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My Daughter's Teacher-Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Needless to say that after the Saturday night with Amy and her friend Stacy, my life didn’t seem like it could get any better. Whenever Amy and I would get together we would relive that night, telling each other what we thought. I would tell her how hot it was to watch her eat Stacy’s pussy and she would tell me how much she loved watching my cock go in and out of Stacy’s cunt.

We had now been dating for almost five months and the holidays were right around the corner. My 17 year old daughter Beth was going to be spending a week with her friend, Sara, out of town, so I had the whole house to myself. Amy and I had talked about it and had decided that on the last day of classes, after Beth had left for her vaction, Amy was going to come over and spend a couple of days at my house, this would be the first time she would actually be able to spend an extended amount of time at my house without having to worry about Beth showing up.

When the last day of classes finally rolled around and Beth had gotten home from school and packed her bags, I said goodbye and told her to have a good time with Sara and her family. As soon as Beth was out the door I texted Amy and let her know it was ok to come over.

As soon as Amy showed up we didn’t waste any time, we ended up in bedroom fucking our brains out. For the first day we never left the bedroom and when we did leave the bedroom I just ended up bending her over some piece of furniture and screwing her there. It was a great two days, me and Amy just spending time with each other, laying around the house talking about nothing important. This was beginning to feel like a real relationship, well as much of one as we could have in the situation we were in. On the last day Amy was staying with me I got out of the shower and made my way to the den where Amy was sitting on the sofa.

When I looked at her I could tell something was wrong and I asked her, “What’s wrong?”

She didn’t even look at me, she kept staring at the ground and at that point I knew something was really wrong.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” I asked again.

“I did something wrong, really wrong.”

“Amy, whatever you did I’m sure it isn’t that bad.”

Amy sat there almost in tears as she told me the story.

“It was the day before the holiday break and I was giving a pop quiz to Beth’s class. And for some reason Beth had her phone out and that is against the rules, so I took it, just for the length of class. When I got back to my desk…I don’t know why, but I went through her phone and looked at the pictures she had on it.”

For some reason I knew where this was going and the father in me hated what was going to come next but the man in me wanted to know about those pictures. Amy continued telling me.

“The pictures were, well they were dirty, very dirty. And I don’t know why but I downloaded them to my computer. Sam, I’m so sorry, I should have never gone through Beth’s phone, but something inside me wanted to see what kind of pictures she had.”

I sat there, my mind in a daze. My girl friend had gone through my daughter’s phone and found dirty pictures. I didn’t know what I was feeling, my heart was racing but I didn’t know if it was because Beth might be a little slut or because I was hoping that she was a little slut.

I sat there for a couple of minutes, not saying anything, when Amy finally said, “Sam, are you mad at me?”

“No, I’m not mad, I really don’t know what to say…or think.”

We sat there for a few more minutes, not saying anything.

Finally I turned to Amy and asked, “How bad are they? I mean how dirty are the pictures?”

“They are pretty bad, I mean she is showing everything.”

My mind was spinning, my 17 year old daughter had x-rated pics of herself on her phone, what was I going to do.

I didn’t say anything, my mind trying to process this new information, when Amy said, “Do you want to see them?”

When I heard her ask me this I looked up at her, there was concern in her eyes. She could see how hard this was for me and she was worried about me. The question ran through my brain, do I want to see my daughter naked? I didn’t answer, I just nodded my head up and down. Amy reached in her bag and pulled out her lap top and placed it in front of us on the coffee table. She flipped the screen up and brought up a folder with the pics in it. She placed her hand on my leg, letting me know that she was there for support.

The first picture that came up was Beth in gym shorts and a halter top, smiling at the camera, nothing remotely bad, but I knew there were more. The next picture was Beth in the same gym shorts but the halter top was off and her hands covered her breasts, almost teasing the person who was suppose to see these pictures. The third picture was where it started to get bad, Beth was standing in her shorts with her hands behind her head and her young tits sticking out.

I sat there staring at this picture, Amy sitting right next to me, not saying a word. I looked at the picture, her perfect young breasts sticking out, her nipples were erect and she was smiling into the camera, like this was the most natural thing in the world for her to be doing. I clicked on the mouse and the fourth picture appeared.

