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My daughter's Teacher-Chapter 4

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I awoke the next morning, early, and left a note for my daughter Beth that I would be at the golf course for a couple of hours. After last night, and the thoughts that went through my head of Sara, my daughter’s best friend, then Beth, my own daughter and finally falling asleep to thoughts of my daughter and my girlfriend Amy in the same bed, I needed to get out of the house before Beth and Sara woke up.

As soon as I got on the golf course my head was clear. I played 18 holes without once thinking about my daughter or her friend. But as soon as I got in my car and started to drive home the thoughts came back. I could picture Sara lying on my den floor and her shirt riding up just enough for me to see her red panties. I then tried to picture Beth in her panties. I then tried to think of ways to catch Beth without cloths on, walking into the bathroom, her bedroom, something. By the time I had gotten home I was disgusted with myself for having these thoughts about my own daughter, but my dick was hard as a rock.

As I walked in the house Beth was sitting on the sofa watching TV. She smiled and asked,

“How was your golf game daddy?”

“Oh, it was alright, but I’m all sweaty and need to take a shower. I’ll be back down in a few minutes and we can get some lunch.”

Beth smiled and nodded her head at me as I made my way to my room. I quickly got in the shower and within seconds I had to jerk off. The thoughts of my daughter and her friends filled my head. I jerked off thinking about what each girl would look like naked, them sucking my cock and finally the thought of Beth bend over with me fucking her from behind sent me over the edge and I came all over the shower wall. It was one of the best orgasms I had ever had from just jerking off, yet I felt so bad at what I had thought of while doing it.

I finished my shower and went into the kitchen. Beth was there and she had started to make us each a sandwich. We sat at the kitchen table and ate. She asked me about golf and I asked her about her weekend. The whole time I didn’t have one bad thought go through my head and just when I thought I was going to make it through lunch, Beth asked me,

“So, Sara has a really nice ass, don’t you think?”

I was shocked by the question and didn’t know how to respond,

“What? What are you talking about Beth?”

Beth gave me one of those teenage smiles and said,

“I saw you looking at her ass last night daddy. Its ok, we both laughed about it after you left.”

I tried to play it off,

“I don’t know what you are talking about sweetie. I wasn’t looking at Sara’s ass.”

“Ok daddy, if you say so. But just so you know, she really does have a nice ass and I’m sure she would show you if you just asked.”

“Wh…what? Beth, what are you talking about? I don’t like where this is going and don’t you have to clean your room?”

Beth got up from the table smiling and started walking away, and as she reached the hall she turned and said,

“Ok dad, whatever you say.”

I needed to get some fresh air after that conversation so I walked outside and just walked around the backyard. My daughter had caught me looking at her friend’s ass and she wasn’t mad about it. In fact, the comment about ‘just ask her to see it’ stuck with me. Did Sara want to show me her ass? Did she tell Beth this? All these thoughts were going through my head when my phone went off.

Hey, last night was really hot, I hope we can play again soon.

It was from Amy. I had almost forgot all about her and our unbelievably hot masturbation session last night. I texted back,

It was very hot and I would love to play again, any chance your free right now?

I didn’t need to wait long for an answer.

How soon can you be over here?

I’m leaving my house now!!!

I needed to release some sexual tension after the comments made by Beth and Amy seemed to always be ready for sex, so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. I walked inside to tell Beth that I was leaving for a little while. When I got to her room her door was slitely open and for some reason I peered inside without making any noice. There was Beth, cleaning her room, just like I asked her too, except she was wearing a t-shirt and only a black thong. I was frozen at this sight and couldn’t move. I watched my own daughter walk around her room in a thong and t-shirt, staring at her ass, wathcing the curves of her young body. She had her ipod on and thank god couldn’t hear me, so before I got caught I decided I needed to leave. I quitley walked out the house and got into my car and started driving to Amy’s.

As I drove to Amy’s I send Beth a text message saying I was going to run some errands. The rest of the drive was thoughts of my duaghter in a thong walking around her room. By the time I got to Amy’s my dick was rock hard and I badly needed to cum. I walked up to Amy’s door and knocked. When she answered I grabbed her by the waste and pushed her up against the wall and started kissing her.

