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My Crazy Husband Shares Me With An 18 Year Old

My crazy husband gets off watching me tease and fuck an 18 year old who cuts our lawn.
First of all let me say that my husband is crazier than most. He doesn’t care what other’s think and he loves to get crazy and wild at times. I never know what wild idea he might do next.

It was last spring that I was shopping for a new bikini. I had found several I liked as I had narrowed down to two. One was a very nice string bikini while the other was more on the risqué side. It was a thong bikini that showed off my ass and then some. I had never bought a thong bikini before, but I then began to think how nice it would be to tan with one on. It took me three days of thought before I decided to go with the thong bikini. I already had plenty of the other style bikinis in my wardrobe so it seemed like a natural fit to acquire a thong one.

It arrived about a week later to my excitement. I really wanted to see how I looked with it on and if it looked as good on my body as it did on the model they showed it on. I had received it late on a Friday and couldn’t wait for the next day to try it on. My husband had no idea that I had bought something this sexy and daring so I knew he would go absolutely crazy over it.

The next day I try it on. I was very nervous as I strip off all of my clothes and slowly began to put it on. I really wanted to look good in it. The top wasn’t a whole lot different than some of my other tops as I slipped it on. It was now the moment of truth as I slid the small piece of the bottom fabric up my legs. Once I had gotten it into position I felt damn near naked as it barely covered what needed to be cover.

I pranced around the bedroom for several minutes in it as I glared into the mirror to see how I looked. Since it was a warm sunny day I decided why not give it a try around our pool in the backyard. I grabbed a towel and was ready to head down stairs to go outside when I suddenly heard the sound of a lawnmower start up. I quickly glanced out the window only to see our lawn guy Josh mowing our lawn. I had voice my displeasure as I really wanted to go out and tan with my new bikini on.

Josh’s father owned a lawn service company and we had used him for the past two years to take care of our lawn. This was the first year that his 18 year old son Josh had taken care of our lawn.

I was very disappointed as there was no way I could parade myself out by the pool with him out there cutting the lawn. I stared out the window knowing it would take him a while to finish up.

In the meantime my husband heard me utter out how disappointed I was about Josh mowing the lawn and stormed into our bedroom. He quickly said, “What’s wrong? Wow! Where did you get that at?”

I explained to him what had happened but he was much too excited seeing me with my thong bikini on. He immediately came over toward me as I stared out the window watching Josh cut the lawn. I felt my husband’s hands glide across my body as they eventually settle on each of my tits. I said, ‘What are you doing? Josh could see us.”

My husband said, “So what! I would love to see you go out there and turn him on with your sexy bikini.”

“Omg! He is only eighteen years old. Are you crazy?” I replied back.

“Yeah I am!” he replied back.

I felt my husband began to kiss me on the back of the neck as his hands groped at each of my lovely tits. I felt sense of arousal shoot through me as I looked down from the second story window watching Josh with his shirt off mowing the lawn. It was a few seconds later that my husband undid the straps on my bikini top. He pulled my top away from each of my tits exposing them to the outside. I couldn’t believe I stood in front of this window topless and almost bottomless as Josh moved closer to the house with his mower.

My crazy husband knew how horny I had become as I felt him pull on each side of my thong bottoms. He gave them a quick yank as he slid down over my tight ass. They now were wrapped around my ankles as I was totally naked as Josh had come even closer to the expose window. I then felt a hard cock against the flesh of my butt as my husband wanted to fuck me in a bad way.

He bent me over as each of my hands rested on the window ledge. I felt his cock slip deep into me as I let out a squeal. He began to fuck me hard from behind as I was more aroused than I had been in a long time. I kept looking down at Josh from the window as a major orgasm was quickly coming upon me.

My husband gave it to me good and hard from behind as I began to squeal out into an extremely powerful orgasm. I hadn’t cum that hard in a long time as my body shuddered right there in front of the expose window.

It was a few minutes later when my husband moaned out. I quickly felt his cum splash all over my ass as he unloaded all over it. When he was done we were both exhausted even though he had fucked me for only a meager ten minutes. We were lucky that Josh didn’t see us in the window as he finished up and went on his merry way.

The following Saturday quickly had come upon us again. Josh was again out in the yard mowing when my husband again brought up the idea of me showing off my new thong bikini in front of him. A week ago I wouldn’t had even gave it a thought of teasing such a young man but this time the idea of it had me super aroused.

My husband didn’t have to ask twice as I ran into the bedroom to change. I then headed down to the kitchen in my tight thong bikini as my husband stood by my side. I had gotten right to the door to head outside when I suddenly got cold feet. I froze right there as I was just to about open up the door.

My husband continued to urge me on as I felt a rush of adrenalin shoot through my body. I couldn’t believe what I was going to do as I open the door and headed out around the pool. Josh was in the very back of the yard mowing that section first as I strutted my nearly naked body around the outlines of the pool. My husband urged me on to get even more erotic as he had me bend over a number of times to try to get Josh’s attention.