Beth had her back turned to the camera as she bend over forward, looking over her shoulder smiling into the camera. The next pic was from the same angle except her shorts were no longer there, it was just Beth bend over wearing a pink thong with white lace trim. Her ass looked amazing, two round, perfect teenage ass cheeks. I looked over at Amy, she didn’t say a word, she had already seen all these pictures and her face said that they were going to get worse.

I clicked the mouse again and the next picture was of Beth facing the camera. She had one hand cupping her right breast while her other hand rested on her flat stomach, inching it’s way closer to her panties. The following picture was of her hand inside her panties while she continued to play with her tit. Her head was thrown back, like she was in the midst of pure pleasure.

At this point I knew that I could not stop myself from looking at the rest of the pictures. I clicked the mouse again and the image of Beth holding her pink thong up was what I saw. She was bending over, not letting her pussy be seen, but the thong was being held next to her head as she looked at it with a big smile. The next picture was of Beth lying on her bed, the thong laying on her stomach while her hands caressed her thighs. While it did not show her pussy completely, I could tell that there was no hair on her pubic mound.

The following pictures got much more graphic. She had here legs opend wide and I could see all of her young, pink, glistening pussy. One of the pics had her hand rubbing her clit. Another pic showed two of her fingers deep inside her cunt. There was a pic of her on her hands and knees with her fingers burried inside her moist pussy. The last picture of the set showed Beth looking straight into the camera as she sucked on the two fingers that had just been imbeded inside her. She had a look of pure lust in her eyes as she sucked the juices off her fingers, a look I had seen a hundred times from Amy.

I stared at the picture for a few mintues, not knowing what to say. Amy didn’t say anything either, she just sat there, not knowing what I was thinking. For some reason it popped into my head that Beth could not have taken these pictures herself. The thought of some teenage boy taking pictures of my little girl filled my head. I wanted to know who the kid was, I would find him and kill him. That’s why I clicked on the next picture, hoping to see the face of the person who took the pictures.

When the next picture popped up I froze, not believing who it was. On the screen was Sara, her best friend, the girl that she was on vacation with, the girl whose ass I had see a few months ago, the girl who Beth told me thought I was cute.

The picture was sorda how Beth’s pictures had started out. Sara was standing there in shorts in a shirt, then as I flipped to the next pictures it showed Sara undressing herself. Her showing her tits, then her in a blue g-string. They continued with her on the bed exposing her pussy for the world to see. There were pictures of Sara playing with herself, fingers deep inside her pink folds, smiling to Beth, who I assumed was taking the pictures. Her final picture was the same as Beth’s, Sara licking her fingers as she teased the camera.

After a few minutes of silence Amy asked me, “Are you ok?”

“I don’t know. What am I suppose to say, what am I suppose to do? My daughter and her friend just posed for each other like they were in a Penthouse centerfold.”

Amy had no response. I sat there looking at the blank screen, thank god I had closed the folder with the pictures in them. I looked at Amy, hoping she would have an answer for me, but when I looked in her eyes I could tell something wasn’t right.

“What? What is it?”

“Well, there are more pics. I don’t know if you want to see them.”

“MORE!!! Dear god, what else could there be?”

Amy sat there, calm and collected and said, “If you want to see them I will show you, and I will be here to help you through this.”

Again, I just nodded, letting her know that I wanted to see the, what could only be worse, pictures. Amy moved the mouse to another folder on the screen and looked at me, making sure I did want to see what was coming. I nodded my head and she clicked on the icon.

The first picture that popped up was Amy and Sara standing in front of a full length mirror, both naked. They were smiling, showing whoever would see the picture, everything they had. The next picture was shocking, it showed Beth and Sara kissing, not a peck on the cheek, you could see they were makinng out, their tongues in each other’s mouth. I looked at Amy and she looked down, enforcing my thoughts of what the next pictures would be.

The next pic was of Sara leaning down and sucking on Beth’s tits. Beth had the camera and was pointing it down at her tits and you could see Sara had one of her nipples in her mouth. Picture after picture showed Sara kissing her way down Beth’s stomach, reaching her slit. The last picture showed Sara on her knees, her tongue was sticking out, licking Beth’s pussy.

