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My fantasy

This is a true story

This is my first story so any comments, good or bad are apprecited.

Terry is sitting on the couch, waiting for me to come back into the living room.  I ask him to cover his eyes, I give myself one last look in the mirror.  Damn, I think to myself.  I am petite, and curvy, I have the classic hourglass shape. I am wearing a short,checkered mini skirt, a white button up top, mostly unbuttoned so you we able to see the red lacy bra I had on.  My skirt was short enough that I only had to bend a little and you could see my matching red panties.  I also had on thigh high stockings and heels. 

I strutted confidently into the room, and stood in front of him, and told him to open his eyes.  He slowly opens them, looks me up and down with a ravenous hunger in his eyes and his jaw drops.  I turn around and begin moving my hips to the music that is playing.  I slowly bend over as I carress my legs, I can see him begin to stroke himself through his pants.  My hands are travelling up my legs, my fingers trailing up to my skirt.  He keeps catching glimpses of my panties and my ass as I lift my skirt up, teasing him. 

I unhook my skirt, and shimmy it down my legs, bending over to make sure he gets a good look at my ass.  I take a look behind me, and see that you have now taken off your pants and are stroking your already hard cock. I am amazed every time I see your cock grow to full size, 9 inches long, and about 3 inches wide, it is the largest cock I have ever seen or felt. I smile at you as I turn around, and begin to unbutton my shirt.  I take it off and begin to carress my breasts through my bra.  You ask me to touch my clit, I begin to stroke my engorged clit through my panties, feeling the wetness on my fingers.  You ask me if I am wet, and you watch as I slide a finger up my slit.  I take my finger out and slide it into your mouth as I watch you grip yourself harder.  You try and slide a hand under my panties, I playfully smack it away, saying not yet. 

 I turn around again and begin to massage your dick with my ass as I give you a lap dance.  I can feel your cock throbbing against my skin.  You begin to pinch my nipples through my bra, making me gasp everytime.  I stand up, bend  over and ask you to spank me.  You spank my ass twice, and tell me to suck your dick.  I kiss you and slide down your body.  You have your dick grasped in one hand, I look up at you and begin to lick your shaft.  I wrap my mouth around the head of your dick, feeling it pulse in my mouth.  You pull my hair as I slide more of your dick into my mouth.  You groan, and begin to fuck my mouth as I take as much of you as I can.  I swirl my tongue around your shaft as I raise my mouth up off your cock.  I do that to you a few times, as you groan and pull my hair as I tease you. 

I pull my panties off, and as I continue to suck and lick your dick, I begin to finger fuck my beaver.  I am soaking wet and swollen, and it doesn't take me long to come as I rub my clit harder and faster.  You pick me up and carry me to the bedroom, kissing me deeply the whole way.  You throw me onto the bed, and I take my bra off as you play with your dick.  You lean in and kiss and nibble on my nipples, everyonce in a while throwing a bite in there to keep my senses heightened.  You can feel my nipples growing hard in your mouth.  I feel your fingers begin to wander down to my pussy.  You slide your fingers into me deep, hitting that spot inside of me.  You continue to play with my g-spot spending me into full body spasms.  You pull your fingers out as I am getting close to squirting.  I can see that I have already pooled up in your hand.  You pour my sweet juice onto my stomach. 

 You watch me fiddle with my nipples, pinching them, and cupping my breasts.  You tell me to get on my hands and knees, I oblige and you tease my back and my ass with your tongue and fingers.  The heat from your breath and the touch of your skin heightens all my senses.  I feel ready to explode as you slowly rub my clit, working me up more and more.  I arch and beg you to slide your fingers inside me.  You do, and I can feel myself pulsating against your fingers as you stroke my g-spot.  It doesn't take long, and soon I am squirting all over.  I can feel it hitting my legs and feet as you continue the onslaught.

  I cum three or four times, before you finally slide your cock into me.  I can feel myself being stretched in all directions.  I breathe in as you plunge deeper and deeper into me.  I have never felt so full inside, it's all I can do not to scream as you thrust as deep as you can go.  I am biting the pillow as you pull back out of me.  You kiss me gently, but deeply.  Then you thrust deeply into me, pull back out, do it again.  You have me convulsing and groaning and growling as I cum over and over again.

  You tell me flip over, I pull you down and kiss you.  I can hear your groan as you slide back inside me.  I kiss you harder and deeper as you thrust into me, I can feel your dick throbbing inside me.  The  feeling of it pulsating against my walls makes me cum again.  You kiss me as I feel you start to cum, you groan as you fill me up.  I am grinding myself into you, milking your dick making sure I get every last drop inside of me.  When we are done, I pull you down to me.  I can feel your heart pounding against me, and my pussy is still pulsing as you pull yourself out.  I smile up at you.  You tell me you love me, I tell you the same.

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