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My Cleaning Girl

A sexy teasing young woman comes to clean his house and they drive each other crazy with lust
My Cleaning Girl


When I saw the notice on the market bulletin board, “College Girl Cleans Houses-- Responsible, Thorough and Fast,” I impulsively wrote down the number. It’s surprising how an idea hits you. I live alone in a small cabin in the woods, but I’m always so busy on my writing projects and gardening that I don’t keep up with cleaning as well as I should. So when I saw the notice, I said, “Why not?”

When I got home, I called her number, obviously a cell phone, and told her I saw her notice and was looking for someone to clean. She told me her name was Tanya and charged fifteen bucks an hour. Her voice was perky on the phone and when she said, “I take morning classes and can come over any afternoon so how about I come over at 4 to take a look,” I was impressed with how she took control and handled herself. She seemed confident and organized.

I gave her directions and, of course, straightened up a little before she arrived so she wouldn’t think I was a total slob. She pulled up in my driveway at four on the button. When I opened the door, she said, “Hi, I’m Tanya.” She reached out to shake my hand.

“I’m Thom. Thanks for coming over so quickly,” I said, as we shook hands, stunned by how gorgeous she was. I didn’t expect that the person who might clean my house would be such a knock out. While she walked around and checked the place out, I was checking her out.

“Cool place,” she said, nodding. “I like all the wood.” She walked ahead of me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her round ass in her faded tight jeans. I could not believe how sexy she looked. She wore a black tank top, cut low in the front. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because not only did her nipples show, but her cleavage did too. She was small, maybe five feet two or three, but she had big tits and clearly liked to show off her body. She had long dark hair, tied in pig-tails that made her look like an innocent teen-ager. She walked into the bathroom, then into the kitchen area taking everything in. I showed her my little office and then my bedroom at the other end of the cabin.

“It’s really cool, here,” she said, looking up at me. “It’ll take four or five hours the first time, then maybe two or three after that.” She went to the window in my dining area and looked out at the trees around the cabin and the bird feeders at my window. “This is really a cool place, Thom,” she repeated, turning to me. “I like how it feels here.”

She caught me looking at her tits and smiled but didn’t say anything. “So you’re a writer,” she said, “What do you write?”

“Novels for young adults, poetry and I have a column for an education magazine,” I said, trying to get my mind off of her body.

“Cool,” she answered and smiled, looking me in the eyes. “You seem like an interesting guy. I like your blue eyes. I think I’m going to like working for you.” she said, looking into my eyes, a slight, somewhat alluring smile on her lips.

“So, what are you majoring in at college?” I asked.

“Right now I’m a Theater Major and want to be an actress but I’m taking English as a minor in case I want to teach.”

After an awkward silence in which we just stood and looked at each other, she asked how old I was.

I told her I just turned was sixty, but added, “I don’t feel it. I feel very youthful.”

“I’m thirty,” she told me without my asking. “I traveled for a few years before college, had a lot of different jobs, put off college and worked to save money.” She paused looking at me, “By the way, you look great for your age. I thought you were maybe forty or something. I love gray hair and I have a thing for older men,” She said, her eyes lingering on mine when she said that and smiled as if she had a secret thought.

For a minute, I thought she was flirting with me, but she then looked at her watch and said, “I better get going. I can come back on Saturday morning to clean, if that works for you, say about nine.”

“Fine,” I said, and walked her to the door. When she walked down the path to her car, I couldn’t take my eyes off her round ass straining the tight jeans and how her hips swayed as she walked. Half way to her car, she turned, smiled and waved at me. The way she looked at me, our eyes meeting, suggested she knew I liked what I was seeing and she liked showing it to me.

There was a definite sexual tension between us. Her comment about liking older men intrigued me.

Though the thought of fucking her entered my mind, I also realized she was ten years younger than my daughter and decided I would keep this a working relationship. I couldn’t let anything happen because of the age difference and I didn’t want to take advantage of a young girl working her way through college. The thought of being a dirty old man appalled me, though I admitted she was hot.

When she arrived on Saturday morning at nine on the dot, she knocked on my screen door and yelled, “I’m here.”

