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My Daughter's Sleepover 1 (Friday Night)

John popped two aspirins in his mouth, followed by a glass of water to soothe his throbbing headache caused by the roaring music from the second door on the right upstairs, his 18-year-old daughter's room. He collapsed in his leather chair and stared at the computer monitor. The light from the screen only intensified his headache, but he had a lot of work to do. He had a big project that was due Monday morning, and although he had a month to work on it, he procrastinated until the weekend before. It just so happens that he forgot he promised Stacy she could have her party this weekend. Just his luck, he thought.

He wanted to ask Stacy to postpone her party, but he couldn't be so selfish. His daughter needed this party, and he knew that. His eyes averted towards the framed picture of him, Stacy and his ex-wife. Carol, his ex and Stacy's mom, abruptly left them three years ago to be with another woman. Embarrassed by her mom's actions, Stacy withdrew from everyone and cried herself to sleep most nights. In order to help his scorned daughter, John put Stacy in therapy. Gradually Stacy began to surface from her depression. Her therapist suggested she have a party as the first step towards becoming social again with her peers. So he couldn't ask her to cancel her party because he had a month's worth of work to do in one weekend. It was his own fault.

John's fingers began to graze the keyboard just as he heard a glass shatter. He emerged from his study and went into the kitchen.

"Sorry, Mr. Langham, I'm so clumsy," one of his daughter's friends said as she stood over the broken glass.

"It's okay, Justine. You can go back upstairs; I'll clean this up," John sighed as he searched for the broom.

The hyper girl dashed from the kitchen just as another one entered. "Hi, Mr. Langham."

John peered over his shoulder to see the smiling face of an unfamiliar face. He was so distracted by her beauty that he almost dropped the broom. Her slender and curvaceous frame leaned against the granite top island. His eyes were lost at sea in her bluish-green eyes beneath her perfectly arched eyebrows. She wore her wavy blond hair down to her perky c-cups. She ran her manicured fingers through her hair and pushed it out of her beautiful face, exposing her flawless vanilla skin. With one leg resting over the other, she was sporting a pleated miniskirt that barely covered her hairless legs and a low-cut button down white blouse that displayed a little cleavage. John shut his eyes closed and realized he couldn't be thinking about this young girl's beauty.

"Hi," he nervously replied. "I've never met you before."

"I'm Carmyn Delite," she introduced herself, extending her hand to his for a friendly shake.

He laughed, "Carmyn Delite? You sound like an ice cream flavor or a special dessert at an expensive restaurant."

John realized what he'd said to the young girl and wanted to slap himself. But he felt a little better when he noticed her blush. He decided to finish with cleaning the glass off the floor and resort back to his study before he said anything else stupid.

Carmyn's heels clicked on the tile floor as she swayed to the refrigerator. She opened it and bent over to retrieve something from the bottom. John's eyes were glued to the sight under her skirt. Her ass was exposed, just inches from his face. She wore a pink thong that ran between her firm vanilla cheeks. He averted his eyes to the floor when she turned around. His palms started to sweat as his heartbeat quickened.

"Mr. Langham, my nails are wet. Will you peel my banana for me?" she asked in the sweetest voice.

Without hesitation, John took the fruit, peeled it, and extended it to Carmyn. Instead of taking the banana out of his hand, Carmyn's head descended on the fruit as her glossy lips cascaded down. Then she released the banana from her mouth, not taking a bite of it. She extended her tongue, displaying a tongue ring and ran it across the tip of the banana. John dropped the fruit on the floor and retreated back to the privacy of his study. Once alone, he plopped down in his chair, unzipped his khakis, and pulled his erect penis out. He couldn't believe what just transpired in the kitchen.

His hands trembled as he slowly stroked his pulsating dick between his thumb and fingers. He closed his eyes and replayed Carmyn's lips on the banana, only this time it wasn't a banana she was licking. He spat on his dick for moisture so his fingers could caress it more. His mind was back on those long tanned legs of Carmyn's. His hand accelerated on his manhood.

"Daddy?" Stacy was calling him from the other side of the wooden door.