Josh at first didn’t even notice as he was all business mowing the lawn. It took him a few minutes to realize that I had on a thong bikini as I bent over several times toward his direction. Josh now began to mow the lawn very quickly as his fine lines of cutting had turned into a crooked mess. I kept glancing out into the yard as I noticed him turn his head toward the pool area every few seconds.

My husband loved it as Josh mowed closer and closer to the pool. He had gotten right up to the pool area as I bent completely over in front of him. My almost bare beautiful ass was in plain view of him as I was sure he had gotten a treat out of seeing it. I couldn’t believe how horny that made me as I showed off my gorgeous ass to an eighteen year old.

A few minutes later Josh finally finished mowing the lawn as his lawnmower came to a stop. My nutty husband then said to him, “Hey Josh! Can you come over her for a second?”

I wonder what my husband had plane for me as Josh walked over toward the both of us. My heart raced as my husband said to him, “What do you think of my wife’s new bikini? Do you think she looks hot in it?”

My husband then said after a brief pause, ‘Honey, why don’t you turn around so Josh can see the other side.”

Josh was on the shy side as he mumbled out how great I looked in it. His cock now grew inside his shorts as a look of embarrassment had come over his face. He tried to hide the affect that he was so excited but there wasn’t much he could do about it. My husband immediately picked up on how excited Josh had gotten as he said, “Josh you look very hot. Why don’t we go inside and get a cold drink.”

Josh followed my husband and me into the house as he got a good look at my ass as I walked in front of him. I quickly got Josh a cold drink of water as he gulped it down in a matter of seconds. My husband still wasn’t done toying with Josh as he walked up behind me in the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around my upper body as his hands settled on each of my tits. He then said to Josh, “Do you like my wife’s tits? Would you love for me to remove her top so you could see them Josh?”

Josh nodded his head in approval as his cock again began to stir inside his shorts. My husband was seriously crazy now as I felt him undo the back of my bikini top. A few seconds later it had fallen harmlessly down onto the kitchen floor as Josh got a look at my beautiful naked tits.

My husband’s cock now quickly grew inside his swim shorts as I felt it pushed up against my ass. He pushed things even farther now as he had me bend over in front of Josh. He pulled on my thong straps and slowly pulled the small piece of material down over my ass. I was now naked in front of Josh as my husband led the three of us into the living room.

He had me get down on all fours right there on the living room floor. I was extremely turned on as my husband dropped his swim trunks and climbed in behind me. I felt him push his cock deep into me as I felt a serous rush of adrenalin come over me.

He fucked me hard from behind for several minutes as Josh watched on from only a few feet away. I felt a powerful orgasm starting to come over me as my moans grew with more intensity. A minute later as I was just on the brink of cumming my husband quickly yanked his cock out of my pussy. I was so close to a huge orgasm I couldn’t believe he would just stop like that, but he had other ideas.

He said to Josh, “Would you like to fuck my wife?”

I stood there on all fours as I could believe what I had just heard my husband offer Josh. I didn’t look back to see Josh’s answer but I did see his shorts being tossed to the side of me. I quickly felt Josh’s hard cock rub up against my butt as he positioned himself back behind me.

It was a few seconds later that I felt Josh’s cock pressed against my very hot pussy. I didn’t care anymore that he was only 18 as I pushed my pussy hard against his cock. Josh then gave his cock a hard push as it slipped into my wet pussy. I immediately let out a loud squeal as Josh’s cock had felt so wonderful.

I was again on the verge of a huge orgasm as Josh slammed his cock hard into me. It was a short time later that my body began to go nuts on Josh’s cock. I let out a very loud moan as I began to have a huge orgasm on Josh’ cock. My body shook for a good few minutes as I hadn’t had that powerful of an orgasm in a very long time.

Josh quickly began to moan out as he was on the verge of cumming. My husband then urged Josh to come all over my ass. A few seconds later I heard Josh moaned out as I felt his cum splash all over the back of my ass. He had cum a lot as it ran down over my ass and down each of my legs.

I was about to get up and get cleaned off but my husband again got quickly in behind me. He again began to fuck me hard from behind as Josh’s cum continued to run down my ass and legs. It took my husband only about 5 minutes when he moaned out. He also started to cum all over my ass as I had another tremendous orgasm at the same time. My body shuddered there on the floor for a good minute as both my husband and Josh’s cum trickled down over my beautiful ass.

I then quickly got up and ran into the bathroom as cum dripped off my ass onto the floor. When I had come back out of the bathroom Josh had already left. I said to my husband, “What were you thinking?”

He replied, “Oh you love it!”

He was right I did love it. I hadn’t had that kind of orgasms in quite a while.

The next Saturday was a bit different as Josh arrived later in the afternoon to mow the lawn. We had a fancy dinner party to attend to that night so there was little time between when Josh finished and when we had to go.

When Josh finished up he rang the doorbell to get paid. My husband let him in as I had come out of the bedroom in a splashy red dress. It was short as it hugged my hips tightly and went down just enough to cover my butt. Josh’s eyes got really big as I walked into the kitchen to say hi.

My husband asked me, “Honey, how would you like to give Josh a blow job before we leave?”