I let her in and was dazzled by how sexy she looked in a tight pair of low riser cut-off jeans that couldn’t have been any shorter or tighter. She wore a white t-shirt and it was obvious she had no bra because, again, her nipples were visible. The shirt was cut to reveal her stomach. Her hair was in a long pony tail that went down passed her shoulders.

“I’m ready for action,” she said, looking me in the eyes and smiling suggestively. She then walked to the cabinet under the kitchen sink cabinet where she knew I kept the cleaning supplies. The way she said “action” made me wonder if there was a sexual innuendo and tried to dismiss the idea that she was flirting with me. When she bent over to get the supplies out from under the sink, her round ass looked so tantalizing in those cut-offs, I had to turn away, but found myself unable to keep my eyes off of ass. I felt my cock get hard looking at her and said, “I’ll be in my office if you need anything.” I had to get away from her.

Sitting in my chair, staring at my computer, I couldn’t get Tanya out of my mind. I was determined to not let anything happen. I didn’t want to get involved with a young girl, someone younger than my daughter. I had been divorced for several years and had no sexual relations. I visited some porno sites on the internet to get sexual relief but never believed I would have a sexy young woman like Tanya in my cabin. Still, I was determined to not have a sexual relationship with someone so young no matter how tempting it would be.

I managed to get down to work and was concentrating on the article I was writing. I heard her moving about but we had no contact for at least two hours. One time she came to the door of my small office and said she was going to take a fifteen minute break and asked if I would like some tea.

“Sure,” I said, glancing up at her in my doorway. I couldn’t help look at how her tits stretched the tight t-shirt, how her nipples protruded, her slender waist and navel showing just below her flimsy shirt.

“Cool, I’ll make us some and bring it to you,” she said, smiling, noticing I was looking at her tits, even though I glanced away quickly to my computer.

When she came back she handed me my tea, standing close, her bare knees touching mine, her smooth tan thighs spread slightly apart, her tight cut-offs straining against her hips and pussy. She held tea mug with both hand, took a sip and looked down at me over the rim of her mug. I looked up, our eyes meeting and she smiled at me.

“Thanks for the tea,” I said, her bare leg still against mine. I turned my office chair around so we weren’t touching and to take my eyes off of her, forcing her to back up away, but then she leaned against my desk, her ass on the edge, her legs straight out. As I sat back on my office chair sipping my tea, my legs apart, I again noticed how tight her jeans were on her crotch and how smooth and firm her long legs looked. “Damn, she’s sexy,” I said to myself, trying to keep from getting aroused by how close she was and how she was looking at me. Unfortunately, I was not successful and saw her look at the bulge in my jeans.

She smiled, seeing what was happening, then leaned on my desk with her legs spread apart. “Was she opening herself to me on purpose?” I wondered, trying to look away but finding it difficult. She took a sip of her tea. “This is such a nice place to work--in the woods, away from everything, secluded, nice and quiet. It’s really nice here, Thom.” She looked at my eyes again over the rim of her mug then glanced at the bulge in my jeans, even though I was trying to hide it with my mug.

“Well, I better get back to work,” she said, standing up and when her leg touched my leg again, I wondered if it was accidental. “See you later,” she said leaving my office.

As she left, I looked at her round ass straining her tight cut-offs, it was all I could do not to leap up and grab her and fuck her on the floor. We both knew we had a shared a very hot moment, my cock was still hard.

Somehow, I got back to my article and heard Tanya working on the other side of the cabin. After an hour or so, I got up to stretch and saw her on a small step ladder dusting a shelf. I walked into the room and looked around. “You sure do a thorough job,” I said. “This room has never looked so good.”

I was standing in back of her next to the ladder as she reached the shelf above her head. She had one leg on the top of the ladder, the other on the step below causing her ass cheeks to show from under the tight cut-offs. Because of her position on the ladder, her ass was just above eye level. I could not believe how round and luscious her ass looked as the seam went into the crack of her ass.

“I’d love to rub my cock against that tight ass,” I thought then got upset at myself for allowing myself to be seduced by her body, “I’ve got to stay away from her before I do something I regret,” I said, trying to look away.

“I’m almost done, Thom,” she said, smiling down at me, our eyes meeting. “This ladder’s a little wobbly, would you mind holding it for minute.”

I bent over to hold the ladder as she reached to dust the shelf above her head. Being so close to her bare legs and her cut-off jeans being stretched to the splitting point by her round ass was driving me crazy and I felt an erection growing.

