My Encounter With A Pregnant Hottie

By bronte27

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Lilian straddled on top of me sitting down on my hard, throbbing member on the beach
I had gone out with some mates from college to a beach party where we drank beer and cider all night. I'd got it on with some hot chick in one of the empty college dorms and gotten a slap from her and a pint of beer over my head after I told her she was rubbish in bed. I suppose I deserved that.

What can I say? I was a typical twenty- one year old whose arrogant knowing he's good looking and gets all the girls. But with lots of men like me, I charm girls with sweet talk complimenting them on how they dress, their eyes, their smile, just so I could get them into bed with me. Once I've slept with them I move on to the next hottie to bed. So I've never been in love.

After I'd gotten the pint poured over my head I decided to leave the party and walk along the beach with the waves crashing over my bare feet. I'd left my shoes in the dorm. I didn't care. Straight ahead I noticed a pretty girl with long midnight black hair in a yellow college sweatshirt and white hotpants sitting on the sand.

I jogged over to her. "Hi," I said.

The girl glanced up at me quickly and stared at me blankly and then slowly got to her feet resting her hands on her lower back and my eyes widened as I saw that she was pregnant. Heavily pregnant.

"H=how you doing?" I asked, with a smile.

She threw me a stony look and then turned around and her long hair whipped me hard across the face and she waddled off.

I walked up beside her.

"Why are you following me?" she asked bitterly.

"I'm intrigued by you?"

She turned to me quickly making me jump back. "I intrigue you?" she asked, with a bitter laugh. "That's a new one on me."

"Has anyone told you how pretty you are?" I asked.

"If you're trying to seduce me it won't work I'm already up the duff as they say," she replied.

"Who did it?" I asked, curiously. I knew I'd probably get a slap for being so nosy but I couldn't help but to ask.

"Todd Wilkins the captain on the basketball team," her pretty face screwed up with hatred.

I stepped closer and put my arm around her shoulder and breathed in her sweet aroma of vanilla body spray. I lowered my lips to her neck and circled one of my strong arms around her waist.

"Get off me!" she cried.

"Come on, Lillian, you know you want me," I said, arrogantly, which I felt the full force of her hand slap me across my face. I turned back to her and smiled. "Yeah, baby, come on."

"You arrogant pig!" her eyes full of anger then turned to surprise. "How do you know my name?"

"We're in the same classes together. You sit in the front by the teacher. Because you're the teacher's pet." Knowing I was about to get another slap from her I added, "you look so sexy when you're angry."

Lillian lowered her hand and smiled.

I pulled her to me into my arms. This this she didn't resist, didn't put up any fight. Our lips touched and arms around each other passionately. I lowered her down to the sand and laid on top of her my dick twitching as it was brought to life. I took off her sweatshirt and ran my hands slowly up her body and played with her swollen breasts. Teasing and tasting her nipples making Lillian scream out in pleasure.

Once we were both naked I got in between her soft thighs and entered inside her making both of us gasp. She wrapped her legs around me but I was beginning to worry about her baby.

"Should we stop?" I asked breathlessly, not stopping our lovemaking.

"NO!" Lillian shouted, pulling me closer to her.

"What about your baby?"

"It's fine," she said. "I'll go on top."

We changed positions as she straddled me on top sitting down on my hard, throbbing member on the beach that was thrusting deeply inside her.

"Can I touch it?" I asked.

"What?" she asked.

"Your stomach."

She nodded as we fucked harder and harder. And I laid my hands on top of her bare pregnant stomach and felt a kick. I laughed but Lillian threw back her head and moaned and moaned with pleasure. Her body trembled with ecstasy as she came and I thrusted harder and deeper until I felt myself come and spill out my hot juices deep inside her.

Lillian and I breathed heavily with our hearts pounding like drums against our chests. She grinned and I grinned back.

"So, tell me what's your name, Mr Arrogant?" she asked, slowly stepping off my dick making me gasp pleasurely.

I laughed. "Call me Bill Willie," I said.

She laughed too and then kissed me.

"Round two, Mr Willie?" she winked.

"Love to, Miss pregnant belly."

I roared with laughter as her face turned bright red with anger but Lillian got on top of me and we went again.