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My Daughter's teacher-Chapter 5


Over the next couple of weeks Amy’s prediction of Beth’s behavior was right on. Beth seemed to be more open around me, in conversation. In dress, it seemed like she was acting just had Amy said she would. Mind you, nothing Beth did was out right wrong or inappropriate, just little things I now saw. She would leave her bedroom door open when she was just hanging out, sometimes in very little clothes.

There was one time when I walked past her room and she was lying on her bed in just a t-shirt and boy short panties watching TV and she asked me to come in and check on her ceiling fan. She obviously wanted me to see her in just her panties so I played along and checked on her fan all the time sneaking looks at her, which she saw me doing. I even went so far as when I was walking out of her room to tell her that if people are over she better be wearing more clothes, she seemed to be a little shocked by my statement.

I also noticed that when she hugged me, she seemed to hold me a tad bit tighter and the hugs lasted a second longer. Now I don’t know if it was me imagining these things or if they were really happening, but I played along.

Needless to say nothing ever happened between Beth and I when she played her little games. As soon as one of these incidents happened I would make my way to Amy’s as quick as I could. As soon as I was there, Amy would make me recall every detail of Beth’s “flirting” and then we would fuck our brains out. Most of the time Amy would ask if I liked seeing Beth in just her panties or if I got a hard on when she hugged me, Amy really knew how to get my cock hard. It seemed to me that Amy was getting off on me telling her about my daughter’s “flirting” just as much as I was. Everything was going fine for the next month until I got a text from Amy which said,

"Come over to my house and let yourself in. Wait on the sofa and when I come in play along, I think you will like what I have planned."

So needless to say when I got the text message, I did just what she asked. I drove over to her house and let myself in and waited on the sofa. I must have been waiting for only a few minutes when the front door opened and Amy walked in wearing the exact school uniform that Beth wore to school every day, a green and blue checkered skirt with a white button down shirt and penny loafers. It must have been her uniform from when she went to school. Amy looked at me with this sad face and walked over to me and said,

“Daddy, I have some bad news, I got an “F” on my math test.”

I was so shocked to see Amy in a school girl outfit and hear her call me daddy that I didn’t even say anything back. Luckily Amy realized that I was a little slow and tried to egg me on,

“Daddy, I know you said that if I failed my test I couldn’t go to the dance this weekend, but Bobby already asked me and I really, really want to go. I will do anything you want if you let me go.”

There was a few seconds hesitation on my part before I realized what Amy was doing. She wanted to role play as father/daughter. Now we had already been using my daughter in our sex games, but this was taking it to a new level. I had to decide if I was OK with this and I had to decided quick. I looked her over, that school girl skirt and shirt and I had made my decision.

“Beth, I told you if you didn’t pass the test then you could go to the dance, that’s it.”

Amy gave a quick smile once she knew that I wanted to play the game and then said,

“Daddy, please, I will do anything you want if you let me go to the dance, anything…”

“What is that suppose to mean, anything? Are you trying to seduce your own father?”

“No, I mean, yes, I mean, daddy, please say I can go to the dance I will do anything you want.”

I stood up and walked right up to Amy, she played the part perfectly, her pouty lips, her puppy dog eyes. I grabbed her by the hand and forced her back to the sofa with me. I sat down and pulled her across my lap and said,

“I cant believe you are acting like a little slut to your father. Saying you will do anything for me if I let you go to the dance. Just for that I’m going to spank you.”

“No daddy, please don’t spank me, I’m sorry, I wont do it again.”

“To late, now be still and take your punishment like an adult.”

I had Amy across my lap and I took the hem of her skirt and lifted it to expose her ass. To know surprise to me Amy had thought this whole thing through, she was wearing a black thong, almost exactly like the one I had seen Beth wear a few weeks ago. I raised my hand and let it fall square on her left cheek causing Amy to let out a screech. I then added a full hand to her right cheek to match the other.

“So my little daughter is acting like a slut and dressing like one too. When did you start wearing thongs to school? Who do you let see them, huh? Answer me.”

Before Amy could answer I let two more slaps find her reddening ass causing her to wiggle her body on my lap.

“No one sees them daddy, I just like wearing them. They make me feel sexy when I wear them.”

I let go with another round of spanks to Amy’s ass, each one causing her to move her body a little more each time. After these slaps I gently ran my hand over each of her ass cheeks, letting her take a break for a moment.

“So, you really want to go to this dance with Bobby huh? Why is that? Why did Bobby ask you, I didn’t even think you were friends with him?”

“We are friends and I like him and I promised he would have a good time if he took me.”

Slap, Slap, Slap!!!

“What is that suppose to mean, ‘a good time’ what did you promise him?”

Amy was sniffling now, like she was crying, she was playing the part to perfection.

“Nothing daddy, it doesn’t mean anything, I’m sorry I said that.”

Slap, Slap!!!

“What did you promise him Beth, I know what goes on after these dances, now tell me what you promised him or I will spank you until you can’t sit down for a week.”