“That’s it,” she said and stepped down from the ladder. When she got to the bottom step, she stumbled and fell against me. I grabbed her arms to steady her but her tits pushed against my chest. As I held her, I looked down and saw her cleavage through her low cut shirt.

“Sorry,” she said, as she stepped back. When she bent over to fold and pick up the step ladder, she looked at the bulge in my jeans then into my eyes. She smiled slightly but didn’t say anything. I was embarrassed by her knowing the effect she was having on me but tried to ignore what had just happened.

I quickly took the ladder from her and tried to hide the bulge in my pants as I followed her back to the kitchen, but I was not able to keep my eyes off of her ass as she swayed her hips. “Was she teasing me,” I wondered. “Or is this just the way she is?” I didn’t know but determined not to let my lust for her get out of hand.

After I put the ladder away in the closet, Tanya gathered the cleaning supplies and put them under the sink then came over to me. “Mind if I sit a minute before I go. I gave myself a workout today.”

“Of course not,” I said.

I have a lazy boy reclining reading chair right in front of my wood stove that allows you to put your legs up. Tanya looked at the chair and plopped down with a deep sigh and stretched her arms above her head causing her T-shirt to rise and her tits to stretch the flimsy t-shirt, revealing her nipples. She sat back on the chair and spread her legs wide apart, revealing her crotch, the seam of her jeans pressed against her pussy. She closed her eyes a minute then looked up at me obviously enjoying how I was looking at her.

I suddenly realized that Tanya was a cock tease and that she was playing with me. She liked being seductive and getting me to look at her, but she was just teasing me, having fun with me. I didn’t say anything and walked back towards the kitchen to get a glass of water. I was trying to ignore her seductive way and determined not to let anything happen. I was also getting angry with her teasing me by the way she dressed and acted but didn’t know what to do. “Damn her, she’s driving me crazy and she knows it!” I muttered to myself and wondered whether I should end having her work for me before something happened between us.

“So, when would you like me to come back and clean again?” she asked.

I looked down at her lounging on my chair with her legs spread apart, her tantalizing thighs, her jeans tight on her crotch, her tits bulging through her tight T-shirt.

“I’ll call you when I want you to clean again,” I said, looking away.

“Oh, I thought I’d come back in two weeks or so. I did a thorough job. The next time shouldn’t take so long.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” I said. “I need to think about whether I can keep up with it myself or have you back,” I lied.

“Is there anything wrong with how I clean?” she asked. The expression on her face changed to a sad pout.

“Oh, no, you did a great job. I’m happy with how the place looks,” I said, writing her a check.

She stood up and walked over to me, standing very close, looking into my eyes. “Is it how I make you feel when you look at me?” she asked, coyly, her tits touching my arm.

“Not at all,” I lied again. “I just think I’d rather call you when I’m ready to have the place cleaned again.”

Her blue eyes darkened and the smile disappeared. “Suit your self,” she said, angrily. “I better get going.” She was still standing close to me. She looked me in the eyes, nodding knowing I was lying, but clearly she was upset.

Though we were both feeling angry, I was getting aroused by her being so close and for a second I wanted to grab her and fuck her and teach her a lesson for being a cock tease.

“I’m out of here,” she said, walking to the screen door then turned, “See you around, Thom,” she said, sarcastically.

When she left walking quickly up the path to her car, I went to the door and yelled, “I’ll call you in a few weeks.”

I was upset that I had hurt her feelings, but, at the same time, I couldn’t take my eyes off of that ass of hers as she walked away, “Damn she’s sexy,” I gasped and wondered whether I made a big mistake. It’s not everyday you have a sexy young girl trying to seduce you.

That night, I was sitting in my recliner chair, reading when I heard a car drive down my lane to my parking area. I glanced up at the clock and saw it was ten o’clock. I wondered who would be coming to my cabin so late at night. I rarely have visitors during the day, let alone at night. I went to the door, turned on the outside light and saw it was Tanya walking up my path.

I opened the door and let her in. She didn’t say a word but just looked at me. Her dark wild hair hung well below her shoulders and with the dangling earrings she looked like a gypsy. She wore a short, tight denim skirt that was mid thigh and a white peasant blouse that was cut very low revealing her cleavage. Again, she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see her nipples through the thin material.

