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My Favorite Patient

I give very specialized patient care.
I love my job. I love taking care of people, making sure that they return to normal, or even better than normal. I work at the local hospital, as a regular staff nurse, and I believe in the traditional nursing attire.

I love my white, little cap and my silky, white hose, with the dress that zips down the front. All my peers say that I am totally backward, as I am only 36 years old and dress like it was 25 years ago. I think I look good, and so do my patients. There’s something to be said for the crisp white almost transparent fabric of a nurse’s uniform. Most guys love to see the outline or actual color or prints on a nurse’s underwear as she bends over the bed or walks down the hall.

I don't date much, although I’ve been told I’m cute as a button . I just prefer men that act like men, not these juvenile 'boys'. With my long, curly red hair, blue eyes, and youthful appearance, I have a lot of men wanting , maybe even fantasying about me. I work out often, so my body is ripe.

The top of my uniform is filled with my still firm breasts, that sit high and perky in my 40D bras. My hips are full and round, belly flat. I don't have long legs, as I am only 5'4” tall. My youthful appearance is due to the fact that I work nights and rarely see the sun.

I work on the Cardiac floor, and my patients love me. Of course, I have my favorites, as does every nurse. But, there is always that one that has the very special place in a nurse's heart, and mine calls me 'Doll face'.

Steve was admitted 2 days ago for some minor chest tightness and underwent a series of tests that cleared his heart, but told him that he needed to change his diet. Dr. Heart had told him that he could go home tomorrow, and I was going to miss him.

I started my rounds at 7 pm, but saved Steve for last. We spent a lot of time talking and flirting the past 2 nights. Yes, he was 20 years older than me. So, what? He treated me with respect and listened to what I said.

Our flirting was harmless, as long as his wife was around. But, when she left, he turned into the perverted, old man that I loved. Opening the door to his private room, I peaked in and saw him typing away on his lap top.

“Hey, honey! I hear you get walking papers tomorrow,” I said, as I walked in.

“Yeah, but I am thinking about complaining about pain, just so I can stay one more night with ya, Doll face,” he joked.

“Uh, huh! I bet. You are just looking for a reason to stay another night, so you can use our WiFi internet to look up more Nurse Porn!” I laughed.

“Busted,” he grinned.

“ know the drill. Lean back, so I can listen to your ticker and all the good parts,” I told him.

“My favorite part! The part where you molest me!” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

I laughed. Leaning down over him, I lifted his tee shirt to listen to his heart with my stethoscope. He is built very nicely! I loved when I got to assess him. His chest was still hard, and he only had a little bit of a middle age spread. I, usually, was quick about my assessment when the wife was around, but when she was absent, I took my time.

With my gloveless hand, I told him I need to check for any swellings or lumps, but I was, really, just using that excuse to run my hands over his body. I knew he knew what I was up to. I knew that he liked it, too. As I ran my hands over his chest, I could see a bulge under the covers every time I did it. Gently I ran my fingertips across his left nipple. It immediately perked up and so did the bulge under the covers. I saw a noticeable twitch in the sheet. Taking his nipple between my fingers I looked him straight in the eyes as I gave it a firm pinch and slight twist. He must have really liked this as his eyes began to twinkle and he began to smile.

“You shouldn’t start things you can’t finish” as he looked down at the tent in the bed linens.

“I need to do a more thorough assessment, but I have some other folks to look at right now. I will be back. Holler at me, if you need me,” I told him, in a husky voice.

Whenever I left Steve's room, my panties were always drenched. There was something about him that always turned me on. I don't know what it was, but many times after I left his room, I wanted to go to the bathroom and rub my throbbing clit, until I came. In fact, when I got off work, I always went home and got off thinking about him.

About 1:30 am, Steve's call light went off. I was sitting at the desk with another RN, reading a journal. Looking over at her, I told her I would be back. She smiled and said to take my time, as nothing was going on. She knew that a lot of times, during the slow time, I would go talk to Steve, since he was always awake.

I walked down the hall and knocked on his door. Upon hearing him tell me to come in, I entered the room.

“Hey, Hon! What ya need?” I asked.

I heard him in the bathroom.

“Could you come in here for a min, Doll face?” he called.

I opened the door to the bathroom and peeked in. Steve was sitting on the toilet, fully dressed, grinning at me.

