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My Daughter's Sleepover 3 (Saturday Night)

"Hey Mr. L, have you seen Carmyn?" Justine asked as she stood in the doorway of his study.

"No! She's not in here! I haven't seen her!" John lied, as he knew where Carmyn was. Under his desk, softly caressing his erect penis as he tried not to moan in front of Justine.

Justine eyed him suspiciously. John smiled, trying to appear innocent. He wished she would leave, so the moans he held inside could surface. Justine began to take a step in the study. John panicked; Carmyn didn't. She continued to stroke his penis as pre-ejaculation began to gradually ooze onto her hands. She giggled.

"What was that noise?" Justine inquired.

"What noise? I, uh, didn't hear a noise," John quickly replied as his body began to quiver. "I think you should go upstairs and look for Carrr-mynnn." John moaned her name as she used the tip of her tongue to tease the head of his dick. His eyes began to roll upward as the sensations shot up his spine.

"Mr. Langham, you ok?" Justine questioned as she neared his desk.

Unable to speak due to the excessive teasing, he just nodded.

"Well... ok," Justine sang as she headed for the opened door.

John was relieved and couldn't wait until she disappeared. Justine finally reached the door as John buried his nails in the arms of the chair as Carmyn's lips began to make contact with his manhood.

"You know," Justin began, "I think I know where Carmyn is."

She slammed the door and locked it. Before John could react, Justine dashed behind his desk to find Carmyn between John's legs. Justine pulled a digital camera out of her pocket and snapped pictures. John opposed.

"It's ok," Carmyn smiled before descending down John's shaft until his entire penis disappeared in her mouth.

"Ahhhhhh," John loudly moaned.

"I'll shut him up," Justine stated. Next thing John knew, Justine's lips were planted on his.

Overwhelmed by the unbelievable events occurring, John was unable to stop himself from cumming so soon. His dick began to pulsate, warning Carmyn of the explosion. Carmyn sped up until he ejected his sticky, thick fluid into her mouth. Carmyn's lips remained enclosed on his penis until she was certain every ounce was out. She swallowed his seeds before raising her head up to him. John just watched as the young girls did their thing. Carmyn leaned in for a few French kisses as Justine stroked his dick back to an erection.

"He's ready for you," Justine informed Carmyn.

Carmyn smiled as she turned around. She pushed the contents on his desk to the side and leaned on it. Justine raised the back of Carmyn's pleaded skirt up to exposed her naked cheeks. Justine pulled her cheeks apart to expose her dripping wet pink velvet.

"And she's ready for you," Justine told John.

Without hesitation, he entered her tight pussy. He felt like his body melted as he felt how warm and good it felt.

"Fuck me!" Carmyn demanded.

Following instructions, he accelerated his motions, making sure to insert every inch of him into her throbbing cunt.

"Ahhhh, yesss, yesss!" she moaned as Justine climbed on top of his desk. She spread her legs in front of Carmyn's face. Carmyn extended her tongue and proceeded to lick at Justine's goodies.

John couldn't believe it. He just couldn't. He was fucking the sweet pussy of Carmyn Delite while she nibbled on his daughter's best friend's folds. The sounds in the room: John's dick slipping in and out of Carmyn's wetness. Carmyn munching on Justine's pussy. Justine moaning like a kitten. And the click of the camera as she still took pictures. All the excitement had John in a state of ecstasy. He sped up as he felt the pressure building up again. He slapped her ass several times as he penetrated deeper.

Before his cum come reach his pipe, Carmyn pushed back, causing his penis to slip out.

"No cumming yet. You gotta be able to please two pussies," Carmyn smiled as she and Justine reciprocated.

Justine was now bent over, ass poked out, awaiting his entry into her. Carmyn was now on his desk, legs thrown over Justine's shoulder. John pounded Justine as he stared into Carmyn's eyes. She just smiled and moaned. Once again, John was overpowered by the girls when he felt himself about to blow. They pushed him in his seat, got on their knees, and took turns licking his shaft and balls. John couldn't help but moan loudly. Carmyn took her thong and stuffed it in his mouth as she continued to stroke and suck him. John sniffed the lace material, letting her sweet scent intoxicate his senses. It didn't take long before he began to tense up for the big finale. He exploded all over the smiling girls' faces and boobs.

John remained reclining in his chair as they used his private half-bathroom to clean themselves up. Laid back with the world's biggest grin, he felt like he was on top of the world. He couldn't figure out why the young lads were after him, but he didn't oppose to it. He slightly averted his head to see the girls coming out of the bathroom. Carmyn was straightening out her mini skirt when John noticed the horizontal tattoos on the small of her back.

"What do the four Chinese symbols mean?" he finally inquired.

Carmyn smiled as she headed his way. She lightly touched his face and replied, "Smart, sassy, sarcastic, and sexy."

John melted as her bluish-green eyes sparkled. She leaned closer and planted a kiss on his lips. Justine snapped one last picture.

"What's with the camera?" He realized he had a lot of questions.

Again, Carmyn was the one to answer, as it was obvious to him that she was the mastermind behind the entire seduction. "Don't worry. Stacy will never see these pictures." This time she kissed him with passion, sending fire through his veins.

Carmyn withdrew, as she and Justine began to exit. Before Carmyn disappeared, she left John in awe. She sat the frame picture of him, Stacy, and his ex-wife Carol front and center and stated, "Everything happens for a reason."
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