Then Sara had the camera and Beth was sucking on her tits, almost a mirror image of before. Then the pics showed Beth licking her way down Sara’s body until there was a shot of Beth’s extended tongue shooting in between Sara’s legs. I stopped flipping through the pics for a minute and tried to think. My daughter was with another girl, was she a lesbian or was this a phase or even worse, was she a slut? My mind raced for what seemed like a hour but was only a minute.

I looked back at the computer screen and clicked on the next image, it was Beth lying on the bed, her legs spread wide and Sara between them with two of her finger’s in my daughter’s cunt. There were a couple of photos like this, Sara playing with Beth’s pussy, snapping pictures at every angle. The girls changed positions and now Beth was the one taking the photos as she pleasured her friend. I sat there as I flipped through pics of my daughter fingering her best friend. When I had finally looked at the last picture I didn’t know what to say. I turned to Amy and she sat there waiting for me to say something.

Finally I said, “What am I supposed to do?”

Amy took my hand and answered,

“What answer do you want, the answer as her teacher or as your girlfriend?”

“Are they different?”

Amy sort of smiled and said, “Of course they are different. As a teacher I should have brought these to the principal and we would have had a confrence. As your girlfriend I should point out that she isn’t doing anything me and you aren’t doing. It doesn’t look like she is fucking a boy, and who knows, she might just be trying new things with her girlfriend.”

There was a long silence and I looked down and saw that my dick was hard.

“Jesus, look at me! I have a fucking hard on from looking at pictures of my daughter and her friend, what the fuck is wrong with me?”

Amy let out a little giggle and I looked at her in disbelief.

“How could you laugh at this, this is wrong.”

“Is it? Is it wrong for you to get turned on by looking at two hot teenagers?”

I responded, “Of course it’s wrong, she is my own daughter!”

“Sam, is this any different than when we role play or you tell me how Beth flirts with you by wearing tight shirts and panties around the house and then you fuck me?”

I was speechless. For some reason it didn’t seem all that different, although I knew it was. I also knew that my cock was raging and it was from looking at the pictures of my sexy daughter and her friend.

Amy reached in between my legs and started to stroke my hard cock as she looked me in the eyes and said, “Sam, Beth is so sexy and these pictures of her and Sara are hot. The first night I looked at them I had to play with myself because I was so turned on and now your dick is rock hard from looking at them.”

I closed my eyes as Amy’s worked her hand up and down the length of my rod. I closed my eyes and tried to get the images out of my head. The images of Beth naked, of Sara naked, of both of them naked and touching themselves and touching each other. There was no use, that was all I could see. I opened my eyes and looked at Amy who I could tell was waiting to see which way I was going to go on this.

I leaned over and kissed her as she continued to play with my dick.

I looked her in the eyes and said, “Tell me about the first time you looked at the pictures.”

Amy stood up and stripped her clothes. She stood right in front of me and started to run her finger up and down her slit, coating the tip with her juices. She slid one finger inside her cunt and started fingering herself as she told me about the first time she saw the pics.

“It was the night before I came over here and I was home looking at them on my computer. I didn’t know what to do, if I should tell you or not. Then for some reason, I started getting wet, real wet. I started to play with my pussy as the pictures went from one to the other…”

At the point Amy’s pussy was soaking wet, I could see her juices running out of her lips and down the inside of her thighs. She straddled me, taking my cock in her hand and feeding it to her wanting cunt. She slowly started rocking back and forth and up and down on my dick as she finished telling me about looking at the pictures.

“Sam, it was so hot. Looking at Beth, naked and acting like a slut, it was just like me and you pretended. And when her and Sara started playing with each other, it send me over the edge. God, I came so hard from looking at them play with each other!”

Amy had quickened her pace as she continued to ride me. My hands had found her tits and I massaged them as she told me how she had gotten off from looking at pictures of my daughter.

Amy lowered her head and wispered in my ear, “Do you want to look at the pics again, this time with me riding your cock, Do you want to watch Beth and Sara play with each others' pussies as I fuck you?”

