

After that Jules slid on a condom and spread my legs wider apart, got on top and eased his cock into my pussy which was extremely wet by this time. As it went in my entire body tingled.

I was so excited and enthralled that I just let loose telling him loudly, “To fuck me!”

I kept telling him how good he was. And he did feel incredible as his cock was thick and just the perfect length. He kept telling me how incredible I felt to him. He pushed my legs back and went deeper into me than anyone previous and it felt so great.

Then Jules turned me over and pulled my hips up toward him and entered my pussy from behind. I have no doubt that I was making more noise than I ever had before during sex. Jules pulled my hair and head back with one hand and with the other he softly caressed my neck and throat and even used his fingers to fondle my mouth and lips all while fucking me from behind. Then he took that same hand and started rubbing around my clit as he kept fucking me still holding my hair back and soon I was cumming again and then he did.

We both fell into each others arms exhausted but happy.

Jules and I lay on the bed for quite awhile just talking with me cuddled up in his strong arms. Then he said he need to go and asked if he could see me again and I of course told him yes.

After Jules got dressed and left, Rhonda, who had returned and was waiting in her bedroom ran to my room jumped in bed with me and told me that I had to tell her everything.

She said that Jules was so good looking and sexy and she knew right away when she saw him that he would be good in bed and we both laughed. I told her everything.

Jules and I saw each other for about six months, during which time I learned a lot more about sex.

The relationship may have lasted longer but Jules got called up by the Marines to go back to Iraq for a one year tour. Jules encouraged me to start seeing other people and we just left it open that we might hook up sometime in the future when he returned.

By the time he did return I had another job and had moved. We corresponded for awhile and he did come to see me once after I moved to Texas. By that time Jules had decided to make a career in the Marines and we knew that it would be too difficult to let things get serious.

However, that time he did come visit me in Texas was one wonderful weekend of non-stop great sex!
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