I let to more gentle spanks go down on Amy’s ass waiting to hear her answer. In between fake sniffles Amy said,

“I promised that I would give him a blow job if he took me to the dance. I’m sorry daddy, I really wanted to go to the dance.”

I tried to play the part as best as I could so I didn’t say anything for a minute. Amy turned her head to look at me and then I said,

“You promised some boy that you would suck his dick if he took you to the dance? You know what that makes you, a little whore, a dirty little whore.”

“I know daddy, but I really wanted to go to the dance.”

“I bet you would let him fuck you if he wanted to, wouldn’t you?”

Amy looked at me with the saddest eyes I had ever seen and said, “Yes.”

After hearing this I took my hand and ran it up and down her ass crack, forcing the thong deeper up her ass. Amy moaned when my finger ran over her panty clad pussy.

“You like this don’t you? You like daddy spanking you, your pussy is all wet.”

With a finger I pushed the wet material into Amy’s twat causing her to moan a little louder. She opened her legs more, inviting me to play with her pussy more, which I did.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good when you play with my pussy.”

I quickly removed my finger from Amy’s pussy and told her to stand up. She looked a little surprised at this but played along. Once she was standing in front of me I said,

“So, you promised this Bobby kid a blow job, do you even you how to suck dick?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Really? And how is that?”

Amy looked down, pretending to be embarrassed at what she was going to say,

“I have done it before. The last guy I dated liked when I did that so I did it a lot.”

“A lot! My little girl has sucked dick a lot?”


I was really liking where this was going and so was Amy so I continued,

“So, you think you know how to suck dick huh? Then show me, get on your knees and suck daddy’s cock.”

Amy dropped to her knees almost immediately. She looked up at me waiting for what was to come. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the floor, releasing my rock solid tool. Amy’s eyes got bigger when she saw this and she said,

“Daddy, its so big, I have never seen one this big before.”

“Well lets see how good of a little cock sucker my daughter is, go head baby, suck daddy’s cock.”

Amy reached out with her hand and fondled my balls, rolling them around in her hand. She looked up one more time into my eyes, she saw how much I was enjoying this forbidden role playing. She lowered her mouth onto my cock and began to take as much of it in her mouth as she could. I rested my hands on the back of her head and slowly started to push her head down on my cock, more and more with each movement. Amy continued to play with my balls as she sucked on my hard dick, slurping sounds were coming from her mouth and these sounds turned me on more and I said,

“That’s it baby, suck daddy’s cock. Oh yea, you do know how to suck a dick baby. OH that feels so nice, keep doing that for daddy.”

Amy continued to suck on my dick like she had done many times before, the only difference this time was that she was pretending to be my daughter, and this turned us both on more than ever. I stood there guiding Amy’s mouth up and down my cock, bringing myself closer and closer to an orgasm. I pulled Amy’s head off my cock and looked down at her, her throat slime was dripping down her chin onto her old white school blouse.

“Daddy’s about to cum baby, now show me how good of a little cock sucker you are and swallow all of daddy’s cum.”

“OK daddy, I love the taste of cum, please cum in my mouth.”

Hearing her say this almost send me over the edge but I grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed my dick back into her mouth. I began to fuck Amy’s mouth with long strokes, I could feel my cum begin to flow from my balls to my shaft as Amy continued to massage my balls. I was on the verge of emptying my load and I said,

“God yes baby, I’m cumming in my little girl’s slutty mouth. AH AH AH, take it all my little whore.”

Amy didn’t stop sucking me as my cum flowed into her mouth. She sucked my whole shaft into her mouth as she drained my hot seed from my cock. When I was finished cumming I stood there looking down at Amy on her knees and she opened her mouth to show me the full load of cum, still sitting there in her upturned mouth. She let her lips curl as she tried to smile then swallowed the white sticky load, letting it slide down her throat until there was nothing left. Then she said,

“Did I do a good job of sucking your cock daddy? Did you like watching me swallow your hot cum?”

“Yes Beth, you did a very good job. I can tell that you have sucked dick before and a good little whore always swallows.”

Amy looked up at me, smiling, playing the part of a proud child who just pleased their parent. I sat down on the sofa looking at my girlfriend, dressed in a school girl outfit that had just pretended to be my own daughter and even though I had just blew a load down her throat, I wanted more.

“So Beth, did sucking daddy’s cock make your little pussy wet?”

“Yes, my panties are soaking wet daddy. Do you want to see?”

“Yes baby, show daddy your tits and how wet your cunt is.”

Amy started unbuttoning her shirt and let it fall off her shoulders. She then reached back and unsnapped her bra ad let that fall to the floor also. She ran her hands over her tits, rubbing them, pinching her nipples while looking straight into my eyes. She said,

“Do you like my tits daddy? My nipples are so hard and I love to have the played with.”

“Yea baby, I like your tits, now show me your pussy, show daddy how wet you are.”

Amy leaned back on one elbow and with her other hand raised the front of her skirt. She ran her fingers over the black material that was covering her cunt, forcing it into her wet slit. She did this a few times making sure I could see her juices leaking through into her thong.