I couldn’t believe my husband would even asked that since I spent the better part of the afternoon getting ready for this dinner party. Josh stood there like a little puppy dog waiting for me answer my husband’s question. His cock now stirred inside his shorts as he waited patiently for me to answer. My husband had talked all week about me blowing Josh so I knew he really wanted to see me suck his cock.

We had about twenty minutes before we were supposed to leave as I said, “Alright, but we got to make this quick!”

I got down on my knees in front of Josh and pulled his damp shorts down to his ankles. His cock still had me overly excited as I slowly wrapped my lips tightly around it. I began to suck hard on it as my husband watch from a short distance away as he had his cock out of his suit pants.

It was several minutes later and Josh began to squirm about. His moans grew as he was now on the brink of cumming. My husband then shouted out to me as he stroked on his own cock, “I want to see him cum all over your face!”

That was easy for him to say as it took me half the day to get ready for this dinner party. Josh was getting closer to cumming when I now began to stroke hard on his cock with my hand. I don’t why but I quickly pointed the head of his cock right directly toward my face and began to stroke even harder on it.

It was only a minute later when Josh let out aloud moan. His cock was only inches from my face as it began to erupt. I quickly closed my eyes as I felt stream after stream of cum land all over my face. I milked his cock for a good minute until every last drop of cum had landed on my face. My husband then began to cum as well as he looked right into my face as it was covered in Josh’s cum.

I quickly jumped up and headed into the bathroom to get clean up. I was lucky that Josh’s cum had just landed on my face and not on my dress or hair. My husband and I then quickly headed off to our dinner party shortly after that acting like nothing ever happened.

I was very horny following that escapade with Josh as I couldn’t get his cock off my mind. I really don’t know what it was about him that turned me on but I couldn’t get the idea of him fucking me out of my mind. It was a few Saturday’s later that I had my next episode with Josh. I had just showered and was carrying a load of laundry to the washroom when Josh and my husband appeared out of the blue.

I knew something was definitely up as they both had smiling grins on their faces. I stood before the both of them with only a pair of panties and a tee-shirt on. I quickly felt my adrenalin start to run through my body as my pussy had become instantly wet. I had no idea what my husband had planned for me but the excitement of not knowing had me more aroused than ever before.

The three of us were in the living room as my husband went over toward me and bent me over top of the couch. He gently pulled up my tee-shirt exposing my thong pair of panties I had on. They barely covered my butt as he quickly yanked them from my body.

I felt an enormous rush shoot right through me as my husband said to Josh, “Why don’t you spank her!”

My husband knows what exactly turns me on and being spanked is definitely one of them. Josh then came up from behind me and gave my tight small ass a whack with his hand. My husband then said to him, “Harder! She likes to be spanked hard.”

Josh again gave my tender ass another smack with his hand. This time it was harder than the first one as my pussy began to get serious wet now. Josh spanked my ass again and again as my beautifully curved ass now was red in color. I was very aroused now and after a half dozen or so smacks of Josh’s hand I wanted him more than ever. I wanted Josh now to fuck me as I turned around and said, “I need you to fuck me right now!”

I grabbed Josh’s hand and led into our bedroom. I immediately pulled off his shirt and dropped his shorts right there at the side of the bed. I then lay on the bed begging Josh to fuck me but he had a different plan in mind. My husband urged him on to eat my wet pussy first.

Josh forced his head in between my legs as I felt his tongue work my pussy over. I hadn’t been this wet in a very long time as I felt Josh’s tongue dart in and out of my wet pussy. My husband urged him on even more now as I felt a massive orgasm coming on. I now grabbed the back of Josh’s head and pulled it hard against my pussy as I started to scream out loudly. A few seconds later I began to cum all over Josh’s face as I let out one loud continuous cry.

I now wanted Josh’s cock deep inside me. I said to him, “Fuck me now!”

Josh crawled up on top of me as I directed his cock deep into my aching pussy. I cried out loudly, ‘Fuck me Josh! Fuck me hard!”

I now grabbed tightly his ass with both hands as I gave him all the help he needed to ram his cock as deep into me as he could. I quickly felt another orgasm building inside me as I cried out for Josh to fuck me even harder. I started to cum very hard a minute later as I felt Josh’s cock tear into me very hard. He was pumping his cock into me as fast as he could as I let out one cry after another.

A short time later Josh was ready to cum as his body began to go into convulsions. He tried in vain to pull his cock out of me but I quickly turned the tables on him as I grabbed tightly onto his ass with both hands. I held his cock deep inside my pussy as I wrapped it hard around his cock. I wanted him to cum inside me as I gave him no other choice but to do so. He held on as long as possible but it was to no use. He quickly began to moan out as I felt his cum smack deep into my pussy. I also began to orgasm at the exact same time as I held tightly onto his body as I shuddered hard on the bed.

My husband watched in amazement as both of our bodies shuddered hard on the bed together for a few minutes. My husband never expected I would ever let Josh cum inside me but I now showed him how crazy I also could be.

The summer past quickly as Josh headed off to school. We now have a new young man mowing our lawn and I wonder how long before my husband wants me to bare my naked body for him. It should be quite an exciting summer.

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