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My favorite dream

Inspired by a dream i had.

My favourite dream

This story inspired by a dream I had recently.....

They sat in anticipation as they tried to figure out a way to leave again, without his roommate following them. The man sat in his recliner Xbox controller in hand glancing at her with wanting eyes. The music from his system playing softly. He grabbed his phone.
"Fuck it.. lets just go" he texted.

She smiled and nodded. They stood up and walked out the room, his roommate looking away in disappointment. Once outside she grabbed his arm and hugged it playfully and nibbled his shoulder. He smiled and began to walk with her, to the big tree out to the back of the old school.

Once they got there she looked at him, eyes hungry for what she was about to get. He bent down and felt the grass.
"Fuck. Its a little wet from the storms." He sighed
"Is it manageable?" She asked in a semi-disappointed tone.
He looked around and felt the grass again.

"Good enough" He plopped down on the damp grass, She followed his lead.
She began to look around at their dark surroundings. When she looked back at him, to her surprise there he was. Their lips locked and she smiled. She placed her left hand on the grass for support as she leaned in. Her tongue brushed his closed lips and she giggled as he took in a deep breath.

She took no time in probing his mouth with her tongue. She wanted him, more than ever. He didnt seem to have any complaints. She gripped his shirt with her free hand and pushed him back. He looked down at her as she fumbled with his belt. He chuckled at her as he reached down to undo his belt. She blushed lightly as she unbuttoned his pants and his zipper. She took his semi-hard dick in her hand and started to stroke him.
"Fuck... you're not wasting any time are you?" He said in a low moan.

She smiled at him and came up to him slipping her tongue in his warm mouth. Her hand still stroking his now hard cock. She moved down and began to lick and suck on his neck in a furry of lust. He gasped and his dick jumped in anticipation. She moaned in his ear before nibbling on it.

She let go of his member and reached up pulling his shirt up. She went down to his nipples and licked around it. Her teeth slowly began to clamp down in it in pleasure. His moans becoming intoxicating. She flicked her tongue on it while she nibbled on it, before pulling back and kissing to the middle of his chest. She kissed him down his stomach, feeling his body twitch under her lips, her hand trailing his side softly. His body arched as she reached his pelvis. As she reached his belly button her tongue began to follow his "happy trail". She reached his pubic hair and grabbed his dick once again, guiding in into her mouth.

"Holy shit... oh fuck..." He said squirming under her as she wasted no time sucking his dick. It seemed to grow harder in her mouth as she started to deep throat him. She moved her head allowing his dick to rub the back of her throat.
The woman fucked the mans dick with her mouth, keeping a strong suction on it, her saliva building making him slide deeper in her mouth with each movement. His hands found her hair as he griped it tightly, pulling at it in intense pleasure. She began to tremble as she wiggled her ass making her pants rub against her sweet spot, which was so wet it felt as if it where seeping though her pants.

"Fuckkk.. Fuck fuck....." She heard between the mans moans. Both their bodys trembling from pleasure. "I wanna fuck you..." He trailed off as she deep throat him again.

She sat up and looked at him, she wanted him more than anything else at that moment. She began to remove her pants as he sat up. She looked at him and quickly pushed him back down. His eyes widened.
"No.. This time I want to fuck YOU." She continued to remove her pants. Once in her underwear she crawled on top of him.

The mans eyes where wide as he watched her straddle him. She pulled her underwear to the side and slid onto him. His Head flew back and his body arched. She sat still for a few minutes enjoying the pleasure of feeling him inside her.
She began to move her hips softly, She leaned forward and moved her ass up and down feeling his dick slide in her hitting her inner walls. She placed her head on his chest as she moved muffling her moans.

He moved his hands resting them on her thighs gripping them. She stopped and looked down at him. He smiled and raised his hips, still gripping her thighs. He started to thrust into her as he continued his rhythm. She began to tremble as she leaned down and kissed him while he pumped her. She then began to move a little meeting his movement. Both of them moaning and thrusting.

Within minutes her head flew back as she screamed, cumming hard. He looked at her and smiled. She continued to ride him determined to make him cum as hard as she had just done.
"Maybe we should switch.. let me be on top" He said between breaths.

She grinned at him and giggled briefly before moaning again. She stayed on top of him as his nails began to dig into her thighs. He was close to cumming, and was trapped under her unable to pull out.
She continued to move her hips front to back, lifting herself every so often to give a more intense feeling. He began to moan as he thrust into her, his sex juices filling her he pumped her a few more times before she collapsed on him. she smiled down at him as she brought her lips to his.

I hope you like this story... it was my first.
Love Victoria. AKA secrets_kept

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