Good thing he locked it, he thought as his erection subsided by his daughter's voice. He zipped his pants back up and tried to act normal when he opened the door for Stacy who was frowning. His mind instantly assumed Carmyn told Stacy that her creepy old dad was flirting with her.

"What's the matter?" he nervously inquired.

"You were supposed to clean the pool out," she said through clenched teeth.

"Ohhh," he remembered. "I'm sorry, dear, I forgot."

"Dad!" she whined.

"I know, I'm so so sorry," he assured. "I'll get to it first thing tomorrow morning, and y'all can get in tomorrow night."

"But they wanted to get in tonight!"

"Honey, I have a lot of work to do tonight. I'm sorry. But I promise I'll get to it early in the morning."

She rolled her eyes and stomped away. Behind her stood her guests with disappointing faces. They followed Stacy back up the stairs, all except Carmyn, who was wrapped in a beach towel.

"So I'm wearing my bikini for nothing," she pouted then began to followed the others upstairs.

John closed the door to his study and cursed himself out. If he'd cleaned the pool like he'd promised, he could've been watching Carmyn prance around in a two piece, skin glistening from the water, boobs jingling... He shook his head and warned himself to stop with his naughty thoughts of her. He looked down at the bulge in his pants. He couldn't stop.


It was a quarter after 2 am when the girls began to settle down for the night. John was still in his study, reclined in his comfortable leather chair, still trying to work. But the spreadsheet was still blank, as John constantly opened his Internet browser and watched porn, then closed it, pretending he was going to get some work done. Moments later, he was back on x-rated sites viewing adult movies, replacing the male star with himself and the female stare with the tasty Carmyn Delite.

There was a thud. He stood up from his chair to attend to the noise. It was no one other than Carmyn, bent over, eyeing the contents of the refrigerator. He was so loving this position. Now she was wearing her night clothes. A pair of light pink shorts with "Hello Kitty" written on the back and a thin matching top. John tried to ease out of the kitchen before she saw him, but it was too late.

"Hi Mr. Langham, sorry if I woke you," she stated as she turned to face him.

John tried to keep his eyes on her face, but he couldn't ignore her exposed cleavage.

"I was already up," he admitted. "Just heard a noise and wanted to make sure everything was OK."

She began to sip on her drink, but some spilled on her top. "Damn it," she mumbled then apologized for cursing in front of him.

Without hesitation or shyness, she pulled her top over her head. An attractive young blond was standing topless in the middle of his kitchen floor. John thought he was dreaming as he viewed her c-cups resting in a black lace bra with pink polka dots. Knowing it was wrong for him to remain looking at her, one side of his mind begged him to leave while the other demanded he stay. The inner working of his Gemini was always a mental battle. His feet wouldn't move. His eyes wouldn't leave her body.

"Gotta find another top," she said aloud. "Good night, Mr. Langham."

She walked past him, her strawberry scent filling his nostrils.

John sprinted upstairs to the first door on the right, his bedroom. He moved so swiftly that he hadn't noticed anyone in his room. He headed straight for his private bath and turned his shower on. While he let the water heat up, he walked back into his bedroom and turned on his lamp.

He gasped when he noticed someone in his bed. "What are you doing in my bedroom?"

Her eyes opened. "Sorry Mr. Langham," Carmyn smiled a devilish grin. "I can't get any sleep in Stacy's room. Justine snores so loud. I thought this was the guest room."

"Guest room is the third door on the right, next to Stacy's room," he instructed.

"Oh I'm so sleepy," she yawned, "I thought this was it." She crawled out of his king sized bed. She slowly headed to the door. From his peripheral vision, he noticed four Chinese symbols tattooed on the small of her back, right above her firm ass jingling in her shorts.

John surveyed her slender frame sway away. As soon as she disappeared, he dove on his bed where she was lying. Her scent was all over his comforter. He sniffed as he couldn't believe she was teasing him this way. Does she want me? he thought as he undressed, hopped in the shower, and jerked off to the thought of Carmyn in his bed.

Tomorrow would be different he thought as he dried off. It's obvious she wants me. I just can't believe it, but I will sure embrace it. She wants to flirt, hell, I'll flirt back, as long as no one is around. Damn, that hot little body has the hots for me.

Little did John know, tomorrow would be different, but not the way he anticipated.
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