“What brings you here so late at night?” I asked.

“You know why I’m here,” she said, looking into my eyes.

“No, I don’t. I’m surprised to see you, especially after how angry you were when you left.”

“Do you know why I was angry?” she asked.

“I assume because I didn’t say to come back in two weeks,” I answered.

“No, that’s not why,” she said.

“Then why?” I asked. “Why are you angry?”

She stepped closer and brought her face to mine, looking me in the eyes. “I’m angry because you’re dishonest, that’s why.”

“What do you mean, dishonest?” I asked.

She then did something that completely surprised me. She stepped closer and grabbed my balls, “You’re dishonest because you wanted to fuck me today and pretended you didn’t. The way you looked at my tits and my ass and I saw your cock bulging in your pants. I was driving you crazy. You wanted to fuck me, didn’t you? Admit it and that’s why you don’t want me here, isn’t it?”

She then rubbed her hand up and down my hard cock, “You’re dishonest because you were pretending to be moral, but you were denying how I turned you on, you phony! I could tell by your eyes how much you wanted to fuck me and it was turning me on. It was getting me so hot!”

She then turned around and pushed her ass up against my cock, moving up and down and wiggling it against my erection. “You like how that feels don’t you, you phony, horny bastard? You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

I could not believe what was happening. I closed my eyes while she rubbed her ass against my cock. At first I wanted to push her away and explain my conflict but I was too aroused. She was getting me too horny. Suddenly, I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me and rubbed my cock harder against the crack of her ass through the tight denim skirt. She looked back at me and smiled, “I like that, ummmmmmmmmm. Now you’re being honest, you fucking bastard.”

Her dirty, aggressive talk was driving me crazy. She then turned around and stepped closer to me, looking into my eyes then reached both hands around and grabbed my ass, squeezing it and started grinding her pussy slowly against my cock. She looked at me. “When I left today I was angry at you and then tonight when I was thinking about you, I found my self getting hornier and hornier. At first I was afraid to come. I didn’t know how you would act, but then I decided what the hell, I wanted you to fuck me. You can throw me out now or take me.”

I could not believe my ears. What an extraordinary turn of events to have this sexy vixen come to me begging me to fuck her. She looked so sexy in that tight short skirt, her tits barely contained by her blouse, her lusty eyes looking at me, grinding her pussy against my cock. She then moved closer, stood on her toes and whispered in my ear, “Fuck me,” she said then licked my ear lobe. My cock had never been so hard. She then started rubbing her hand up and down my cock, her tits pressed against my chest, “Mmmmmmm you feel so hard!” she whispered looking into my eyes rubbing my cock harder, wrapping her fingers around my shaft. “I want this.”

Suddenly, all the pent up lust I felt for her exploded in me and I grabbed her, pulling her hard against me. We were kissing, our tongues swirling furiously inside each other’s mouth, our pelvises grinding against each other, our hands grabbing each other’s ass, pulling us harder against each other as our desperate, horny lust took over.

She unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them down while I lifted her tight skirt, ripping her thong off then grabbed her bare ass. “Oh yeah!” she cried out, “I want you really horny!” She grabbed and squeezed my bare ass, “Good, no underwear,” she said grinding her pussy against my throbbing hard cock, “Ohhhhh yeah that feels so good. You’re so big and hard, mmmmmmm,” she moaned, grinding harder.

Suddenly, we started kissing again pressing our moaning mouths hard, our tongues moving viciously. I pulled her blouse down, spilling her tits out and started rubbing, pinching and twisting her nipples, still kissing hard, our lips hurting each other. I then lowered my mouth to one tit, sucking and licking the nipple while my hand rubbed her other tit roughly, her moaning louder, her hand gripping my hard cock. We were both out of our minds, standing in front of my lazy boy recliner driving each other crazy

Suddenly, she pulled away from me, went to the chair and flopped down, leaning back and started rubbing her tits, looking up at me, her legs open, lifting her ass off the chair, offering me her wet shaved pussy. “Come get me Thom. Fuck me now!”