“I need some help getting all this tape off me. You busy?” he asked.

Immediately, my panties were drenched. I was going to get to rub all over his naked chest.

“Sure! Be right back,” I told him.

I called out to my partner and told her that I was assisting my patient with a bath. She was silent for a moment, but told me to have fun. She understood me and expected me to return with details. I grabbed the tab of my zipper on the front of my nurse’s dress and drew it down just enough that it exposed the top cleavage of my breasts.

Locking the door to his room, I went back to the bathroom with a wash rag and some towels.

I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. Fog filled the bathroom making it humid and steamy.

While I was absent, Steve had pulled off his shirt and pajama bottoms and was sitting there in his loose boxers, which by the way, revealed his semi erect cock. I pretended not to notice his aroused state, as I was all business-like on the outside, but holy hell, I wanted nothing more than to fall to my knees and suck on him, until he was fully erect.

I bent over him, 'accidentally' pressing my breasts into his face. At that close proximity, I knew he could see and feel my pebble hard nipples. Lathering up the washrag, I rubbed it up and down his back. I worked the muscles in his back, slow and steady. I could feel his lips close to my nipples, his breath warming my breast.

“Time to rinse your back,” I told him.

I could feel sweat rolling down my chest. It was very warm. I rinsed and dried his back.

“Wow! It's warm in here,” I remarked.

“It's just you and me, Doll face. I won't tell, if you slip that dress off. Be a shame, if it was to get wet and wrinkled,” he told me in a thick voice.

Looking down at him to see if he was joking, I saw the dead seriousness in his face and the raging erection he was sporting. Slowly, I unzipped my dress and slipped it off my curvy body.

Standing there in front of him, I was only wearing my white, lacy bra and matching bikini panties, with a white garter belt and stockings. His eyes lit up! He got harder, if possible.

“Like?” I asked.

“Turn around,” he whispered.

I turned around, showing him my rear view. “I like very much.”

“Bend over,” he said, “I want to see your ass.”

Doing as I was told, I felt his hands run over my ass cheeks. Lingering around the waist band, he pulled my panties down, slightly. Chills ran up and down my spine. With him being that close to me, I knew he could smell my arousal, and boy, I was aroused!

I felt his tongue trace my waist band, concentrated at the very top of my crack. Moaning, I pushed my ass back toward him. He continued to lack and nip my crack, driving me crazy.

I leaned forward and grabbed the hand rails, bracing myself. He lifted my leg and braced it on the shower seat. I was opened up, and he could see the very wet crotch of my silky panties. I felt his fingers move my panties to the side, revealing my hairless, pink pussy lips.

“I’ve never seen a shaved pussy in person. I’ve seen pictures. I’ve never felt one. This is amazing .”

With a sharp intake of breath, he opened my slit with 2 fingers and rubbed my hole gently. I was so wet. I could feel my juices welling up at the entrance of my hot pussy. He worked one finger inside, coating it with my nectar. Pulling it out, he raised it to his lips then stuck his tongue out to taste my wetness on his finger…….”Mmmm…..yummy”

“Mmm...God!” I groaned, working my hips, urging him to work his finger in deeper.

He kept that torturing finger right there at the entrance, teasing me. I felt my pussy muscles trying to contract down on something...anything! He kept that finger playing with my pussy, while he moved my panties more. Exposing my clean shaved ass hole, it was then I felt his tongue probe my tight rosebud.

Gasping, I tried to keep my balance, as he probed my pussy with shallow strokes and tongued my tight ass. Quickly, it was becoming too much for me. I could feel the sharp waves beginning in my pelvis.

Sadly, he stopped his ministrations. Putting my leg down, he slid my panties down my legs and off my body. Standing up, he led me to the bed, and luck for me, it was an adjustable bed, allowing us to get into better positions.

Having me lay down with my head at the foot of the bed, he placed both of my feet on the lower side rails, opening me up very wide. I was spreadeagled, and he could see everything. He was staring at my pussy as if he’d found a lost treasure. It made me feel so wanted, so excited. Like a starving man, he leaned downward and drove his tongue into my wet pussy, sucking and slurping all over.