“Show daddy your cunt, show daddy how wet sucking cock has gotten you.”

Amy slowly peeled the wet thong off her body and dropped them next to her on the floor. She looked me right in the eyes and began to run her index finger up and down her slit, toying with herself. Once her finger was coated with her juices she inserted her finger into her pussy and began to finger her cunt.

“That’s it baby, play with your cunt for daddy. Show daddy what you do to yourself when you all alone and horny.”

Amy continued to finger fuck her pussy. Her other hand had made its way to her chest and was now tweaking her left nipple. She started moaning as she played with herself in front of me.

“God daddy, I’m so wet, this is so wrong and nasty letting you watch me finger my cunt, but its so hot, ah ah ah. I’m going to cum daddy, watch me cum, oh oh oh…”

Amy’s body shook as her orgasm rippled through her body. She fell back on the floor onto her back, as she came down from her high. When she came to she looked at me sitting on the sofa and removed her finger from her pussy and brought it to her mouth and licked her juices clean.

“You are such a dirty little slut Beth, fingering yourself in front of your own daddy and then licking your juices off your finger. Do you always do that? Tell daddy how you taste.”

“Yes daddy, I love to taste my own juices after I cum and my pussy taste so good.”

“Well watching my little whore has got daddy hard again and I want to fuck my little slut. Are you still a virgin or have you let some boy fuck you?”

“I’m not a virgin daddy, I’m sorry.”

Amy looked down again trying to seem embarrassed by this, she was playing the part of a teenage girl perfectly. I had my cock in my hand, rubbing it in anticpation for what was next.

“Well then, I think you need to be punished for letting some boy fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes daddy.”

“And your punishment should be that daddy gets to fuck your little pussy with his big dick. Now get up here and ride daddy’s cock.”

Amy smiled as she got to her feet and walked right in front of me. She lifted her school skirt and straddled my lap. She reached down and took my rock hard prick in her hand and rubbed it up and down her still wet slit, coating the head of my dick with her juices. She lowered herself, allowing just the head of my cock to enter her wet fold, then waited, almost toying with me, which I didn’t care for. So I took a hold of her hips on either side and slammed her down onto the entire length of my cock causing Amy to let out a loud moan,

“Ohhh daddy!!! Its so big, god my pussy is so full with your huge cock daddy.”

“That’s right baby, take all of daddy’s big cock like a good little slut.”

Amy started moving up and down on my cock, sliding her pussy up and down my shaft. She held onto my shoulders as she rode me and I held onto her hips forcing her up and down on my shaft. We had gotten into a rhythm as Amy rode me, pretending to be my daughter and it was fantastic. She cried out,

“Yes daddy, fuck my little pussy, I’m a bad little slut daddy, fuck me, fuck me. Oh god daddy keep fucking me, I’m your little slut, ah ah ah…”

Hearing Amy call me her “daddy” had me as turned on as I had ever been and I knew this fuck session wasn’t going to last long. I grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her to look me right in the eyes,

“Do you like daddy fucking you? Do you like having daddy’s cock deep in your tight little cunt? Are you daddy’s slut?”

“GOD YES!!!, I love your cock in me and I will do what ever you want daddy, I’m your little slut, your dirty little whore. Please just keep fucking me!!!”

It seemed that Amy was getting into our role play to the extreme and I loved that. She was getting off on playing my daughter and so was I. I continued to fuck her wet cunt until we both felt our orgasms approaching,

“God daddy, I’m there, I’m going to cum all over your cock, AH AH AH!!!”

“Yes baby, cum for me, cum for daddy and I will fill your cunt with my cum.”

“Ah Ah, fuck me daddy, I’m cumming. Cum with me, cum in your slut daughter’s cunt!!!”

Amy pussy tightened around my cock and I could feel her body start shaking as she began to cum. The added tightness around my cock send me over the edge and I shot my load deep into her cunt. I held onto her as my balls emptied their last drops into her wanting pussy. When I had finished filling Amy with my cum and she had finally stopped shaking from her orgasm, I gently laid down on the sofa next to me. I looked at my girlfriend, wearing only a school girl skirt, her hair a mess, my cum leaking from her cunt and she said,

“Daddy, can I go to the dance with Bobby now?”

“Well sweetie, I will let you go on one condition, when you get home you come tell daddy all the nasty things you do with Bobby and then I get to do them to you all over.”

Amy smiled and said,

“Thanks daddy. And I will tell you all the dirty details of what I do with Bobby, and maybe some of his friends?”

“You are a little slut aren't you Beth?”

“Yes, but I’m your slut daddy.”

With that said Amy leaned over to me and kissed me and then put her head in my lap and said,

“Sam, that was so fucking hot, I never knew acting like your daughter would be so fun.”

“I know. That was amazing, I can’t believe you did that for me.”

Amy turned over so she could look into my eyes and said,

“Sam, that wasn’t just for you, that has been a fantasy of mine for a long time now and you helped me act it out. I just hope we can play this game again.”

“God yes. You can be my slut daughter anytime you want.”

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