The sight of this young girl lying there with her legs wide open, rubbing her tits and begging me to fuck her was more than I could stand. I kneeled down between her open legs, holding my cock. She was looking at it. “My God, you’re huge,” she said spreading her legs wider as I crawled closer. “FUCK ME!” she yelled, suddenly wrapping her legs around my back and pulling me into her.

She was so wet and I was so hard that I just thrust into her tight pussy, ramming her hard, opening her, Ohhhhhhhfuckkkkkk!” she screamed. “Ohhhhhhhfuccckkkk, yes, Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I couldn’t believe how tight she was, her pussy gripping my cock, but after a few hard thrusts, I suddenly decided to give her a little taste of her teasing medicine and pulled out.

“No! No!” she yelled. “Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!”

Lifting myself, gripping my hard cock in my fist, I started teasing the outside of her pussy, moving the head up and down and around her pussy lips while she was arching up trying to get me to thrust into her. I liked how desperate she was and wanted to tantalize her the way she tantalized me earlier in the day. “Two can play the teasing game,” I said.

I then stood up over her, my legs spread on either side her legs, my cock sticking straight out over her. Tanya looked up at me, her skirt hunched up over her waist, her legs spread, her dripping pussy wide open. She was panting heavily, her hungry eyes looking at my hard cock standing straight out over her like a spear. I felt like a warrior with my conquest waiting to be ravished.

“Don’t tease me, don’t do this to me. Please, I can’t stand it.”

“Can’t stand what?” I asked, hovering over her. She looked me in the eyes and then at my big hard cock sticking straight out just above her pussy. She reached up, her arms trying to grab me and pull me into her.

“Can’t stand what? What can’t you stand?” I asked sternly, pushing her arms away.

“You know what I want, you bastard!”

I then kneeled on the chair between her legs, my cock throbbing over her wet, shaved pussy and reached down with my hand and rubbed my middle finger up and down her slit, teasing her with my finger, stroking lightly, dipping into her pussy, pulling out, playing with her, looking into her desperate eyes, her whimpering making me want to drive her insane before I fucked her..

Ohhhh mygod, I can’t stand it, you’re driving me crazy,” she shouted.

Kneeling between her legs, my balls and swollen cock hovering above her panting body, I started moving my finger harder in and out of her pussy, then added a second finger thrusting deep then slowly pulling it out again, feeling her pussy gripping my finger with each thrust.

“Oohhhhhh that’s so good, ohhhhh yeah that’s so good,” she gasped, then suddenly I stopped and pulled my finger out, “Oh don’t stop! Don’t Stop! Don’t tease me, damn you,” she yelled, a fierce look on her face. “Fuck me! Please! Please! I can’t stand it, damn you. Fuck me!” She was reaching out for my cock.

I decided to prolong her agony and got down between her legs again, moving my tongue on her dripping pussy, “Yes, Yes, Eat me! Eat me!” she screamed, lifting her legs over the arms of the chair, opening her pussy, arching her back, rising off the chair, thrusting her pussy harder against my tongue as I moved it slowly up and down her slit, my tongue going deeper with each swipe, loving the delicious juiciness of her pussy, the pungent aroma of her sex, the deep guttural sounds coming from both our mouths as I devoured her dripping pussy. Moving my tongue in and out and up and down, licking her pussy faster and faster, I found her engorged clit, placed my lips over it, sucking it, my tongue licking it causing her to jolt and shudder, “Ohhhhmygod, eat me! Eat my pussy!” she screamed, her head thrashing against the back of the chair, pushing her pussy harder against my tongue.

I loved how she told me what she wanted, how loud she screamed, how desperately she was humping my mouth as I licked and sucked her engorged clit. I loved how horny and desperate she was, loved my control over her, loved how hot and crazy she was. When I felt her body tensing and on the verge of exploding, I suddenly wanted to fuck her with my cock, I wanted to just take her and fuck her brains out. I pulled my mouth away, hearing her shout, “No, don’t stop! Don’t!” then suddenly, just as I was about to thrust my cock into her, she surprised me by getting her two feet on my chest, kicking me away then leaped off the chair, angrily pushing me backward with her hands.

“Two can play this game,” she yelled, pushing me. “You had your chance to fuck me and now you’re going to have to fight to get me. You’ve met your match!”

I was stunned by the change of events, but the devilish, wanton look in her eyes made me want the challenge of getting her. I reached forward, grabbed her arms and pulled her against me, but she squirmed away. “Not so fast, buddy,” she said.