He never stayed in one spot for too long. He moved the tip of his tongue with slow, deliberate circles as he passionately explored every facet of my womanhood. At one point, he was tonguing my pussy hole, slurping my juices as they came out. Then, he would be flicking his tongue over and around my super hard clit. It was obvious that he knew what he was doing, that he loved being able to arouse a woman to such a point with just his tongue.

My clit has never been so erect. It was, actually, poking out from its protective hood, wanting to be pleasured. There is much to say about an older man's experience. I was a gasping, moaning wreck, trying my best to hump his face. He would occasionally just stop moving as he held his tongue straight out allowing me to rotate my hips and rub my clit across his mouth. He was allowing me to enjoy every moment.

He took his time and ate my pussy so well, that I could feel my asshole contracting. His fingers worked in and out of my hot cunt, and at one point, he had 3 fingers all the way to his knuckles.

He knew how to work them fingers, too! He would open and close them in a scissor fashion, cross them together making them rub over my sweet spot, and wiggle them in a 'come here' fashion. He had little problem zeroing in on my G spot and began caressing it with his finger tip. I have never felt the sensations he was causing me, and I was well on my way to having my first vaginal orgasm, ever! He continued to eat my pussy and bring me to one orgasm after another, stopping just long enough for me to catch my breath then he’d dive right back in. I lost count after six. I couldn’t take much more as my legs clamped around his head and he felt the trembling of my thighs as I was coming down from my last orgasm. I opened my legs and looked down toward my satisfied pussy as he looked up at me and smiled. “Enough?”

He must have felt left out! He changed positions and nudged my lips with his rock hard cock. I gladly opened my mouth, allowing that sweet meat to invade my starving mouth. Using my hand to gently pull on his ball sac, I sucked him hard and slow.

I relaxed my throat and allowed him deeper access to my wet, moist throat. My neck felt swollen, and I couldn't breath, as he slipped past my hard palate to the soft part of my mouth. Boy, I loved sucking him. He was not in a hurry and did not try to break my jaw, by fucking my face hard.

We stayed in this position, just sucking and slurping each other in an ultimate 69 until we could not take it anymore. Finally, he got off me and positioned himself over me. He positioned the tip of his penis at my moist opening then pushed that battering ram into my hot pussy, and my back arched off the bed.

I had to be quiet, as other patients were sleeping down the hall. Working his hips faster, he began to fuck me harder. I was so wet that I could feel my juices running down over my ass. He grabbed my legs and hooked one over his arm and the other up on his shoulder. Getting up on his knees, he battered my hot pussy. Reaching down with one hand, he started flicking and pinching my clit, rougher now. As he jacked my clit, he worked his dick in and out of my pussy, like a piston.

He was breathing like a freight train, now.

“Doll face, I am going to cum all over your hot, little pussy!” he growled.

“Oh! Fuck! Steve, make me cum,” I gasped.

Steve pinched my clit hard that time, and I came hard. I felt spasms and waves travel my whole body and then center right at my clit. Trying my best to be silent, I beared down hard, trying to control my breathing. Then, Steve pulled out of my wet cunt, and I felt a burst of my own juice squirt out of my pussy and onto the bed below me.

He wrapped his hand around his cock and jacked it with hard, short strokes. I watched, as 3 or 4 spurts of white, hot cum erupted from him and landed on my bare pussy. He kept stroking it slowly, as if to milk every bit out of him.

I rubbed my fingers through the warm puddle on my pelvis. Bringing my fingers to my lips, I sucked his milky juice from my fingers. He reached for my hand and brought it to his lips sticking his tongue out to take a taste. He rubbed the head of his cock through the puddle, and then over my clit, sending small shock waves through me.

Looking down at me, he said, “Think I qualify for home health? Want a private nurse job?” he joked.

“Well, I have just the right qualifications for the 'head' nurse position, if you got one!” I laughed.

He laughed, quietly.

“I better get a positive remark from you on your evaluation form! You have received phenomenal one on one nursing care!” I told him, sternly.

Laughing out loud, he hugged me to him. He spent the next few minutes helping me get dressed, putting my bra on and hooking it for me, holding my dress as I put my arms in, then inserted one side of the zipper into the other and gently pulled up leaving some cleavage showing. My panties, damp as they were, he kept for himself.

“Oh, I believe I need some rehab, and you are the only qualified for that!” he grinned.

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