I had gone this far, and somehow my brain processed that if I was only looking at pictures of Beth it wasn’t that bad.

“Yes, I want to look at them again.”

Amy slid of my cock, her pussy juices dripping down her leg and my cock. She leaned down and licked the head of my dick, just for fun. She turned around and hit a few buttons on the computer and then she lowered herself back onto my dick, facing the computer. I placed my head on her shoulder and watched as the slideshow started. We could both see the pictures of the teenage girls and it was such a turn on.

Amy rode me while the images on the screen changed. She started slowly, as the pictures of Beth taking off her cloths came on the screen. As the pictures changed to Beth playing with herself, Amy rode deeper and harder on my cock. She slowed her pace once more when the pictures of Sara stripping came on, then quickened again when the teenager began to play with herself.

It was so hot, fucking my girlfriend as we both looked at pictures of my naked 17 year old daughter and her friend. The images on the screen were intoxicating, both playing with their pussies, then each others'. I was close to cumming and Amy jumped off my cock causing me to moan in disappointment. She told me to stand up, which I did. Then she clicked the computer and the picture of Beth lying on the bed with two fingers in her cunt popped up.

“Come on Sam, jerk off for me. Jerk that fucking hard cock while you look at Beth naked, playing with her cunt.”

As if it was a reflex, I started to run my hand up the legnth of my dick. Amy continued to wisper in my ear as I got closer and closer to climaxing.

“That’s it Sam, stroke that monster. Look at Beth, fucking her pussy, I bet she is so wet. That pink thong, lying on her stomach, I bet you would want me to suck her juices out of it, or would you like to taste her?”

“Oh, God Amy, I’m so close!!!”

“Don’t stop, I want you to cum on her picture, cum all over your dirty little girl! I want to lick your cum off her tits and face. Cum for me, cum all over Beth!!!”

And I did. I aimed my cock at the computer screen and unloaded. I shot four ropes of my hot seed all over the screen. When I was finished I looked at the screen and my cum covered the picture of Beth, it was all over her face and tits, running down the screen over her stomach and pussy.

Amy leaned down and began licking my cum off the computer screen, just like she was licking it off Beth’s body. Amy got every last drop, cleaning the screeen and Beth in the process. When she finished she pushed me down on the sofa and kissed me.

We sat there for a few minutes, neither of us saying anything. I was thinking if we had just crossed a line, looking at pictures of my daughter and cumming all over them.

Amy finally broke the silence by saying, “Are you ok? Did I make you go too far?”

“You didn’t make me do anything and that was fucking amazing. Jerking off on the picture was almost like the real thing. And watching you lick it off, it was beyond my wildest fantasy.”

“Well, do you want me to keep the pictures or delete them?”

It took me all of half of a second to answer, “Keep them!”

“Good, because I want to do this again.”

For the rest of the last night Amy spent with me we went through each picture, examining every detail. Amy hooked up the computer to my big screen TV and we looked at them in high defintion as we fucked for hours. We told each other what we would do with each girl, what we would have them do to us and with each other. In between our fuck sessions we talked about if and how wrong what we were doing was, we agreed that this just enhanced our fantasies.

Before Amy left I asked her if she thought I should talk to Beth about the pictures. She said that would upset Beth and maybe get her in trouble at school.

I asked what she thought I should do and she told me, “If you want I can talk to her privately when school starts up again. Maybe another woman talking to her about it won't be as bad as her father lecturing her about it.”

“Thank you, that would be great.”

We then discussed what Amy should tell Beth. I didn’t want Beth to think exploring her sexual feelings was bad, but I also didn’t want naked pictures of my daughter to end up on the internet. Amy said that she thought she could handle it and would let me know how it turned out. We kissed and said our goodbyes before Beth got home.

What a couple of days it had been. Spending real time with Amy was great, the sex was amazing and the pictures she had found of Beth ended being a huge turn on for us both. As I sat there on the sofa reliving every detail in my mind, a thought popped into my head, how was I now going to look at Beth after seeing those pictures and knowing that my daughter might be a little slut. Only time would tell, and she would be home in a few hours.

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