I then grabbed her tight skirt, ripped it off of her and tossed it away. I grabbed her hips, roughly spinning her around, then holding her tits with both hands, pressed my hard cock against her round ass.

“You want this in you, don’t you?” I hissed in her ear, squeezing her tits harder.

“Fuck you!” she yelled, squirming and bucking with all her strength then slipped from my grasp and broke away. She stood a few feet away, facing me, her legs spread wide as she looked at me defiantly like a warrior. Her tits stood straight out, her hands on her hips, her hair wild, her fierce eyes looking into mine. She glanced at my hard cock and then smiled at me.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you? You want to throw me on the floor and take me, don’t you? You don’t like it when the woman has the power over you, do you?”

“You want it just as much as I do,” I yelled, stepping toward her.

“Think so. By the looks of your cock, you look pretty horny,” she said, smiling at me.

“You’re right and I’m going to get you!” I then held my hard cock in my hand, pointing it at her like it was a sword. I moved forward, like a Roman soldier on the attack. We were both warriors feeling something primal.

She looked at my swollen cock and then at my eyes but didn’t speak.

“I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.”

“Yeah, says who?” she laughed, as I moved closer, holding my cock straight out, our eyes on each other’s eyes.

She crouched down like a wrestler, her legs spread wide apart, her tits hanging, ready to fight me off, the sexual tension between us growing more intense as I moved closer. Suddenly, I grabbed her arm, pulling hard, wrapping my arms around her waist, feeling her squirming with all of her strength to break free. She was incredibly strong and it was all I could do to hold her. Somehow, she managed to turn around, her back to me and bent over, squirming and twisting, trying to break my hold on her.

When she bent over, squirming, I leaned over her, my cock pressed against the crack of her round ass and grabbed her tits, rubbing and squeezing them roughly, moving my rock hard cock against her ass. I then let go of one of her tits, grabbed my cock and managed to get it to her pussy as she bent over. Holding her tit hard with one hand and moving my cock up and down her wet pussy lips with my other hand, her ass wiggling against my cock forced the head of my cock deeper into her dripping pussy, her squirming letting me get the head of my cock deeper, gripping it, as I thrust and drove my way deeper into her warm, wet, tight pussy.

“Let me go, you bastard,” she yelled, squirming. I was bent over her back, loving how warm her swollen pussy lips felt gripping the head of my cock as she tried to get away.

“Stop moving,” I yelled. “I know you want me to fuck you.”

“You can’t have me,” she shouted.

“Oh yes I can. You want it so bad. That’s why you came here you horny teasing bitch. You want me to fuck you.”

I had never talked to any woman like that but this situation brought an animalistic wildness out in both of us. We were out of our minds.

“Let me go you fucking bastard. You can’t do this to me.”

“Oh yes I can. Your wet cunt is betraying you. Now stop moving, you little cock tease slut. I know you want it as bad as I do.”

Still squirming, trying to break free, my cock getting deeper, she again tried bolting away, but my grip was too tight and we both fell to the floor. She tried crawling away, but I grabbed her legs, spreading them wide. She was fighting me, trying desperately to kick and squirm away. I reached up to her ass, gripping her then grabbed her hips, roughly flipping her over on her back, spreading her legs, kneeling over her, my throbbing cock at the edge of her pussy, our eyes on each other, her mouth wide open.

I leaned forward, again rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy. “You want it, don’t you? You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you,” I said, looking into her eyes.

“Please, let me go. I’m sorry I was teasing you.”

“Who do you think you’re fooling?” I said. “You came here to get fucked. Now tell me what you want. I want you to beg!”

I took advantage of her squirming and got the head of my cock deeper into her dripping pussy, moving it in a small circle, teasing her. “You like how that feels don’t you? Tell me you like it.”

I could feel her relax a bit, felt her lifting her hips rising to get my cock in her, her eyes on mine, biting her lips to hold back her words. She closed her eyes, quietly letting me play with her, enjoying the sensation of my cock rubbing up and down and around her dripping pussy.

“Come on, Tanya, tell me you like how this feels,” I said, pushing my cock into her a little more, moving the head in small circles, wanting her crazed. “Tell me!” I whispered in her ear, leaning over her body, her tits just below my chest. “Tell me you like this, you little slut! You want it, don’t you?”