She hesitated only for a second before she started to kiss me back. I pinned her arms over her head against the wall and continued to kiss her as my hands made their way across her body. I grabbed her tits through her shirt and kneeded them with my whole hand. I then moved my hands to her ass and grabbed each cheek and lifted her into my hands as she wrapped her legs around my waste.

Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as I carried her to the bedroom. When we reached the bedroom I threw her down on the bed and leaped on top of her. I kissed her as I tried to unbotton her shirt. After a few failed attempts at the buttons I ripped the shirt open, exposing her bra covered tits. I forced the bra over her tits and began to suck on each nipple. I moved from one nipple to the other, biting, sucking, pinching and tweaking each one in the process.

Amy had her head back on the pillow, letting out small moans of pleasure during my assault on her tits. I reached my hands down and found the button for her jeans which I easily opened. I force her jeans and panties down her legs until they were completely off her. I reached down in between her legs and ran my finger up her wet slit. I shoved two fingers deep into her saoking pussy, causing Amy to cry out in pleasure. I continued to finger fuck her cunt as I kissed my way back up her body. When I reached her ear, I asked her,

“Do you want it?”

“Yes, God Yes, Fuck me!!!”

After hearing her say this, I quickly flipped Amy over on to her stomach and forced her onto her hands and knees. I moved my body behind hers and lined my cock up at the entrance to her dripping pussy.

I wasted no time with teasing her, I plunged my entire 8 inches deep into her cunt causing Amy to scream out,

“Ohhh Yes, Fuck Yes!!!”

I took hold of her hips and continued to drive my cock as deep as I could inside of Amy’s hot cunt. I fucked her like a man possessed. My balls slapped against her with each thrust. My hands were gripping her hips with the force of a vice grip. I was in my own world. I was taking out all of my sexual frustration of seeing my daughter in her panties out on Amy. No words came out of my mouth, just grunts of sheer force.

“YES, fuck me Sam, fuck me hard, God yes!!!”

It didn’t take me long before I felt myself start to cum. I thrust my cock into Amy once more and let out a loud “YES” as I emptied my hot cum deep in her pussy. I stayed inside her, holding onto her hips as I emptied my last drops into her. I then fell back, exhausted from the sheer amount of raw energy I had just used.

It must have been a few minutes before I opened my eyes and when I did Amy was laying there, looking straight at me. She asked,

“Wow! Where did that come from?”

“I’m sorry. I just needed to get it out of my system. I didn’t mean to be so forceful.”

“Sorry? That was great. I never really had a guy just take me, it was hot.”

Amy and I laid in bed for the next hour, just talking about everyday things. Then, for some unknown reason, I blurted out,

“I’m having bad thoughts about Beth and her friend.”

I have no idea why I said this, and after the words were out of my mouth, I regreted saying it. I looked at Amy and she had this look of awe in her eyes. I tried to back peddle,

“I’m sorry I said that, I just…I have no idea what is happening to me.”

Amy took my hands in hers and said,

“Tell me what happened.”

I proceeded to tell Amy about seeing Sara last night on the floor and then jerking off to her, and how the image changed to Beth and then to Beth and Amy. I then told her about seeing Beth in her thong that afternoon and that was why I was so forceful and needed to get it out of my system. When I was done Amy leaned back, looked me in the eyes and let out a little chuckle, like she thought this was some sorda joke. I almost yelled at her when I said,

“You think this is funny? You are laughing at the fact that I jerked off to my own daughter and her friend?”

“I’m sorry Sam. I guess it is not funny from your point of view, but it is funny from a girls perspective.”

“What are you talking about, a girls perspective?”

Amy leaned in and said,

“All girls have a thing for their daddies at some point, I know I did. And at some point they are going to test the boundary of their relationship. And as for her Sara, I’m sure she thinks your hot and was flirting with you, Beth probably egged her on to do it.”

My mind was blown away by Amy’s comments,

“All girls have thoughts about their dads? Really?”

“God yes. When I was Beth’s age I would walk around in towells and try to let my dad catch a glimps of me. I spied on him and my mom, trying to catch them having sex. Hell when I would spend the night at my girlfriends we would always talk about who’s dad is hotter and if we thought any of them would ever try anything with us. All girls do this.”

“So you would have had sex with your dad?”

Amy sorda giggled,

“I’m not sure, but if he tried something, I probably would have let him.”

I just sat there taking all this new information in. All girls went through this? Amy would have fooled around with her dad. Did Beth want to fool around with me? All these things were going through my head when Amy asked,

“Are you ok?”

“Yea, I think so. I just never imagined all of this.”

Amy said, “It’s ok to imagine it, that wont hurt anyone.”

I stared at her and said, “What? Think about Beth, sexually?”

“Yea, she is sexy. I bet she looked really hot in a thong, didn’t she?”

I could see where Amy was going with this and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play this fantasy game, but when she leaned over and wispered in my ear,

“What color was her thong? Did her ass look tight?”

I knew that I couldn’t say no to playing her game,

“It was black and her ass looked amazing, tight and round like a 17 year old’s ass should.”

Amy reached down and took my stiffening cock in her hand and continued,

“When you thought about Beth and me in the same bed, were we both naked? What were we doing?”

“Yes, you were both naked and you were playing with yourselves.”

Amy started stroking my cock and said,

“Yea, we were both playing with our pussies as you watched, that’s so hot. Would you like it if I took Beth’s fingers out of her pussy and licked her juices off of them?”

“Yes.” Was all I could say.

Amy had crawled down in between my legs and was now sucking on my cock as I leaned back. After a few minutes she stopped and looked up at me and asked,

“What if I got in between Beth’s legs and licked her pussy, would you like to see that? Would you like to see me tongue fuck your baby girl’s cunt? I bet she shaves her pussy and that it tastes great. Do you want to watch me eat Beth’s pussy until she cums all over my face?”

“Yes, I want to see that.”

Amy went back to sucking my rock hard cock. Slurping it down her mouth. She would take all 8 inches down her throat then come up for air and do it again, all while playing with my balls. Then she would stop sucking me and then would jerk me off and asked,

“Would you like to see Beth eat my pussy? She would be on her hands and knees licking my cunt and you can watch her do it. Her ass would be high in the air while she runs her tongue up and down my slit. She would reach back and finger herself as she eats me and you would have the perfect view to watch while you jerk your cock off.”

“Oh god Amy, don’t stop. Please keep going I’m so close, Oh god…”

“After Beth makes me cum, shes going to turn around and look at you, her face is covered in my pussy juice and she asks you to jerk off and cum. She wants to see her daddy cum and she wants you to cum all over her slutty face. Is that what you want Sam, do you want to cum all over Beth’s slutty face?”

Now I was on my knees jerking my cock at a feverish pace. I was so close to cumming and Amy had put her face right in front of my cock.

“Yes, I want to cum all over Beth’s face. I want to cover her face with my hot cum. Oh, Oh, Oh…”

Amy looked up at me as I was about to cum and said,

“Yes baby, cum all over her face. Cover that slut with your cum and I’ll lick it off of her face.”

I grabbed Amy by the back of the head and held her face inches from my cock so I could cover her face with my cum.

“YES, YES, YES!!! I’m cumming all over my slutty daughter’s face, ah, ah ah!!!”

And then I shot rope after rope of my hot cum all over Amy’s upturned face. When I was done she had cum covering her forehead and dripping down her cheeks. She ran her tongue along her lips trying to taste as much as she could. She then ran her fingers threw the cum and fed herself as much as she could take. I watched the whole time, never taking my eyes off of her.

When she was finished she crawled ontop of me and kissed me, I could taste the salty taste of my own cum and I didn’t care. We kissed like two people who now had no secrets between them, knowing we could share anything. I looked at her and said,

“Thank you, I needed that.”

“You are more than welcome, that was fucking hot. I told you I would do anything you wanted to try.”

“Well Amy, I think I just needed to tell someone what was going on in my head, and you listened and helped me with it, thanks.”

Amy was now laying on my chest as she said,

“Look, Beth is a very sexy girl and so are her friends. And they will try and toy with you now that they are feeling more sexually confident. If this happens again, and it will, you can just come over here and tell me about it and I will help you release the tension.”

We both laughed and continued to kiss, which led to us having sex. This time there was no dirty talk, or rough play, just two people enjoying each other’s body. Slow, and gentle, each wanting to pleasure the other. When we finished I kissed Amy and made my way back to my house. Now that I knew I could tell Amy anything, I was a new man, more confident and I didn’t care who Beth had over or what they were or werent wearing, I could deal with anything now.

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