“Yes. I like it. I like how it feels,” she said, gasping.

“You want it, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh yes. Please. Stop teasing me, damn you! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Tell me again what you want,” I hissed, now looking into her pleading eyes. “Tell me! Beg!”

“Oh, please, please, I want your cock! Now fuck me hard, you god damn fucking bastard. Give it to me!” she yelled fiercely.

“Will you be my fuck slave,” I said, looking down at her, my eyes fixed on hers. “Will you come here when I want to fuck you?”

“Yes. I’m your fuck slave. Now fuck me!”

“Okay, my little slut,” I said and rammed my cock into her, opening her with one hard thrust.

“Ohhhhhhhytes, Ohhhhhhgod, I love it! Fuck me!”

I pounded her with all my strength. I didn’t know where my energy came from, but I couldn’t fuck her hard enough. “I love fucking you,” I yelled. “You’re so tight!”

“Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder! Harder! I love your cock,” she screamed.

I now had her legs up over my shoulders, my cock going deeper and deeper with each thrust when suddenly she lifted her ass and started bucking and shouted, “Let me on top! Roll over!”

I quickly rolled onto my back, pulling her with me, keeping my cock in her as she straddled my hips. She looked down at me, smiling, biting her lip, “I want to ride you like you’re my stallion.”

She leaned forward, crushing her tits against my chest then slowly started moving back and forth, gripping my cock, looking intensely into my eyes, her mouth just above mine. “I love fucking you,” she hissed, taking my cock deeper with her rocking. I then grabbed her round ass, pushing her forward and thrusting as she rocked back and forth on my cock then suddenly, I put my finger in her ass hole and that took her over the edge. “Oh yes! Do that! Oh I love it!” she yelled, rocking harder and faster then suddenly, she sat up straight, bouncing up and down on my hard, throbbing cock, swiveling her hips when she came down, her tight pussy gripping my cock, and I could feel my orgasm building, the sperm boiling, my cock swelling as my orgasm started rising, getting closer and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I started thrusting up into her, lifting my ass off the floor as she rode me faster and harder, her hands rubbing her tits, my hands squeezing her ass. Feeling myself ready to erupt, I looked up at her coming down harder, her tits bouncing, her hair flailing, her pussy gripping my cock, “I’m cummmmming! Oh, Fuckkkkk, I’m cummmming. Fuck me!” she screamed.

“I’m cummmming too!” I shouted,

She was galloping, riding my cock faster and faster, my thrusting getting harder and harder. “I’m cummmmmmming, I’m cummmmmming” she yelled up at the ceiling, her whole body shuddering and shaking in convulsions before collapsing on me in spasms.

I was on the verge of exploding and flipped her roughly on to her back, spreading her legs, lifting them to my shoulders, ramming my cock into her as hard as I could, screaming, “ Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!

She lifted her ass off the floor, giving me her pussy, “Come on baby, cum in me! Cum in me! Keep fucking me!” she yelled, making me thrust even harder. “Yeah fuck me harder!

Suddenly, my cock swelling, my whole body tensing, trembling as my boiling sperm filled my cock bringing me to the verge of exploding, ‘I’m cummmming” I yelled.

“Give it to me! Fuck me! Cum in me!” she yelled as I exploded in a huge, mind blowing orgasm, my sperm gushing into her, my thrusting harder and faster as spurt after spurt of my hot cum poured into her like lava from a volcano. I don’t remember ever exploding like that and kept my cock in her tight pussy as she milked every ounce from me.

Finally, I collapsed on her, still writhing in the aftershocks of my huge mind-blowing orgasm. We just lay there on the floor for a few minutes unable to move, gasping and panting, my limp body laying heavily, her tits crushed against my chest, my head on her shoulder, unable to breath, my deflated cock pressed against our wetness, the aroma of our sex filling the room.

After a few moments, she moved her fingers through my hair. We were both completely spent, trying to catch our breath after our fierce battle of wills, culminating in the wildest fucking of my life.

“So do you want me to come back in two weeks to clean your house?”

“Yes,” I chuckled, adding, “I like how thorough you are.”

“Thank you, sir, I think I’m going to like working for you.”

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